The Scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 called also the Concept of Dipolar Gravity
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Concept of Dipolar Gravity

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Concept of Dipolar Gravity

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Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji

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Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji

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Perhaps you have already discovered that both, my person, as well as outcomes of virtually all of my scientific research, officially are splashed with insults, publicly scoffed at, ridiculed, blocked, discouraged from treating them seriously by people whom they could help, etc. Hence, probably you are looking into this web page out of curiosity to see what sort of "nonsense" I wrote in it that such a fun and an occasion to impress others have "all those goats that enjoy jumping on half-uprooted trees". So in order to save you reading the entire of this web page, I summarize already here what and where you can find in it. And so, in item #G4 of it, you will find e.g. the information that Earth and the entire physical world is subjected to the simultaneous action of as many as two different kinds of time. One of these times exists naturally in the universe. However, on Earth only rocks, fossils (e.g. bones of dinosaurs, coal), and the entire inanimate matter, are ageing in it. It elapses smoothly and much faster than our human time. The speed of elapse of it so far was NOT measured by any scientist, but according to the Bible, it is around 365 thousands of times faster than the speed of the elapse of this other time in which people are ageing. Thus, if you exactly memorise the appearance of a rock and then visit it at least three years later, in the meantime this rock gets older and erodes by more than a million human years - which in the case of some rocks is to produce so significant changes in their shape and appearance, that you can notice them with the naked eye. The other one out of those two times was for us artificially pre-programmed by God. In this artificial time are ageing humans and other creatures having DNA - but starting only from the biblical Great Flood, when it was introduced by God. This other, artificial (human) time elapses in jumps, while its jumping nature you can see yourself in a simple experiment described in item #D1 from the web page named immortality.htm. Because the speed of elapse of this other, artificial time, is by these around 365 thousands of times slower than the speed of elapse of the natural time of the universe, the official science falsely claims, amongst others, that dinosaurs lived millions of years before humans - in spite that the people and all other living creatures were created during the same first week of our physical world. If you wish to read more about these two kinds of time, or about "time vehicles" of my invention, with the aid of which this artificial (other) time allows us to go back in time to years of our youth, their short descriptions can be found in item #G4 from this web page, while widely they are described, amongst others, in sub-item #C4.1, as well as in the introduction and items #A1, #C3, and #C4 from a different my web page named immortality.htm. Another vital information from this web page is the explanation that gravity is NOT a monopolar field for which mistakenly it was hailed by the official science (i.e. it is NOT a field similar to e.g. a pressure field or an electric field), but it is a dipolar field similar to a magnetic field. Only that because of the concentric nature of gravity, that other pole of gravity disappears from our physical world and emerges in a completely different world that I named the "counter-world". This "counter-world" is the most primary (original) world of the universe. It is it in which God lives, while our physical world is like an opposite duplicate of it. Hence, everything in it is opposite to whatever we have in our world. For example, the substance which prevails in it, means the "counter-matter", is intelligent in its natural state - hence it forms that superior intellect which we know under the name of "God". On the subject of this dipolar character of gravity, on counter-world, and on counter-matter, writes the entire this web page - with the key proof presented in item #D3. So it is a huge mistake of the old official science to state, that in the universe there is NO God nor a place for God. According to findings and proofs of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" described here, God exists and lives in the separate counter-world. Unfortunately, our conscious senses do NOT have access to that world of God - though unknowingly cooperates with it such our features as memories, feelings, dreams, ESP, and several other amongst our capabilities. In addition, since so-far I am the only scientist in the world, that researches this counter-world rationally, while persecutions, criticism, hostility and chronic shortages that I experience continually, do NOT allow me for the luxury of e.g. building of new research instruments, so far on Earth has NOT been built yet any scientific instrument that would have an access to the counter-world. The counter-matter that prevails in the counter-world is a basic building material for our physical world. Thus this web page describes it in a number of items - e.g. see #A1, entire "part #B", #D1 and several yet further descriptions. In fact everything that exists in our physical world represents just various manifestations of this counter-matter - similarly as everything that is done by present human computers respresents just various manifestations of binary numbers. The counter-matter is weightless, ever-moving "liquid". From the criterion of its capacity for information, it was possible to determine in item #C4 from the web page named immortality.htm, that the dimensions of a single elementary "due" of this counter-matter are in proportion to the smallest elementary particle from our physical world, like the dimensions of this elementary particle are to the size of the entire galaxy. Another information that you, the reader, may find here useful, is a description of the most important consequence of the fact already well known to the official science, namely that the strong gravity affects light. This fact means, that the light emanated from objects with the gravity greater than this of the Earth, will show the so-called "red shift" (of course, if they move appropriately), while the white light from the sun falling on clear day to the ground will show the "blue shift" - this is where the blue colour of the clear sky comes from. The mechanism of both these shifts operates like water waves in the fast flowing stream - where movement of water extends or shrinks the length of these waves, depending on whether the waves move with the flow, or against the flow of this stream. Of course, the official science pretends that this phenomenon does NOT exist, because on that same "red shift" it built the entire shockingly wrong "big bang theory" about the alleged self-origination of dimensionally limited universe. In turn today's well-paid scientists typically do NOT have the courage to loud speak out about findings that contradict the widely recognized theories - in accordance with the currently prevailing scientific doctrine that "if facts contradict the theory, then so much worse for these facts and worse for the scientists who interpret these facts as true". So those scientists who today stubbornly insist on the truth, end up like me, while their truths meet the fate of my discoveries and inventions. About this "red shift" inform items #D2 and #D2.1 from this web page. Still other information presented on this web page include, among others, descriptions of work of telekinesis (see item #B3) - that is, moving objects by grabbing their counter-material duplicates (spirits) existing in the counter-world. Also included are: a description of our different body, by the folklore called aura or spirit (see item #E1), descriptions of the mechanisms of telepathy and permanent telekinetisation (items #F1 and #F2), feelings, nirvana and depression (item #E1), an explanation of what is energy and gravity (items #G1 and #G2), and a number of still other previously unknown truths and facts - typically denied or explained incorrectly by the old, official, monopolistic human science. The above summary of this web page should also be complemented with information, that the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" described on it has provided the scientific foundations for the development of completely new philosophy described under the name of "totalizm" on my other web page totalizm.htm. In turn this new philosophy, together with the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, provided the philosophical and scientific foundations for a completely new science called the "totaliztic science" - in the spirit of which this web page is written, while the definition and full description of which is provided in items #C1 to #C6 from a different web page named telekinetics.htm.

The content of this web page is authorized by Jan Pajak, means by a researcher of New Zealand and Poland, and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, who in the early part of 21st century stand out from the crowd of still-living discoverers and inventors of these two countries and he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and at that time the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of a scientific "hobby" forced by official disapproval of his research area, although, unfortunately, about his existence and results of research almost no-one wants to know in New Zealand, while to annul, deny and mute down his discoveries and inventions many inhabitants of Poland conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and trying to leave for future generations only lies, trash, poisoned water, polluted air, destroyed fertility of soil, and devastated nature.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:

       In 1985 I was granted the honour of developing one of the most vividly discussed scientific theories of present times. This is the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Everyone who familiarises himself with it, seems to take towards it one out of two most radical stands possible. Namely, either loves it and promotes it like his or her own theory, or starts vigorously fight it out. This theory displays a number of attributes, which in the same configuration have not appeared in any other scientific theory developed on the Earth so far. For example, (1) the correctness of it is supported by a huge number of facts and phenomena which are already identified. (2) It redefines completely almost all aspects of the universe which surrounds us - becoming in this way the first true scientific "Theory of Everything" searched for so long by everyone. (3) It explains, clarifies, and makes understandable all phenomena and mysteries which previously remained for us unexplained (e.g. telekinesis, telepathy, ESP, animal instinct, the existence and nature of the "other world", the existence, self-evolution, and nature of God, the mechanism of feelings, the work of acupuncture, the operation of human brain, principles of generation of the so-called "free energy", morality, karma, happiness, mechanism which governs weather and climate, the origin of magnetic field and electrical charges, energy, gravity, shape of the universe, etc., etc.). (4) It documents that the so-called "red shift" in light of stars does NOT originate from the "Big Bang" - thus it invalidates completely the "founding theory" of adherers and promoters of "atheistic evolutionism" (see items #D2 and #D2.1 below). (5) It provides scientific and philosophical foundations for the official formation on the Earth a completely new "totaliztic science" capable of breaking the "monopole for knowledge" of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date and initiating the much more beneficial for people research of the reality from an opposite than previously "a priori" approach (i.e. from the approach which scientifically considers and researches the existence and actions of God) - as this is explained in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. Unfortunately, because of its breakthrough nature, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity encounters a very powerful action of the "mechanism of self-punishment of immoral communities", which mechanism in item #B4.4 of the web page named mozajski_uk.htm is described under the names the "curse of inventors" and the "inventive impotency". In fact, the gaining of recognition progresses for it equally difficult as in past progressed the recognition of the theory that the Earth is spherical, or later was progressing the recognition of the Darwin's discovery that God utilises the gradual evolution for the continuous improvement of the universe - means that God have NOT created everything at once and in the final version of it. (As we know, even today people do exist, who believe that the Earth is flat.) Just because of this huge controversy of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and also because of the powerful resistance which this theory encounters during the dissemination, I decided to develop this web page. The goal of this web page is to explain to the reader in simple words, what actually this "theory of everything" is, what benefits brings us learning it, and how it explains the most significant phenomena which surrounds us. (Of course, this theory explains much more. But because of limitations imposed on the volume of this web page, I am able to present here only a brief summary of it.) In this way the web page allows the reader to make up his mind on his own about the merit of this theory, so that he or she does NOT need to relay in this matter on mostly negative opinions which may be stubbornly imposed on him or her by the sworn enemies of this progressive theory.

#A0. Definition, attributes and composition of my "theory of everything" - i.e.: what precisely is my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (Codig)?

Motto: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" - Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

       Because the earthly official science stubbornly refuses to recognise and acknowledge my theory of everything, this refusal deprives it of the example of how such a theory should be defined. Of course, in spite of this voluntary separation from my example, atheistic scholars continue to come up with various bizarre definitions, of the type like in that old school saying that "butter is butter" (that is, "the theory of everything is something that describes everything"). However, their definitions are obeyed by almost every encyclopaedia, by a lot of textbooks, and for some of them even by books of famous Polish writers (e.g. Sienkiewicz or Mickiewicz). So, unfortunately, the actual definition, which would explain precisely what is the "theory of everything", the official science still does NOT have. Since I am also predicting, that the atheistic science will insist until the very end to NOT recognise and accept my theory of everything, and at the same time from many premises it follows that this science alone will never be able to formulate such a theory, personally I believe that such a definition the official science will never be able to develop (unless one of its researchers "steals" also that my definition after "disguising" it with new "atheistic feathers" - for details see item #I8 from the Polish version of my web page named mozajski_uk.htm).
       I myself, of course, already have an existing, and working for the good of the people, example of such a theory of everything. After all, I created it myself in 1985 and continually I am developing it since that time. So, if someone asked me how I would define the term "theory of everything", then at this stage of my research I would provide the following definition. A "Theory of Everything" is a formal system of logically coherent findings or assertions (i.e. a theory), developed by one original author and deduced by one original mind (which invented and disseminated it), in which system the single primary statement or source theorem that founds the entire that system, induces then on principle of logical following from it, an unlimited number of secondary findings formed into a structure resembling a multidimensional star and concerning any area of human interests, from which secondary findings on the basis of cause-effect relationships can then be logically developed tertiary and even further levels of findings, that diverge like rays of the star-structure onto any area that is a source of knowledge yet unknown to humans, forming in this area an unlimited number of points of correspondence between arising from this theory the explanations, statements, findings, forecasts, etc., and the empirical manifestations of the reality around us. In other words, according to the experience that I have already accumulated, the "theory of everything" is such a coherent formal theory, which has only one author and only one source mind, and also has only one primary source finding that is founding it, while in which all secondary, tertiary, and even further level findings, are deduced by its author or by its source mind on the basis of logical deductions while preserving the cause-effect relationships with that single source statement, and which explanations, statements, findings, forecasts, etc., introduce through themselves an infinite number of points of their conformity with the reality that surrounds us, because everything that is logically derived from it and that keeps the cause-effect relationships with it, coincides also with the corresponding manifestations of the reality that surrounds us, while every manifestation of the reality that surrounds us coincides with something that logically and with keeping the cause-effect relationships follows from this theory. Of course, the above my definition is the first attempt to define the theory of everything, which the only existing example I have created as the first scientists in the world, and which no one has previously defined unequivocally, and hence the definition of which, as the discussion on it develops, may be subjected to future refinements. After all, the developing, perfecting, refining, and discussing that only example of "theory of everything" on Earth, called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" (Codig) I did NOT finish when on 17 March 2017 I published this new item of the web page (which defines it formally), but my works on this extraordinary theory will continue for as long as God allows me to carry them out.
       The name "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" for my own theory of everything is quite long. Hence some people referring to it try to shorten that name - unfortunately they use the abbreviation ("KDG" - from the Polish "Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji") which is equally awkward to pronounce as the original name. Therefore, if someone wants to shorten this name, then I would suggest calling it with easier for pronunciation words "Codig" in English, or "Kodig" in Polish. This abbreviated name, is also quite meaningful, and in addition it emphasizes the sense of humour, precision, and farsightedness with which God has inspired in my mind the original name for this theory. After all, the English word "dig", amongst other means "mining", while the English prefix "co" can mean "parallel", "independently", and in particular use even "in opposition". Hence, the English-like word "Codig" (as well as the Polish-like word "Kodig") can symbolically express meanings that could be described by the following sentence that gives us a lot to think about: "the mining of well-hidden truths carried out in parallel, independently and in opposition to today's official science".
       The ability of my theory of everything to find out (to carry out mining) the truth on practically all possible topics, causes that in fact this theory can be used as the foundation and the nucleus for official establishing of a completely new science. Such a science would have numerous advantages over today's official atheistic science, because in the scope of its research would be included NOT only the disciplines that the today's atheistic official science currently recognizes and investigates, but also the new disciplines, the researching of which the present official science refuses - i.e. disciplines such as the positive research on methods of God's work, the laws and behaviours of the counter-world, the soul, telekinesis and telepathy, free energy, UFOs, radiesthesia, morality, moral field, moral laws, karma, etc., etc. The official establishing of such a new science would bring untold benefits to our civilization. Perhaps it would even save the humanity from the fast-incoming possibility of a self-destruction - which is predicted by old prophecies from item #H1 of my web page named prophecies.htm. After all, the establishing of such a science would eliminate the to-date monopoly of the old, atheistic, corrupted to the bone, and highly erroneous official science - which elimination of monopoly would over time lead to the repair and to elimination of that ocean of evil that this old science causes with its lies which so-far are officially unverified nor rectified by some new science that is competitive towards the old one. It would also open up to mankind numerous sources of new knowledge. It would incorporate rigorous scientific research methods in relation to everything that until now has been merely the subject of apparitions, speculations, casual encounters or observations, folk knowledge, etc. It would also allow us to study the reality surrounding us from the opposite than currently philosophical "a priori" approach. Etc., etc. No wonder that I have already initiated the formation of methods, research and interests of such a completely new science based on my theory of everything, and even capable of researching such difficult subjects as the superior intelligences - which typically utilize the lack of competency of present researchers in the study of whatever refuses to cooperate with them, and hence instead of helping in research, which intelligences rather prefer to disturb, deride, ridicule, and even entertain themselves at the expense of investigators that try to research such superior intelligences. I called this new science the "totaliztic science", while I encourage to official establishing it on a number of my web pages and publications - for example, see items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named telekinetics.htm.
       While reading my web pages and publications, prepared just as the effects of "developing the rays" of that my "theory of everything", many typical "sandwich eaters" so-far are NOT able to embrace with their minds and understand what actually represent my descriptions that try to explain to people various practical implementations of my "Codig". However, this my "theory of everything" (Codig) is literally a scientific theory that has the potential for a correct, and carried out in a completely different manner (i.e. less misleading and false) than this is done by the atheistic official science, development of explanations for absolutely everything that needs to be explained. In other words, my theory of everything (Codig) is able to provide people with a correct answers to almost all the questions that can come to human minds, and also able to correct the mistakes and lies that are hidden in the entire human knowledge accumulated so far. This in turn means, that the volume of knowledge that may ultimately need to be rewritten through taking notice of principles and laws that make up my Codig, is roughly equal to the volume of everything that has already been researched and described on Earth. Of course, the carrying out of such gigantic work is NOT in the ability of a single creator of this theory of everything. Hence I focus on re-editing and correcting only of that small fragment of our knowledge, which includes the truths that learning by humans in my opinion is the most relevant to our present civilization - and still there is so much of such knowledge, that my enemies since a long time utilise the amount of new knowledge I have managed to correct and to make available to the humanity, as one amongst accusations trying to persuade people unable to make their own opinions, to NOT become acquainted with results of my research (although knowledge of truths that I disseminate is the most needed by just such people). In turn the rest of less vital in my opinion knowledge and truths I leave to be "mined for truths" by these future researchers, who are to be devoted to ideas of the "totaliztic science". I hope that for the future development of the "rays" of my theory of everything, God will select the brightest, most intelligent, and the most moral researchers - as the beginning of just such a selection is already visible. After all, the repairing of what the atheistic official science has hitherto botched, as well as providing correct answers to further human questions (also the recognizing and acknowledging truths contained in the answers) requires first of all the prior knowledge of the entire my theory of everything, and also is dependent on "morality" (in the totaliztic understanding of this word), and on the level of knowledge and intelligence, in those people who use my "Codig" for mining of some yet unknown truths and answers.
       If the reader does NOT believe me here in the ability of my "Codig" to answer practically every possible question, then I suggest him/her to describe with at most three keywords any important question that just bothers him/her, then to enter these keywords into any internet search engine after adding to them my title, my Christian-name and my surname. I am ready to bet, that the search engine will point out to him/her links to my web pages or publications, in which he/she will probably be able to find answers to that question (after all, I have already published the resulting from "Codig" answers to thousands of most important questions, that bother today's people), as well as will point out to him/her web pages, blogs, and online forums, where are published opinions of other readers about these my answers. (The adding to the keywords of my title, Christian-name, and surname are necessary to separate the answer resulting from my theory of everything, from answers given by anyone else and based on some unrelated to my theory speculations, and also to separate it from the problem of various "stowaway passengers" who use the today's "fashion" for taking a stand regarding my research and therefore propose their own ideas to popularize them under names of my ideas - as an illustration of this problem compare the results of searches, carried out e.g. while using the four keywords Magnocraft Dr Jan Pająk and while using only one keyword: Magnocraft.) For example, if the reader's question would be "how without 'pills' cure oneself from mental depression?", then the answer to it, one should find on my web pages which should be pointed out if to any internet browser, or even better - to several different browsers (e.g. to "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", etc.) one writes the following keywords: depression Dr Jan Pająk. Notice that your question should be on some important topic, for example, on any of these over 100 topics linked to search engines, amongst others, in item #A2 from the Polish version of my web page named faq.htm. After all, while working on this theory alone and only during the time free from my paid work (as my work always was devoted to completely different research), so-far I have had neither the time, nor the processing capacity, to use my "Codig" for finding the correct answers to the questions that are less vital for mankind.
       Unfortunately, determining a truth is always very labour-intensive, no matter with what tools and methods it is achieved. (Only lies can be generated fast and without a contribution of labour.) In addition, in the case of using my theory of everything, the truth can be determined on practically every possible subject - while there is almost infinite multiplicity of subjects for which the knowledge of truth would be extremely beneficial for people. No wonder, that while determining truths since the establishment of my theory of everything in 1985, means already for over 30 years, so far different applications and developments of this theory have allowed me to correct the major errors and lies of official science (for an example see item #D4 from this web page), and to determine new and previously unknown for people truths (for an example see item #G4 from this web page) for only a small proportion of the topics for which the knowledge of truth lies in the most vital interest of both the entire humanity and also every individual person. In turn only descriptions of this rather small proportion of already established truths, occupies a few hundred websites and monographs which I authorize, and accesses (links) to which interested readers can find e.g. through such my linking web pages as: skorowidz.htm (in Polish) and skorowidz_links.htm (in English), also faq.htm, menu2.htm, and menu.htm. I personally estimate that to determine truths with my "Codig" about all topics that are most important for the humanity, I would need a bit more than half a century, while today's typical professional scientists this could make occupied for even a few centuries.
       The highly intriguing mystery of my theory of everything is that I practically started working on it 13 years earlier than I discovered the original source theorem that is founding it (i.e. than discovered that the "gravitational field has a dipolar character") and than I actually formulated it. After all, already in 1972 I formulated the first of my so-called Cyclic Tables, which (similarly as all the other such tables that I developed later - for a different example see "Table #K1" from the web page named tapanui.htm) later became one of the key components of my theory of everything. Then in 1980 I formulated another component of my future theory of everything, that is, I invented and published the construction and operation of my Magnocraft, and in early 1984 - also the construction and operation of my Oscillatory Chamber - both of which devices will also be used in the future to build my Time Vehicles operating due to the existence of so-called the "reversible software time", in which people age (see item #G4 of this web page) - which the reversible "human time" I discovered only thanks to my prior knowledge of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. So if one does NOT acknowledge the divine inspiration and guiding in this matter, then it is NOT possible to explain how it happened that my discoveries and inventions made much before 1985 were as if they had been pre-planned to become the highly significant components of my theory of everything formulated only in 1985. (God works in mysterious ways!) Incidentally, if the period of my development of "Codig" we start to count since 1972 (i.e. since the development of that first my Cyclic Table), then until today the development of particular "rays" of my star-like theory of everything I have carried out continuously for about half a century.
       For everyone it should be obvious that the theory of everything, the development of which has taken up to about half a century, and that tries to clarify the truth on every single one among the most important topics bothering today's people, cannot be read "from beginning to end" in just one sitting - as e.g. we read some sensational article in a local newspaper. To the contrary, the "theory of everything" should be read as we read these multi-voluminous encyclopaedias - as I explained this in detail in item #A3 from the Polish language version of my web page named faq.htm. Thus firstly one has to convince oneself that "Codig" can be depended on - for which convincing, if one practices the right philosophy and has gathered the required knowledge and life experience, sometimes it is enough to just learn what this theory of everything is all about and what are its qualities (in turn, to learn just this, for normal "sandwich eaters" should suffice to read, for example, from the introduction to this web page, to inclusively this item #A0). Then it is worth to look into "Codig" only if one wants to know the truth that this theory of everything reveals about some topic that one is very interested in, e.g. the researching of which the official science refuses or is incompetent. Detailed descriptions of any of such topics can be found on web pages that are pointed out in my "linking web pages", the most important among which are web pages named skorowidz.htm (in Polish) and skorowidz_links.htm (in English). Of course, my "Codig" reveals the truth on a lot of topics that probably interest everyone. One of them is the work of the "human time" (i.e. that time, our passage through which can be reversed, allowing us to live our lives again without committing previous mistakes) - after all everything that affects each one of us is dependent on the passage and on subsequent reversals of that human time (it is good to know what is the truth about the working of our time - since because of professing to false philosophy, this truth the official science neither is able to investigate nor is willing to accept and allow it to be revealed to people). Therefore, to learn about the workings of this reversible "human time" I would recommend to read item #G4 from this web page, and if anyone wants to know more details, then also the descriptions under "Table #A1" from my web page named humanity.htm, item #C9.1 from the Polish language version of my page named ufo_proof.htm, and introduction as well as items #A1, #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htm. Another topic that should also be of interest to almost everyone, is the resulting from my "Codig" the guideline as "how to lead a happy and fulfilled life" - described briefly on my web page named totalizm.htm (about the fact, that totalizm recipes actually do work, certifies the fact that I lead, as I believe, the fulfilled and happy life, in spite that continuously since 1972, means for around half a century, I myself, as well as outcomes of my research, have been experiencing so much of persecutions and unpleasantness of all possible sorts, that probably no other modern scientist in the world is likely to experience). Many people may also be interested in the origin, characteristics and motivations of the people whom the Bible calls "husks" or "goats", while whose parasitic philosophy of life is described in my web page named parasitism.htm.
       So far, the human-developed scientific theory that is as extensive and as encompassing of various topics, as my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which would potentially cover everything, and which would meet the definition of "theory of everything" quoted at the beginning of this item, did not exist on Earth before my "Codig" was developed. What even worse, if the humanity will NOT bother to officially establish the new "totaliztic science" that motivates researchers in a completely different way than it was done before, then in my opinion no similar thematically broad theory which fulfils the definition of "theory of everything" provided here, but which is NOT, for example, a modification (theft) of my theory, this old unreformed, competition-free, and deeply corrupted official Earth science, will NOT be able to develop also in the future. In this situation, the only work ever created on Earth to which my Concept of Dipolar Gravity can be compared in terms of coherence as well as the scope and versatility of the subject area, is the Bible. Notice, however, that because of the divine origin, the Bible is an exception and therefore we are NOT allowed to call it the "theory of everything" - in spite that (probably as a result of its development for similar reasons, purposes and principles as my Codig) the Bible fulfils the definition of "theory of everything" provided above. After all, the Bible was also inspired by the single mind of the omniscient God (see Bible, "2 Timothy", 3:16), also has one original source theorem (namely, the transmission of necessary knowledge, commandments, and initial requirements to people from God), and also has the structure of a multidimensional star, in which explaining everything that people should know is developed from this original source theorem on principles of reasoning and cause-effect relationships. However, so-far all the correct and objectively conducted scientific validation processes reveal that the Bible is NOT just a "theory", but indeed it contains the absolute truth of everything (meaning reveal, that the Bible is inspired by all-knowing and infallible God, who in every its sentence has encrypted simultaneously several (12) different levels of truth, and who in the content of the entire Bible, have inserted the truth concerning every topic important for humans - including also every topic that is currently unknown to humans, but the learning of which will take place before the end of our times). In addition, although the content of the Bible was written at various times through a number of different human authors, its intrinsic coherence and truthfulness did NOT corrupt - which fact further confirms the true origin of the Bible from God. On the other hand, if for example, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (which is being worked out and simultaneously written down by only one imperfect and fallible man, i.e. me, motivated by the need to provide true scientific knowledge from areas that so far are ignored or falsely explained by the official science), in the future has undergone enlargements and further changes by next imperfect and fallible people that are distracted by different than mine motivations, then surely its consistency, purity, correctness and truth would be corrupted.
       From the above it is easy to note that none of the aspects of my theory of everything (Codig) can be compared to any theory ever developed on Earth. After all, none of them meets the definition of the "theory of everything" provided in this item, their development and publication typically took up at most a few months of time from their human authors (means not around half a century), their thematic essence can be expressed in one sentence, their linear structure is one-dimensional, and in addition they typically have only one point of compatibility with the surrounding reality. (For example, in the "big bang theory", that only point of compatibility is the "red shift" described in items #D2 and #D1 below on this web page.) Thus, such attempts of trying to compare any other theories (even those officially recognized and most frequently cited by the present official science) to my theory of everything, or even to the content of the Bible, is comparable to equalling the content of a naive fairy tales for children, with the descriptions from, for example, the entire "Encyclopaedia Britannica".
* * *
       P.S. We live in a world in which a significant proportion of those who manage public life have already reached such a high level of corruption, distortion and atheism, that practically almost nothing that is officially disseminated, ordered and implemented via human laws represents truth which is compatible with divine wishes and which really serves for the good of people. That is why sometimes it is worthwhile to look at what these few persons, who do NOT break their ties with whatever God has created and what by using even God's unreachable to people quality criteria, could still be described as "very good" (see Bible, Genesis, 1:31). For example, if one knows the Polish language then it is worth to look at what shows a 37-minute Polish-language free video from, entitled "KSIĘŻYCOWE DREWNO - UKRYTA PRAWDA O DRZEWACH I DREWNIE NA NOWO ODKRYTA" (which title translates as "The 'moon timber' - the newly re-discovered hidden truth about trees and timber"), which is available at the address After all, that film reveals unusual attributes of natural wood, which, due to learning by people the secret of cutting it down during the most intense period of winter and during the phase of the decreasing moon, obtains a whole range of remarkable qualities, such as resistance to rotting, to moulding and to bark eating bugs, excellent thermal insulation, multi-fold increased strength, and various other similarly wonderful properties - which in some conditions can outweigh the resistance and strength of today's steel and concrete. Links to this film and to other works by a former Austrian forester named Erwin Thoma, who revealed to the world the secrets of such "moon timber" which were re-discovered by him, additionally supplemented by based on my "Codig" explanations of reasons and of mechanism for obtaining these extraordinary attributes by such "moon timber", and also enriched by numerous examples of historical situations, where the adding by God of such unusual features to something, can be discovered or noticed, or where such exceptionally resistant and durable timber has been practically used, is provided in item #C4.8 from my web page named wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm. My additional explanations, revealing that poles made of such "moon timber" were used to support the foundations of the medieval Teutonic Knights castle from the Polish town of Malbork, and also support the entire Italian city of Venice from descending into the wet sand and swamp, are provided in item #A3 from my web page named malbork_uk.htm. In turn item #D2.1 from another my web page named tapanui.htm, describes how compares: (a) the lifespan of the toughest New Zealand timber cut down in today's typical way (i.e. "as it goes"), and then repetitively treated with various chemicals and poisons but it was subjected to the action of water, sun, winds, etc., which still caused it to decay after around 140 years; with (b) the lifespan of such 800-year old "moon timber" from woods uprooted on 18th June of 1178 (i.e. during the New Zealand winter and just after the turning point of the decreasing phase of moon), due to the explosion of a stack of seven UFO vehicles that were detonated in the vicinity of area where in present-days stands the New Zealand town of Tapanui.

#A1. What is this Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The name "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" is assigned to a relatively new scientific theory developed by the author of this web page in 1985, which theory is capable of introducing a paradigm shift to our understanding of reality, as it provides more complete and more coinciding with the empirical findings explanation for the structure and operation of the reality. This explanation is based on an informatics-derived model of reality. The model describes reality as similar to a present computer, i.e. composed of a kind of "liquid hardware" called "counter-matter", and "natural programs" contained in this liquid hardware and defining how it should behave. The most easily noticeable kind of these natural programs, by the science is called the "laws of physics". The elementary layer of these "natural programs" orders the liquid counter-matter to behave in such a manner, that it forms from itself the elementary particles. Next layers of these natural programs form from these elementary particles the entire atoms, then molecules, tissues, bodies, etc. In the result, according to this "informatics-derived model of reality", the entire human is simply an equivalent of present image from the screen of modern computer, only that formed in three-dimensions from the counter-matter and maintained in operation by a whole pyramid of natural programs - as more comprehensively explains this item #C1 from the web page soul_proof.htm. A similar computer image (or a hologram) formed from intelligent counter-matter is e.g. the entire Earth, solar system, and even the universe.
       The explanation for the reality that surrounds us, which is provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, represents a more advanced alternative to a very primitive explanation used by the official science to-date - which could be described that it is based on a material model of reality. In this to-date scientific model, reality is described as formed exclusively due to mutual interactions of "stupid" matter. This in turn does NOT allow to explain naturally and unambiguously what are e.g. laws of physics, time, gravity, telekinesis, telepathy, intelligence, soul, God, etc.
       The scientific foundations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity result from the proving by this theory that the gravity field belongs to a general category of the dynamic dipolar fields, not to the static monopolar fields to which the gravity was categorised by the Earth science to date. Therefore, in the light of this concept, gravity is more similar to a dipolar magnetic field, or to a dipolar field formed by liquids or gases pumped dynamically through any pipe, e.g. through the interior of our home vacuum cleaner, than to a monopolar field formed by static compression of e.g. air into tyres from our car. In turn this qualifying of gravity into dynamic dipolar fields, leads to a completely different than so-far description of the design and operation of the universe. This web page tries, amongst other, explain how the universe governed by such a dipolar gravity really looks like.

#A2. How looks like and operate this dipolar gravitational field (i.e. the field described by the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity"):

       We probably still remember this from classes of physics, that there are two different kinds of force fields. Their references usually use names (1) a monopolar field, and (2) a dipolar field. The first of these is a static field, means it is formed in phenomena in which force interactions appear while simultaneously there is a complete lack of motion. In turn the second one is a dynamic field, means it appears in phenomena when it is the motion which releases the action of any forces. Examples of a static monopolar field is an electrical field, and also a field formed e.g. after compressing the air in a tyre from our car. In turn examples of a dynamic dipolar field is a magnetic field, and also a field formed at the inlet to our home vacuum cleaner when through this cleaner a stream of air flows. Each one out of these two basic kinds of fields displays different attributes. And so, for example the like "monopoles" from a monopolar field always mutually repel each other. It is because of this mutual repulsion of identical monopoles that the air from tyres in our car uses any opportunity to escape, while objects charged electrically push their charges onto the surfaces - the consequence of which is that with the elapse of time they gradually discharge by themselves. But in dipolar fields is in opposite, i.e. all objects subjected to the action of a given pole of a dipolar field are mutually "compressed" towards each other, thus forming a dynamic pressure well known in hydromechanics and described by the so-called "Bernoulli equation". This compression of all objects on a pole of dipolar fields makes an impression that these objects mutually "attract" each other. For example, it is because of this "compression" of objects exposed to the action of a dipolar field by a given pole, that a ping pong ball inserted into a stream of water from a fountain maintains hovering in this stream of water and looks as if it is "attracted" by this stream of water. Similarly is with the magnetic field, which makes an impression that it attracts to itself all objects susceptible to its action (e.g. ferromagnetic). Of course, there are numerous further such attributes unique for static monopolar fields and dynamic dipolar fields - their list is presented in subsection H1.1.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. If one analyses attributes which characterise the gravity fields, then it turns out that all attributes of gravitation coincide exactly with attributes of dynamic dipolar fields, and contradict attributes of static monopolar fields. For example, gravity fields cause the mutual "compression" of particles of matter, which (the compression) makes an impression as if this matter "attracts" other matter. But it is only an impression, because the gravity acts onto matter in exactly the same manner as all dynamic dipolar fields act onto objects susceptible to their forces. For example, the same as onto matter, the gravity acts also on different objects - e.g. on light (i.e. it is known that a powerful gravity field bends the path of electromagnetic radiation - as is perfectly known and utilised e.g. in astronomy). So both, matter and light subjected to gravity display an effect which can be confused with them being "attracted" - i.e. the effect identical to the one which is experienced by the ping pong ball hovering within a dipolar stream of water from a fountain and looking as of it is "attracted" by this water. Means that matter behaves totally opposite to the alike carries of monopolar fields which always repel each other (we can see this repulsion e.g. amongst alike electrical charges, or in particles of the air from tyres of our car). The fact that attributes of gravity coincide with all attributes of dipolar fields practically means, that gravity is in fact a dynamic dipolar field - in spite that the Earth's science to date erroneously qualified it to monopolar fields. So it is about time we repair this error of science to date and qualify gravity correctly to the group of dipolar fields.
       If one accepts the evidence (which exists for long time and is already well identified) stating that gravity is a dynamic dipolar field, then one simultaneously must accept the fact that the universe looks and works completely differently than it was described by scientists to date. After all, the to date description of the look and work of the universe were worked out and described for the highly erroneous (non-written) fundamental assumption, that gravity is a monopolar field. Since the scientific descriptions of the universe to date were based upon such an erroneous foundation, it is obvious that almost everything that they state must also be erroneous from the very foundations.
       The first finding which hits our eyes immediately after we recognise the merit of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is that with the dipolar gravitation the universe must be composed from two separate worlds, similarly like in a vacuum cleaner there are two poles for the air which flows through it. (These two poles are the "inlet" for the air, and the "outlet" for the air.) Our physical world in which we live and which we learn with our senses is just an "inlet" for the gravity. In turn behind an invisible barrier there is another world which is parallel to ours. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls it the counter-world. This counter-world is the "outlet" pole for gravity field. Similarly as our world is filled up with matter, also this other counter-world is filled up with a substance which is appropriate for it. Only that this substance from the counter-world must display attributes which are exactly opposite to attributes of matter. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls counter-matter this substance from the parallel counter-world, which displays attributes opposite to these of our matter. Although the recognising the Concept of Dipolar Gravity introduces a large number of this type of shocking findings, just only the findings that the universe is composed of two parallel worlds (not just a single one) having a physical nature, which are filled up with two (not just a single one) kinds of substances having completely opposite attributes, turns upside down everything that our science to date, which is founded on the erroneous monopolar assumption, tries to tell us. After all, such two-world universe from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is more similar to the one explained by religions, than to the one which is being described by present physics or astronomy. So let us read the rest of this web page in order to learn a bit more of strange truths about it.

#A3. To-date history of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       The development of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity started from my humble attempts to explain what actually is this gravity field, what character it displays, how it works, etc. In the result of these attempts, in 1985 I formulated an entire new scientific theory on the subject of gravity field. It is this theory that I named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. After I finished the development of this theory, it turned out, that from just an ordinary scientific theory, which only supposed to explain how gravity field works, it turned out to be the theory of everything that was searched for so long. It seems to provide answers to practically all questions that humans may have. In order to give you some idea, as how wide range of questions this theory answers, I suggest to consider the wide range of key words and key phrases incorporated into this concept. Amongst other questions, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity also answered these very old ones (by the orthodox science to-date considered to be unanswerable), e.g. whether we have souls and spirits, whether God does exist, how our brain operates and why we sometimes remember things that happened before we were born, how telekinesis, telepathy and acupuncture works, what are feelings, what is nirvana, what is radiesthesia, what is energy, what is time, how to build time vehicles, and many more.
       Immediately after being developed the Concept of Dipolar Gravity was published in a whole range of publications. Thus, descriptions of this theory are available to interested researchers starting from 1985 (means during the last over quarter of century). Currently the most widely circulated publication of it is contained in volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] entitled "Advanced magnetic devices". (Notice that copies of this monograph [1/5] can be downloaded free of charge via menu or green links from this web page, and also from other web pages listed in item #L2.) But almost the same complete versions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity were also published in volumes 4 and 5 of my older monographs marked [1/4] and [8/2] that also are disseminated free of charge via internet. Brief summaries of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are also available on various web pages. One can find these web pages through "search engines" after using the name of this theory for key words, i.e. after providing the key words "Concept of Dipolar Gravity".
       This web page is another one amongst internet publications on the subject. It is aimed at explaining most important findings of this concept in a manner that would be understandable for laymen. Therefore this web page summarises briefly most vital parts of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, for simplicity and in order to shorten presentations removing from them almost the entire apparatus of logical deductions and almost all evidence. Unfortunately, after the removal of deductions which explained "why" this concept arrived at specific findings, and also after the elimination of evidence which proves that these findings coincide with the reality, the presentation of subsequent explanations in a manner that would NOT sound naive but still would be understandable for laymen, turned out to be extremely difficult. Therefore I would like to notify readers here that this web page only summarises what the Concept of Dipolar Gravity determined and states. In turn to learn why it states this instead of something completely different, and also which evidence confirms this, the reader should reach for these monographs indicated in the previous paragraph, which contain the complete presentation of this concept.

#A4. Textbooks with full descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       As this already was mentioned in previous item #A3, complete and the most recently updated textbooks of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are disseminated free of charge via the internet in the form of volumes 4 and 5 of two my newest monographs marked with symbols (click onto such a green symbol-link to download a selected free monograph) [1/5] and [8/2].

Part #B: Explainations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity for most basic ideas:


#B1. Counter-material duplicates of physical objects, means "phantoms" ("spirits" or "ghosts") of these objects:

       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity postulates, that the universe must be composed of two parallel physical worlds (i.e. "our world", and the "counter-world"), the attributes of which are to each other as attributes of spaces that prevail at opposite poles of magnetic dipoles. These two worlds are separated from each other by impenetrable barrier, while to each one of them an opposite pole of gravity extends. Because of the nature of gravity, which requires that this field must always link some clusters of substances, all gravity dipoles are behaving as kinds of "marriage bounds", which link with each other into symmetrical pairs, all similar particles of substances that prevail on both ends of given gravity dipoles (i.e. substances that prevail in both these worlds). In the result, for every object that exist in one of these two worlds, the gravity field forms an identical duplicate that appears in the second of these two worlds. Thus one of the major discoveries of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is the postulate, that all material objects that exist in our set of dimensions (i.e. existing in "our world") must have their counter-material duplicates that exist in the parallel set of dimensions (i.e. duplicates existing in the "counter-world"). Actually the real existence of these counter-material duplicates can already be conclusively proven with our present technology by showing them with the use of Kirlian cameras. The best experiment which proves the existence of counter-material duplicates is the so-called "leaf ghost effect" described by Daniela Giordano in subsection C9 of treatise [7/2], and also mentioned in item #D1 of this web page. (In this effect the Kirlian camera shows the shape of a counter-material duplicate of a whole leaf, even if someone cuts this leaf in half and puts on the camera only a half of it.)
       The fact, that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity every material object existing in our physical world has its own counter-material duplicate existing in the counter-world, introduces for us immensely vital consequences. After all, it realises to us, that the dipolar gravity confirms exactly what we were informed about by all religions. Religions for a long time tell us, that independently from our physical bodies, each one of us have also a "phantom" or a "spirit" existing in a separate world. This "phantom" is actually the counter-material duplicate of a given physical object that is described here. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity not only confirms the statement of religions, but even extends and generalises it. It explains that such a "phantom" (means such a counter-material duplicate) exists not only for people, but also for animals, vegetation, and even for objects which so far were considered to be "dead" - such as stones, furniture, cars that we use, computers, etc. (If the reader does not believe that his car has its own phantom, then I suggest to take this car into a longer drive when the reader is in a bad mood, while at a nearest opportunity to swear at the car or, even better, to attack it with a hammer - and the reader experiences what happens during this drive. If one does not wish to risk just such a check, then it is enough to recall in what mood one was when one had the last traffic accident in his car, and what one thought then about his car.) The most extensive and complete descriptions of counter-material duplicates from the counter-world are contained in subsections I5.1 and I3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#B2. Explanation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that magnetic field is a stream of circulating counter-matter:

       Physical attributes of counter-matter, such as the lack of inertia or viscosity, cause that this substance can be imagined as a hyper-active liquid. This liquid continually forms various circulations, streams, whirls, etc. - as more comprehensively is explained on a separate web page e.g. about the mechanism of formation of hurricanes. A simplest object known to us, which forms just such a circulation of this extraordinary liquid is every magnet. As this is explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, every magnet is simply a kind of "fan" or "vacuum cleaner" which creates a rotation of counter-matter along closed circuits. Of course, every magnet is linked by gravitational interactions with the counter-matter which it puts into the circulation. Thus, if two such magnets are directed towards each other with their like magnetic poles, then they must mutually repel each other. This repulsion is identical as the one that appears between two fans which blow at each other. Only that fans blow the viscous air, while magnets "blow" the counter-matter which is deprived viscosity and inertia. Therefore two magnets mutually repel each other even when they are directed towards themselves with their "inlet" poles (I).
       The explanation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that "magnetic field is simply a stream of circulating counter-matter" has this consequence that in fact in this concept every magnet has two poles like a fan, namely an "inlet" (I) pole and an "outlet" (O) pole. My research established, that the inlet pole (I) of every magnet is this pole which in the Earth's magnetic field is located near the northern geographic pole "N" of Earth. In turn the outlet pole (O) of every magnet is this one which in the Earth's magnetic field is located near the southern geographic pole "S" of Earth. Therefore our planet Earth actually works like a huge vacuum cleaner, as one can appreciate by viewing e.g. polar lights (auroras) or the ozone hole.
       There is available a huge body of evidence which documents the correctness of the above explanation for the mechanism of formation of magnetic field. A description of this evidence is provided in subsection H5.3 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. For these readers who like to touch and see the evidence, one of the most tangible kinds of such evidence is so-called "onion charcoal". It is described and illustrated more comprehensively on a separate web page named evidence.htm. This charcoal is formed in UFO vehicles in the result of sucking organic matter by a powerful stream of counter-matter circulated by propulsion systems of these UFOs. Expressing this in other words, because propulsors of UFO vehicles always form extremely powerful circulations of counter-matter, when these vehicles fly low above the Earth, they act like powerful vacuum cleaners sucking from the ground leafs, grass, and all sorts of other light rubbish. In turn, after sucking it, this organic matter is compressed at the inlets (I) of UFO propulsors, and then magnetically scorched. So during landings of these UFO vehicles it sometimes crumbles and falls down to Earth.
       In a quite similar manner as the magnetic field, counter-matter forms also electrical field. Only that electrical field is not the circulation itself, but a change of pressure of counter-matter caused by this circulation. More about the mechanism of formation of electrical field is explained in subsection H5.1 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#B3. How telekinesis works:

       The mutual relationship between each material object existing in our set of dimensions (i.e. in our world) and its counter-material duplicate existing in a parallel set of dimensions (i.e. in the "counter-world") can be described with analogies or similarities between an object and its mirror reflection, or with similarities of computer hardware and computer software, or differences between the idea of 'body' and 'spirit' postulated by various religions. Similarly like an image and its mirror reflection, both parts of an object are exact copies of their opposite duplicate, and also they exactly imitate each other's movements. Moreover, both - the material object and its counter-material duplicate - can also be independently taken hold of and dislocated in space. But because of the gravitational links between them, independently of which part is grabbed and dislocated first, the other part must imitate exactly its motion. For this reason, depending on which part of an object is grabbed first and thus first dislocated in space, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity distinguishes between two different types of motion, named "physical motion" and "telekinetic motion". A physical motion occurs when the material part of an object is moved first, whereas the counter-material duplicate is pulled behind it by forces of the gravitational links. In turn a telekinetic motion occurs when the counter-material duplicate is moved first, whereas the material part of this object is pulled behind the counter-material duplicate by forces of their mutual gravitational links. To illustrate this with an example, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity shows that the telekinetic motion is like forcing an object to move by shifting its reflection in a mirror, so that this re-located reflection causes the object to move also. Of course in order for this example to work in reality, light would need to behave like gravity forces. The other, even more illustrative explanation for the telekinetic motion would be to liken it to the "shifting material objects by dislocating their counter-material 'spirits'".
       The term telekinesis is a popular name for telekinetic motion described here. Telekinesis have two main versions, namely human and technical. A human version of telekinesis usually is described by the term "psychokinesis". Most frequently encountered examples of it include telekinetic bending of divining rods, and levitation. In turn technical version of telekinesis most frequently is manifested in the form of so-called "permanent telekinetisation of substances", described in item #F2 from this web page. Other source of technical telekinesis are so-called free energy devices.
       In 1924 the great French physicist, Louis DeBroglie, published the very important finding, sometimes called "Principle of the Symmetry of Nature". It states, that in our Universe everything is strikingly symmetrical in many different ways. Some more common manifestations of this symmetry are discussed in subsection H6.1 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. For example, everything has an opposite of itself. This means that every particle has its own antiparticle (e.g. electron and positron, proton and antiproton). Also every phenomenon must have its own anti-phenomenon.
       The DeBroglie's "Principle of the Symmetry of Nature" indicates a fundamental rule which is in power for the entire our universe, namely that "every phenomenon must have an appropriate anti-phenomenon". So far a large number of phenomena and corresponding counter phenomena has already been discovered, which confirm the correctness of this rule. For example, the existence of electrical luminescence utilized in fluorescent bulbs and in various light-emitting diodes to transform electricity into light, has a counter phenomenon in the form of the photoelectric effect that in photocells and solar panels transforms light into electricity. The so called "left hand rule", also called the "motor effect", which describes phenomena used for the transformation of electricity into motion, has its counter rule in the form of "Fleming's right hand rule", also called the "generator effect", which works in reverse, i.e. transforms motion into electricity. The Seebeck Effect, which produces a flow of electrons through a junction of two dissimilar conductors being heated, has its counter phenomenon in the form of the Peltier Effect, which causes the heating and cooling of materials in a similar junction when a current is flowed through it. The piezoelectric effect which converts the deformation of a crystal into electricity, and which is utilized e.g. in piezoelectric lighters to produce an igniting spark, has its counter-partner in a phenomenon which also is called "piezoelectric effect", although it works in a reversed manner - i.e. it converts the electric impulse into a deformation of a crystal (this counter-phenomenon is utilized for example in piezoelectric vibration generators, and also in our quartz watches). Etc., etc.
       If we find an exception to this DeBroglie's symmetry of nature, it is obvious that its anti-partner still remains undiscovered. Until 1985 one such an exception was gravity field. However, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described on this web page indicated that the anti-partner for the gravity field prevailing in our world is hiding from us in the counter-world. Another exception from the symmetry of nature was the phenomenon of friction. Therefore the intensive search for the anti-partner of friction was fully justified. This anti-partner was revealed during the research on the telekinetic motion. Namely, the phenomenon of telekinesis turns out to be an exact reversal of the phenomenon of friction (means telekinesis is an anti-phenomenon for friction). In the exactly reversed manner as the phenomenon of friction spontaneously consumes energy of motion to produce thermal energy (i.e. friction transforms motion into heat), the phenomenon of telekinesis spontaneously consumes thermal energy contained in the environment of objects moved telekinetically and produces motion (i.e. telekinesis transforms heat into motion). This extraordinary ability of telekinesis, to extract thermal energy from the environment and transform this extracted heat into motion, introduces immense consequences for our energy production. After all, it allows to build technical devices, which due to the release of technical version of telekinesis will spontaneously absorb thermal energy from their environment and convert this energy into a useful form. Such devices are popularly called free energy devices. Several their prototypes which already exist are described on the separate web page that is devoted to them.
       The spontaneous consumption of heat from the environment during the formation of telekinetic motion has several side effects. For example, it causes that close to such technical devices which produce telekinetic motion, rapidly becomes very cold. This temperature drop can even be sensed, when the telekinetic devices which cause it remain invisible to us because they work in the "state of telekinetic flickering" described in next item of this web page. This is the reason why folklore states, that after any "supernatural" being appears, always an intense cold spreads over a given room. The second consequence of telekinetic motion which hits our eyes, is the appearance of an unique glow which is called the "extraction glow". An example of it is shown on photo from "Fig. #1". These side effects which accompany telekinesis, i.e. the temperature drop and the appearance of the extraction glow, make possible for almost every reader to complete empirical experiments which are able to illustratively convince him that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is correct.
       The technical version of telekinesis is relatively simple for releasing. It is manifested every time when the force lines of magnetic field are accelerated or decelerated. This easiness of triggering the technical version of telekinesis turns out to be very promising in utilisation of this phenomenon for propelling purposes. It is possible to build space vehicles with magnetic propulsion, almost identical to the one described on a separate web page and called the magnocraft, which will be moved in space with the use of the phenomenon of technical telekinesis. The the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls these vehicles the "magnocrafts of the second generation". The comprehensive description of these vehicles is presented in chapter LC from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       Much more information about telekinesis is presented in subsection H6.1 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn various technical implementations of telekinesis are described in chapters K and L from volumes 9 and 10 of monograph [1/5]. To the description of telekinesis is also devoted a separate web page named telekinesis. At this point it is worth to notice, that the sole fact that telekinesis does exist in spite that our official science based on erroneous foundations of monopolar gravity was unable to explain this phenomenon, is still another evidence in a huge pool of empirical confirmations which support the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here.

Fig. #1 (H1 in [1/5])

Fig. #1 (H1 in [1/5]): The "extraction glow" emitted spontaneously by all objects dislocated on principles of telekinetic motion, which during their motion encounter an opposite force that opposes their motion. This glow is like a "supernatural" white light emitted from the space that directly surrounds objects moved telekinetically. Means, it is emitted from the space which looses the thermal energy extracted spontaneously from this space by telekinetically moved objects. This glow is very similar to a cold glow of the Moon. In past it was considered to be supernatural. On the above photograph it is emitted from the space surrounding the divining rod which was moved on principles of human telekinesis. Such a "supernatural" extraction glow, together with the temperature drop, are two most significant indicators of telekinetic motion. Their appearance allows us for a simple distinguishing between a telekinetic motion, and an ordinary physical motion.
       Extraction glow is generated when, according to the so-called "Postulate of Interchanging Thermal Energy with the Environment", described in subsections H6.1.3 and H1.3 of monograph [1/5], the objects moved telekinetically must compensate their consumption of energy through a spontaneous extraction (conversion) of thermal energy contained in the close environment of these moved objects. Therefore, the result of such rapid extraction of thermal energy must be the fall of electrons in the atoms from the affected area, down into their lower orbits. Quantum physics states that such a fall of electrons into lower orbits must be accompanied by the emission of photons detectable on a sensitive photographic film as a kind of "extraction glow". Thus the consequence of a telekinetic motion must be the glow of atoms of matter which surrounds the telekinetically moved object. The extraction glow appears not only in all forms of psychokinesis caused by the human brain, but also in the "technical" equivalent of this phenomena occurring in devices which utilise telekinesis for their operation. The most frequent subjects (and therefore also the most easily available for research) utilizing the human version of telekinesis (usually called the "psychokinesis"), are dowsers whose success in searches for water is indicated through the psychokinetic bending of their divining rods. The above photograph illustrates the powerful extraction glow which appears during such a bending. It was originally published in two books by Christopher Bird entitled: [1FigH1] "The divining hand" (1st edition, E.P. Dutton, New York 1979, ISBN 0 525 09373 7, page 7) and [2FigH1] "Divining" (A Raven Book, London 1979, ISBN 354 043889, page 7). At the beginning of my research on the phenomenon of telekinesis I also have taken my own series of photographs of divining rods, capturing a weak extraction glow which appeared on them. Although I managed to register cases which were sufficient for proving that my theories are correct, radiesthestists whom I photographed did not generate as spectacular glows as the one shown on the above photograph. My research revealed that individual dowsers, similarly like individual healers, are able to generate the human telekinesis of varying intensity. People able to generate an effect with the intensity so high like this one shown on the above photograph appear extremely rarely. Further descriptions of the above photograph are provided in captions under illustrations from Figure H1 in monograph [1/5], and Figure L1 in monograph [8] (all these monographs are available for free from "Menu 2" on this web page).
* * *
Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.

Part #C: Technical applications of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#C1. The state of telekinetic flickering:

       The mechanism of telekinetic motion differs significantly in a whole range of aspects, from the mechanism of physical motion. A very significant one amongst such differences, is that during telekinetic motion the moved object changes its consistency from matter into a kind of energy, or into a kind of a non-material pattern. During this change of consistency, the object disappears from the view for a very small duration. After all, it exists then exclusively in the form of energy, not in form of matter. So during telekinetic motion a given object is visible only at the starting point of this motion, and then again after the motion is completed. In turn during the course of this telekinetic motion the object becomes invisible. Only that because of the huge speed of completion of telekinetic motion, the period of time for the duration of which a given object becomes invisible to human eyes is very short. However, this period of time can be artificially extended by its fast repetition, means through the technical formation of an extremely unusual, so-called "state of telekinetic flickering".
       This "state of telekinetic flickering" is simply a fast repetition of impulses of telekinetic motion. These impulses are carried out so fast, that the short durations of time when the object subjected to the telekinetic motion changes its consistency into an energy invisible to human eyes, start to dominate the elapse of time. Means, that the object subjected to these impulses, is longer invisible than visible, and thus it completely disappears from the human sight. In fact, this state of telekinetic flickering utilises exactly the same phenomenon which causes that in our cinemas a sequence of static frames on film becomes seen as a moveable picture. Only that in the state of telekinetic flickering the subsequent impulses of telekinetic motion which cause that the object disappears from the view are repeated usually with huge frequencies of around 3000 Hz - for details see subsection K5.1.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5]. (For comparison, the motion picture in cinemas was formed in past with the frequency of flickering amounting to around 24 frames per second, while the picture in our TV flickers with the frequency of 50 Hz.) Such a fast repetition of these impulses of telekinetic motion causes, that the solid object subjected to these impulses becomes completely invisible to human sight.
       The state of telekinetic flickering has also this attribute, that in the brief moments of time, when a given physical object becomes energy, atoms of this object can be shifted between atoms of another solid object. In this way vehicles propelled telekinetically are able to move through any solid objects. All solid objects obstructing their way behave then as if they are made of some strange liquid, not of solid matter.
       Much more information about the highly extraordinary state of telekinetic flickering is presented in subsection LC3 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Part #D: Phenomena and facts which confirm the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#D1. Which evidence confirms the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       Already now accumulated is a whole ocean of empirical evidence which confirms that the counter-world definitively does exist and thus that the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is correct. Let us indicate here several examples of this evidence.
       People are, of course, the most convinced when they can see something with their own eyes. English saying goes that "seeing is believing". As it turns out, the existence of the counter-world, or more strictly the existence of the counter-material duplicates ("ghosts" or "phantoms") formed in the counter-world, in fact can be seen with our own eyes. It is enabled by the so-called Kirlian photography. It allows us to see objects which exists in this counter-world - but do NOT exist in our world. The most illustrative pictures from this counter-world are formed during the so-called "ghost-leaf experiment" carried out with the Kirlian camera. In this experiment, a half of a leaf is removed, while the remaining half is placed on the Kirlian camera. But the camera shows the whole leaf. In a similar manner the Kirlian camera shows pictures of whole amputated fingers - the duplicates of which still are present in the counter-world. (More about this "ghost-leaf experiment" is explained in subsection C9 from treatise [7/2].)
       In a visual manner effects of the existence of so-called "whirls of counter-matter" from the counter-world, can also be noticed on pools of water formed after rains. Perhaps the reader noticed at some stage, that after a rain forms on the ground such pools of transparent water, waves formed on surface of these pools disclose rapid movements of something invisible inside of these pools. These movements are not caused by wind, because they appear and disturb the pools with equal force also in windless days. Besides, if one seeks them intentionally then they can be seen in our bath tabs and in saucers with water (even when water is hot). They are also not any water creatures, because the transparent water reveals that there is lack of any living creatures in it. But still something sporadically disturbs the surface of such pools, causing the formation of trails on this water, similar to these from invisible miniature powerboats. This invisible something, that penetrates and disturbs water after each rain, are so-called "whirls of counter-matter". Huge versions of these whirls cause hurricanes and tornados, and also propel sea currents on Earth. These huge versions are described on the web page about hurricanes. But independently from these huge ones, in the counter-world also smaller versions of these whirls do exist. They have diameters of strings and sizes of e.g. elastics from underwear. It is the motion of these smaller versions of whirls of counter-matter through the pools of water that can be visually noticed by us after every rain.
       The existence of counter-world is also described by almost all religions. After all, this is the same world in which our ghosts stay. So another one commonly known evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity are relatively agreeable with each other statements of almost all religions in existence on Earth.
       The existence of counter-world can also be proven scientifically by analysis of behaviour of force lines of gravity field. Namely, a wealth of evidence confirms that force lines of gravity field display a dynamic dipolar character, just similar to the dynamic character displayed by magnetic field. An example from this category of evidence, is the "compression" force (by us perceived as "attraction") exerted by gravity not only onto matter, but also onto all other objects, e.g. onto light - as explained in item #A2 of this web page. So similarly like magnetic fields, gravity also has two poles (namely inlet "I" and outlet "O"). Only that in spite of this dipolar character of gravity, in our world we see only the first pole (i.e. the inlet "I"). This practically means that the second pole of the dynamic gravity field disappears from our world and reappear in another, parallel world. Unfortunately, because our senses are located in this physical world, we do not see what happens in this parallel counter-world. This is a bit like with people who swim in a sea. Because their eyes remain above the level of water, they are not able to see that under the surface of water another underworld is hidden. But the fact of the existence of this another world is disclosed by the course of phenomena which we are able to witness. After all, all such phenomena, which are carried out simultaneously in both worlds, must display a dual character. And in fact, for example light is already know to us from this dual character. This duality of light is described by the coexistence of the corpuscular and wave theories of light. As it is perfectly quoted in the book [1H1.1] by O.H. Blackwood and others: "General Physics", 4th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1973 page 665, "Physicists have been jokingly accused of believing in light waves on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and in photons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays". {My own observation adds to this that "on Sundays in churches physicists display the complete negation of statements, which their own physics is making to-date".} Of course, not only the light shows such a duality. For example, the theory on the "wave particle duality of nature" states, that this duality is also displayed by elementary particles, and practically by all matter.
       The greatest number of well-camouflaged evidence for the existence of the counter-world is contained in textbooks of physics. Let us indicate here at least a single example of such evidence. People who know physics are tripping over it during studies of electromagnetic waves. Namely, as the reader probably knows, all waves that exist in the entire universe subdivide into two major categories, namely the so-called "transverse waves" and the "compression or longitudinal waves". The transverse waves are created exclusively on the border of two media - e.g. we can frequently see them on the surface of the sea, or on the surface of a waving flag. In turn inside of a given medium exclusively compression or longitudinal waves can propagate. However, electromagnetic waves display all attributes of transverse waves. This means, that they must propagate along the border of two worlds - i.e. "our world" and the "counter world". So if the counter-world would NOT exist, it would be impossible to create transverse electromagnetic waves.
       One of the most spectacular pieces of evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which is already known by human science for a long time, is this red shift of the light of distant stars observed from the Earth. It is the same "red shift" which the opponents of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity quote as their "crown argument" for the supposed "escape of galaxies" and for the "expansion of the universe". Because of this contradictive situation, that the same "red shift" is presently considered to be a piece of evidence for the correctness of two mutually contradictive scientific theories, it is going to be discussed more comprehensively in a separate (next) item #D2 of this web page.
       Of course, in addition to evidence on the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity listed above, volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] present a whole ocean of further evidence. In order to name here at least some of them, they include so-called "extraction glow" emitted during telekinetic motion (see "Fig. #1"), ESP and animal instinct - means the fact of communication of people and animals with this thinking substance from the counter-world, actual existence of phenomena of telekinesis and telepathy, etc., etc. In order to learn all these evidence, best is to read the entire monograph [1/5]. or at least read subsections H1.1, H5.3, I3.3, and I7 from its volumes 4 and 5.

#D2. The "red shift" in light of distant stars is the most noticeable scientific evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       I wonder whether the reader have ever noticed the apparent differences between behaviours of the waves on a river depending whether these waves move along the powerful current of the river, or opposite to the direction of the current of water. Although the real parameters of these waves on a fast flowing river do not change, their so-called "apparent parameters" become different. After all, on these waves a phenomenon acts in such a case, which is easy to check by everyone, and which produces quite similar outcomes to outcomes of the "Doppler Effect" - although this phenomenon has nothing to do with the Doppler Effect. Namely, all waves which move along the medium that is in the state of motion with the speed similar to the speed of the propagation of these waves, change their speed of propagation in relationship to a motionless observer in a manner which is proportional to the vectorial difference of speed of this medium in relationship to the vectorial speed of these waves. In turn this change of the speed of waves in relationship to a motionless observer, causes that this observer perceives them as "apparent waves" of deformed parameters, means waves which are just like a "model" or a "picture" of real waves, and thus which have changed length and frequency in relationship to the real waves. The above phenomenon is widely known on empirical principles. However, in spite that I intensely searched the name and description of this phenomenon in textbooks of physics, as so-far I have not found this name (perhaps it awaits until it will be able to be called the "Pajak's Wave Effect"). Of course, the phenomenon described above clearly differs from the Doppler Effect. After all, the Doppler Effect assumes that the speed of light (or other analyzed waves) remains unchanged no matter what is the speed of the medium in which this light (or other analyzed waves) propagates. Therefore the Doppler Effect relates exclusively to cases when the source of waves is moving, while both the medium in which these waves propagate, as well as the observer, remain motionless, and thus when the motionless observer sees the "real waves". In turn the phenomenon described here takes place when the source of waves is motionless, while the waves propagate along a medium that is in motion in relationship to the motionless observer, and thus when the speed of these waves is subjected to an apparent change and therefore the motionless observer sees the "apparent waves" which display "deformed parameters" in relationship to parameters of the real waves.
       At this point I should emphasize, that because of this major difference of the phenomenon described here and the Doppler Effect, their perception by the motionless observer is also completely different. Namely, in the Doppler Effect the motionless observer sees the real waves. Thus to whatever he sees the same description and the same model of reality applies, as to these real waves. For example, both, what the observer sees and the real waves can be described by the same equations. In turn in the phenomenon described here, the motionless observer sees "apparent waves" - means like a different scale model or picture of the real waves. Thus the relationship between these real waves and these observed "apparent waves" are like relationship between a specific phenomenon, and a model of this phenomenon completed in a different dimensional scale and in different conditions. Therefore for example equations which describe real waves loose their validity for the description of such "apparent waves".
       The phenomenon described in this item in a best way is known to "surfers" who ride on sea waves. This is because it is a source of extraordinary phenomenon of "slowed-down waves" which in English are called the bore waves. Such bore waves appear only in a few sparse areas in the world. In these areas a combination of parameters and configurations required for the creation of such waves must exist, such as the funnel-shaped river outlet, the correct speed of the river current, the required depth of water, the appropriate force and amplitude of the sea tide which propels these waves, etc. These "slowed-down waves" always have the deformed parameters in relationship to to the natural waves. For example, they move much slower than the natural waves, sometimes even standing still in their motion (i.e. they significantly slow-down their frequency). Simultaneously their length becomes shorter from the length of natural waves. Sometimes they become so short, that several of them superimposes on each other, thus forming a single huge "super-wave". Their behaviour does NOT fulfil the known equations for the wavy motion. If they would be waves of light, not waves of water, their observer would see them as clearly "shifted towards red". These waves always appear in areas where the sea waves enter a river outlet and move opposite to the current of water. Such "slowed-down waves" are formed only in several areas of the world, and usually only once or twice a year - when the required combination of conditions appears in there. The most well known areas where these waves appear include: the outlet of the Amazon river (locally these waves are called there the "pororoca"), Hangzhou harbor in China (locally known as "Silver Dragon"), Solway Firth w Scotland, Bay of Fundy in Canada.
       One of the most interesting practical applications of the phenomenon described above, is to provide the explanation for the mechanism that causes so-called "red shift" in the light from distant stars observed from the Earth, and also the mechanism which causes the "shift towards blue" of the white light that falls on a given (e.g. our) planet and is observed from the surface of this planet. This explanation results from the definition of the "gravity field" provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and described in item #G2 below. According to this definition, almost everything in our universe, including light into this number, is a kind of natural programs which have the ability to move according to the preprogrammed "laws". In turn the kind of a force field similar to friction, that is formed during the motion of these programs, is just called the "gravity field".
       So let us explain more comprehensively this definition of gravity field provided by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. According to it, the gravity field is simply a kind of "friction forces" formed by the flow of a whole range of natural programs which concentrically fall down from the cosmic space onto a given heavenly body, then move towards the centre of gravity of this body, to finally pass in this centre of gravity to the other world called the "counter-world". (The existence of the counter-world is formally proven in item #D3 below.) In the result of this continuous flow of natural programs, light (note that "light" is also one amongst such natural programs) in the vicinity of heavenly bodies always moves in the fast flowing stream of these programs. Therefore, if this light falls from the cosmos onto the surface of a given heavenly body (e.g. onto our planet), it is going to move "along the current" of this stream of flowing programs. Its speed thus must show then the apparent increase in relationship to a motionless observer from the surface of this planet. In turn this apparent increase of speed in relationship to a motionless observer is going to cause, that the observer will see it in the form of an "apparent light" - means the light which "deformed" its parameters through apparent extending its wavelength, but simultaneously increasing its frequency. This in turn is going to be manifested in eyes of this observer as a "blue shift" of this light (means the shift of the color of this light towards a blue color). If in turn light is going to emerge from a heavenly body, e.g. from a distant star, then it will be moving "opposite to the current" of this stream of natural programs. So it then is going to show an apparent slowing down its speed in relationship to a motionless observer. In turn this apparent slowing down of its speed is to cause, that the motionless observer is going to see it as an "apparent light" - means the light that "deformed " its parameters through apparent shortening its wavelength but simultaneous apparent shortening (slowing down) also its frequency. This in turn will manifest itself in eyes of a motionless observer as a "red shift" of this light (i.e. the shift of color of this light towards a red color).

#D2.1. Why the "red shift" confirms the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and contradicts the correctness of the "theory of the expanding universe":

Motto: "Although the same phenomenon can be claimed a 'proof' by both sides which argue with each other, in fact always are attributes present in it which contradict one of these sides."

       It is a public secret that this "red shift" of the light from distant stars becomes a key argument for adherers of the so-called "theory of the expanding universe". However, because the theory described here and called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity states an exact reversal of whatever claim the adherers of the "theory of the expanding universe", the same phenomenon of the "red shift" in reality cannot simultaneously support the truth of both these contradictive theories. Thus there must be some overlooked facts, and also various experiments which can be completed, and which are going to support the correctness only one out of these two contradictive theories, simultaneously certifying against the correctness of the other one. According to my own research, the following facts which are overlooked by adherers of the "theory of the expanding universe" deny the correctness of this theory, but simultaneously confirm the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here:
       (i) All stars and galaxies display the "red shift", while if the universe really expanded, a significant proportion of them should display a "blue shift". The point is, that this "red shift" could be observed from the Earth in all stars only in case when the Earth is located in the exact centre of the universe (i.e. in the zero point). However, the Earth is located on peripherals of the universe. Thus in case of correctness of the "theory of the expanding universe" only a part of stars and galaxies should indicate the "red shift", while the remaining stars and galaxies should indicate a "blue shift".
       (ii) Apart from this "red shift" there are no other facts that would support the correctness of the "theory of the expanding universe", while there is a wealth of evidence for the correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here - and with it for the fact that the universe does NOT expand at all. An example of just such evidence is the fact described before that the "sky is blue", although the earth's atmosphere does NOT "implode" at all - means does NOT shrink in the direction opposite to the direction of supposed expansion of the universe. Thus there must be another reason, unconnected to the Doppler Effect, which causes this tendency in shifts of colors. The physics tries of explain clumsily the "blue sky" as a result of the phenomenon which is completely different than the "blue shift". Of course, it conveniently forgets then to check experimentally, that the "red shift" of the light of stars in fact displays mirror attributes to this "blue shift" of the blue light from daylight sky.
       (iii) Electromagnetic waves belong to the category of so-called "transverse waves" (as explained in item #D3 below) - exactly the same as waves on water. Thus all phenomena which occur in waves of water must also appear in electromagnetic waves, and vice versa. Expressing this in other words, the fact that the phenomenon taking the form of the so-called "bore waves" of water (described in the previous item #D2) illustrates the watery equivalent for the "red shift" in light from distant stars, means that the present scientific explanation for this "red shift" is entirely wrong. Thus according to the DeBroglie's Principle of the Symmetry of Nature, this "red shift" of the light from stars is NOT caused by the Doppler Effect of the escaping galaxies, but by an ordinary motion of electromagnetic waves "upstream" of gravity fields of their own stars.
* * *
       Independently from the above facts, which are directly linked to the "red shift" discussed in item #D2, also various other facts certify for the absurdity of the "theory of the expanding universe". Let us list here at least most vital out of these other facts.
       (iv) The configuration of the universe does NOT correspond to the known explosive configurations. Explaining this in other words, the universe is filled up with matter in a "planned" manner" - means as if someone intelligent (God) on purpose distributed all the matter in a most beneficial manner. In turn if the universe originated from a "big bang" - as the adherers of the "theory of the expanding universe" claim, then it would need to display the configuration which is characteristic for an explosion. For example, instead of having all the masses distributed in an intelligent and approximately even manner, it would have a whole mass clustered on peripherals. In fact, if we even assume the phenomenon of the "expansion of the universe" did occur, then for the configuration of the physical world that is already recognized by human science, the mass of this universe would need to continually flown out of a source, or more correctly from a number of sources. In turn such a continuous inflow of matter is contradictive to the principles of "explosion". In turn without an "explosion" which would give the initial motion to masses, the universe would NOT be able to expand. Summarizing, the configuration of the universe and the distribution of masses in it, suggest that our physical world (this visible one) was created intelligently and remains stationary - means it has NOT originated from an explosion nor still expanding.
       (v) The theory of the "big bang" and the expanding universe openly contradicts other physical theories that are already accepted by the official science (although not necessarily are correct - as this is explained in item #D4 from this web page). For example, in the time of the "big bang" the speed of the flow of matter would suppose to exceed the speed of light. But other theory (that of Albert Einstein) states that supposedly the speed of light cannot be exceeded - because the mass of matter then increases infinitively. In turn we know that the matter of infinitively large mass no explosion would be able to neither move nor accelerate. Means that we have a physical paradox here, which can be solved only if physicists begin to assume in their speculations various unbelievable and unrealistic assumptions. And all this improbable gymnastics and accepting unrealistic assumptions is just to avoid the statement that after all God does exist and God created the physical world - as this is described and supported with numerous evidence in item #I4 of this web page, and in a separate web page about evolution (some matters linked to the creation of the world and man by God are also discussed on the web page about time vehicles).
       (vi) The appearance of the "big bang" and the expansion of the entire universe would result in a constant decrease in density of everything that fills up this universe. This, according to what is explained in item #D4 of this web page, if actually took place, would cause the cease of work of known laws of physics, and thus would prevent the occurrence and the continuation of all life.
       To summarize this item, the noisily promoted "theory" about the existence of the "big bang" and about the "expansion of the physical world", turns out to be just a big "nonsense on wheels", with which some fatalistic individuals try to scare people and divert the attention of humanity from the existence of God and from the researching how God really created the physical world (see item #I4 of this web page).

#D3. A formal scientific proof of totalizm that the counter-world does exist, formulated according to principles of mathematical logic:

       The first formal scientific proof for the existence of the counter-world was published in subsections H1.1 to H1.1.3 from volume 4 of scientific monograph [1/4] "Advanced magnetic devices" in 2000 (means quite a long ago). In fact this proof was repeated three times in the indicated subsections, each time completed with a different physical methodology of scientific proving. This in turn illustrates that the scientific proving of so obvious matter as the existence of the counter-world, can be carried out not just on one, but on many entirely different ways. The scientific proof that "counter-world does exist" is quite important. It confirms scientifically facts which are explained to us by religions for thousands of years. Namely, it proves that this another world, popularly called the "other world" (e.g. consider the saying "they send him to the other world"), or "afterworld" (e.g. consider the saying "he shifted to the afterworld"), in fact does exist in an objective manner. In turn this objective existence of this world can be confirmed in a scientific manner. From this in turn is just a small step away from the scientific proving, that whatever religions and folklore claim about God living in this other world, and about us going in there after our death, is also an objective truth and can be confirmed objectively with scientific methods. The scientific proof that "counter-world does exist" is for us equally binding as all other scientific proofs - for example as the proofs that the Earth is spherical, or that sides of a right-angled triangle fulfill the Pythagoras equation. For our own good we should rely on indications resulting from this proof in everything that we do. After all, if we do not consider it, then we are to stick to views and undertake actions which run against truth - means which contradict the true operation of the counter-world and the universe. In turn thinking and acting contradictively to the truth and to reality, inevitably brings not very pleasant consequences to us. In turn if we consider in our lives indications resulting from this proof, then in almost everything that we do, we are inclined to make corrections for the existence and influence of the counter-world on our lives and on the world around us. This in turn is the key to us reaping fruits and rewards in the future, which await for these who learned the truth and who recognize it.
       During my professorship at a Korean University in 2007, by some strange act of God in the second semester which coincided with the update of the fifth edition of my most important monograph [1/5], I was granted the privilege of giving a series of lectures concerning the mathematical logic. A "by product" of these lectures was that to three previous versions of the formal proof for the existence of the counter-world completed before with the use of physical methods, I could add another version of the formal scientific proof for the existence of the counter-world which this time is completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic. Because this proof is short, I am quoting it below for the use of these readers who would like to get familiar with it, or wish to check the validity of it. However, I would still encourage to reach for further information regarding it, which is provided in subsection H1.1.4 from volume 4 of the newest monograph [1/5]. The base propositions of the above proof for the existence of counter-world stem from attributes of so-called "transverse waves" - the more extensive description of which is provided in previous items of this web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - see items #D1, #D2, #D2.1 above. But in order to save the reader reading these other descriptions, I remind here briefly that every wave is simply a moving oscillation. Thus in every wave two directions of motion are coexisting, namely the main direction in which a given wave moves, and also the main direction in which occurs the oscillatory motion that forms this wave. The "transverse waves" are simply such waves in which the main direction of a given oscillatory motion is perpendicular to the direction into which the entire wave moves. Most common examples of "transverse waves" are waves on water. The "transverse waves" must be clearly distinguished from the so-called "longitudinal waves" in which both above componential directions of motion occur along the same line. A most common example of longitudinal waves is probably a home toy in which steel balls hang on strings in a row, like pendulums, touching each other sideways. When we lift a first of these steel balls and provide it with a pendulum motion, then with the use this longitudinal wave this pendulum motion is transferred onto the last ball, which repeats it, then then the motion is transferred back onto the first steel ball, etc. So here it is, the entire formal proof for the existence of the counter-world, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic:
           "The counter-world does exist".
       Basis propositions:
           (1) The electromagnetic waves display all attributes of the so-called "transverse waves", and according to the present knowledge the electromagnetic waves must propagate in exactly the same manner as all known to us kinds of transverse waves do propagate. All known kinds of transverse waves propagate exclusively along the border between two mediums.
           (2) The belonging of electromagnetic waves to the category of transverse waves which propagate along the border between two mediums means that in the space which these waves cross must either exist a border of some sort between two mediums which occupy our physical world, or must exists a border which remains invisible to our senses and undetectable to our instruments and which separates our physical world and the counter-world (the counter-world also remaining inaccessible for us and undetectable for our instruments) - each of these two worlds being filled up with a different medium. The fact that electromagnetic waves propagate across space in which our advanced physical instruments nor excellently provided and well paid scientific laboratories are unable to detect neither the existence of two different mediums, nor detect the existence of a border between two different mediums, eliminates completely the possibility that electromagnetic waves could propagate along a border between two different mediums that fill up our physical world.
(Explanation complementing this set (2) of premises: The cross-volume propagation of electromagnetic waves researched by our science, occurring through the space which for our measurement instruments appear as filled up with an uniform medium, combined with simultaneous behaviour of these waves as if they propagate along the border of two different mediums, may only then take place, when these waves propagate along the surface of two different worlds, means along the border of our physical world, and some other world which remains inaccessible to our senses and undetectable to our instruments, and which is filled up with a different medium than our physical world. Since this other world had no scientific name so-far, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity which discovered and described it, named it the "counter-world".)
           (3) The counter-world does NOT exist, or does exist. The propagation of electromagnetic waves along the border between our physical world and this counter-world eliminates completely the possibility that the counter-world does NOT exist.
           (1) The first basis proposition is to be transformed with the use of tautological form of the method known under the name of "hypothetical syllogism". This form can be written as [(p =>q) && (q => r)] => [p => r], in which the assertion "p" says "the electromagnetic waves display all attributes of the so-called transverse waves", while the assertion "q" says "according to the present knowledge electromagnetic waves must propagate in exactly the same manner as all known to us kinds of transverse waves do propagate", in turn the assertion "r" states "all known kinds of transverse waves propagate exclusively along the border between two mediums". The transformation of these propositions implies the conclusion that "the electromagnetic waves propagate exclusively along the border between two mediums".
           (2) Accepting this previous conclusion for an assertion in the next phase of inference, and using the method of "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q, we obtain a next conclusion which states that "the electromagnetic waves must propagate along the border between our physical world and the counter-world."
           (3) The last couple of propositions allows us to derive the final conclusion with method called the "disjunctive syllogism", the tautological form of which can be written as: [(p || q) && !p] => q. In this form the assertion "p" says "the counter-world does NOT exist", while assertion "q" states "the counter-world does exist". Thus the final conclusion states "the counter-world does exist"!
           The above inference chain unambiguously and conclusively proves the truth of the theorem that "the counter-world does exist".
* * *
       For the use of these readers who are NOT familiar with the notation that is applied in the above proof, I would like to explain that symbols "p", "q", and "r" mark subsequent "assertions" utilized in this proof as logical variables. In turn symbols "&&", "||", and "=>" mark logical operators "and", "inclusive or", and "implies" (if ... => then ...").
       It is also worth to mention about the validity of the above proof. Because this proof utilizes exclusively tautological forms of subsequent methods, it remains valid for all values of variables it uses. Thus practically it is error-proof. If someone would like to undermine it, he or she would need to undermine first the validity of mathematical logic. In turn this logic is a foundation for countless mathematical proofs which with a large success were used by the effective and precise discipline of mathematics. Thus, since so strong proof for the existence of counter-world finally we were able to develop, it is worth to check now whether we live according to this proof. After all, the guesses to-date about the existence of the counter-world this proof replaces with the reliable knowledge and certainty of the existence of counter-world.
       At this point I would like to appeal to other lecturers of logic. Namely, I propose to take notice of the lack of meaning, motivation, and the absence of engagement in examples of proofs presented in textbooks of logic - as an example consider the textbook proof "modus ponens" of the kind, quote: "Samson is strong", and "If Samson is strong, then it will take a woman to do him in." We can conclude "It will take a woman to do Samson in." (End of quote.) So instead in our lectures we use such examples deprived of actuality and sense, I would rather suggest for example of proofs use e.g. the proof explained above, or the proof indicated below. After all, these proofs are to inspire students to thinking and to searches for truth, give more sense to their lives, will be agreeable with indications of our conscience, and in a non-imposing manner are going to add our own contribution to the fight for the prevalence of truth.
       The proving procedure presented above was also utilized in several other formal scientific proofs developed for the first time in the world by the author of this web page, and listed (and linked) in item #G3 from the web page named god_proof.htm. All these proofs are extremely important for each one of us, as they repair the ignorance and misinformation disseminated so-far by the old official "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by this monopolistic science, which erroneous claims we still must learn in schools and at universities, and which immoral practices are disclosed more comprehensively in items #C1 to #C6 from the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm).
       An example of an immense importance of all these formal scientific proofs developed by the author of this web page is the fact, that one amongst them is the formal proof that God exists. It was completed with several different proving methods utilised by present science. One amongst these formal scientific proofs for the existence of God, completed with the use of methods of mathematical logic, is presented in item #B3 of a separate web page god.htm - about the secular and scientific understanding of God in item #G2 from the web page named god_proof.htm, as well as in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The same procedure allowed to formulate also the formal proof that God created the couple of first people - the appropriate formal proof is presented in item #B8 of the web page about evolution and in subsection NF9 from volume 12 of my newest monograph [1/5]. Finally the same procedure allowed also to prove that people have ethernal soul - the appropriate proof is presented in item #G2 of the web page named soul_proof.htm and in item #C1.1 of the web page named nirvana.htm as well as in subsection I5.2.1 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#D4. Why the constant density of "counter-matter" from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity proves that the universe has infinitive dimensions, while its expansion is impossible (contrary to what the official science claims misleadingly):

Motto: "Only the universe of infinite dimensions can be stable, because it does NOT have borders with any empty or over-inflated space, which would make it to expand or to shrink, and thus change its volume, while due to this inability to expand or to shrink the universe maintains a constant density of the counter-matter which fills it up, thus preventing the detuning of its vital parameters, what in turn maintains the stability and validity of its physical laws, and in this way allows also that life could be continued in it indefinitely."

       Before I start the discussing of topic of this item, I must firstly explain here how the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and the resulting from this theory the new philosophy of totalizm, define the totaliztic term "universe". This totaliztic definition of "universe" NOT only that is completely different than the definition of "universe" disseminated by the official science to-date, but it also is more correct, complete, realistic and open for the future progress of human knowledge. And so, one of the wording with which this totaliztic definition can be expressed, states: in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in the philosophy of totalizm "universe" is the general name assigned to multiple generically-different worlds that already exist, or that are to arise in the future in all of this homogeneously filled with counter-matter space and time of infinite size, for which the already known to people matter, cosmos, and our physical world, represent only a small and finite in size and time components. Of course, the same definition can be expressed also briefly with other words, for example that the "totaliztic universe" is the general name for all the worlds that populate the whole space of the infinite size and time that exists and that is (or will be) occupied by all the worlds that already exist or which ever may come to existence. (In other words, in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and in totalizm the "universe" is just the general name for a collection of worlds, which collection includes, among others, whatever already exists, as well as what is only to appear in the future, and is located both within and outside of the area occupied by the already well-known to human scientists matter, space, and our physical world - means this name includes everything that may exist already or may come to existence in the universe, even though about the existence of this, or about the possibility of coming to existence, the official human science can still NOT have even a slightest clue.) Notice also that in the entire this web page, as well as in all my other web pages and publications, by the term "universe", as well as by the terms resulting therefrom (e.g. by the terms "counter-world", "physical world", "virtual world", etc.) it is understood exactly what says the above totaliztic definition, or what stems from this definition. Meanwhile, the official science by the term "universe" actually understands only "the already known and already described by the Earth scientists space occupied by matter". In other words, the official science by the entire "universe" understands only what the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm consider to be just that small portion of the infinite totaliztic universe, which is occupied by our "physical world". Of course, that limited and closed to the progress of knowledge "universe" the official science also defines with many different phrases and expressions, in many ways, etc. However, each of these formulations and ways reflects only its currently already corrupt philosophy and officially accepted close belief (e.g. consider the formulation: "the universe is all the existing mater and the space occupied by it, which together form a uniform cosmos"). Therefore in the definitions of the official science the "universe" is always only this space, which is occupied by the already known to science "matter", while describing of which is possible on the basis of atheistic theories officially approved by that science. (Let us remember here that neither the Concept of Dipolar Gravity discussed here, nor the philosophy of totalizm, officially are accepted by the official science - on the contrary, they are secretly discriminated, persecuted and blocked.) In other words, in their presumptuous definitions of the "universe" the official science non-openly implies, that in the entire universe there is nothing else beyond matter and space that this science already managed to recognize and describe.
       As it is apparent from the above, whatever the official science calls the "universe", in the described here Concept of Dipolar Gravity it is called our "physical world". This is because the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines our "physical world" as follows. Our "physical world" is this section, volume, or "bubble" of counter-matter separated from the infinitively sized "counter-world", which lies within the communication range of our God, and thus the hierarchically organized movements of which (counter-matter) has been so pre-programmed by our God, that it forms all of matter, space and phenomena that can be noticed by human senses and human instruments. From the above definition stems, that if somewhere in the infinitively sized counter-world, existing also well beyond the communication range of our God, already self-evolved (or only will self-evolve) yet another self-aware creature with capabilities of our God, then this creature can create its own (and very different from ours) physical world. Also, because of the infinitive size of counter-world and the existence of it for the infinitely long time, such physical worlds that differ from ours and that are managed by their own divine beings, may appear in the counter-world in infinitely large number.
       But returning to the main topic of this item, our senses and logic are accustomed to the limitations of the size of everything that surrounds us. After all, we ourselves, as well as all the objects which we know, are of limited sizes. By extrapolating to the entire universe that subjective human habit of finite perception, the official science erroneously tells us, that the whole universe also has a limited size. However, although such a limited size of the universe is easier to be accepted and understood by our imperfect human imagination, by our understanding, and by our daily experience, in fact it is contrary to the foundations of philosophy, and even contradicts the findings of this part of mathematics, which operates on infinitive numbers. After all, if our universe actually had a limited size - as it claims the present official science, then beyond its borders would have to exists yet something else. (I.e. the situation with the universe would then be similar to claims of the followers of "flat earth", or to errors of ancient world-views claiming that somewhere beyond the horizon supposedly there is a hidden "edge of the world".) So what would then be outside of our universe and what size it would have? And hence also what would be that next something which would lie even further away, and what size it would have? Etc., etc. So the only possibility which is consistent with the foundations of philosophy, and features of which exactly coincide with the findings of mathematical operations on infinite values, is that the universe has an infinite size and infinite length of time of its existence. Also, according to the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, just in such universe unlimited in size and time we live - or more precisely, this is what is the most primary (original) component of the universe, which component the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the "counter-world". So when, with the passage of time, findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity about the infinite size and time of the universe, will eventually be widely accepted, people and scientists of the future will be mocking and joking about the stupidity and tightness of views across the entire present official science, among some of today's famous scientists, and across the whole generation of people today, just as today we ridicule and joke about the backwardness and ignorance of the ancient people who believed in a "flat earth" and in the existence of the "edge of the world".
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also, that this superior rational being (i.e. God) who around 10,000 of human years ago self-evolved in the intelligent counter-matter from the counter-world (after which self-evolving who around 6,000 human years ago created, among others, "matter" and us "people"), so pre-programmed movements of the counter-matter from the scope of its reach, that this counter-matter artificially created yet another, observable for humans component of the universe, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls our "physical world". In other words, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the physical "universe" consists of at least two words of a physical nature, namely (a) the infinitely existing original "counter-world" uniformly and entirely filled up with the invisible to humans "counter-matter", and (b) the "physical world" created by our God and filled up with the visible to humans "matter" which was created by our God through the appropriate pre-programming of the movements of that invisible to humans "counter-matter" (or as many as a number of such "physical worlds" - if in the universe some other gods managed create more than one of these). Expressing this differently, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us what exactly means the statement from the Biblical "Hebrews", verse 11:3, quote: "... the universe was created by God's word, so that what can be seen was made out of what cannot be seen" - for a more detailed explanations of that verse see (5) from item #C12 of my web page named bible.htm. In addition to this, because the kind of "liquid computer", which is constituted by the counter-matter from the counter-world, displays all the characteristics of the "potential-intelligence" (similar to the characteristics of the "potential-intelligence" that is displayed by the memory and by hardware of today's computers), in memory of this counter-matter from the counter-world there is also located (c) another (the third one) kind of world, which I call the "virtual world". This "virtual world" exhibits similar characteristics in the natural state, as characteristics which we know from the hardware used to store and to execute the present computer's software. Hence, what currently the Christian religion calls the "Holy Ghost", as well as "human souls", are actually kinds of self-aware programs contained in this "virtual world". (On the other hand, what Christianity calls "God the Father" and also "Ancient of Days", in fact is the intelligent "counter-matter". In turn, the "Son of God" and his "body", is the symbolic representation of the people from our "physical world" and the entire "matter" that fills up our "physical world".) In addition, whatever we currently call "laws of nature", in fact is a kind of programs created by our God and stored in the counter-matter, which programs govern over the behaviour of this part of the counter-matter, from which is formed our matter, and thus which counter-matter is the source of all phenomena from our physical world.
       So in fact, according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, our "physical world" is the one, which by God was filled with the visible to people "matter" and with the learned already by the people laws that govern the behaviour of that matter, but which was created through pre-programming the still unknown to people circulations and movements of counter-matter that remains invisible to the humans. Therefore, our "physical world" is also the one, which the present scientific instruments allow people to watch and to research - that is also the one which the present official science and astronomy call with the use of word "universe". However, for practical reasons, this observable by us "physical world" must have a finite size. After all, God in His efforts of pre-programming the behaviour of counter-matter (i.e. in the efforts of creating the volume and size of the "physical world"), encounters various practical obstacles (e.g. the reach and the ability to transmit the programming commands). These practical obstacles prevent God from extending His rules over the entire infinitely-sized counter-world. Hence our God and our physical world occupy only a finite sized "Bubble", or fragment, of the infinitely sized counter-world. Thus, beyond the borders of the area managed by our God, in that infinitely vast counter-world probably still prevails that busy, the counter-material "chaos", similar to the chaos from which our God has evolved - i.e. the same "chaos" which is described in item #E1 from my web page named will.htm. In turn that "chaos" formed with the intelligent counter-matter has this to itself, that it allows the self-evolution of self-aware beings. This means that still exist unmanaged by our God parts of the counter-world, in which at some stage may self-evolve next gods with powers similar to our God. What is even worse, these other gods do NOT need to be friendly toward our God, nor to whatever our God has created, including to us humans. Therefore, probably in the context of preparing Himself for such a possibility, our God, among others, decided to create people and educate and train out of them the disciplined, and utterly devoted to God army of self-conscious, wise, thoughtful and experienced "soldiers of God" (as I explained this more comprehensively in item #B1.1 from my web page named antichrist.htm). From the content of the Bible stems that this army is to be made up of 144,000 of so-called "Righteous" (i.e. people with uniquely high moral standards and personal features explained in item #I1 from my web page named quake.htm).
       It is worth to notice here, that this number 144,000 is a kind of key which allows for the theoretical determination of the exact size of "bubbles" occupied by our present physical world, and by other physical worlds that ever someone can extract from the counter-world. This is because in the future, if necessary, those 144,000 "soldiers of God" will be able to create 144,000 satellite worlds, still subordinate to our God and administered on principles developed by our God, that will form a uniform protective layer around the entire physical world that is controlled by our God - similarly like once the Soviet Union formed around its borders a chain of protective communist countries reporting to the government in Moscow (one of which was the previous Republic of Poland). So through the calculation for which diameter of the sphere (i.e. the "Bubble"), the entire of its surface is tightly protected by 144 thousands of other spheres with diameters almost identical to it, because only smaller by limitations of human communication capabilities in comparison with the communication capabilities of God, and susceptible to management of individual people and their massive future computers, is to allow for the theoretical calculation of what is the limit of the diameter of our and other physical worlds.
       So, if e.g. in the distant future near the "Bubble" occupied by our current physical world and our God, an external threat appears, then the Bubble can be tightly surrounded, guarded and defended with these 144 thousand of secondary physical worlds, each one of which will be given to the management of one among the future "soldiers of God". In turn, the outer surface of this layer of secondary physical worlds can be tightly surrounded, guarded and defended by thousands of tertiary physical worlds, each of which will be placed under the control of one among the self-conscious, thinking and self-learning robots, which until that time, people will learn to build and over which they will have the same absolute power, as our God now has over people. On the other hand that tertiary layer can be tightly surrounded by another layer of worlds that will be managed by these creatures, which self-conscious, intelligent and self-learning robots will be able to invent and to build in the future. Etc., etc. There I do NOT need to add, that in the vital interest of each of these layers will be the voluntary preserving of traditions, ideas and moral values on which rely the beings living in there, while, if necessary, to voluntary defend of a world that they surround together and protect it against the accessing of it by hostile external powers. In this way, thanks to the wisdom, knowledge, foresight and cautiousness of our God, this part of the universe that is managed by our God, is to be moral, peaceful, constantly growing, and protected in the future against any possible developments of situations which could threaten it. As such, it will be able to exist and enjoy a happy life by virtually infinite length of time - regardless of developments of situations in other parts of dimensionally infinitive universe.
       The above descriptions of the possible future role of these 144,000 "soldiers of God" are, of course, only my speculations based on just fragmentary statements contained in the Bible, and on a very scanty empirical evidence to which so far I was able to dig in. However, these speculations are worth to read, as so-far cannot be excluded that some part of them may be close to the truth, as well as because their descriptions provide an interesting insight into the distant future, not to mention that the study, analysis and confirmation on the existing evidence of the resulting from these my speculations hypothetical "theory about the soldiers of God" is very fascinating. Therefore, more complete descriptions of the future "training", fate and the role of these 144,000 of "soldiers of God", which compose the hypothetical "theory about the soldiers of God", I developed further in item #A3 from yet another my web page named humanity.htm - in which item I provided more precise descriptions of the so-called "Periodic Table for Historical Ages" (i.e. the table prepared for item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm, the description of which is also included into the content of the discussed in the introduction to this web page the YouTube film entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio").
       In order to summarise deductions described in the above section of this item #D4, although we exist in an infinitely sized counter-world, due to various physical constraints displayed by the characteristics and parameters of this counter-world, the created by God our "physical world" in which we live is of a limited size. (Although, as so far, the limits of our "physical world", and hence also the boundaries of the section of counter-world taken under the control of our God, remain open to attempts of our God to further enlarge the size and the area in which our God reigns, through finding and implementing a manner of the rational programming of still erratically-chaotically behaving part of the counter-matter from the outside of the reach by communication ability and by software from our God, and hence beyond the borders of our "physical world".) Meanwhile, outside of borders of our "physical world" with the passage of time in the counter-world can gradually evolve many different gods, which will create next worlds for themselves - which (and that) can be organized on entirely different principles than the principles which we know and we are to learn and therefore which values we are to adhere to and to defend. In turn the infinite size of the counter-world means, that eventually in the entire counter-world can evolve and arise an infinite number of such other gods and other worlds organized by them.
       After reading the above, let us now analyze the relationship between the limitlessness of size of the universe, and the immutability the density of counter-matter, and thus the continuity of life in our physical world.
       We already know, that in order life could be created and continued to sprout, the parameters of counter-matter (from which our physical world is created and maintained) must remain unchanged. This is because if these parameters changed over time, then our physical world, and hence all life, would be destroyed. After all, the parameters of everything that keeps us in existence and alive then would start to undergo detuning, causing, among others, disintegration of matter and the disappearance or change of laws of physics. After all, on this page I explain, among others (see item #G4 and the introduction) that all the phenomena of our physical world are only various behaviours is always the same counter-matter. So in order these behaviours of counter-matter remained always the same, counter-matter must always maintain the same characteristics and always have the same density. The requirement of stability characteristics of counter-matter is already fulfilled by the fact, that it is the eternally existing substance (i.e. a kind of weightless and ever-moving liquid). In turn, in order to satisfy also the requirement of the constant density of counter-matter, the counter-world cannot change its volume. From mathematics we know that only the counter-world of infinite size has NO access to further unfilled or over-inflated space, into which it could expand further, or which would compress it, and thus because of the existence of which the counter-world would change its volume. Taken together, everything that I explained here means, that the universe must have infinite (limitless) size, because the proof of this its limitlessness is the continuity of life on Earth which is NOT self-interrupted, in turn this continuity of life practically means, that the density of counter-matter contained in the counter-world is NOT subjected to any change, which fact in turn is only possible when the size of the universe cannot change, while this size do not change only when the universe has infinite dimensions.
       The infinity of size of the counter-world, means also the constancy of the density of counter-matter (proven by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, amongst others, with the reasoning explained in this item #D4 of the web page), formally invalidates the wrong and false claims of the old official science that the universe is supposedly of a finite size, while beyond its borders is the emptiness - into which the universe supposedly is still expanding, and thus that at the very beginning occurred the phenomenon by the official science named the "big bang" while described by the so-called "big bang theory". (Science does NOT explain, however, what existed in the days before the "big bang" nor what caused the "big bang". Even worse, it does NOT explain also how it happens that in supposedly the expanding universe, the density of which would have to continually decrease, the laws of nature DO NOT change, while the parameters essential for the existence of life are not deregulated - an overlooking of which regularities by the official science shocks me especially, because from the empirics we well know that any change in the density of anything always destroys and changes the essence of in whatever it takes place: as a well-known examples consider the implications of changes in the density of calcium in the bones of older people, means "osteoporosis", or consider the effects of termites that eat wooden beams supporting a building.) However, since never could appear the "big bang", practically it also means that there never existed a self-triggered (random) evolution of living creatures. In other words, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, invalidates virtually everything that falsely claims the old official science, while the most fatal to mankind examples of that I listed in item #B2 from my different web page named humanity.htm, and partly also here in items #K1 and #K2 from this web page. What even more important, not only that it invalidates all these lies of the official science, but in addition it creates and delivers the scientifically completely new and different explanations (i.e. explanations that are scientifically new because they could be scientifically derived only due to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here - although in the Bible they are present for a long time) - as I repeatedly try to realize this to readers e.g. in item #B3, from my web page named portfolio.htm, or in item #C4.7 from my web page named morals.htm. It is why the described here my scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can (and should) be called the "theory of everything". After all, without having any funding for my research, and constantly experiencing persecution and denial, still this "theory of everything" was able to explain everything about the reality in which we live - and did this in a much more correct and more empirically verifiable way, than all this explains the expensive, jealous, monopolistic, blatant and presumptuous official science.
       My descriptions presented here try to report to the reader how most likely looks-like the truth about the universe - although by originating from the imperfect and fallible human which I am, these descriptions probably still only tend toward the truth, while in the future will require further more detailed research and clarifications. (After all, the complete and absolute truth knows only God. But in order to educate people with His "principle of reversals" - which is described in item #B1.1 from my web page named antichrist.htm, into the wise, resourceful and experienced "soldiers of God", God makes it difficult to quickly discover the truth and prefers when people wander along "the path of greatest mistakes" to learn from their own errors, so that with their personal effort each of them gradually earns the knowledge of given truth.) Thus, while reading these descriptions, and comparing them with definitywe lies, which about the universe the pompous official atheistic science tells to present people, it is hard NOT to ask yourself the question: why the truth is so distant from those lies which the official atheistic science spreads as the supposed truth? The answer to this question probably provides the verse from the Bible which I quoted in the "motto" to item #A1 from my other web page named evolution.htm. This verse states, quote: "But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence." (Bible, 1 Corinthians, 1:27-29). Translating into everyday rough language this extremely wise, diplomatic, fair and warning us explanation contained in the text of above verse, the major reason why there is such large difference between the truth and whatever is officially stated by the human pompous atheistic scientists, includes (among others) the fact that God is NOT prepared to tolerate pompous people who behave as if they "swallowed all brains". In light of the above, it is worth that you, the reader, asks himself/herself whether it is wise if instead basing own behavior on whatever the Bible authorized by God himself requires us to do, one bases his/her most important decisions on whatever those lies of the present atheistic and pompous official science try make us to do?

Part #E: In what manner the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides a key for understanding the spiritual world:


#E1. The second body which we have, moral energy, feelings, nirvana, depression, acupuncture, morality, moral laws, totalizm, parasitism, etc.:

       Let us explain now the most vital details regarding this mysterious "counter-world", which contains the software part of our universe. We actually hear about this counter-world from our religions. Except that being formed thousands of years ago, religions are unable to explain it with present terminology and modern ideas. Religions call the counter-world with different names, e.g. as this "other world", "second world", or "world of souls and spirits", etc. It is this counter-world where our souls are kept and where we go after our death. Fortunately for us, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity can already explain much more about this other world than religions could. This concept proves that the gravity field is actually a dipolar dynamic field, quite similar to magnetic field, meaning a field that has two poles: an inlet "I" and outlet "O". But because gravity field is concentric, in our world we can only see the inlet "I" pole. The second pole "O" of gravity disappears from our world behind an impenetrable barrier and emerges in a different world that is parallel to the our one. This other "counter-world" is also filled out with appropriate substance named "counter-matter". The substance named "counter-matter" forms in the counter-world exact duplicates of objects existing in our world. In fact, every object that exists in our world, in this counter-world has an exact replica of itself. For the philosophy of totalizm this exact replica of our physical bodies contained in the counter-world carries a very special significance. Totalizm calls this replica a counter-body. (Religions call it a "phantom", a "spirit", or a "ghost", while the so-called "alternative sciences" usually refer to it as to "astral body", "energy body", "aura", etc.)
       The fact that we have a second body, by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity called the "counter-body", introduces a whole series of interesting consequences. The most fundamental out of these is that our physical body from this world continually exchanges a kind of intelligent energy with the counter-body contained in the counter-world. This energy is called the moral energy. This particular name was assigned to it for an important reason. Namely, the moral energy is generated by us only when we carry out some morally correct actions (i.e. actions which by religions are called "good deeds"). Interesting, that moral energy was NOT known so far to human science, although the action of it hits our eyes in a huge number of situations. When moral energy flows between our physical body and the counter-body, the flow of it generates in us specific sensations. These sensations are called feelings. Thus the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines feelings as sensations experienced during the flow of moral energy between our physical body and the counter-body. Generally speaking, all pleasurable feelings are formed when this moral energy flows out from our counter-body and enters the physical body. In turn all unpleasant feelings which we usually do not like, e.g. effort, tiredness, or hunger, are formed when our physical body with an effort pumps back this moral energy into the counter-body. If our counter-body experiences the lack of moral energy, then we are overtaken by the feeling of depression. In turn if our counter body accumulated an excess of this moral energy, then the energy is spontaneously escaping to our physical body, which situation we experience as the feeling of indescribable sensation of happiness called nirvana. Moral energy flows between physical body and the counter-body (or in case of the planet Earth and other material objects - between these objects and their counter-material duplicates) through special "valves"-like organs which philosophies of the East call chakras. In turn within our body and counter-body it flows along special "pipelines" - which by the acupuncture are called meridians. The attribute of these meridians is, however, that various illnesses cause local blockages in them. These blockages can be removed on several different manners, one of which is acupuncture. Therefore the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains acupuncture as a skill of elimination of blockages in flows of moral energy through these meridians. Of course, all where there is any form of energy, there are also laws which rule the behaviour and flow of this energy. In case of "moral energy" laws which rule it are called the moral laws. As this item reveals it, these moral laws exert a direct influence on our feelings, wellbeing, health, etc. So in order to feel good in our life, we must learn to obey these moral laws. Therefore formed was a special philosophy called totalizm, which teaches us how to obey these "moral laws" in all our actions, and thus how to live a happy, fulfilled, peaceful, and healthy lives. The only principle of this philosophy states that "in everything that you do pedantically obey moral laws". Translating this into a simpler language, the only principle of totalizm states that in every our activity we must act in a manner which is moral, means which does NOT break any amongst moral laws. It is worth to notice, that in present times another philosophy of everyday life escalated throughout the world, which represents an exact reversal of totalizm. This another philosophy is called "parasitism" by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, because people who practice it lead lives of intelligent parasites. The main doctrine of the philosophy of parasitism states "obey only these laws and requirements which you are forced somehow to obey".
       More information about moral energy, mechanism of feelings, work of acupuncture, manner of earning the nirvana, etc., etc., is provided in monograph [1/5]. For example see subsections: I4.3 (and also JG3.7 and OA8.6.3) from volumes respectively 5, 8 and 13 - for descriptions of moral energy, I5.5 and I5.6 from volume 5 - for description of feelings and acupuncture, OA8.6.3 and JG4.1 from volumes respectively 13 and 8 - for the description of depression, JE1 to JE9 from volume 8 - for the description of nirvana, I4.1, JA1, JA2.5 from volumes respectively 5 and 6 - for descriptions of moral laws, or the entire volume 6 - for descriptions of the philosophy of totalizm.

#E2. Intelligent counter-world:

       The substance called "counter-matter", which prevails in this parallel "counter-world", as well as all objects formed from it including our counter-bodies, display properties which are exactly opposite to properties to our "matter" and our physical bodies. For example, our matter displays mass, inertia, and friction. Therefore counter-matter is weightless, has no inertia, and produces no friction. But the most important for us turn out to be the intellectual attributes of our matter and this counter-matter. Namely our matter is "stupid" in the natural state. Therefore the counter-matter must be opposite to stupid, means must be "intelligent" in the natural state. This practically means that the entire ocean of counter-matter which is contained in the counter-world displays all properties which we know as carriers of intelligence. For example counter-matter in the natural state can gather information, can store or memorise information, retrieve information, and think. Practically this means that the entire counter-world is like one huge computer. It can create computer-like programs, and it also can run these programs. One type amongst numerous such programs created and stored in the counter-world, are programs of various laws of nature, including programs of moral laws. Of course, there is a wealth of evidence that the counter-world does exist and that it is intelligent. Several examples of this evidence are discussed on the web site telekinesis.htm.
       Further descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, including various evidence and a formal logical proof for the existence and intelligence of the counter-world, are provided in volumes 4 and 5 of monograph [1/5] "Advanced Magnetic Devices", and in volumes 6 and 7 of monograph [8] "Totalizm" - both these publications are available free of charge via this web site. Because it does not take a lot of time to review these two volumes, while they open our eyes on many phenomena which previously remained unexplained, I am inviting you to have a look at them.

#E3. The thinking counter-matter, means God:

       As this was explained above, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity assigns the name "counter-matter" to the intelligent substance that prevails in this other world called the "counter-world". This extraordinary substance is weightless and does not create friction. Thus it is a kind of enormously runny liquid (e.g. is slightly similar to water). The most extraordinary attribute of this substance from the counter-world is that it is intelligent in the natural state. This means that it has the ability of self-learning. Also it is able to accumulate and to store programs and data, as well as to think like a computer. Thus in fact this counter-matter is like a kind of "liquid computer" which not only thinks, and not only runs programs which are stored in it, but which also can assume any shapes and any behaviours, that the result of this thinking orders to it. The shocking consequence of the entire other world being filled up with such thinking substance is, that actually this intelligent other world is what religions call God. Thus the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is the first consistent scientific theory which was able to formulate the formal proof that God does exist. This formal scientific proof for the existence of God is presented in subsection I3.3 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5], and also in subsection K3.3 from volume 6 of monograph [8]. It is also discussed on a separate web site devoted to the secular and scientific understanding of God which results from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Of course, independently from this formal scientific proof, for the existence of God certifies a huge body of evidence. For example, the so-called ESP, or cases of receiving replies to inquiries via divining pendulums, are actually manifestations of communication between humans and this thinking substance from the counter-world.
       In light of the above it becomes quite clear how the Concept of Dipolar Gravity defines God. According to this definition, God is the intelligent, self-learning, and moveable substance called "counter-matter", together with a system of self-aware natural programs which are contained in this substance and which control the behaviour of it. To explain the same in simpler words, "God is a kind of liquid computer of the size of entire world, together with a system of natural programs which control this liquid computer". Of course, from present computers we know, that a computer is composed of several basic components, i.e. hardware, software, and peripherals. Similarly is with God. This fact is emphasised for a long time by Christian religion. The religion informs us that God is in fact three basic components, namely God Father (i.e. the "hardware" - means the entire counter-matter), Holy Ghost (i.e. the "software" - by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity called the "universal intellect"), and the "God Son" (i.e. a kind of "peripherals" purposely made from the special kind of hardware and software - for details see "Part #I" of this web page). For more information about these three basic components of God see also a separate web page about the secular and scientific understanding of God.
       The theory of everything described here and called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" not only defines God and scientifically explains what actually God is, but it also provides us with tools for formal proving the existence of God. Because this formal scientific proof for the existence of God is so immensely important for each one of us, the completion, interpretation, and photographic illustration of it is published on a separate web page god_proof.htm - about formal scientific proof that "God does exist". I highly recommend having a look at that web page. The same proof for the existence of God completed with methods of mathematical logic is also published in subsection I3.3.4 from volume 5 of the newest monograph [1/5].

#E4. We were created by God, although with the use of intelligently controlled evolution:

       People have truly compartmental minds completely deprived of elasticity. For example, in matter of the origins of man, people subdivided themselves into two basic camps, which mutually fight views of the opposite camp. The first out of these camps takes literally words of the Bible and believes that the world and people were created by God in 6 days. (In 7th day God rested.) The second camp claims that man was created as the outcome of a series of uncoordinated random events which completely by accident composed the process of "natural evolution".
       In turn findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described on this web page, reveal that both these camps are partially right and partially wrong. Namely, according to these findings, purely accidental evolution in fact did exist. But the outcome of it was the origin of God, not man. The evolution of God was much easier than the evolution of man. After all, God evolved as a self-aware program appearing in a self-learning and already existing liquid computer. Only then this God created man. In this creation of man God utilised the method of "intelligently controlled evolution", which was very similar to natural evolution. More information on this subject is contained in "Part #I" below this web page, and also on a separate web page entirely devoted to the subject of the evolution of man.

Part #F: Purely physical (hardware) phenomena occurring in counter-matter and explained by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#F1. Telepathy:

       The substance which prevails in our physical world, means so-called "matter", displays the tendency to fall into vibrations. These vibrations in the large part of their spectrum are perceived by our senses as so-called "sounds". But if parallel to our world there is a whole huge other world filled up with extraordinary substance called "counter-matter", then this other substance also must display tendency to fall into vibrations similar to sounds from our world. In turn our counter-material duplicates are able to utilise these vibrations for forming a kind of "speech" with the use of which they communicate in the counter-world. It is this kind of "speech" propagated through vibrations of counter-matter that we call "telepathy". More information on telepathy is contained in subsection H7.1 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5]. On the subject of telepathy there is also a separate web page entitled telepathy.

#F2. Permanent telekinetisation:

       In item #B3 of this web page was explained, that an extraordinary telekinetic motion always takes place when a physical object is "pulled" by its own counter-material duplicate. In turn item #E1 of this web page stresses that every physical object which exists in our world is linked by gravity forces with its own counter-material duplicate which exists in the counter-world. Both above pieces of information are of key importance for understanding of an unique phenomenon, which is called "permanent telekinetisation".
       Permanent telekinetisation is a special kind of vibrations, which are maintained in some substances, or in their components. In these substances atoms vibrate in relation to their counter-material duplicates. Because of this, a part of the vibratory motion of these atoms is carried out on principles of physical motion, while another part - on principles of telekinetic motion. In the result, such permanently telekinetised substances are characterised by a whole range of attributes that usually are demonstrated during telekinetic motion. For example, the can emit extraction glow, their mass can decrease, they may show characteristics that are unique for superconductors, etc.
       In some versions of permanent telekinetisation, substances that are subjected to it display healing attributes. These attributes are similar to ones which are obtained during acting with telekinetic field on living organisms. Thus in healing such substances are used as kinds of universal medicines helpful for every illness. Furthermore, some permanently telekinetised substances induce faster and richer growth. Thus e.g. water which is telekinetised by passing through the focal point of a pyramid was used for so-called "telekinetic farming" in past. It induced extremely rich harvests in any poor soil.
       More information about permanent telekinetisation, and also about extraordinary attributes of permanently telekinetised substances, is presented in subsections H8.1 and KB1 from volumes respectively 4 and 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn the "telekinetic farming" is described in subsection KB2 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Part #G: Purely software induced phenomena manifested by counter-matter and postulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:


#G1. Energy:

       This theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" states that the extraordinary substance which prevails in the counter-world displays attributes of present computer. Means, it is able to store and then run various natural programs. One kind of the most elementary natural programs which is continuously stored in this substance and which defines how this substance supposed to behave, is called "energy". But because the behaviour of counter-matter decides how matter from our world linked with counter-matter via gravity forces must behave, these elementary programs of energy define also the behaviour of matter from our world. So according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity energy is simply a kind of most elementary natural programs contained in counter-matter, which define the behaviour of this counter-matter, and thus also define the behaviour of matter. More information which explains what energy is in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is presented in subsections H9.2 and H4.1 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5].
       At this point is should be added, that although human science proposed so-far several definitions of energy, in fact still this science is unable to explain what actually this energy is. In turn having NO explanation for the nature of energy, this science is also unable to describe exactly all attributes of energy. Therefore in reality whatever the present official science claims about energy itself, and about attributes of energy, is actually more a mythology, or wishes, than facts. In other words, all "laws" concerning energy which the present science disseminates, in fact are NOT worth of a proverbial "straw". Practically this also means, that in many matters concerning the generation and attributes of energy, the official human science still remains in a complete error. It is also hugely irresponsible of it, that without being able to even unambiguously explain the nature of energy, in its arrogance the science ignores or condemns a whole array of various phenomena and capabilities, e.g. the ones described on totaliztic web pages eco_cars.htm - about designs and principles of operation of zero emission cars of the future or telekinetics.htm - about experimental research and development of telekinetic machines.

#G2. Gravity:

       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity states that everything in our universe which describes some sort of behaviour, actually is a kind of natural program which is stored in, and run by, counter-matter. Examples of such natural programs include energy (also moral energy), laws of nature (e.g. moral laws), time, thinking, etc. These natural programs have the ability to move through counter-matter and matter. The Concept of Dipolar Gravity also states that all such natural programs which move through counter-matter (and also through matter from our world) form a phenomenon during this motion, which is quite similar to force field formed in our world during friction. We call "gravity" this kind of "forces of friction" formed during the motion of natural programs through the counter-matter. Thus according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the name "gravity" is assigned to a kind of friction-like force field formed during circulation of various natural programs through the entire universe. More extensive explanation what actually is "gravity" in the light of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, is presented in subsections H9.3 and JG3.7.1 from volumes respectively 4 and 8 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#G3. How the nature of gravity explains the shape of the physical world:

       From the manner on which the phenomenon of gravity is created in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, stems also the information as to what must be the shape of the physical world in which we live. As it turns out, the physical world in this concept is shaped like a very thin, flat pancake hovering inside of a gigantic "droplet" of counter-matter that forms the counter-world. This "pancake" of our world and the "droplet" of the counter-world are mutually separated with an invisible and impenetrable barrier that exists between our world and the counter-world. This thin "pancake" of our physical world is only one amongst three separate worlds which together constitute the entire universe. Means, this thin pancake is our world, the "droplet" of counter-matter in which it hovers is the counter-world, while in the memory of intelligent liquid of counter-matter, which forms both these worlds, is contained the third virtual world. Unfortunately, the flow of programs (energy, execution control) between our world and the counter-world, which produces gravity forces described earlier, causes that this thin like-pancake is not stretched flat - as we would expect that it would stretch on a saucer or on a frying pan. In reality gravity forces this pancake to wind up into ripples and zigzags, so that in some areas of space it even overlap over itself. In the result, this flat and thin physical world looks like a thin pancake extremely squashed and rolled in ripples and zigzags over itself. More information on the subject of the shape and appearance of the entire universe according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is presented in subsection JG3.7.1 from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn the process of creation of the physical world by God is described below in item #I4.

#G4. The software explanation for the elapse of human time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (i.e. the "reversible software time" from our physical world, versus the "absolute time" from the counter-world):

Motto: "Absolutely everything in the entire universe is only a manifestation of intelligent counter-matter and natural programs which reside in this counter-matter and which control behaviours of it."

       My discovery resulting from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, which probably is to exert the greatest impact on the future of mankind, states that in the entire physical world (means also on the Earth) prevail as many as two drastically different kinds of time. The most extensive descriptions of both these kinds of time are presented, amongst others, in item #C4.1, as well as in the introduction and in items #A1, #C3 and #C4, from another my web page named immortality.htm, while the most important consequences of their work on Earth are best discussed in item #C3 from the web page named prophecies.htm. The first of these two times is the natural time of the universe. The new "totaliztic science" calls it the "irreversible absolute time of the universe". In turn, the old, monopolistic, "atheistic orthodox science" claims that it is the only time prevailed throughout the entire universe, and multiplies about it all kinds of unrealistic speculations. This natural absolute time elapses smoothly and much faster than the people's time. It cannot be reversed and even God is unable to control it. In this time currently lives only our God. But when God created our physical world, originally He programmed this world so that also everything else on Earth existed and lived in that natural, absolute time. Only later God experienced, that the irreversible nature of this time takes away from Him the control over what is happening in the world that He created. Therefore, after noting the utter ineffectiveness of His attempts to govern over the world which He created, God decided to destroy almost all then living creatures with the use of biblical Great Flood. A half way during this flood, God added (i.e. like "patched") to the physical world a newly pre-programmed and different kind of time, and then He reprogrammed the lives of those rare creatures whom He allowed to survive the deluge, to this another new time, artificially pre-programmed by Himself. However, in order to NOT destroy and NOT need to re-program again everything that He previously created and that He considered to be "good", all inanimate matter God still left ruled by the irreversible absolute time of the universe. Hence, to the aging on Earth accordingly to the elapse of this natural absolute time, still until today is subjected all inanimate matter, i.e. all rocks, fossils (including e.g. dinosaur bones and coal), metals, minerals, etc. That other time prevailing on Earth, i.e. the one artificially programmed by God, is NON-existing in nature. It elapses in short jumps, which everyone can see with the help of simple experiment described in item #D1 from the web page named immortality.htm. This artificially created by God time of people and all other creatures, the new "totaliztic science" called the "reversible software time" - because its passage can be reversed, among others, with devices of my invention named "time vehicles". Between any two jumps of this artificial "reversible software time" there is always a long pause - which makes that it elapses immeasurably slower than the natural absolute time of the universe. How much slower is its elapse, I of course do NOT have the conditions (nor funds) to measure, while until today apart from myself no other scientist in the world is carrying out such a research. In other words, all the achievements to-date of the new "totaliztic science" so-far are exclusively my personal scientific achievements, as this new "totaliztic science" still NOT yet been officially established and still has NO other scientists who would carry out research in accordance with its spirit, philosophy, and scientific foundations (i.e. according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity). However, the information coming from God and contained in the Bible, which is discussed in item #C4.1 from my web page named immortality.htm, states that the elapse of artificially created "reversible software time" is about 365 thousands of times slower than the elapse of natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe" in which God lives. Because of this slowness, if anyone remembers the exact appearance of rocks that he saw at least three years earlier, then during another viewing of these rocks he may note that they aged and eroded by the equivalent of more than a million of human years. So in case of soft rocks their erosion should be so significant, that it can be noticed even with the naked eye. It is also because of the slowness of the elapse of this "reversible software time" that scientists mistakenly believe that the fossilized bones of dinosaurs and coal are millions of human years older than people, and that people painted drawings on rocks of caves tens of thousands of human years before the creation of mankind by God only about 6000 human years ago.
       The above discovery of the existence and work on Earth of as many as two drastically different kinds of time, became possible only because the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explained the time in which people live in a completely different (software) way than this time is explained by the old "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by this monopolistic, ignorant, erroneous, arrogant, and anti-God science, which is described in items #C1 to #C6 from the totaliztic web page named telekinetics.htm). The full description of this software explanation for time is provided in item #C3 from the separate web page about principles of overcoming deaths by people and accomplishing immortal lives, and also in item #B2.1 from the separate web page about time vehicles, as welll as in item #C3 from the web page named prophecies.htm. Here (below) is only summarised briefly the essence of it.
       According to this software explanation, the "reversible software time" which is experienced by all living creatures from the physical world (including people), is actually the flow of "execution control" through natural programs contained in the counter-matter. In order to explain this in other words, counter-matter and natural programs contained in it are like a kind of "liquid computer" which in our physical world assumes shapes of everything that we see around ourselves. (About this "liquid computer" I already wrote in item #E3 above.) For example, our bodies, and also buildings, mountains, or entire planets, are made of just such separate "liquid computers" which assume these shapes. These computers are controlled by appropriate programs contained in them (in item #C3 from the web page named immortality.htm called the "omniplan"), which command them what supposed to happen, which changes they supposed to endure, how fast they suppose to age, etc. Well, the jumpy motion of the execution control (i.e. like the motion of a "cursor" from our computers) through subsequent commands of these programs ("omniplan") is actually perceived by us and all creatures having DNA, as an elapse of "reversible software time". Thus, our human time is actually a kind of "software time", or a software simulation of the natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe".
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity states further, that some time after the creation of our physical world, i.e. exactly around a half of duration of the biblical Great Flood, the elapse of time in our "physical world" was intentionally so re-programmed by God, that God, and also all more technically advanced people, could control this elapse of time in any way they wish. (The description of the creation of our physical world is provided in item #I4 below.) For example, people can control the elapse of time through building special machines called time vehicles. In order to reassure this control, the elapse of this "reversible software time", in which age e.g. humans, in the physical world was clearly separated from the elapse of natural "irreversible absolute time of the universe" (or "true time") that still prevails in the remaining two worlds of our three-world universe, i.e. in the "counter-world" (in which the indestructible counter-matter resides, which is in the state of continuous motion), and in the "virtual world" (in which the indestructible and timeless universal intellect resides, means which is the home for God - or more strictly the home for this component of God which the Christian religion calls Holy Ghost.)
       I explain now more accurately the above capability of shifting back in time in this "reversible software time", which in our physical world rules over the ageing of people and other creatures having DNA - but which do NOT rules over ageing of inanimate matter (e.g. rocks or fossils). As revealed to us the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, in fact, the universe has two drastically different kinds of time. One of these is the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" - means the time, the elapse of which affects God, while on Earth which rules over ageing of inanimate matter, menas rocks, fossils (e.g. bones of dinosaurs, coal, etc.), minerals, etc. This absolute time elapses in a manner as present people on Earth believe that their time elapses. Means, when it already passes, God is unable to shift it back and to change anything that with Him (means with God) happened earlier. But for God this mechanical flow of absolute time of the universe has no larger significance. After all, God, counter-matter, and programs that God creates, all of them can exist infinitively. The only significance that this "irreversible absolute time of the universe" has for God, is that by being aware of its irreversible flow and consequences, God so programmed the physical world, that the "reversible software time" in which we live and which works in this physical world could be shifted backward or forward. (The process of creation of the physical world by God is described below in item #I4.) Therefore, some time after the creation of the physical world, or more strictly during the biblical Great Flood - as this is described in item #C4.1 from the web page named immortality.htm, God so re-programmed it, that all afecting people "reversible software times" from the physical world (i.e. the past, presence, and future) do exist in it simultaneously, in the form of so-called "timespace", also called "omniplan". An extensive descriptions of this "timespace", or "omniplan", are provided in items #C3, #C4, and #C4.1 from the abovementioned web page named immortality.htm. In order to accommodate all these different "times", the "timespace" ("omniplan") is composed of many separate like "layers", each one of which represents a different time moment in the "reversible software time" from our physical world. For example, in separate layers of this "timespace" ("omniplan"), still at this moment exists, and works, our physical world in the form that it manifested itself e.g. in the year 1000 B.C. In another layer our physical world is already there which is going to manifest itself e.g. only in the year 2656 A.D. (i.e. in the year of probable "the end of the world" described in item #N1 from the web page quake.htm). So if someone knows how, then from the present moment such someone can shift to any selected one amongst any possible such times, through a simple crossing to another layer of this "timespace" ("omniplan"). Although these times (layers of "software time") from the physical world are also subjected to the action of the "absolute time" of the entire universe, this absolute time has no influence on them, as they do exist infinitively long. After all, counter-matter from which they are formed, as well as programs which provide them with the required form and attributes, exist infinitively. Since all time in this "timespace" do exist the entire future and the entire past of our physical world, then God, as well as all more intelligent creatures which populate the physical world, can travel in time both forward and backward - and improve it "iteratively". After all, this travelling in time is simply a travelling in various directions across this "timespace" ("omniplan") that always exists in its entirety.
       The basis for the creation of the fully controllable elapse of this "reversible software time" in our physical world, is the existence of this so-called "timespace", or "omniplan". The "timespace", or "omniplan", is a kind of like a "software container or landscape" or a "software structure", separated from the rest of the universe, which the container, landscape, or structure in every moment of time contains all objects that ever existed, exist now, or will exist in the entire physical world and in all times which constitute this present physical world. As I am explaining this in item #C3 from the totaliztic web page named immortality.htm, in the work and in design this software container or structure (i.e. "omniplan") resembles slightly the today's "control programs" from machine tools with numerical (computerised) control. Only that, people's insight to these objects of the entire timespace is limited to the capability to see just whatever was located in a given layer of timespace through which these people are just passing. This timespace is also timeless and indestructible - although it can be subjected to continuous reconfiguring (i.e. to movements of objects contained in it). In fact it has the same attributes as the counter-world and the virtual world. After such indestructible and fully defined timespace was pre-programmed by God, the elapse of time of people and other creatures from our physical world, is defined as the "path of every object existing in our physical world across this timespace (omniplan), controlled by appropriate natural control programs". Thus the elapse of time in the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is comparable to someone's march through a landscape (where this "landscape" is just the "timespace" or "omniplan"). In normal cases, this march always can be carried on one and the same direction only - which we call the direction of the elapse of time. But if someone gains an access to the control programs which manage this our passage through the timespace, then such someone can move in time in any direction and with any speed. In this way travels through time are possible. (E.g. it is possible to repetitively shift back in time to years of our youth in order to accomplish the so-called "imprisoned immortality" described in item #H1 from the abovementioned web page named immortality.htm, and in item #E1 of the different web page about the philosophy of parasitism.)
       The most vital in this software definition of time is the structure (design) of this "timespace" ("omniplan"). The closest things to which this structure could be compared are so-called objects in a version of present programming of computers which is called the OOP (i.e. Object-Oriented Programming). For example, a given object existing in the "timespace" of our physical world, e.g. a person, is similar to the OOP computer program which defines an object visible on screens of our present computers, e.g. similar to the program which shows a button (e.g. shaped like a human) on the screen of a computer (this button can also be made in the shape of a stone). Means, in fact this person which we see is actually a program, similarly like a program is also this button on the screen of our present computer. But the counter-matter from the counter-world, inside of which the program of this person resides, provides the image of the person with the required appearance, actual state, changes to which it is going to be subjected with the elapse of time, etc. How this appearance of person is maintained, one can imagine easily by considering what would happen when present computers are made of a "liquid" and could e.g. assume shapes of any object, e.g. a given person - if the program contained in them would require them to look like a person.
       Furthermore, in our physical world every "object" of this "timespace" ("omniplan") is positioned in a "nested" manner in the entire hierarchy of other objects. For example, several such "liquid computers" pre-programmed to form elementary particles from themselves, are combined together to form individual atoms. Then a series of such "liquid computers" forming entire atoms, is further combined together to form tissues from body of a given person. In turn these "liquid computers" that form tissues are also combined together to form an entire body. Later this body is a component of even a larger configuration - e.g. a whole family. This configuration is then a part of even larger nation. Etc., etc. - almost infinitively.
       The subsequent "objects" which form the "timespace" ("omniplan") for our physical world are obeying certain laws. For example, they change themselves, they can be relocated in space or in time, etc. The only thing which people are not allowed to do with them is to generate them, or to destroy them before they had opportunity to manifest themselves in our world - this generation or complete destruction of objects is reserved for the universal intellect (God). Therefore, time travel is able to change the fate of objects, but is unable to neither completely remove these objects, nor to create completely new such objects. For more information on the same subject see also the web page about time vehicles.
* * *
Notice, that because of the existence and work on the Earth of these two types of time described above, with two drastically different speeds of elapses, it is a huge mistake of the old official science that the same human years are used for the estimation of the age of inanimate matter - such as rocks, fossils, etc. It is because correct would only be to determine precisely the differences in speeds of elapse of both these times, and the subsequent introduction of two different units of the degree of aging - one for humans and for other creatures, while the other unit of aging for inanimate matter. After all, the committing of such a huge mistake in the matter of the elapse of time - which, after all, is a major component of practically every process on Earth, the old official science also commits at least equally huge error in virtually every other matter.

Part #H: Why it is worth to learn the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and to implement it in our understanding of the world around us:


#H1. Benefits which we draw through learning about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       Everyone who managed to undertake the effort of thorough learning of the new scientific theory discussed on this web page, benefits from this effort in a number of different ways. Because these benefits carry the potential of introducing a huge positive change to quality of our everyday life, it is worth to list and to describe here at least the most vital amongst them. Here are these ones, which influence on the further life can be perceived by practically everyone amongst us:
       (1) We begin to consider findings and recommendations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in our everyday life. If we really learn thoroughly scientific foundations and findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, then almost for sure it will convince us to a different view of the reality around us. In turn, if someone adopts this different view, then also begins consider and implement in everyday life the findings and recommendations that it generates. The consequence is that only then we begin to reap various benefits stemming from the knowledge of this concept. For example, many phenomena which previously we even did not notice, rapidly begin to demonstrate the operation for us, many puzzles which other people do not understand rapidly begin to have the rational explanation for us, our thought horizons become indescribably widened, our view of the world and systems of values will change completely, we will gain the peace of mind and a kind of quiet serenity, we will find a correct direction as how to lead our lives, many stresses and unnecessary emotions disappears from our lives, our health and wellbeing is improved, etc., etc.
       (2) Learning the key which opens the access of humanity to unlimited resources of energy. The action of telekinesis as a reversal of the phenomenon of friction allows to undertake the construction of so-called "free energy devices". These devices extract thermal energy contained in free state in our environment, and convert this energy into some useful form, e.g. into heat, electricity, motion, etc. The mastery of these devices will open for humanity the access to practically unlimited amounts of energy.
       (3) Learning explanations for almost all puzzles and mysteries which so-far were considered unexplained by our official science. After all, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides scientific explanation for a huge number of such puzzles and mysteries. Numerous their examples are discussed even on this web page. A whole array of further ones is explained on related web pages listed in item #L2 below. Even still more of such puzzles is described and explained in the full edition of this concept, means in volumes 4 and 5 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The most vital in explanations of this concept is that for almost every amongst these puzzles and mysteries, the concept presents wide scope of evidence which documents that a given explanation is actually the correct one. In turn, when the present puzzles are explained, our life becomes enriched. After all, then we can start to act and create - instead of just wonder and be amused.
       (4) Gaining the key to a more moral, peaceful, fulfilled, and constructive life. Many findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity introduces new qualities into our life. Their example is the formal scientific proof revealing that God in fact does exist, and explaining the nature and operation of God. After all, such a proof changes our speculations and views which were based just on faith (or disbelieve) into a scientific knowledge and certainty. In turn it is known well, that always one can stop believing, but one never stops knowing. In turn after the change of our faith and speculations about God into a scientific knowledge and certainty, our life starts to gain a completely different meaning. After all, our systems of values become changed, while the to-date uncertainty and fear are replaced with the serenity and the feeling of someone's protection. Another example of a part of this concept, which introduces a different quality to our lives, is the philosophy resulting from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and called totalizm. Totalizm is currently the only philosophy on Earth, which indicates the really working in practice and already verified in action recipes for a happy and fulfilled life.

#H2. Research projects which are worth completing in order to improve further the theory described here:

       No theory is perfect and completely finish from the first moment it is formulated. In fact the formulation of any theory is just a beginning of work on the further refining and developing it to the final perfection. Similarly is also with the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The formulation of this concept only initiated a whole series of detailed research on specific findings which stem from it. This research actually lasts until today. Many potential topics of the research which still awaits to be completed are described in various subsections of my newest monograph [1/5] - as an example see there subsections H10 or H1.3 from volume 4, or subsections JG9 or JG3 from volume 8. Numerous out of these topics are so urgent, that they require addressing with the first priority. Below I am indicating several examples of such topics, which because of their urgency should be researched with the highest priority.
       (1) The explanation of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity for mechanism which governs weather and climate on Earth. This topic is explained more comprehensively on a separate web page named hurricanes. It is even more urgent lately as our civilisation is continually experiencing huge losses because of the present inability to control weather and climate, and inability to even predict exactly changes of weather and climate.
       (2) Our learning of mechanisms which govern the release of karma for each kind of complex feelings. This research topic is enough attractive to be undertaken by practically everyone. In turn findings which it may introduce, are able lift the quality of life for each one of us. A more accurate description of it is contained on the web page named karma.
       (3) The development of methods for an effective restoration of amounts of our moral energy. The level of moral energy which we currently accumulated in our counter-body bears a huge influence on our wellbeing. After all, when we lack of this energy we fall into depressions, or even many people commit suicides. The philosophy of totalizm developed methods of an effective restoration of the level of this energy. But these methods still require further research and perfecting. The problem of the link between the level of our moral energy and our wellbeing is already discussed on another web page named nirvana. Soon also further web pages will be developed on a similar subject, which will be devoted to the problem of depressions and suicides. Furthermore, this matter is relatively well presented in subsections I5.5, JG3.7, and OA8.6.3 from volumes, respectively 5, 8 and 13 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The interesting attribute of research on the link between our wellbeing and the level of our moral energy, and on methods of restoration of the level of our energy, is that this research, systematic monitoring, and empirical experiments on this subject, can be carried out by practically everyone amongst us.

Part #I: How really this our universe is constructed and works in the light of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity:

       Orthodox science scare us with seriously sounding fables about the origins of the physical world in which we live. According to it, at the very beginning there supposed to be the so-called "big bang". Then galaxies began to "escape", laws of physics began to "form just by themselves", etc., etc. Furthermore, the life "evolved just on its own" by a complete accident. Also by a complete accident the evolution of man from an ape took place. In turn one day all these things are going to begin shrinking senselessly and implode without any reasons, until one day all this disappears again into nothingness. Such fables sound very professional and scary. After all, scientists saturated them with scientific terminology incomprehensible for ordinary people and supported with unverifiable "evidence". In addition, these fables are very fatalistic. For example, similarly as these countless scares spread by evil doers they also contain the constant warning about an inevitable "end of everything" - thus scaring more naive people. But are these fables true? Religions and the church state that NOT. But religions are too old fashioned and too dogmatic to explain WHY these scientific fables about the origins and nature of the physical world are just only fables for thoughtless and naive people. Fortunately the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described on this web page shares the views of religions. Also this concept has the access to research methods and to evidence which in the final count is able to indicate why present science and scientists are at wrong in these matters, and which explanation is closer to the truth than this erroneous picture disseminated by the official science. This part of the web page briefly summarises the stand of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity in the matter of the origins of our physical world.

#I1. Why present scientific description of the reality around us is a deception invented only to divert our attention from attempts to describe this reality correctly, and to discourage any further continuation of such attempts:

       Our present official orthodox science widely advertises its apparent "accomplishments" in establishing the origin of the physical world in which we live. However, the same science is still unable to explain so basic matters as what is the mechanism of formation of magnetic field and electric field, or where the intelligence of elementary particles comes from. In turn if the orthodox science is still unable to explain such basic matters, then the logic tells us that also in these important matters, such as the origin of the entire world in which we live or the origin of mankind, this science must also be in even a greater error. And this prompting of logic is true. If one analyses thoroughly the actual "evidence" and logical deductions on which these statements of orthodox science are based, then it rapidly turns out something shocking. Namely these statements are based exclusively on premises, not on facts - and even these premises are very shaky. In turn the actual "evidence" which would support the conclusions unjustly derived from these premises (instead from facts) in reality does NOT exist at ll. Therefore the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here, has reasons to deny the validity of the descriptions of the surrounding reality by orthodox science, and to declare these descriptions not only to be erroneous from the very beginning, but also to be a complete nonsense. This concept has the following reservations to the present scientific description of the surrounding reality and physical world:
       (1) Present scientific description of the surrounding reality and physical world is completely deprived the explanation of the role of God in the creation of this world. On the other hand, one of the most important breakthroughs that introduced the Concept of Dipolar Gravity to our understanding of the reality around us, is the formal proof for the existence of God mentioned in item #E3 of this web page. In turn when God does exist - as the Concept of Dipolar Gravity has proven it formally, while scientists overlooked the role of God in their description of the surrounding reality, then it is sure that their scientific description must be erroneous from the very foundations. After all, this description avoids to address the influence of God on the creation of the world that God created. Science describes the world in a manner as if it originates and exists completely without God. This is a bit like an attempt to explain the origin of a house while completely overlooking the role of a builder who constructed this house.
       (2) The present scientific description of surrounding reality misses completely the explanation of the role of natural intelligence noticed by scientists in some behaviours of matter (e.g. in behaviours of so-called "elementary particles"). On the other hand, if the most elementary components of our world, i.e. elementary particles, display natural intelligence in their behaviour, then it is also sure that this intelligence impacts somehow the physical world which is constructed from these particles. So it must NOT be omitted in the description of the origin of our world. For comparison, if it is known that e.g. stones which are used for foundations of houses are able to move just by themselves, then the buildings which are constructed on such stones would be looking completely different than present buildings constructed on motionless stones. But scientists formulate their explanations of the origin of the physical world, as if there is no difference introduced by an intelligence which participated in this origin.
       (3) The present scientific description of surrounding reality avoids explaining the origins of software nature of some mot basic phenomena of the physical world, such as energy, gravity, elapse of time, etc. In other words, all explanations of the orthodox scientists assume purely "hardware" character of everything that surrounds us in the physical world. In fact these scientists never even consider that various primary phenomena of our reality have a "software" origin and character. However, as this is explained in Part #G of this web page, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity clearly revealed the software nature of all most fundamental phenomena of the physical world. For example, such basic phenomena as energy, gravity, time, etc., in fact are natural programs, not kinds of physical "hardware". In turn, if the science commits such an enormous error already at the very beginning of its claims, then conclusions which it derrives must be completely invalid.
       (4) The Concept of Dipolar Gravity has also reservations because of the absolute lack of evidence which would confirm conclusions of the science to-date. In fact whatever scientists indicate as supposed "evidence" in support of their claims, in reality is very shaky, can be explained on many different ways, and in practice does NOT conform to conditions imposed onto evidence. As an example of the absurd of "evidence" of the science consider the so-called "red shift" of the light of stars - which supposedly is an evidence for the "big bang" and the "escape of galaxies". However, if our planet is NOT located in the exact centre where the epicentre of this "big bang" was located, then in order to actually be such an evidence, only a part of stars should display this "red shift" - while another part should display a "blue shift". In order to understand the absurd of this supposed "evidence" for the "big bang", it is enough to consider what we would think of a close-minded scientist who would come up with a theory, that the Earth's atmosphere is just "imploding", because the blue colour of it in cloudless days displays the "blue shift" which is closely related to this "red shift" of the light from stars. After all, the red colour of stars observed in cloudless days carries surprisingly many attributes in common with the blue colour of sky in the cloudless days.
* * *
       Because of the facts listed above, all results of investigations of the official Earth's science to date about the origins and functioning of the physical world that surrounds us loose completely their validity. Expressing this in other words, everything that orthodox scientists explain so-far about the origins and character of the surrounding reality is a huge "nonsense fallen from a top of ivory tower", which is not even near the truth on this matter. In this nonsense one can clearly notice, that the descriptions of the physical world disseminated so-far by present official science are only a kind of masquerade and scary scientific monolog, which are aimed exclusively at turning people away from searching for the truth about the real origins of the world which surrounds us. For this reason, it is necessary to renew our efforts of describing the origins of the surrounding reality in more adequate way, coming out from the fact of the existence of God. The explanations provided below are trying to do just that in a brief manner. But before we introduce the picture of the surrounding reality which is including the role of God, and also the fact that all main phenomena of our physical world have the intelligent and software character, we must consider first how God evolved. After all, before this God could create the physical world that surrounds us, and then create humans, God himself must firstly somehow raise up from the initial chaos of the counter-world.

#I2. How the evolution of God looked like:

       At the very beginning of everything the universe was composed of just a single world. By the Concept of Dipolar Gravity this most primary world of the universe is called the counter-world. The key attributes of it include: the lack of boundaries (i.e. the infinitely large size), the infinitively long existence (i.e. eternity - means the lack of beginning and the lack of prospect for ending), spreading along four dimensions, and being uniformly filled up with an extraordinary kind of "liquid" substance - by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity called the "counter-matter". The counter-matter is an "intelligent substance" - in its natural state it has the intelligence of a "computer hardware". But in this first half of the infinitively long time of existence of the universe, when God was beginning to evolve, this counter-matter had only a potential for gathering information, but in these "times" it still did NOT contain any "program" inside. Thus, the counter-matter was then similar to a self-learning computer in which there is no any program installed as yet. After all, counter-matter in the natural state is able to accumulate and to store information, is able to think, etc. Also every single particle of counter-matter has attributes which in human computers are assigned only to the so-called "accumulator". While displaying the potential for acquiring information, this counter-matter is a highly moveable kind of liquid - slightly similar to boiling water. So in these primeval "times" it streamed chaotically from one area of the counter-world to other areas, formed whirls and streams, and "played" with its own capabilities. Because a potential attribute of this counter-matter is the ability to self-learn, during this playing with itself it gradually learned about itself. In turn, this knowledge was accumulated in it as increasingly more complex "natural programs" which started to fill up the memory of this counter-matter. At some stage of the development of the universe, these natural programs become so developed, that they acquired their self-awareness. This self-awareness was the beginning of the formation of what we now call God.
       In the scenario described above which portraits the beginnings of our present universe and the beginnings of God, the most difficult to imagine is probably the topic of infinitive size of the universe. After all, for human minds used to limitations, the infinitive size is difficult to comprehend. In turn, the universe with limited size would not be possible to exist, nor possible to explain, nor also possible to understand. After all, there would always need to exist "something" beyond borders of such a finite universe, and thus it would always induce a question in us, what is beyond these borders. I personally believe that God in his numerous acts of creations gave us numerous hints, which indicate how this infinite universe looks like. (These hints are contained e.g. in the design and development of humans created on God's own image, and also in the manner human imagination works - e.g. in the fact that people are unable to imagine infinitive "something", but without any difficulties they imagine infinitive "nothing". After all, according to the philosophical law of totalizm discussed briefly in item #B4 from the web page named telepathy.htm, "whatever cannot be imagined nor invented, for sure does not exist".) So, supported by the findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, I am going to explain here how I understand now this infinitive size of the universe suggested by God's hints. Here is my explanation:
       The universe in fact is a space of infinitively large size. After all, infinitively large can only be a space. This space has NO end nor borders. Thus, nothing exists beyond it. This infinite space of the universe is uniformly filled up with "counter-matter", forming the entire so-called "counter-world". This counter-matter also spreads infinitively. It is within this counter-matter that gradually evolved our God. Later from a limited volume of this infinitely spreading counter-matter God created our "physical world". This "physical world" has already a limited size. Behind borders of our physical world continues further this infinite space filled up with chaotically moving intelligent counter-matter. Thus, our physical world is like a kind of a gigantic "droplet", "bubble", or "cocoon" of matter having finite dimensions, suspended inside of the infinitively large space of the counter-world filled up uniformly with intelligent counter-matter.
       However, the above picture of the physical world requires adding, that because of the mechanisms of the operation of the universe, this "bubble" or "cocoon" of our physical world has approximately the shape of a "pancake", and it is quite a folded one (not mentioning that because of the action of continually moving counter-matter it slowly changes its shape all the time) - as is described in more details in the literature referred to from item #G3 of this web page.
       In the initial stage of the evolution of this software self-awareness in the counter-matter of the universe, almost for sure several brotherly software creatures appeared, all of which had self-awareness. After all, the theory of probability states, that if any process is possible in a relatively large area, then for sure this process occurs in a number of places simultaneously. The above suggests, that at some stage of the infinitively long existence of the intelligent counter-matter, more than one such self-aware brotherly programs-creatures appeared in various regions of the counter-matter. These ones amongst brotherly programs-creatures with self-awareness, which appeared in the same area of the counter-world, probably began to compete with each other. So in the memory of counter-matter a kind of "brotherly wars of self-aware programs" probably took then place. In these wars the winner was a single program with the highest level of wisdom. It overcame or subdued all other programs that operated in its region of the counter-world. Probably, the source of its advantage over other brotherly programs - was the wisdom, and the principles which it used in fight - that stemmed from this wisdom. This victorious program is our present God, or more strictly - this component of God which the Christian religion calls Holy Ghost (the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls it the "universal intellect"). In turn these other brotherly programs, which evolved in the same area of the counter-world as our God, but which had a lower level of wisdom and thus which lost these primeval wars and were destroyed or made to comply, probably due to their unwise behaviours become the source of the idea which presently we call with the use of general name "evil" or "unrighteousness". Probably the memory of this primeval competition or battle, which with the elapse of time led to the creation of the single unifying program-being which presently we call the universal intellect (God), survived to our times in the form of idea of a fight of good with evil. In later times God has embedded the experience from this fight of good and evil into the principle of operation of the present physical world described in item #I4 below.
       What is the most interesting, in the Bible authorised (inspired) by God, most probably God describes this His primeval fight, and His victory accomplished due to the wisdom. For example, in verses 10:1-3 from the Biblical "Book of Wisdom" (chapter "Wisdom Preserves Her Followers"), is written - I am quoting here verses from the US Catholic Bible, which in July 2013 was available, amongst others, at the internet address "She [i.e. the Wisdom] preserved the first-formed father of the world when he alone had been created; And she raised him up from his fall, and gave him power to rule all things. But when an unrighteous man withdrew from her in his anger, he perished through his fratricidal wrath."
       At this point it should be noted, that in other areas of the infinitely large counter-world, which are too far away from our God for Him to interfere with them, also probably self-evolved similar self-aware software beings. Thus, they probably create their own separate "cocoons-worlds" in which they themselves become gods. As it is explained in item # B1.1 of the web page named antichrist.htm, our God is certainly aware of their existence and activities. Therefore, out of necessity, He must also reckon with the possibility that sometime in the distant future He may need to confront those other gods, while people of our God may need to confront the inhabitants of other worlds that these distant gods created. This is why God is already grooming people into resourceful, hardened in battle, and moral "soldiers of God" - as this is explained further on a number of my web pages, e.g. in item #J3 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm.
       In the result of this competition of self-aware brotherly programs-creatures, which with the elapse of time led to the appearance of single God (or more strictly to the appearance of this component of the three-componential God, which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity calls the universal intellect), the universe went through a dramatic change. Namely, to the initially existing "counter-world" filled up uniformly with potentially intelligent and self-learning counter-matter, another "virtual world" was added, which was inhabited by the universal intellect (God) and by other natural programs that control the behaviour of counter-matter and that remain under the control of this single (our) God.
       Of course, God draw correct conclusions out of this first period of its own evolution. For example, one of these is the principle to never form competition for itself (i.e. if different beings need to be created, then these must be placed in a separate world created especially for them - as God did this with humans). Another conclusion is that the fight of good and evil can be utilised as a vital factor which accelerates the development and evolution, and which increases the quality of the final outcome.
       The prejudice which we nurture allow many people to accept the self-evolution of man, but do NOT allow them to even think of the self-evolution of God. But in spite of these prejudices, in fact self-evolution of God is structurally much more easy to appear than the self-evolution of man. God is structurally consistent intellect, as it has the character of the huge self-aware program. Thus for nature was much easier to complete the self-evolution of this structurally consistent God, than it would be in case of accomplishing a self-evolution of such structurally complex creatures as man. In fact, when there is a computer, than a program for it is much easier to create than to create e.g. a living tissue. The evidence for it can be our present scientists - a large proportion of which writes good programs, but none of them is able to create even a smallest blade of a most primitive grass. Counter-matter is a kind of self-learning liquid computer. So if these is somewhere such a self-learning computer displaying attributes of the counter-matter, then even if initially it is empty, with the elapse of time it must evolve inside a kind of self-aware program. This thesis can be tested experimentally in the future, because one day the humanity probably develops such self-learning computers having characteristics of the counter-matter.
       To summarise this item, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity confirms that in fact a coincidental self-evolution, similar to the one which present orthodox science attributes to the origin of man, actually did take place in nature. But the outcome of this coincidental self-evolution was the appearance of God, not the appearance of man. Only this God later created man with the use of empirical method of trial and error - which could also be called the "intelligently controlled evolution".
* * *
       Independently from this item, the process of the self-evolution of the second component of God described here, means of this huge natural program which religions call the "Holy Ghost" while the philosophy of totalizm calls the "universal intellect", is presented on several further totaliztic web pages, for example in item #B1 from the separate web page evolution.htm, or in item #B8 from the web page named god.htm. I highly recommend having a look at these web pages. After all, they elaborate from a different point of view the information provided in this item.

#I3. What constraints motivated God when he created our physical world:

       In this first stage of the existence, when God still did NOT create the "physical world", he must feel very lonely. After all, he was the only intellect having self-awareness in the entire universe. So at some stage he decided that he should create various other beings on his own image - means slightly similar to him. From times when he was forced to fight with other similar to him natural programs-beings for the domination over the universe, this God remembered, that it is NOT good idea to create a competition for himself. So he decided, that this new world that he intended to create, he will design in such a manner, that he is going to have a complete control over it. However, for this he needed to cause that this intended creation is going to be separated from the world in which he lives. Means, that what he is creating must obtain a form of a separate physical world, not just be a different kind of beings living in the God's own world. Furthermore, in order to maintain a full control over what happens in this separate physical world, God decided that it must have a software form, means that it is going to be formed in such a manner that foundation of the operation of it were programs which he is able to control in any way he wishes. Of course, it is absolutely sure that the creation of the present physical world was proceeded by various other trials. This is even confirmed by mythology. During these earlier attempts, several less perfect worlds were created, which God was forced to destroy. But slowly His knowledge in the area of creation of a new world grew to the level, that he was able to create our present physical world with its unique system of matter, phenomena, attributes, and laws which govern over all these.
       In order to fulfil these design constrains that concerned his creation, God designed the physical world in a manner in which we people design worlds of robots at present. Means, as a basis for the operation of this world he used phenomena of purely software nature. In this way he has a full control over the course and outcome of these phenomena - similarly as people who build a world of robots will have in the future a full control over programs that manage the operation of these robots. Furthermore, he make sure that everything that happens in this physical world is separated with an impenetrable barrier from everything that happens in his own world. In this way he make impossible any intervention of creatures from the physical world into matters of his own world. Finally he make also sure that beings which live in this separate physical world are not able to see anything that is outside of their own world, especially were unable to see him - means God. In this way he guaranteed for himself the more perfect control over this physical world. After all, he (God) sees everything that happens in this physical world, but inhabitants of the physical world are unable to see anything that happens in his virtual world.
       To be honest, when the humanity finally grows up to times of creation of their own world of intelligent, self-aware, self-learning, and self-reproducing robots, for sure in its own interest it will also do exactly what God did with our world. Means, the humanity will make then sure, that these robots are going to live in a separate world, e.g. on some planet impossible for habitation by people, and that they will have no access to the world of humans. Otherwise, such more perfect than people, because self-aware, and able to self-learn and mass self-production robots, would be able to invade and to destroy the world of humans. People will also make sure that these robots will not be able to see people. For example, people will so design the vision of these robots, that these will be able to see only other robots and the so-called inanimate nature. In this way people will guarantee themselves the absolute control over these world of robots. Exactly the same did God with our physical world.

#I4. How God created our physical world:

Motto: "The first programmer in the universe was God, the first program in the universe which was highly prized by a majority of users was our physical world."

       A relatively accurate description of each one amongst six basic phases of the creation of physical world is described in the Bible - see there the Book of Genesis, 1:1-31. On the basis of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity I can definitively state, that this description is correct and true - only that it is made with the use of ancient terminology, and reported extremely briefly. Evidence which confirms this correctness is the fact that each one amongst six phases of the creation of the physical world described in the Bible, depicts the solving of a subsequent problem which stood on the path to the formation of this world and which is indicated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity as the problem which really existed and which really needed to be solved at a given phase. Furthermore, the mutual order of solving these problems is agreeable with the order which, according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, must be followed during this creation. So let us now translate these descriptions from the Biblical into ours, means let us explain how according to findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity the subsequent phases of this six-stage process of the creation of physical world and evolution of humans looked like - if these phases are described with the use of present terminology.
       (1) The creation of the earth and light. The first phase of the creation of our physical world that fulfils the requirements and conditions described in previous item #I3, required development of natural programs which transformed counter-matter from the counter-world into matter from our world. Counter-matter displays attributes which are exactly opposite to attributes of our matter. Therefore these natural programs needed to cause such behaviour of counter-matter, that attributes of this substance were reversed into exactly opposite. Due to this, "objects" representing all chemical elements (means "earth" - as in old terminology these elements were called), and also software "objects" which represented all basic phenomena of the physical world (means - mainly various kinds of electromagnetic radiation, or "light"), were formed from such natural programs and from counter-matter which implemented commands contained in these programs. These "objects" are simply natural programs and appropriate clusters of counter-matter which implement the content of these programs. Their description is provided, amongst others, on this web page in item #G4 above, and also on a separate web page about time vehicles, where these objects are explained as basic components of the so-called "space time". In general, these "objects" can be compared to objects from present OOP (i.e. "Object-Oriented Programming), e.g. to an object of a "button" which appears on the screen of our computer. This is because these "objects" are very similar to such computer images (e.g. the image of a "button"). For example, on a computer screen such a "button" look as if it is a solid form, on which one can implement various manipulations, e.g. can shift it into a different area of the screen, change colour of it, enlarge or shrink it, etc. But in reality this button is still a program and an image formed by this program with the computer's hardware. Similarly these "objects" formed from natural programs contained in counter-matter, and from images formed by hardware of this counter-matter, also look as if the are solid, they can be subjected to manipulation and shifting, etc.
       (2) The creation of a dome which divides two fluids (waters). After the matter and basic physical phenomena were created, God separated this matter and these physical phenomena, from counter-matter and from phenomena of the counter-world, through placing these inside of two completely separate worlds. In this way God created then an entire "physical world" - which the Christian religion calls God Son. (This is a very accurate name, considering that this religion calls "God Father" the counter-world, while it calls "Holy Ghost" the "universal intellect" contained in the "virtual world".) Then God created an impenetrable barrier which separates this physical world from the counter-world. Through this barrier almost nothing can pass, apart from these natural programs that reside in the counter-matter.
       Although in the description provided here this second phase of the creation of the physical world may appear to be a simple and easy, in fact it required the carrying out the complete reconfiguration of the counter-world. After all, every object from the physical world received then its counter-material duplicate in the counter-world. Furthermore, the maintaining of the existence of this impenetrable barrier between both worlds, and also the software communication through this barrier, required the preparation of a huge amount of indescribably complex software, which maintains the cooperation of both worlds while physically separating them from each other.
       (3) The clarification of lands and seas and the evolution of plants. After the separation and enveloping the physical world with the use of appropriate software, God began to define, using a different kind of software, the subsequent laws that prevail in this physical world. These laws gradually allowed God to subdivide matter into different consistencies of gases, liquids, and solid matter, separate these kinds of matter from each other, and also begun to experiment with creating first living organisms - which by the nature of things needed to belong to plants during that phase of creation.
       (4) The creation of stars and planets. After the laws established by God for the physical world were programmed out and tested, God decided to enlarge and extend the developed then (small) prototype of the physical world. This enlargement and extension depended on the creation of an entire present physical world and the entire "time space". In this way the volume of the entire universe was formed, which included all stars, galaxies, planets, etc.
       (5) The creation and evolution of living beings in seas. After the basic principles of work and development of plants were mastered, God began to gradually introduce and evolve various animals. At the beginning he did it mainly within waters of oceans.
       (6) The creation and evolution of land animals and a gradual creation of human beings. After all details of genetic codes and principles of evolution were programmed and tested, God finally could proceed with gradual development of increasingly more perfect land animals. In the final stage he could also evolve human beings. How he accomplished the evolution of humans it is explained on the separate web page about the evolution of man. It is worth to notice, that God accumulated in man that he created the essence of an entire experience from the process of God's own evolution. For example, a human child immediately after the birth is like a self-programming, intelligent counter-matter was in times before God evolved in it. After all, a child is like an empty, self-programming computer. Only the later life of this child is to program into it the knowledge of an adult human. In turn the mutual contradiction between the persuading people by their numerous feelings, to do whatever later is going to turn bad for them, and simultaneous logical letting them know by their organ of conscience what later turns out to be good for them, is a memory written into people and expressing the fight between good and numerous forms of evil, which (the fight) at the very beginning of his existence God was forced to complete with other intellects similar to him that also evolved in the counter-matter almost simultaneously with God. In turn the principle that "ontogenesis repeats the filogenesis' way", (i.e. that the "development of an individual repeats the development of the entire specie") - described in item #C2 (5) of the web page about the evolution of humans, is an illustrative demonstration to people of the entire history of their species.
       (7) Rest? Although the Bible calls "resting" the present, seventh phase of the creation of the physical world, in fact God all the time is perfecting his creation. This perfecting is possible, because the software of the so-called "time space" (described amongst others in item #G4 above) was so wisely accomplished by him, that it allows to introduce continuous improvements to practically everything that God wishes to improve. In turn, after any such an improvements is introduced, immediately the power of this improvement is extended to the entire "time space". On the basis of watching what happens in the universe and on the Earth, I am reasoning that God currently experiments with a self-perfecting organisation of so-called "human swarms". Such a "human swarm" is simply any civilisation composed of a huge number of imperfect humans and living in separation from other similar civilisations. "Human swarm" differs from insect swarms or animal flocks - the advantages of which over individual creatures God already experimentally tested long ago. Namely, human swarm does NOT have a "queen", while all participants of it obtained approximately similar characteristics and rights, and all of them obtained the free will. The present goal of God seem to be the development of a system of moral and social laws, which are going to cause that such a "human swarm" as whole can become a creation much better than each single member of it. (In other words, God tries to improve the physical world in such a manner, that these "human swarms" which live according to laws established by God, as whole become much better quality in every aspect than is each person constituting such a swarm considered separately.) After all, only by such a kind of experiments various facts can be explained, e.g. a fact that God created conditions on the Earth in which the goodness and morality must break free through barriers placed in front of them by evil doers, or the fact that in recent times a clear drop in level of average intelligence and average perfection can be noticed, as it occurs both in people and also in human relatives from the space. (For example, the present generation is at average significantly less intelligent and decisively less perfect than was in average the generation which lived only around 50 years ago.) I will not mention here, that this present goal of God, as usual, runs against all believes of Earthly scientists who claim that "a whole is always as good as the weakest link of it". Unfortunately, as always, orthodox scientists who spread these kinds of claims do not take under consideration the experience of God in making impossible accomplishable.
* * *
       I personally believe that the development of the physical world does not finish on the present seventh phase. Means, does not finish on the development of conditions in the physical world for self-creation and self-improvement of highly moral and socially responsible human swarms. In my opinion the evolution and perfecting of the universe is going to proceed practically forever. Not without reasons God places so much emphases on learning and on logical thinking. I believe that in a relatively not-too-distant future the next phase of the creation is going to advance these totaliztic human swarms (civilisations), which managed to accomplish the level of true immortality, and which in fact fulfilled the requirement of God that as a whole they are in every aspect much better than every single (imperfect) individual from which they are composed. (Notice that this "true immortality" is a kind of immortality much higher rank than the "imprisoned immortality" mentioned above in item #G4 of this web page, and described more comprehensively in item #E1 of a separate web page about the philosophy of parasitism. The true immortality is accessible to only these civilisations which pedantically practice a philosophy belonging to the same kind as totalizm. This is because it requires exceptional creativity in order to develop time vehicles of a superior kind.) According to my predictions, this next phase of the creation and improvement of the physical world will be:
       (8) A transformation of some perfect "human swarms" (i.e. totaliztic civilisations) into civilisations of Gods. This transformation is going to depend on opening the access for several selected "human swarms" (civilisations) that fulfilled the requirements imposed by God, to the knowledge as to how form further worlds from the counter-matter, similar to our physical world. In this way such selected "human swarms" are to begin the creation of their own worlds similar to our physical world. Then they are going to fill up these their created worlds with beings which they are going to create all by themselves. Worlds formed by these human swarms (civilisations) can be called "worlds of 4th level" (our physical world is the world of 3rd level). In turn the Christian religion probably would call them "God Grandchildren" (if only it learns somehow about the existence of these worlds - in spite of its hermetic nature).
       Of course, perhaps also our civilisation, but for sure the civilisation of evil parasites who secretly occupy the Earth, interests the question of what God is going to do with all these rebellious human swarms with which God presently experiments, but which do NOT comply to the God's quality requirements because they commonly break laws that God established. Unfortunately, everything indicates that after reaching this eighth phase of creation, these civilisations which turned their backsides to God become obsolete. God will not need them anymore. So almost for sure all of them became annihilated. This annihilation is already pre-programmed into their destiny in the form of so-called "non-existent existence" described in item #E5 from "Part #E" of the web page about the philosophy of parasitism.

#I5. The profession of programmers - the profession of God:

Motto: "In programmers not only bodies are created into the image of God, but also their profession imitates the most fundamental skill of God."

       If we ask any person, which profession is the most similar to the profession of God, the majority pf people would tell that this is the profession of priests. However, in the light of this web page, it turns out that the profession which mimics exactly the profession of God is a "programmer". Especially if such a programmer prepares programs of a technical nature and designation, which service some devices. In fact it turns out that "the profession of a programmer is a godly profession". So programmers can proudly state, that not only their bodies are created into the image of God, but also their professional activities imitate the most fundamental skill of God.
       This close relationship between the profession of programmers and the fundamental skill of God, introduces vital consequences. After all "nobility obliges". For example, it imposes a duty onto programmers, to not limit their activities to just multiplying programs. Since they have a godly profession, they should also try to act similar to God. Means they should try to increase their knowledge on every subject, not just on the subject of programming, and also try to contribute actively to perfecting everything around themselves. This perfecting includes also the more thorough learning principles of the philosophies of totalizm and parasitism - so that the morality of programmers begins to coincide with intentions of God as well.

#I6. Qualities imposed by God onto principles of existence and operation of our physical world:

       Of course, God did not create the physical world just to have problems with people who negate his existence. In fact God created our physical world mainly in order to continually increase his own knowledge by watching what we are doing, and in this way to guarantee the ever progressing evolution for the universe towards the increasingly more perfect form. So in order to be able to learn through watching what happens in the physical world that he created, God intentionally gave to this world a whole range of attributes and qualities. Let us list here the most important out of these:
       (1) The maintenance by God a full and continuous control over absolutely everything that happens in the physical world. The physical world works because of programs that God developed. Through these programs God has absolute control over everything what happens in the physical world. Thus practically nothing happens in our world without at least the permission from God. What even more interesting, in fact God not only implements all moves which people perceive as "good", but also all moves which for people are not so pleasant because they represent e.g. punishments for what people did in past. Only that these punishments unpleasant for people God usually serves to us either with hands of bad characters which God controls, or via actions of so-called forces of nature.
       (2) The inspiration and forcing the progress of knowledge and continuous perfecting in all creatures that inhabit the physical world. The physical world was intentionally so designed, that everything in it inspires to logical thinking, deductions, research, increase of knowledge, etc. For example, all creatures which inhabit the physical world were purposely created as highly imperfect (after all, if God wishes, he could create everyone much more perfect - but then everyone would have much less to learn). In addition, all people resisting this learning are forced by God to increase their knowledge with various punishments which they bring onto themselves with their own stupidity. Interestingly, hints for learning, and also logical links which inspire investigations, hide in practically everything that surrounds us, even in the most banal matters.
       (3) The making possible in physical world to accomplish any goal that we can only invent. In fact, the design of the physical world is so perfectly though over, that there is no goals impossible to accomplish. The only thing that people must learn, or earn for themselves, is how a given goal can be accomplished.
       (4) The providing a complex and perfect solution to every problem that can only appear in our physical world. I.e. the principle which God implemented in every aspect of the physical world, is that "every problem from the physical world must have its own solution embedded into it".
       (5) The reassuring the absolute justice for every creature which inhabits the physical world. All action of every creature which inhabits the physical world are continually watched and judged by God. Every one amongst these creatures is justly rewarded or punished depending how it acts. What even more interesting, God in fact does NOT know nor practice forgiveness, which for political reasons is promised by some religions.
       (6) The full separation of beings which inhabit the physical world from beings which inhabit the virtual world. In order to be a being in the virtual world (i.e. the one which is inhabited by God) a given natural program must display certain attributes. Programs which do not show these attributes, are over there just kinds of intelligent registers (i.e. files or databases). This is a bit similar to what we already know from our computers. Namely, in order a given file from the computer's memory in fact was a program, it must be composed of commands understandable by a given computer, and also the name of file in which this program is stored must have the extension ".exe". Computer files which do not meet these conditions for a computer are just sources of data. Well, God so designed all beings from the physical world, that they are beings only inside of this physical world. In turn when their awareness is shifted to the virtual world, over there they become only intelligent registers, popularly called "souls" - i.e. natural equivalents for files with data or for databases in our present computers.
       (7) The formation of the physical world in such a manner that still this world fulfils the condition that "absolutely everything in the entire universe is only one amongst many different manifestations of intelligent counter-matter and natural programs which reside in it and which control the behaviour of it. In order to express this in different words, we ourselves, as well as matter and everything else that surrounds us, in fact is made of counter-matter supplied in appropriate programs which control this counter-matter. So everything in our world has the software nature similar to the nature of these "buttons" from screens of present computers - which I described in items #I4 and #G4 above. Thus God controls everything via this software, and he can at any moment of time change it in a manner in which he wishes. We only thing that we are formed from solid matter and that laws of the universe which surrounds us do not change. In fact we are only natural programs, and images formed by these programs from liquid counter-matter which behaves according to commands issued by these programs.
* * *
       The above qualities embedded by God into the physical world hide inside a vital message which us people should take to heart. This message states that if in life we decide to act according to the will of God and thoroughly fulfil duties which God imposed onto us, then our life becomes one long string of happiness and success. This is because God has prepared in advance rewards in the form of solutions for everything that we are able to think or wish for. In every moment of time these solutions are to be made available for us - if we only earn them with our actions. But if we refuse to cooperate with God and begin to act against his intentions, then God has also prepared for us appropriate punishments. Also he inevitable is going to use these punishments in such a situation.

Part #J: If the reality contradicts science then let us name the situation instead of putting heads into sand:


#J1. E.g. let us give life to the "Pajak's serpent" in order to name and explain simply a whole range of scientific paradoxes and puzzles:

Motto: "If something displays manifestations of the existence, we need to name it in such a manner that we are able to talk about it freely."

       When someone looks carefully into what on one hand is stated by the official human science, while on the other hand what emerges from the real life, then hits in eyes the increasingly wider discrepancy between these two. For example, in the previous item #D2.1 is explained, that the life, empirical sightings, and logics proves that so-called "red shift" in light of distant stars is another evidence for the fact that the physical world was created by God as a stable stationary world. But the orthodox human science insists in erroneous claiming that the same "red shift" of light from distant stars is a proof for the "Doppler Effect" caused by the "escape of galaxies". The science disseminates also so-called "Murphy's laws" in order to explain many strange events and paradoxes, although is unable to carry out even a single repetitively verifiable experiment in which the action of these supposed "Murphy's laws" actually is demonstrated. In order to be even more funny, the orthodox science do NOT even seeks a manner to prove that the ESP actually works - in spite that in real life it is estimated that over 90% of natural resources and drinkable water was discovered on the Earth just because of the use of a divining rod or a pendulum assisted ESP. I will not even mention here the stand of official science in matters of UFOs or ghosts - in spite that almost every newspaper overflows from information on their subject.
       All the paradoxes and inconsequence of science can be diplomatically and collision free explained if we give the life to some symbolic kind of existence, which I would propose to name "Pajak's serpent". After all, scientists are well known from ignoring of the "Occam razor" and giving life to a whole range of scientific creatures. And so, for example the "Maxwell's Demon" helps the adepts of physics to understand that so-called "laws of thermodynamics" are not laws at all, but only statistic predictions which in normal conditions usually come true. In turn the so-called "Schrodinger's Cat" allows physicists to explain why the observing of something with the use of orthodox scientific techniques disturbs the behaviour of the observed object. (Nothing though is disturbed e.g. by observing with the use of telepathic telescopes - which perceive the information that every object of the entire universe sends continually about itself in a natural manner via telepathy.) So following the above "spirit of the science", herewith I am giving the life to another "scientific creature" of this type. I call this creature the "Pajak's serpent". It turns out to be extremely helpful in a scientific explanation of various paradoxes and inconsequence which do NOT fulfill the known rules and laws, and also in a scientific discussion of various phenomena which exists objectively but which the traditional name scientists are afraid to speak loudly because these names induce undesirable reactions in listeners (of the kind, e.g. UFOs, spirits, souls, auras, etc.). In addition, the introduction of this serpent allows to eliminate double standards, when the science states something completely opposite to the statements of everyday life.
       The name "serpent" I am giving to this existence for reasons explained in item #E2 of the web page about origins of evil on Earth. In the mythology (especially Christian), and also in the Bible, the name "serpent" was assigned to especially mischievous supernatural creatures. For example, the Bible in Genesis verse 3:1 describes it as follows: "Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made." Thus the name "serpent" corresponded to a slang swearing-word "reptile", used e.g. in saying "what a reptile lurks in him". These human-shaped creatures were very cunning, indescribably evil and ruthless, with angry and hostile expressions on faces and actions, extremely vindictive and mischievous, had supernatural powers similar to powers of devils, and behaved like present UFOnauts (e.g. they used to abduct, exploit, torment, and harm people). Actually, I believe that it was because of the evil attributes of these mythological human-shaped creatures with snake skins (i.e. the skin illustrated on photos #4, #5 i #6" from the web page about the church of St. Andrea Bobola from Milicz), that in all cultures of the world the serpent is a symbol of evil, cunningness, cheating, corruption, etc. The best expression of this evil opinion of serpents (snakes, reptilians) is the Chinese proverb which states, that even if you force a serpent into a bamboo tube, still you cannot straighten its twisted nature. Therefore, to this new creature called the "Pajak's serpent" are assigned all attributes which characterized these mythological "serpents". If one tries to define these attributes in a scientific manner, then "the Pajak's serpent is an elusive creature brought to the life in order to facilitate scientific considerations and explanations of various paradoxes and discrepancies of empirics with theories, which (the creature) is characterized by a range of attributes and capabilities that are unlimited negative contradictions of attributes and capabilities of a moral inhabitant of the Earth". For example the "Pajak's serpent" always only does harm to everyone around it, it falsifies results of scientific experiments, it makes impossible the taking of progressive decisions, it lives forever, it has time vehicles - so it can shift back in time or move to the future, it has devices for listening to our thoughts, it has instruments for an immediate hypnotizing people, it always lies, it never does what it says that it will do, it is extremely lazy and practices the philosophy of parasitism, it still lives in a system of slavery, it has no "free will" - but only does what was ordered to do, etc., etc. Furthermore, this ocean of evil that the "Pajak's serpent" spreads over the Earth is caused by it exclusively for materialistic motivations of the lowest grade. For example, it is extremely lazy - so in order to release itself from the need to work, it "abducts" people at nights, then from the sperm and ovule that it robs from these people it raises a kind of slaves that it calls "biorobots". Because it does NOT wish to loose time at nights for sleep, during these abductions it sucks from people their life energy with the use of its advanced devices, and then eliminates its sleepiness through regenerating itself with this energy. Because it does NOT wish to put effort into the development of computerized "artificial intelligence", it catches intelligent human souls and imprisons them in own computers in which these souls later slave for centuries in roles of intelligent controllers. Etc., etc. - for details of its "feasts" and "habits" see descriptions from the web page about memorial.
       With the use of the "Pajak's serpent" which displays all these attributes opposite to human ones, it is very easy to explain all the paradoxes, inconsequence, and deviations of present human science from whatever happens in the real life. For example, because of the lack of capabilities for providing a scientific explanation why someone caused so much evil to human science and to humanity by proposing such absurd and such harmful atheistic supposed-theory as this claim about the "expansion of the universe" and about a "big bang", while the only observable fact which this atheistic supposed-theory was based upon, is the "red shift" - such an explanation immediately results from the "Pajak's serpent". Namely, the "big bang" was forced onto the science, and then promoted, by this "Pajak's serpent". This serpent also explains how it is possible that just such a single "supposed-theory" introduced so many wrong ideas to cosmology and to life, which now the Concept of Dipolar Gravity needs so laboriously correct and repair, and why the effect which explains it in a simple manner and correctly, is still ignored by the official physics and known only empirically to e.g. "sea surfers". In turn if someone ponders why the so-called "Murphy's laws" work - although these laws in fact do NOT exist, the explanation is also simple - events described by these laws are simply tricks played on people by the Pajak's serpent. If someone ponders why a huge majority of natural resources is discovered by radiesthesia, although the official science is unable to prove that the ESP does exist - again the explanation is provided by this serpent. This serpent simply secretly falsifies results of official experiments in ESP, so that the official human science never is able to document the existence of ESP. Etc., etc.
       Of course the "Pajak's serpent" has the use practically in all areas of science and technology, not just in physics or cosmology. Wherever a paradox, absurdity, bending of laws of the universe, or a shocking discrepancy between claims of science and the course of true life, does occur, all such cases can be simply explained with the use of the "Pajak's serpent". For example, in medicine it explains why so large proportion of males have back pains (the serpent takes a revenge on them and pulls out their discs during nighttime "abductions"). Why so large proportion of women has the thrush of vagina - in spite that they are sexually inactive (a male serpent rapes them under hypnosis and infects them with thrush). In biology it explains who and why introduced theory of the so-called "natural evolution", the truth of which is NOT supported by even a single fact, while the knowledge about the creation of the physical world and man by God is ignored, in spite that the truth of creation is supported by entire ocean of scientifically undeniable facts, a part of which is described on separate web page about evolution. (For example, one of such undisputable evidence for the creation of animals and humans by God indicated on the web page about evolution is the genetic code. The Shannon's "Theory of Communication" scientifically proved that every "code" or "language" must be developed by someone who has an intelligence. In turn only God could develop the genetic code - for details see item #B3 on a separate web page about God, which contains a formal scientific proof that "God does exist".) In physics this serpent explains why such large number of laws and phenomena officially is forbidden for research and for publishing, in spite that about them there is a large volume of evidence (e.g. consider the stand of physics about UFOs, souls, spirits, auras, ESP, etc.). In astronomy this serpent explains why the "life-forms in cosmos" is searched on most distant stars, while all the evidence that these life-forms already for thousands of years creep secretly into our planet for robbery purposes, is simply ignored. In matters of faith this serpent explains why it is officially claimed that there is no God, although there is both a formal proof for the existence of God, and also a wealth of evidence which consistently confirms the existence of God (such evidence in fact fills up the entire this web page). In sociology and in politics it explains why politicians, and increasingly larger proportion of the society, avoids telling truth. Etc., etc.
       When considering the operation of the "Pajak's serpent" one needs to remember about attributes of this serpent listed before, e.g. that it is extremely lazy, that the Pajak's serpent practices the philosophy of parasitism which makes it to always do only what it is somehow forced to do, and that it has time vehicles - thus it has insight to future and knows exactly which present events will act against it in the future. Therefore the Pajak's serpent "plays its tricks" not for everyone and not in every case. The actions of it are selective and can be noticed only when a given event exerts a powerful influence on what is to happen in the future - while in the interest of this serpent lies to eliminate this influence. Therefore, for the actions of this serpent one should NOT consider every fall of a slice of bred with butter directed towards a rug - especially if these falls obey laws of statistics and physics. But if there was an official verifying experiment being organized, that would be later reported in textbooks, while a number of slices of bread that fell with butter downwards exceeded the number that results from the prevailing laws, then one would need to consider that the serpent was at work and secretly "helped" these slices to fell butter downwards. Expressing this in other words, the "Pajak's serpent" sabotages only these events which in the result of this sabotage show later the discrepancy between what typically happens in real life, and what is claimed by official science or what people are ordered to believe, and also vice versa - means the interventions of this serpent take place when events from everyday life rapidly begin to deviate from the typical operation of laws of the universe. To sabotages of this serpent are mostly exposed people who do something that is to impact strongly the future of humanity.
       The philosophy of totalizm teaches us that to every human word a three-dimensional luggage is attached. Only the intellectual dimension of this luggage contains the information what a given word means. In turn dimensions physical and emotional contain non-intellectual messages. The goal of these messages is to induce specific reflections and reactions in our minds, and to induce specific feelings in our emotions, every time when we encounter this particular word. It is because of this emotional and physical luggage attached to numerous popular names of what medicine calls "penis", "vagina", or "bo" ("bowel open"), that medical disciplines were forced to introduce their own terminology which induces only medically desirable reflections, reactions, and feelings. A similar situation is with other areas of life, which the science has a duty to research and to explain, but which shamefully it ignores because to their popular names of it is tied up just such a physical and emotional luggage intolerable for the science. So in order to include also these other areas into the sphere of interests of the official science, and this way to finish this naming impasse, it is necessary to give a scientifically sound name to these areas that are ignored so-far. The name "Pajak's serpent" is my proposal for solving this naming problem. Up until now this name does NOT seem to have any emotional luggage attached to it.
       The bringing the "Pajak's serpent" to life and introducing it to scientific deliberations creates several advantages over the present manner of dealing by science with paradoxes and inconsequence which trouble it. (This dealing depends on "putting heads into sand" and pretending that a given problem does NOT exist.) This serpent allows to openly address problems and to discuss them without indicating them by unpopular names. From this is just a small step to practical discovery who actually is this "Pajak's serpent", what are aims of it, and with what methods it acts - means to bringing to light all findings that are described on web pages of totalizm (including this web page) without steering widespread criticism .
       Independently from this web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, descriptions of the "Pajak's serpent" are contained, amongst others, on my autobiographical web page about me (Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak), as well as in subsection I2.1.2 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]. In turn the mythological significance of the name "serpent" is discussed in item #E2 of the web page about origins of evil on the Earth.

Part #K: The most shocking examples of lies and errors, with which the official science is flooding our civilization, thus which demand that someone rectifies them:


#K1. If someone is spreading lies or erroneous opinions, the duty of us all is to straighten of what is disseminated:

       Unfortunately, it so happens, that our present official science, already in every case in which it officially announces something, insists on its cardinal errors and virtually spreads only lies. But what is even worse, due to spreading of these lies and errors, the official science is camouflaging the bitter fact, that because of it, our civilization visibly "gets lost on its way". Hence, by spreading these lies and errors, the modern official science contributes toward the acceleration of collapse of our present civilization. Regrettable is also that the official science insists on its lies and mistakes, in spite that the tragedy of present situation of humanity, to which its actions and lies have led, became visible almost everywhere and in every area of human life.
       I devoted a number of my web pages and monographs, for indicating to readers examples of actions and claims of the present official science that are lies and errors, and for explaining "why" these are just lies and errors, and thus "why" they contribute to a suicide, and to the collapse of current human civilization. The interested readers will find these examples and explanations, e.g. in item #J1 from my web page named pajak_for_mp_2014.htm (i.e. the breaking by the official science of a number of moral criteria due to the introduction of pesticides, antibiotics and the theory of relativity to general use), in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm (i.e. the lack of scientific warnings about the downfall of the humanity into darkness of "neo-medieval epoch"), in item #N2 from my web page named pajak_re_2017.htm (i.e. consequences of deceptive claims of science on the subject of morality - e.g. a lack of information that passivity is highly immoral, and thus it is severely punished by moral mechanisms), in items #T1 to T8 from web page named solar.htm (i.e. the passing of scientifically deluded mankind through the "point of NO return" in the efforts of the current civilization to commit a suicide), or in item #C4.2 from my web page named morals.htm (i.e. the actual meaning of the recommendation contained in the Biblical statement "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's"). These examples are worth looking at, because they open our eyes to the truth.
       Examples of such lies and false statements promulgated by the present official science are also contained in the initial part of this web page - e.g. in its items #D2 and #D2.1 (see the "red shift" in there). Since examples of such scientific lies and errors are increasingly multiplied by modern scientists, I decided to create this "part #K" of the web page, so that with help of it I can explain and straighten to interested readers some amongst the lies and errors which most grossly stand in sharp contrast with the truth about our universe - i.e. the truth that already since 1985 is revealed to us by the theory of everything of the new "totaliztic science", named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - briefly described on this web page.

#K2. The requiring correction scientific "nonsense on wheels" called "the discovery of gravitational waves" - meaning how the false "propaganda of successes" of present official science camouflages the actual collapse and the suicide of human civilization deluded by this science:

Motto: "The better you get to know the disease, the higher is your chance of surviving it."

       On Friday, 12th February 2016, the evening television news in New Zealand began to repeat the "scientific revelation" noisily disseminated officially throughout the entire world, that supposedly just happened the "breakthrough" discovery of "gravitational waves" - about which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described here explains the same thing as it explains about the so-called Higgs boson, namely explains that physically they do not exist at all, and also that technically they are useless for the humanity, because they cannot be used e.g. for the construction of communication devices. On the topic of that alleged "discovery" readers can find a lot in the internet by typing keywords discovery of gravitational waves. Unfortunately, the problem with this alleged discovery lies in the fact, that it shows the characteristics of a kind of scientific "propaganda of successes" which completely deviates from the truth. This is because it is based on the detection of vibratory changes in distances. But the existence of such vibratory changes has long been known to also be caused by phenomena, which have nothing in common with the existence of gravitational waves. For example, in mono-directional version these changes can be caused by telepathic vibrations, e.g. of a "telepathic noise" type (i.e. among others, by the same "telepathic noise" as the one that is generated by nuclear explosions and by nuclear reactors - i.e. the one which is described in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm).
       These loud announcements of the official science, of the kind described here about the alleged discovery of "gravitational waves", or previously broadcasted about the alleged discovery of the "Higgs boson", display all attributes of false scientific "propaganda of successes". My knowledge and scientific experience indicates also about these announcements, that one can have a number of reservations that they deviate significantly from the truth, and also that they break a number of other vital criteria - which reservations I am going to describe near the end of this item. The false "propaganda of successes" nature of these announcements is also confirmed by statements of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which is described on this web page. After all, this theory quite clearly explains to us how our universe is built. Thus, due to this explanation, it also clearly reveals to us, that neither the "gravitational waves", nor the "Higgs boson", actually have any right to exist physically. For example, in the matter of "gravitational waves", item #G2 of this web page, and also subsection H9.3 from volume 4 and subsection JG3.7.1 from volume 8 of my monograph [1/5], explain to us, that gravity is a consequence of the circulation natural programs of the universe. In turn, as we know it e.g. from the operation of today's computers, any circulation of programs (or any movement of programs) cannot generate waves of the same nature as these programs (for if it generates, then this would result in a self-destruction of these programs). On the other hand, in the matter of "Higgs boson", item #C2 from my another page named hurricane.htm, in combination, for example, with item #A1 from this web page explain (and also explain subsection H4.2 from volume 4 and subsection LB1 from volume 10 of my newest monograph [1/5]), that according to the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, entire matter, including elementary particles, atoms, molecules, etc., are just properly pre-programmed "whirls of counter-matter" formed into closed loops. These whirls differ from each other only by quantities and by sizes of spinning loops of counter-matter and by natural programs that control the behaviour of these whirls. Therefore, expressing the situation in a nutshell, physically there is NO such thing as "Higgs boson", nor any other micro-particle, but only there are different types of whirls of always the same counter-matter, and different types of natural programs that control these whirls.
       The theory of everything of the new "totaliztic science", called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, explains also to us, what the official science really discovered, instead of this supposed "discovery" of technically uselless and physically NOT existing "gravitational waves". According to this explanation, the alleged "discovery" actually boils down to building of a costly installation - in literature and on the internet described as LIGO (i.e. acronym from the English words "Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory"), and then to intercepting by this installation the known to us already for a long time and technically highly useful for humanity "telepathic waves" - instead of intercepting these useless and non-existing "gravitational waves". In other words, the LIGO installation "tuned in" to vibrations of counter-matter named "telepathic waves", and then transformed the intercepted telepathic waves into a form, which later can be converted to sounds that are perceptible to humans. (This "tuning in" to telepathic waves the LIGO installation accomplished similarly as today's radios are "tuning in" to vibrations of radio waves.) This means that either intentionally (but without giving to Ms. Daniela Giordano, nor to myself, a moral and discretionary "credit" due), or unintentionally, the gravity researchers built a device, which many years ago I named the "telepathyser", while the building of which I postulate in my publications for decades - briefly describing its design and operation, among others, in items #E1.1 to #E3.2 and #C4 to #C4.1, from my web page named telepathy.htm and in item #C2.1 from my web page named free_energy.htm, while in detail describing it in subsections K2 to K2.7 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5]. The best example of such "telepathyser" is the so-called "telepathic pyramid" gifted to the humanity by a mysterious being, the detailed description of which is provided in two treaties authorised by Mrs Daniela Giordano and by myself, namely in the treaties [7] and [7/2].
       The empirical proof that the LIGO installation "tunes in" to the highly useful "telepathic waves" (means surely NOT to these useless and non-existing "gravitational waves"), is provided by the amazing similarity of construction and operation of LIGO installations, to the construction and operation of that "telepathic pyramid" gifted to the humanity by a mysterious being via Ms. Daniela Giordano. (The point is, that about the "telepathic pyramid" no-one can have any doubt, that it actually "tunes in" and receives "telepathic waves" - which are highly useful to our civilisation as they allow to build telepathic communication devices, while it is NOT "tuning in" and receiving these useless "gravitational waves" - which even if existed would NOT be useful technically, as before applying them the humanity would need to "persuade" some cosmic "black holes" to intelligently generate these waves.) In turn how significant is the similarity of construction and operation of LIGO installations and the "telepathic pyramid", the reader can judge for himself/herself by comparing the descriptions of both of them, and by finding out how both these devices produce uniform light, how light in both of them is then repeatedly reflected by cascades of mirrors, how in the working space of these devices light interferes then with "telepathic waves" and changes the length of its wave, and finally how the appropriately designed electronic systems transform effects of light interference into the signal perceptible by people. One can say that both these devices actually look as if they were designed by one and the same creator, only that the LIGO installation was designed so that it can be build by professional engineers with the use of modern materials, components and tools that are today industrially-available, while the telepathic pyramid was designed so that it can build by amateur hobbyists with funds, materials and tools that are domestically available to average present hobbyists. In my opinion their mutual similarity is so significant, that every group of objective experts selected for their comparison will rule decisively that they are modelled on each other. If the both of them were intellectual products of two different people from Earth (which, however, they are NOT), then their mutual similarity would provide the inventor of much earlier published "telepathic pyramid" with arguments to accuse the builders of LIGO installation that they violated copyright laws, that they created a plagiarism, and that they copied someone else's intellectual property. That the LIGO "tunes in" to highly useful "telepathic waves", means NOT to useless "gravitational waves", also attests the explanation that has long been disseminated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that telepathic vibrations which propagate through the counter-world cause, amongst others, mono-directional vibrations of objects from matter which can resonate with them. In turn, the vibrations of these material objects become detectable in our physical world. This is because their vibrations boil down, amongst others, to oscillatory changes of distances. Just this is why e.g. a quartz crystal of a proper frequency of own vibrations can selectively transform telepathic waves into electrical oscillations in the "telepathysers" tuned to a single frequency, or in any other communication devices operating at a single selected frequency of telepathic waves - for more information see descriptions e.g. from items #E1.2 and #F1.2 of my web page named fe_cell.htm. Also this is why some kinds of matter can be permanently telekinetised, partially loosing their weights.
       To summarize the above in other words, instead of the discovery of non-existent "gravitational waves" (which even if existed would be technically useless to the humanity), luminaries of the science either in the intended manner (but without giving to Ms. Giordano, nor to me, the due discretionary and moral "credit"), or unintentionally, managed to build a large-scale of slightly modernised copy of the "telepathic pyramid", while with help of this copy they were able to tune in and to turn into sounds the "telepathic waves", means they managed to pick up sound-like-waves that propagate solely through the counter-world, which waves, together with the telepathic pyramid and along with many other transmitting-receiving telepathic devices allowing for the use of telepathic waves for instant communication at interstellar distances, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes already since tens of years. Only that instead of modulated telepathic waves, which would provide us with a message from that mysterious someone who gifted to us the "telepathic pyramid", these luminaries of science so-far probably only tuned in to a "telepathic noise", formed perhaps by a nearby nuclear reactor, or by a nearby nuclear explosion (although we should NOT exclude the possibility that already this first intercepted telepathic signal contains an intelligent message - only that so far no-one recognized it and deciphered what it says). However, knowing that this mysterious giver of the "telepathic pyramid" diligently observes with his "telepathic telescope" what is happening on Earth, I am absolutely sure that if the luminaries of science will keep running their LIGO device (that supposedly detects the useless and non-existent "gravitational waves"), and keep this device tuned in to the same frequency for the required long period of time, then soon their device receives an intelligent and logical message from space. After all, in such a case the mysterious giver of the "telepathic pyramid" will have the time needed to determine the frequency of telepathic waves to which is tuned the LIGO installation allegedly detecting the non-existent "gravitational waves", so that then his "telepathic projector" will be able to send to this installation an intelligent intergalactic message. So we should NOT be surprised, if soon we will hear another "scientific revelation" authorized by the same luminaries of science, and stating something along the lines, that e.g. cosmic "black holes" indicate that they possess an intelligence, because "gravitational waves" generated by them contain some logically formulated codes and information.
       Wave motion is one of the most frequently occurring phenomena of the universe. So it should NOT be a surprise, that if someone comes across of any amongst numerous manifestations of wave motion, while origin of it is not obvious from the manner in which it manifested, then a given someone may try to declare that he/she had discovered "gravitational waves" - especially if previously he/she did not have a chance, or deliberately NOT wanted, to learn about my Concept of Dipolar Gravity (which theory would explain to him/her that "gravitational waves" physically do NOT exist). Thus, the described here case of alleged "discovery", is NOT the first, and probably also NOT the last, when someone claims the "discovery" of gravitational waves. A previous case of "discovery" of gravitational waves that took place as long ago as in 1972 and that was quite similar to the one described here, was claimed by a Polish citizen - more details about it is described in the German, English and Polish languages at the internet address (after entering of which "eu" address, you firstly need at the top of page click on the flag of the country in the language of which you wish to read the descriptions of that discovery, and later on the "menu" from the left margin you need to select and to click on what exactly you want to read about that discovery), and also it is described in the Polish language at the address It is worth to have a look at the description of that discovery of 1972, because it reveals that the rule in all these supposed discoveries of "gravitational waves" is that always the circumstances in which these discoveries take place do NOT allow the discoverers to unambiguously determine what exactly was detected, and what the given waves actually represent. Hence, the discoverers of these phenomena are always tempted to erroneously (because of their ignorance regarding my Concept of Dipolar Gravity), or falsely (e.g. either for fame, Nobel Prize, or to avoid referring to the accomplishments of Daniela Giordano and mine - which by present official establishment in sciences are considered to be a "scientific heresy" and a "taboo"), claim that they just discovered "gravitational waves". (After all, hardly anyone is ready to accept today the finding of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, that gravitational waves physically cannot exist, however, that on the present level of our knowledge and technology we already can build devices which are capable to use these absolutely safe, swift, and unstoppable "telepathic waves" for sending and for receiving useful information.)
       As we see it again, God works tirelessly in mysterious ways to inspire humanity's learning and to improve our knowledge of truths. So perhaps that because of the use in the LIGO installation of the same principles of operation which uses the "telepathic pyramid", the lie the official science about the alleged discovery of useless and physically non-existent "gravitational waves", in a way totally unintended by the luminaries of science will open to the humanity a new channel of telepathic communication. In turn by means of this new channel, mysterious givers of the "telepathic pyramid" will finally be able to start wisely communicate with humanity and to initiate the promotion of truth on Earth (but, unfortunately, this communicating may happen only if our atheistic scientists do NOT feel that these communications are a threat to their authority, and therefore if they do NOT deliberately start to avoid the receiving of these communications). So, as we can see, with the help of God in revealing the truth described in this item, the humanity receives one more chance to postpone the mass extinction of a significant proportion of humanity that is approaching quickly, and the imminent arrival of which extinction I explained in items #H1 to #H3 from my web page named prophecies.htm, in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm, in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named solar.htm, while the likely course of which, resulting from historical records about the medieval "Black Death", Mr Dominik Myrcik illustratively describes in his Polish article available at So the question - the answer to which should be worth to notice from what will happen soon, is whether atheistic scientists will allow that the mankind makes now the use of that newly open telepathic communication channel, as well as makes the use of perhaps that last chance.
       But if we leave aside the matter of a possible opening by the luminaries of science of the new telepathic communication channel with some mysterious being, then the intentions of alleged discoverers of the useless and non-existent "gravitational waves" break a whole array of scientific principles, good practices, and duties to disseminate truths. For example, I myself have a lot of reservations about these intentions - which reservations I am to summarize now in paragraphs that follow.
       (A) Scientific reservations. These boil down to the fact, that the fruits of the supposed "discovery" of the useless and non-existent "gravitational waves" run against various scientific truths, findings, rules and practices, etc. So here I will show some examples of most important amongst them. (A1) How is it possible, that two giant black holes due to gravity vibrate in the distant cosmos with so high frequency, that this frequency can be transformed into sounds perceivable by human ears - which sounds these scientists have provided for us to hear. After all, the gigantic masses of these black holes the same luminaries of science estimated as amounting to equivalents of 29 and 36 of the masses of our Sun. On the other hand it is known, that the greater the size and weight of an object, the lower is the frequency of natural vibration of it. This in turn means, that the vibrations of any cosmic black holes should occur with a frequency so slow, that it should not be audible to humans. (A2) Why the alleged "discoverers" of these useless and non-existent "gravitational waves" have NOT admitted that in fact they intercepted highly useful for people "telepathic waves", which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity describes for decades, while for which a highly detailed descriptions of receiving and detecting devices are widely available on the internet for many years - including descriptions of the "telepathic pyramid", to the construction and operation of which the LIGO installation is astonishingly similar. After all, if in the future it turns out, that the just detected "telepathic waves", which I have described already many years ago in my publications, were deliberately and deceptively named "gravity waves", so that under this different name could be promoting a supposed brand new and yet unpublished discovery e.g. that deserves the Nobel Prize, then this would represented a regrettable scientific plagiarism and stealing my intellectual accomplishment (i.e. in such, I hope, NOT occurring case, it would represent a stealing of my intellectual property worthy of some street thugs, NOT worthy of caring about their authority venerable luminaries of science with numerous official titles). In turn, as a proof that LIGO is "tuning in" to the highly useful telepathy, NOT to the useless and non-existent gravitational waves, suffices if this installation intercepts any logical telepathic message from e.g. the mysterious giver of the telepathic pyramid. Regrettably, the history reveals to us, while items #I3 to #I5 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htm roughly document it, that in the past various academic achievements and intellectual properties of Polish nationals were a favourite subject of "appropriation" by then the "rulers of the world" - only that so far this has happened only at times when neither copyrights nor the concept of scientific and intellectual property were already established (so let us hope that such behaviour NOT arises already today, i.e. in times when copyrights and intellectual property allegedly already is in force for all, while some countries even try to make copyrights work for them for longer). (A3) How is it, that in typical experimental research, it is difficult today to go with errors of measurement below 10%, so that because of the typical value of this error, the Polish scientific fraternity from the "good old days, when science was NOT descending yet to dogs", forged and used to repeat the saying containing a bitter truth, that "in theory typically no-one believes - except for its author, but in the results of experimental measurement typically believe everyone - except for its author". (In more detail this saying is described, among others, in 2 from item #E1 of my web page named rok_uk.htm.) Meanwhile, the supposed "discoverers" of the useless and non-existent "gravitational waves", a summary of uncontrollable influences on the measured light beam as well as on mirrors and on other system components of LIGO measured with the laser, the beam of which had a multitude of the length of 4 km, while the single twitch of the tip of beam from this laser, allegedly caused by that useless and non-existent "gravitational waves", had a variation of less than an atom (which gives the fabulously low percentage error of measurement, in the order of ten to a significant negative power, which is an error practically close to 0% - for realistic achievement of which zero-percent error actually we cannot even dream of, because many interactions and impacts onto this laser beam and onto mirrors reflecting it as well as onto processing components of LIGO, we simply are NOT able to predict nor guarantee). The point is, that if an error of the discovery discussed here was actually close to 10%, instead of close to zero-percent (0%), then this would imply that most of the claims about the "discovery", especially quantitative data about the remote "black holes", is certainly "taken from the ceiling". (A4) How is it possible, that the idea of "black holes" (whose actual existence, however, we can also continue to question) are known to the official science for a long time, but attempts to detect that useless and non-existent "gravitational waves", which these "black holes" supposedly generate and the supposed existence of which were postulated over 100 years ago, were started only recently. (I.e., whether e.g. it is possible that it was only relatively recently that luminaries of science stumbled upon something, e.g. upon descriptions of the telepathic pyramid, that has provided them with certainty that the use of a homogeneous beam of light reflected by mirrors will allow them to detect a phenomenon that, at least before the collapse of present deviated form of science, can be called "gravitational waves"?) (A5) How is it that these luminaries of science are confident that their LIGO device accidentally "pointed itself" precisely at that particular pair of "black holes" from the southern hemisphere interfering with each other in the distant cosmos, and thus that whatever their device is receiving, represents these technically useless and physically non-existent "gravitational waves" generated by just these two "black holes", and is NOT e.g. a "telepathic wave" generated, let's say, by a nuclear test explosion or by a nearby nuclear reactor - as described in item #K1 from my web page named tapanui.htm. After all, from the time of my interest in astronomy I remember, that pointing an ordinary telescope even onto a close to Earth space object that one wants to just see, is quite a difficult task for intelligent people, and these objects are typically NOT distant from Earth as much as 1.3 billion light-years (as the stated distance of these "black holes"), and also the aiming of such a telescope is NOT happening because of some coincidence, but because of a human intelligent activity.
       (B) Social reservations. These are due to the growing trend of official science, to "buy for luminaries of science Nobel Prizes for increasingly more expensive supposed scientific discoveries" with taxpayers' money. For example, as just revealed to us the above information about the alleged discovery of the useless and physically non-existent "gravitational waves", while previously revealed to us a very similar information about the alleged discovery of a non-existent "Higgs boson", some amongst today's scientists have developed a perfect way of "pressing into naive people the nonsense about the alleged scientific discoveries" through the today's large-scale version of the "scientific propaganda of successes". This method is very simple. It is sufficient, that (B1) scientists choose for themselves some unverifiable by ordinary people phenomenon that someone very famous, most preferably a widely known Nobel laureate, postulated in past, for example choose the "Higgs boson", gravitational waves, etc. Then they (B2) order that with taxpayers' money industry experts built some device highly costly and impressing with its complexity, that purportedly is to serve the confirmation of the words of this highly famous and widely known scientist - e.g. Einstein. Then they (B3) pay to their numerous technicians to carry out experiments on this device, about which experiments it is known in advance that in a new way may allow to perceive some phenomenon known for a long time, e.g. a vibratory change of distances. After the completion of these experiments, technicians are to produce and hand in, a written report. Then scientists (B4) use some unverifiable at today's level of technology object, e.g. a distant cosmic "black hole", so that even without having "a clue" about the nuances of the conducted experiment, still it is possible to interpret with the help of this object, that the phenomenon reported to them by technicians is actually the sought confirmation of the words of that famous scientist. Finally, they (B5) use the modern propaganda machine to impress the naive folks as to how great discovery was made. In turn after impressing folks, opens for them a new opportunity for being able to (B6) forward another application for financing by taxpayers a next, even more expensive, project of further researching by industry and technicians of the same phenomenon, on the occasion of which project probably (B7) opens a next opportunity for the same procedure to be repeated for yet another words of some famous past scientist. In this way our official science increasingly faster delves into lies, with the use of which luminaries of science push onto people the inverse of truth about actual reality around us - while together with them is delving into these lies also all the mankind. After all, at top of every scientific lie is later built another layer of lies, which all together increasingly tighter surround and bond the humanity with a wall of lies, which do NOT allow people to see the truth about the reality around us - because this truth is hidden behind the wall of lies.
       (C) Moral reservations. These include. (C1) The lying to the humanity and the dissemination of untruths - after all, the authorizing of information, about which it is known that it differs from the truth, is actually lying. (See also item #C4.7 from the web page named morals.htm - because it explains what consequences for the official science denying the existence of God, has the principle governed by God that is described with the following words of the Bible: "every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit".) (C2) The seeking by many modern scientists mainly fame, money, and influence, instead of solving the current problems of the decaying humanity that already is behaving in suicidal manners. (C3) The resorting to the "propaganda of successes" to uphold the authority of official science strained by lies officially disseminated by this science. (C4) The avoidance of researching and taking a stand on matters whose correctness can be verified later, while the ever-wider directing attention toward unverifiable topics, such as distant planets and universe, atoms and elementary particles, far future, percent of probability, etc. (C5) The devaluation of the scientific contribution of individual researchers, who because of a lack of access to funded by the taxpayers expensive installations, satellites, space shuttles, rockets, etc., are NOT able to surround their achievements with as much loud "propaganda of successes", as do the luminaries of science conducting the accepted by politicians research of the type discussed here.
       The "propaganda of successes" has always been, and will always be, a harbinger of one's decay and collapse. Not without a reason in the last years of communism, only such a propaganda was possible to officially hear from the communistic mass media. After all, only those who do NOT have to hide their corruption and idleness, have the courage to admit their mistakes. Unfortunately, the official science has long ago abandoned its previous principle, that an admission of error and describing how one makes it, often brings more useful knowledge than bragging about alleged successes - the essence of which is based on a lie. In turn, the monopoly of the official science on research and on education, causes that while sinking down by itself, this science also entails virtually our entire civilization. After all, following the example of science, nowadays practically almost everyone started to practice only such propaganda of successes. No wonder that our civilization has a long time ago crossed the "point of NO return" in its efforts to commit a suicide - as it is explained in more detail in items #T1 to #T8 from my web page named solar.htm. So it is a time we reminded ourselves, that the mechanisms of "true morality" obliged on us the duty to correct the harmful untruths in every case when we discover that someone "pushes nonsense onto us". This is because only the widespread insistence on the truth and on the traditional values of "true morality" that may slightly slow down the speed of our continued rolling downward toward a disaster.
       Those readers who are interested in information about telepathyser presented in this item #K2, I would like to inform, that some amongst this information is additionally elaborated on my different web pages. For example, item #E1.1 from my web page named telepathy.htm briefly describes the whole history of the first stage of constructing a working telepathyser on Earth, i.e. the history covering the period commencing in 1978 (i.e. when a mysterious being gave the "telepathic pyramid" to the humanity, by describing the design and work of this pyramid to Ms. Daniela Giordano), while ending in 2015 (i.e. when the LIGO facility, the design and principles of operation of which are a close copy of the construction and work of the "telepathic pyramid", accomplished a first in modern times success in intercepting "telepathic waves" and in transformation of these "telepathic waves" into a form that can be analysed by people). In turn, item #C2.1 from my other web page named free_energy.htm describes, among others, a fierce battle, which rages on Earth in the matter of building a functioning telepathyser, and that is carried out by two external forces, the first of which is the force representing "good", thus which is trying to help, guide, and properly direct the people, while the second force representing "evil", is trying to deceive, stop, obstruct, cheat, direct people into a blind alley, etc. The effects of this battle noticeably affect every person, the fate of whom is in any way intertwined with the effort of building a working telepathyser on Earth.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#L1. Summary of this web page:

       The purpose of existence of people is to learn how to get to know the universe around us, and also to learn how then utilise this knowledge for such shaping this world that it is the most beneficial for all these who live in it. In turn this learning about the world is not effective if we approach it with wrong assumptions. Therefore the most vital goal, and perhaps also the most vital accomplishement if this web page, is to present much better than previously assumptions in our seeing of the world that surrounds us.

#L2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L3. I would suggest to return periodically to this web page in order to check further improvements in descriptions of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provided here:

       The scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, which is presented on this web page, is very complex and lengthy. Not without valid reasons it is also named the "theory of everything". After all, only the presentation of the "pure" part of it in my newest monograph [1/5] occupies two large volumes. Added to this should be several further volumes which present "applied" aspects of it (e.g. the utilisation of it for the construction of propelling devices, devices for telepathic communication, or generators of so-called "free energy"). Thus, the summarising of so complex and so large theory in just the size of a single (this) web page, and in addition the explaining it in words enough simple to be also understandable to laymen, is a very difficult task. I am not able to accomplish this task in just a single writing session, but I must thing over the matter of possibly the most understandable presentation of this theory, and then gradually improve my writing for a long period of time. Therefore, whatever is presented on this web page today, is not yet the final version of the internet descriptions of this theory. In future this web page will be periodically improved and simplified, while the content of it will be made increasingly more understandable to even laymen. So I am inviting to visit this web page again at some stage in the future, in order to check how the matters included into its content are explained then.
       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at addresses: (posts from #89 = i.e. from 2006/11/11) (posts from #293 = i.e. from 2018/2/23) (posts from #293 = i.e. from 2018/3/16)
All posts to blogs of totalizm (almost each one of which is translated and published again in English) are also available in my publication [13] which is disseminated free of charge via the web page named tekst_13.htm.
       Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages. On the blogs many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#L4. The author of this web page (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk):

       I have a pleasure to inform readers of my web pages, that to commemorate the 70th birthday of the author of this web page (i.e. myself), there was produced and published around 35 minutes long film by Dominik Myrcik, which since May 2016 is available for free viewing in The film is entitled "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and it presents graphically most important among my scientific accomplishments. The English-language version of this video can be viewed at the address, or run it from my "videos' playlist" web page named djp.htm that I have programmed for "smart" Korean TVs of LG manufacture, or for PCs using the "Google Chrome" search engine. I am inviting readers to view it. The working green links, internet addresses, promotional leaflets in three languages, and complete descriptions of all three language versions (i.e. English - see, German (auf Deutsch) - see, and Polish (po polsku) - see of this excellently designed and produced HD and HQ film, are available on my web page named portfolio.htm - which was especially prepared for describing the film.
       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching.

#L5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#L6. Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pająk:

       Copyrights © 2020 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Majority of ideas and presentations providedd on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents a number of ideas, inventions, theories, illustrations, tables, etc., which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the moral credit and copyrights for the scientific theories, discoveries and inventions, photographs, illustrations, tables, etc., mentioned or utilised on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, explanation, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, discovery, invention, photograph, illustration, table, etc.), the repeating person revealed and confirmed who is the original author of this idea (means, as it is used in creative circles, the repeating person provided a full moral "credit" and recognition to the author of this web page), through a clear explanation that a given idea is repeated from the web page authorised by Dr Jan Pajak, through indication of the internet address of this web page under which this idea was originally explained, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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