Tornados in "a priori" interpretations of the "totaliztic science"
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12 August 2013

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From the everyday life we know, that if we are to learn the "entire truth" about any phenomenon or object, then we must examine it thoroughly from all possible points of view and from all possible angles. After all, viewing something from just a single direction allows to learn at most a half of truth on the subject of it - as an illustrative example consider looking at a person from only a back view. On the other hand, in our official life we uncritically accept that the so-called "atheistic orthodox science" to-date (means the official science which we learn in schools and at universities) describes everything to us just from a single point of view - which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from causes to effects"). So in order to indicate here how "incomplete truth" this science is revealing to us, and also in order to realise benefits from learning a "complete truth", on this web page is presented an alternative picture of a highly destructive phenomenon called "tornado", prepared from an opposite to the official science point of view called "a priori" - from which at the reality that surrounds us looks the new "totaliztic science". In turn, by revealing to us benefits from such an alternative look at "tornadoes", this web page reveals also how different and how beneficial outcomes can provide to us also a similar alternative look at all other phenomena and other objects from the reality that surrounds us.
       The alternative look at "tornadoes" from the point of view of the new "totaliztic science" - as described here, reveals that tornadoes actually are just "tools" with the aid of which wise God "corrects morality in immoral individuals and communities" - doing this in a manner which does NOT take away from them the so-called "free will". In turn the knowledge what really are tornadoes, allows these people who know, to effectively defend themselves against such cataclysms - for a method of this defence see item #J1 below, while for an example of outcomes of such a defence see item #I3 on the web page day26.htm. Most convincing proof for the God's origins of tornadoes, in my opinion is the one indicated below in item #C2.

Part #A: Introductory information about this web page:


#A1. Goals of this web page:

       The goal of this web page is to present and to explain "tornadoes" from the approach to research which by the philosophies is called "a priori" (i.e. "from the cause to effects"). It explains tornadoes from a completely opposite prospective than it is done by the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date (i.e. by the official human science which is taught in schools and at universities). This opposite approach "a priori" allows, amongst others, to provide an answer to a hugely important for people question "why" tornadoes hit specific people and communities? In this way it allows, amongst others, to develop effective methods of defence against tornadoes - of the type of methods described in "part #J" of this web page. On the other hand, the official "atheistic orthodox science" to-date explains tornadoes only from "a posteriori" approach to research (means only "from the effect to causes"). In turn this approach allows only to provide an answer to the question "how" tornadoes destroy?, without allowing to answer "why?" In this way, the old science overlooks many characteristics of this disastrous phenomenon - amongst others also these ones which would allow people to effectively defend themselves from destructive consequences of tornadoes.

#A2. Questions replied in the content of this web page:

       The review of this web page reveals to the reader a knowledge about "tornados", which is alternative to the explanation disseminated so-far by the "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. by the official human science) about these highly destructive weather phenomena. For example, the reader receives, amongst others, replies to the following questions, which the official science was unable to provide so-far (detailed explanations of these replies are provided in the content of this web page):
       0. "Why" tornadoes hit one people while go around others?
       1. Why "tornadoes" contain build-in evidence which allows to explain the mechanism of their formation simultaneously in as many as 3 different manners? (This is because only when there is a choice of many explanations for the same phenomenon, people maintain their "free will" which becomes a motor for their "progress of knowledge".)
       2. How the mechanism of "tornadoes" can be explained, when for the "source" of this destructive phenomenon is recognised to be: (1) the action of "blind weather phenomena", (2) technical action of an advanced intelligence (e.g. "UFOnauts"), (3) the Act of God, and (4) immoral behaviours of people.
       3. What benefits bring to people the learning of all three mechanisms of tornadoes formation? (E.g. if the behaviours or arrivals of tornadoes cannot be predicted from the knowledge of one amongst these mechanisms, e.g. from (1) the work of weather phenomena, then the same behaviours or arrivals of tornadoes can be predicted from both different mechanisms, e.g. from (2) our knowledge of UFO propulsion systems, or (3) from our knowledge of morality. In this way our defence against tornadoes becomes similar to the healing of illnesses, when this healing can be accomplished NOT only with the conventional orthodox medicine, but also with numerous "alternative medicines and pharmaceuticals" and sometimes even with "miraculous healings".)
       4. What is the principle on which tornados are formed technically? (This principle boils down to intercepting and narrowing down a "low-pressure whirl of counter-matter" by a powerful magnetic field of e.g. Magnocrafts or "UFO vehicles".)
       5. Why tornados display two entirely different types of "funnels"? (Long, non-transparent "funnels" with smooth and clear boundaries are formed when tornados are formed through squeezing whirls of counter-matter through a propulsor which has the "S" magnetic pole directed to the ground. In turn short, transparent "funnels" with ragged boundaries are formed when to the ground is directed the "N" magnetic pole of such propulsor - see illustrations on this web page.)
       6. Why on the northern hemisphere tornados always spin "counter-clockwise", while on the southern hemisphere they always spin "clockwise"? (On both hemispheres tornados are "simulated" in such a manner as if they are formed by the same "low-pressure whirl of counter-matter" which is penetrating through the centre of Earth. Thus, the exit of this whirl on the northern hemisphere for onlookers looks as if it spins "counter-clockwise", while on the southern hemisphere this exit looks as if it spins "clockwise".)
       7. How to recognise tornados that are so simulated as if they are induced technologically? (In item #E4 of this web page an "algorithm" is provided which allows such a recognition with the accuracy of 95.8%.)
       5. Why paths of tornados display close relationship with directions of Earth magnetism, and usually look as if they are piloted intelligently? (Movements of tornados must fulfil limitations and capabilities of principles of magnetic flights in the Earth's magnetic field - described by principles on which the Magnocrafts fly.)
       9. Why destructions from tornadoes display close relationship with "moralities" of victims - as this is explained in item #B5 of the web page named seismograph.htm? (Because God uses tornadoes as a "mechanism for correcting human philosophy and morality".)
       10. How people can effectively defend themselves from "tornadoes" and from other "cataclysms"? (Such a defence is simple - it depends on embracing the philosophy of totalizm - for details see items #J1 below on this web page.)

#A3. The message that I try to express via this web page:

       This web page is a kind of condensed encyclopaedia of alternative knowledge about the mechanism of formation of tornados, and about their most vital attributes. In spite that this is an "alternative" knowledge in comparison to the knowledge disseminated "officially" by present scientific institutions, everything that this web page describes, coincides exactly with facts witnessed and recorded empirically. Thus in current times the mechanisms and principles of tornados' formation explained here are as advanced and correct as one can get them in present intellectual climate on the Earth.
       This web page describes, amongst others, a method of scientific identification whether a given tornado subjected to analyses was "simulated" as if it was formed technologically by a UFO vehicle. The ambition of this method is to make it so simple, that qualifying a given tornado to a category of tornados displaying attributes of being formed technologically by UFOs could be carried out by a complete layman. Simultaneously - such lifting up the reliability of it above the present accuracy of 95.8%, that the outcome of qualifying a tornado is almost absolutely sure. Therefore, on this web page the essence of this method was presented in item #E4 below in a form of a very simple "algorithm", which is just to be completed in order to receive a qualifying of a tornado under consideration. The information which on this web page proceeds item #E4, is mainly for explaining principles and phenomena with the use of which Magnocrafts and UFO vehicles can generatie tornados technically. Thus, they also explain the theory behind this method, the level of reliability of it, and also illustrate the attributes of tornados and attributes of UFOs that are implemented in this method.

#A4. The history of this web page:

       The history of this web page is a reflection of views of the author of it. Until the year 2007 the author believed, that e.g. the planet Earth is secretly occupied by vehicles of some civilisation that is hostile to humans, and that in present days is called "UFOnauts". So when in May 2005 the author discovered, that "tornadoes" described here in fact contain a body of evidence which documents, amongst others, that tornadoes are generated technically by UFO vehicles - i.e. the set of evidence described in "part #E" of this web page, then he prepared a first version of this web page. That first version had the content which corresponds, amongst others, with the present "part #E" of this web page.
       But in the year 2007 the author discovered that "UFOs actually are just simulations of God". Then the author discovered, that such a "simulation" of UFO vehicles by God is aimed at a more effective corrections of human morality. In turn a best tools of God for correcting human morality are various cataclysms (including "tornadoes"), catastrophes, ill-fates, etc. These completely new philosophical horizons caused, that in May of 2011 this web page was re-edited onto its "second version" - in which the reader sees it at present.

Part #B: Two approaches to scientific research - what are their differences and what they lead to:


#B1. The approach to research called "a posteriori" (i.e. "from effects to causes") practiced by the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, versus the approach to research called "a priori" (i.e. "from the cause to effects") practiced by the new "totaliztic science":

       From the everyday life we learned, that in order to get to know something sufficiently well, we need to examine it at least from two different directions, approaches, or points of view. This is because if we examine it from just a single direction, approach, or point of view, then at the most we can see no more than a half of the "truth" on the subject of it. For example, looking at a building just from a single side, e.g. from the front, we still do NOT know what hides on the back. In turn, if e.g. in our judgements we ignore the commandments of the Bible explained in item #C5 from the web page named bible.htm and we listen to only claims of one side, e.g. accused, while we ignore e.g. reports of eye witnesses or victims, then every accused turns out for us to be just an innocent victim. Of course, this truth of life, that if we examine something just from a single point of view, then we learn at the most a half of "truth" on the subject of it, relates to absolutely everything, including scientific research - as more comprehensively this is illustrated and justified in explanations from item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and in item #C1 from the web page named telekinetics.htm.
       Philosophers are teaching us since a long time, that we can have two drastically different approaches to scientific research. These approaches are called (1) "a priori" (means "from the cause to effects") and (2) "a posteriori" (means "from effect to causes"). However, our official human science to-date, which some people are calling the "atheistic orthodox science", researchers everything exclusively from one approach only, namely from "a posteriori" approach. Such researching of the reality from just this one point of view results from the "founding assumption" that the official science took in past, and that in the science is known under the name of the "Occam's razor". (This "founding assumption" of the official human science to-date is described more comprehensively in items #F1.1 and #F2 of the web page named god_exists.htm.) Unfortunately, when looking at everything from just a single "a posteriori" approach, the official human science to-date is able to detect and to describe just at the most a half of truth about the reality that surrounds us. The remaining "half of truth" of this reality must be discovered and described during a completely opposite "a priori" approach to research.
       In 1985 the author of this web page had the honour to develop a completely new scientific theory, which since then is disseminated throughout the world under the name of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The extraordinary attribute of this theory is that, amongst others, it provided scientific and philosophical foundations for a completely opposite than so-far approach to scientific research, namely for "a priori" approach - means "from the most general cause to all effects". In this way the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provided also scientific foundations for the initiation of completely new science, later named the "totaliztic science". This science researches the surrounding reality from that most general "a priori" approach. The reason for which this Concept of Dipolar Gravity opened for the new science that opposite than so-far "a priori" approach to research, is that it formally and scientifically has proven that God does exist. The same it also has proven that God is the most superior cause of everything that we can perceive in the surrounding reality". In this way the Concept of Dipolar Gravity created philosophical foundations for the "competitive" towards the official human science to-date, new science called the "totaliztic science", which researches the surrounding reality from that most general "a priori" approach, means from the approach "from God as a most superior cause of everything, to the surrounding reality that represents effects of actions, goals, and intentions of God". This new "totaliztic science" actually exists already since 1985. Only that so-far it is NOT recognised officially. This science already has even its official textbook, which is my newest monograph [1/5]. Also, almost all web pages which I authorise, including this one, represent its "a priori" approach to research, means represent already the beginning of the "scientific accomplishments" of that new "totaliztic science".
       In the situation when already two different sciences do exist, namely the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date which researches everything from "a posteriori" approach, and the new "totaliztic science" which researches everything from "a priori" approach, it is good to know differences in interpretations of various phenomena by these two opposite sciences. Therefore, this web page is going to concentrate on presentation of differences in scientific interpretations by these two sciences the commonly known phenomenon such as "tornadoes". After all, as we already know, tornadoes appear in practically every corner of the world, potentially including in this number also the place in which the reader lives. (For example, a tornado appeared even in the city of Wrocław in Poland, where previously no-one ever heard about it - as I am describing it in item #E2 of the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm and in item #H3 below. It also appeared in Auckland, New Zealand, where it equally surprised victims of it - for details see item #H5 here below on this web page.)
       At this point I should emphasize, that the scientific "a priori" approach to research of the secular "totaliztic science" must NOT be confused with the "religious approach". After all, if someone defines the learning approach of religions, then such a definition would state something along the lines religion is an institution that limits its inquiry efforts mainly to collecting and interpreting ancient divine revelations, so that then it can organize public sessions of increasingly more spectacular worshiping of God, after which it uses these sessions to increase the number of its followers over which this religion has an economic power, by telling these followers, that only its way of worshiping God reassures their salvation and other benefits which, however, are to be available only in afterlife. On the other hand, a similar definition of the "totaliztic science" would state something completely different, namely that the "totaliztic science" is a secular approach to empirical research of the surrounding reality in order to improve the quality of this physical life of people as well as acquire for them benefits in afterlife, in which approach everything (including also God) is researched objectively with the use of experiments and scientific tools that already are verified in long-term applications and that are exactly the same tools as these used also by the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. In other words, the "totaliztic science" displays almost all the same attributes, uses almost the same tools, and sets for itself almost the same goals, as the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. Only that, otherwise to this old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, the new "totaliztic science" investigates everything from "a priori" approach to research, thus acknowledges the scientific proofs for the existence and activities of God, and also acknowledges that God is the most superior cause of everything, and thus the entire reality around us represents effects of the God's actions in the implementation of His goals and intentions. As such, the new "totaliztic science" cannot be even roughly compared to religions, which are based mainly on subjective revelations, instead of objective tools of science, while which goals limit themselves mainly to worshipping God and to acquiring benefits in afterlife, instead of e.g. objective and thorough researching and getting to know God as well as researching and getting to know the "counter-world" in which God resides, so that in this way the quality of physical life and afterlife could be improved both simultaneously.
       The topic of official establishing of the new "totaliztic science" that would be acknowledged as the "competition" and "extension" to the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, is immensely important for the entire our civilisation. In fact, on this establishing depends whether our civilisation manages to climb onto the higher level of development, or rather freezes its progress on the present level. Therefore, this topic is reminded and discussed from various points of view in a whole range of totaliztic web pages and monographs. Independently from this web page, and also from the indicated above item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm and item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, the same topic is also discussed e.g. in items #F1 to #F4 of the web page god_exists.htm, in item #A4 of the web page named god_proof.htm, in item #C5 of the web page named bible.htm, in item #J2 of the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, in item #A2 of the web page named healing.htm, and on several further web pages and publications of totalizm.

#B2. What are "tornadoes":

       The name tornado is used for describing a murderous whirling wind, which displays the force of destruction even greater than that of dynamite. Many buildings hit by a tornado simply explode. The power of tornado is also able to suck into the air people that try to hide from it e.g. in cellars. The unusual attribute of "tornadoes" is, that in their destructive rampage they display a selectiveness, moral judgement, and intelligence.
       In Poland tornados used to be called "air trumpets" (i.e. "trąby powietrzne"). I also have heard that an old Polish folklore name for them was the "dancing devil" (i.e. "tańcujący diabeł"). In turn old English name for them was "wind devil". The reason for these names was, that in old days people were also aware, that many tornados intentionally display with their intelligent attributes and behaviours, that they are formed by what today we call "UFO vehicles". In turn UFO vehicles and UFOnauts in those old days were called "devils". Unfortunately, the present "atheistic orthodox science" uses also for tornadoes their "Occam's razor" and pretends that it does NOT see this intelligence and technical aspects in behaviours and in destructions caused by tornadoes.

#B3. How "tornadoes" are interpreted by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date from its "a posteriori" approach to research:

       As everyone is probably aware, the present "atheistic orthodox science" ignores the possibility that God really exists. Thus, orthodox scientists insist on the stand that "all tornadoes are exclusively weather phenomena, which are formed in a natural manner". Such a stand of scientists is intentionally reinforced by God - according to the principle described in item #A2.2 of the web page totalizm.htm, which states that "every intellect (e.g. every individual person, every community, every scientific discipline, etc.) always receives from God confirmations for beliefs that this intellect is using as a basis for its behaviour or actions". According to this principle, for a significant proportion of tornadoes (if not for all of them) God must really give all attributes of a "natural randomness" to increase in this way the impression amongst people that tornadoes are products of "untamed nature" - and thus reinforce the action of the so-called "canon of ambiguity". (The "canon of ambiguity" is explained in ore details in items #C2 and #A2 of the web page named will.htm.) However, all thoroughly documented tornadoes which I researched so-far, always turned out to fulfil requirements and conditions described in item #C2 below, i.e. they always incorporate into themselves NOT only attributes which suggest that they can be products of "untamed nature", but also (amongst others) attributes which document that they could be "formed technologically by UFO vehicles", and attributes which document that they are actually "instruments of God's Acts".

#B4. How "tornadoes" are interpreted by the new "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research:

       In the light of to-date findings of the "totaliztic science", God has one major goal for which He created and maintains the humanity. This goal is the "pursue of knowledge". Thus, in very simple words we could state that God "eats" knowledge - means eats the "product of human minds", similarly like human minds "eat" flesh - means eat the product of bodies of animals, in turn like bodies of animals eat the organic mass - means eat the product of lives of vegetation, and like vegetation eat nutrients - means eat products of the existence of minerals. This major goal of God is already explained and justified relatively thoroughly in a number of totaliztic publications. (For their examples see subsections A7 and A3.1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], or see item #F1 of the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm, items #B1 and #B2 of the web page named will.htm, or item #C2 of the web page named humanity.htm.) Therefore, on this web page this goal of God does NOT require further elaboration.
       In order to be able to effectively accomplish His goal, i.e. to be able to effectively "generate knowledge" with the help of people, God is forced to make sure that the humanity fulfils a number of strict requirements and conditions. For example, people must have the so-called "free will", i.e. the right to form and to maintain own opinion on every subject, and to act according to that opinion. (In turn, for people to be able to maintain such own opinion, everything that God does must be "ambiguous" and must be explainable on many different ways simultaneously - so that it could induce discussions, confrontations of opinions, seeking the truth, creative searches, etc.) Furthermore, on everyday basis people must practice love towards everything and avoid hatred. After all, the "pursue of knowledge" is related to "building" of something, in turn only those people who love others, love nature, and love God are able to build. (Those who hate are only able to "destroy" instead of "building".) Also people must practice a special kind of everyday philosophy, which induces curiosity in them, which inspires the creativity, motivates to abandon hatred and to practice love towards everything, which eliminates the laziness, induces the thirst for knowledge, fights lies, promotes morality, etc. - means people must practice the so-called philosophy of totalizm.
       In order to continually keep the humanity in the state which fulfils all these strict requirements and conditions that allow to effectively "generate knowledge", God controls the development and actions of people with the use of a range of tools. One amongst such "tools of God" are phenomena known under the general name of "cataclysms" - to which are also included "tornadoes". Thus, all such phenomena we can define as follows: "tornadoes" (as well as all other cataclysms and misfortunes which affect people) are simply "tools of God" which allow for the selective and precise "corrections of the philosophy and morality", and also for the "return of karma", in designated people and in so-called "group intellects", without the simultaneous breaking their "free will". Tornadoes (as well as all other cataclysms and misfortunes) allow to accomplish this effect of "correcting the philosophy and morality" or "returning karma" without a simultaneous breaking someone's "free will", because God always "organises" and "serves" them in such a manner, that their origins can be interpreted on many different ways - and thus their appearance fulfils the abovementioned so-called "canon of ambiguity". Moreover, they allow to selectively eliminate these individual people or these communities, which practice highly immoral philosophy of parasitism - the spread of which would make impossible for God to accomplish His superior goals and intentions. (What exactly is the mechanism of this "correcting the philosophy and morality" through selective destruction of properties of designated people or through taking their lives with cataclysms, including e.g. "tornadoes", is explained more thoroughly in items #B4 and #B5 of the web page named seismograph.htm.)

Part #C: Reasons and consequences of this "incorporating in tornadoes the body of evidence which documents simultaneously several different mechanisms of their formation":


#C1. In order people "generated knowledge", a number of conditions must be fulfilled, the key to which is the possibility to explain everything on many different ways:

       Let us imagine what would happen if each time when God does NOT approve someone's behaviour, He would appear in clouds and hit the culprit with lightning bolts. Well, in such a situation people would immediately suppress in themselves the curiosity about the surrounding world and cease the "pursue of knowledge". After all, they would be afraid to offend God and to receive a treatment with lightning bolts. Therefore, in order people could freely "generate knowledge", it is necessary to fulfil a whole range of strict conditions, such as giving to them the "free will" (see item #B4 above), implementation of every God's Act in such a way that it fulfils the so-called "canon of ambiguity" mentioned already in item #B3 above, maintaining in people the tradition of love to everything, etc. In turn, the key to fulfilment of all these conditions, is such implementation of all phenomena that every person can interpret them on his or her own way - depending on views that he or she adheres to. Therefore, no matter of what God would do, He always must do it in such a manner that it incorporates into outcomes attributes which allow the effect of God's action to be explained simultaneously on many different ways. How God does this, it is explained in next item #C2 below.

#C2. Tornadoes (and everything else that God manifests) God always forms in such a manner that a body of evidence is embedded into it for at least three different mechanisms of their formation, namely for their origins as the (1) outcome of work of a "blind nature", (2) outcome of work of some hostile intelligence (e.g. UFOnauts), and (3) outcome of the Act of God - while in phenomena susceptible to human influence, God writes also a further origin (4), i.e. that these are outcomes of immoral activities or behaviours of people:

       Tornados, and also all other phenomena of our physical world, of course can have just one origin (source) and only a single mechanism of formation. The "atheistic orthodox science" to-date claims that this only source and mechanism are phenomena of "untamed nature". In turn the new "totaliztic science" with its "a priori" approach to research, states that the primary "cause" of all phenomena is God, but human sciences must still discover what mechanisms this God really uses for implementing subsequent phenomena. The point is, that in order to be able to accomplish His superior goal of the "pursue of knowledge", in almost everything that God does He must fulfil the so-called "canon of ambiguity" already mentioned in items #B3 and #C1 of this web page. Therefore, almost never is in God's interest to reveal to people what are true mechanisms of formation of subsequent phenomena of our physical world. After all, for many phenomena of the physical world, the accomplishment of superior goals and intentions of God requires that God "simulates" and inserts into these phenomena various additional attributes which suggest supposedly different mechanisms of their origins than mechanisms which God really uses to form them. Of course, by accepting the "Occam's razor" and by taking the "founding assumption" that "there is NO God", the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date has NO philosophical basis for researching whether mechanisms of formation of e.g. "tornadoes" as the weather phenomena are true mechanism, or just such "simulations" of God aimed at the inducing of more effective "pursue of knowledge". But the "totaliztic science" is NOT limited neither by the "Occam's razor" nor by the assumption that "God does NOT exist". Therefore the "totaliztic science" can research which mechanisms of e.g. "tornadoes" formations God just "simulates", and which ones are true mechanisms of formation of tornadoes.
       Findings of the "totaliztic science" accomplished along the above line of thinking, indicate that e.g. when implementing any "tornado", God intentionally incorporates into it as many as 4 different groups of attributes, which suggest simultaneously as many as 4 different mechanisms of tornadoes' formation. Thus, in every tornado are inserted attributes which document its (1) "natural" origins as a weather phenomenon, (2) origins in the result of action of hostile towards people intelligent beings that have UFO vehicles in their disposal, and (3) formation by God as a tool for "correcting the philosophy and morality of selected people and so-called 'group intellects' " (e.g. entire cities). But because tornadoes are also susceptible to human activities, thus in addition to the above, God writes also in them several attributes which suggest their indirect origin from (4) immoral human behaviours (i.e. in case of tornadoes - as a consequence of warming up of the climate as the outcome of uncontrolled fossil fuels burning). In other words, in spite that in fact every tornado is formed and controlled by God, all tornadoes display also the existence of evidence (inserted into them intentionally by God), which evidence documents simultaneously that the same tornado is a "weather phenomenon" and also that the same tornado was formed technically as the result of secretive action of a UFO vehicle, and as the result of immoral burning fossil fuels by people that causes warming up of the Earth’s climate. Similar four categories of evidence can be found in practically every other cataclysm that has some link to immoral activities of humans. For examples of these categories that are present in other kinds of cataclysms, it is worth to have a look at item #G2 from the totaliztic web page named quake.htm, or at item #J1 from the web page named plague.htm.
       It is worth to notice, that in order to display so many different sets of attributes by a single phenomena of tornadoes, really means that their true origin must be God. (E.g. people have difficulties with inserting two sets of attributes into one event that they cause - consider how difficult is to carry out an undetectable criminal "framing", or consider the fact that in the final count activities of foreign "agents" are always detected, described in history books, judged by conscience of nations, and thus they impact the global perception of the nation that issued them with given orders.) Thus, the existence in practically every tornado the above 4 sets of attributes, is a proof for the origins of tornadoes from the true Acts of God.
       The embedding of evidence for 3 or 4 different mechanisms of formation into every destructive phenomena, as explained above, is of an immense evidential and scientific value to the new "totaliztic science" which discovered it as the outcome of my research efforts. For this reason, it is emphasized in several publications of this new "totaliztic science". For example, it is explained in item #G2 from the web page named quake.htm, in items #C2, #J1, #J2 and #K2 and in the caption under "Fig. #D8" from the web page day26.htm, in item #J1 from the web page named plague.htm, in item #I1 of the web page named tapanui.htm, in items #B2 and #J1 from the web page named landslips.htm, and also in several further totaliztic web pages and publications.

#C3. Due to a simultaneous embedement into tornadoes as many as three sets of different attributes, when one amongst these sets fails our attempts to predict "when" and "where" tornadoes hit, both other sets of these attributes still allow to effectively defend us against tornadoes:

       The fact that every tornado contains simultaneously as many as 3 different sets of attributes, supplies to people tools for effective defence against tornadoes already at the present level of our knowledge. After all, if for example our "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is hopeless because does NOT know yet how to predict "where" and "when" tornadoes are to hit, then it is enough to ask the same question to the new "totaliztic science". After all, instead of limiting the analysis of tornadoes exclusively to weather phenomena, the "totaliztic science" can predict their attributes e.g. on the basis of its knowledge of "morality". This is because according to the "totaliztic science" tornadoes hit exclusively people and "group intellects" which practice the highly immoral so-called philosophy of parasitism - for more information see item #B5 from the web page named seismograph.htm. In turn if these "moral premises" still for someone are insufficient to effectively defend against tornadoes, then the "totaliztic science" can additionally benefit from the parallel presence in tornadoes also attributes that document their technological formation by UFO vehicles. Thus equally effectively this science can e.g. begin to determine the trajectories of tornadoes on the basis of principles of flights and manoeuvres of Magnocrafts (means the Earth's versions of UFOs). In turn when we analyse tornadoes as products of work of UFOs, we can learn a whole range of their attributes listed in item #E6 of this web page, for example we can learn that tornadoes always follow the magnetic meridian - this after seeing a tornado allows to predict where it is to hit next. In addition, the "totaliztic science" can e.g. utilise its knowledge about "telepathic signals" generated by tornadoes, thus building devices described in item #J2 of this web page, which are to warn people that a tornado is just coming.
       In such a use of a wide range of methods and principles for defending people against destructive tornadoes, the "totaliztic science" is NOT an exception. Exactly the same approach is also used in healing of people. After all, if an illness cannot be healed by the "atheistic orthodox medicine", then usually the ill person tries different approaches to healing, including prayers for a miracle and the so-called "alternative medicines". Also many people whom this "atheistic orthodox medicine" is unable to heal, is healed just either by some miracle, or by one amongst these alternative medicines. Thus, nothing stands against (apart for the absolute monopole for knowledge of our official science) that such different methods of defence from tornadoes are introduced into life according to recommendations of the "totaliztic science".

#C4. In order people are able to benefit from methods of defence against tornadoes, which are stemming from our learning of these three mechanisms of tornadoes' formation embedded in each one of them, it is necessary that firstly the "totaliztic science is officially established and recognised and that its findings are implemented in our everyday life:

       The previous item reveals how highly beneficial for people is the fact, that in every tornado God embeds simultaneously three sets of attributes which prove three different mechanisms of their formation. After all, this embedment allows already now to defend effectively from tornadoes. But it turns out, that it is NOT the only benefit which stems from it. Further benefits include, amongst others, also the fact that such existence in every tornado as many as three sets of attributes simultaneously, is also a proof of correctness of the "totaliztic science", as well as the proof of erroneousness of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. This in turn provides the humanity with an official justification for undertaking a procedure of establishing the "totaliztic science" and granting to it the same rights and privileges as so-far enjoyed only the "atheistic orthodox science".
       The urging factor the initiate this procedure fast, is the awareness that, unfortunately, the benefits from the presence in every tornado such evidence for 3 different mechanisms of its origins, cannot be riped by people for as long, until the humanity officially establishes this "totaliztic science" and until findings of this science begin to be implemented in practice. In other words, in order people are able to effectively defend themselves against tornadoes (and also against all other cataclysms), firstly the humanity must initiate the official recognition, financing, and the same serious treatment, as many as two mutually "competitive" sciences, namely (1) the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, and (2) the new "totaliztic science" - as more comprehensively this is explained, amongst others, in items #B1, #K3, and #L1 of this web page, as well as in item #C1 of the different web page named telekinetics.htm.

#C5. Only tornadoes formed by omnipotent God may contain in themselves attributes which document simultaneously three different mechanisms of their formation - thus the existence in tornadoes these attributes is another proof for the existence of God (and thus also for the erroneousness of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date):

       There are also further benefits from learning the fact, that every tornado contains in itself at least three sets of attributes which provide evidence for simultaneous formation of it by as many as three different mechanisms. One amongst these further benefits is the fact that only omnipotent God is able to so form tornadoes, that they contain embedded these three sets of attributes simultaneously. This in turn means that tornadoes are another proof for the existence of God which proof adds to a long list of similar proofs described on the web page named god_proof.htm.

#C6. Still further benefits stemming from the presence in tornadoes attributes that document simultaneously three different mechanisms of their formation:

       The embedment in tornadoes attributes which prove simultaneously several different mechanisms of the formation of these cataclysmic phenomena, introduces also a whole array of further benefits. Let us indicate here at least the most obvious examples of these.
       - Evidential support of searches for truth of people with different than official views. Thus, it supports discussions, creative searches, fight for truth, progress of knowledge, and in the final count - the development of humanity.
       - Revealing the definition of "human intelligence" that is recognised by God. Human scientists introduced a multitude of definitions for the concept of "intelligence", and equally countless indicators of the "level of someone's intelligence". But all of these have one thing in common - namely they all do NOT work in real life. For example, many orthodox scientists consider the test for "IQ" to be an indicator of the "level of someone's intelligence". But we simultaneously know that we can "teach" present computers how they should pass this test. Thus for example such a computer containing a program capable of passing the "IQ" test, according to criteria of present "atheistic orthodox science" would turn to be the "most intelligent creature on the Earth" - what, of course" is an absolute rubbish and nonsense. On the other hand, the "goal" of creation of the humanity by God - confirmed (amongst others) by attributes of tornadoes (which the goal revealed by the philosophy of totalizm turns out to be the "pursue of new knowledge"), reveals how God defines the "human intelligence". According to this definition of God, someone's "intelligence" is the ability of a given person to generate completely new knowledge in real circumstances that prevail on the Earth during the time of life of that person. In other words, "intelligence is the ability to generate some form of knowledge unknown earlier by other people. According to this definition,. the most intelligent person of to-date ages is Bill Gates - because the "Microsoft" which he established and led for a long time, generated the biggest amount of earlier unknown knowledge in the to-date history of the Earth. (Interestingly, that while being from the God's definition the "most" intelligent person of to-date history, Bill Gates simultaneously was an "university drop-out" - see the article "It can pay to be a university drop-out", which was published on the web page B3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Monday, April 18, 2011. This in turn proves how unable to induce "intelligence" are present educational systems and present universities.) In turn these thousands of present scientists from today universities have one amongst lowest levels of intelligence on the Earth, because instead of "generating new knowledge", in fact they are preoccupied exclusively with repetitive "munching" the old knowledge that was learned by the humanity long ago - for more details see item #G4 of the web page named eco_cars.htm.
       - Fighting arrogance, revealing errors and imperfections, spreading protection and care, etc. On yet another area, tornadoes maintain people in discipline and fear. Thus they contribute towards fighting human arrogance, accepting different views, change of philosophy, taking notice of natural environment, etc., etc.
       To summarise the above, I would state, that without tornadoes the world would look even worse than the present appearance of it - which already is very grim because of monopolistic influences from errors and deviations of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date.

#C7. So let us now learn these "three different interpretations for mechanisms of formation of tornadoes", which result from attributes embedded by God into every tornado that appears on the Earth:

       In order to be able to rip benefits that stems from the existence in tornadoes of these attributes which prove three different mechanisms of their origins, thus for example in order to be able to effectively defend ourselves from tornadoes, firstly we need to learn how in the light of the "totaliztic science" look like these 3 mechanisms of tornadoes' formation indicated in item #C2 above. Thus, in next three parts of this web page, i.e. in "part #D", "part #E" and "part #F", described are attributes of these three mechanisms of tornadoes' formation which God embeds into every tornado. So here they are:

Part #D: The interpretation of "tornadoes" by the "atheistic orthodox science" as "weather phenomena of untamed nature":


#D1. The mechanism of tornadoes' generation suggested by explanations of the "atheistic orthodox science":

       The "atheistic orthodox science" in fact has NOT yet a clear explanation for the mechanism of "tornadoes" formation. So far it describes origins of "tornadoes" from the point of view of their "symptoms" rather than their "causes" and "effects". Thus present official scientific descriptions of tornadoes are highly similar to medical descriptions of illnesses in ages when the medicine did NOT learn yet about the existence of viruses nor bacteria.
       According to present official scientific descriptions, tornadoes are outcomes of a dynamic clashing of masses of warm air with masses of cold air. Thus some present detection equipment, e.g. radars, are sometimes able to detect meteorological situations which may lead to the formation of a tornado. Unfortunately, this detection is still highly unreliable.
       Because explanations of the "atheistic orthodox science" for mechanisms of tornadoes' formation are extensively described in literature and in internet, there is NO need to additionally repeat these exaplantions here.

Part #E: Attributes and mechanisms of tornadoes which suggest that "tornadoes are formed technically by some advanced intelligence" (in present times called "UFOnauts", while in past called "devils"):


#E1. The mechanism of tornadoes formation must agree with the mechanism with which God forms weather:

       We all probably saw in television weather forecasts which revealed to us strange "low-pressure areas" that move along the surface of our planet causing the rotation of winds around the centre of low atmospheric pressure. Such areas of low pressure are easy to recognise e.g. in TV, because around them in the northern hemisphere of Earth winds always rotate counter-clockwise. In turn on southern hemisphere of Earth winds rotate around them in the clockwise direction. (This clock that is used to describe the direction of rotation of these winds must lie with its back on the ground and with its dial always directed towards the sky.) Furthermore, such low-pressure areas always bring bad, rainy and windy weather. In subsections H4.2 and LB1 from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of monograph [1/5] explained is the mechanism and phenomena which induce in the Earth's atmosphere such low-pressure areas. This mechanism is based on still rejected by our official (orthodox) science the relatively new "theory of everything" called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". (This "theory of everything" was developed in 1985, means over 20 years ago. It is published in volumes 4 and 5 of monograph [1/5].) According to it, the low pressure areas on Earth are formed because in a separate "counter-world" our globe is "penetrated through" in such areas with very long whirls formed from the substance called "counter-matter". These whirls assume the shape of closed loops. Illustratively they could be compared to gigantic snakes which spin around axes of rotation which run along their spine cords, while with their mouths they bite ends of their own tails - so they are formed into closed loops. Only that instead of flesh, these "snakes" are formed from counter-matter, means from an extraordinary substance which prevails in the separate counter-world. (The "counter-world" is another world which so-far was described only by religions, while orthodox science simply ignored the existence of it.) These whirls of counter-matter intercept and move particles of the air when they pass through the Earth's atmosphere. In this way they create huge circulations of the air called "low pressure areas" or low-pressure winds. Our "mother Earth" has a strict and always the same number of these whirls of counter-matter. They never disappear, nor are created, but only constantly change their position on Earth and their own diameter around which their counter-matter spins.
       An interesting consequence of this explanation of low-pressure areas on Earth as huge whirls of counter-matter curved into loops and penetrating through our planet, is that this explanation indicates a simple manner for controlling weather on Earth. For example, according to this manner, all what it takes to change the weather is to intercept such a whirl of counter-matter with a large vehicle propelled by a magnetic field, and then relocate this whirl into another area. (Such a vehicle that can intercept and relocate whirls of counter-matter can be a large UFO or a large Magnocraft.) In turn this relocating of a whirl must cause the change of weather in all areas affected by it. Even more interesting is that such whirls can also be intercepted by magnetic circuits of a large UFO vehicle, and then narrowed down to just several (or a hundred) meters. In case of just such narrowing down of a low-pressure whirl, the normally slow moving air that is propelled by this whirl accelerates significantly and receives huge velocities and power. In the result, this UFO vehicle (or a Magnocraft) which intercepted and narrowed down a given low-pressure whirl, forms a "technological tornado" from it. The tornado can then be directed onto a building which the crew of this UFO vehicle wishes to destroy. Of course, people who witness this tornado are unaware that it is NOT natural at all, but that it was formed technically by a UFO vehicle. After all, the UFO vehicle which generated it is hiding from people inside of a "cloud-UFO" from which this tornado emerges. So through creating such technological tornados UFOnauts are able to secretly destroy any object on Earth, while people have no clue what really hits them. There is about time that people learn how to distinguish such technological tornados formed by UFO vehicles, from natural tornados. This learning is possible because such tornados formed by UFOs must display a whole array of attributes, which have no rights to appear in natural tornados. These attributes result either from characteristics and principles of operation of UFO vehicles which control them, or from phenomena utilised by UFO vehicles for generating such technical tornados. For example, these tornados formed by UFOs always must have a "funnel", the appearance of which depends on the magnetic pole directed towards Earth in the main propulsor of the UFO vehicle which created them, they always emerge from a low-flying "cloud-UFO", always on their "funnels" characteristic offshoots shaped into "membranes" appear, also always their behaviour is "intelligent". The complete list and explanation of attributes which characterise these tornados induced technologically by UFO vehicles is presented in item #E6 of this web page.
       At this point I should mention that trajectories along which such low-pressure whirls of counter-matter are moving over our planet depend on the consistency of the nucleus of our planet. The problem is, that such whirls of counter-matter are able to move more easy during passing through Earth in planes where the nucleus of our planet is less compact or have cracks of some sort. In turn this tendency of such whirls to move along specific trajectories cause, that tornados are most easy for generating by UFOs in places where these whirls move faster and more frequently, and thus where it is easier to catch them near a required place. This is why in specific areas of the USA a so-called "tornado alley" does exist. Also because of this e.g. in Poland tornados are a rarity. (Above Poland UFOnauts are forced to await too long in order to catch a low-pressure whirl of counter-matter, as it must arrive to a given place from as far as Scandinavia. Thus usually they give up and carry out the intended destruction with different methods, e.g. through the use of floods.)
       The Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains also the theory and mechanism of formation of high-pressure areas on Earth, and also the theory behind the "high-pressure whirls of counter-matter" which control the behaviour of these high-pressure areas. In television one can recognise them mainly because the winds that they create circulate in directions that are opposite than in the low-pressure areas, means in counter-clockwise directions on the southern hemisphere of Earth, while in the clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere of Earth. Furthermore, the attribute of these high-pressure areas is that they bring a good and sunny weather. However, for UFOnauts there is a serious problem with utilisation of such "high-pressure whirls of counter-matter" for the formation of tornados. Namely in the centre of these whirls always prevails an excellent, cloudless weather, which shows blue sky from the horizon to horizon. So if in the centre of this blue cloudless sky unexpectedly a cloud shaped like a UFO would appear, from the centre of which a destructive tornado would strike, people would immediately realise that something is wrong there. After all, such a cloud would look equally suspicious as the one that I photographed above the parliament in New Zealand, and then show on the web page about cloud-UFOs. Therefore UFOnauts form tornados from these high-pressure whirls of counter-matter only in rare cases when they solve somehow the problem of hiding their UFO vehicle from the sight of people. Means for example in the middle of pitch-black, moonless night, or when they wish to form a "water tornado" or a "soil tornado" described in further part of this item. Therefore on this web page such high-pressure whirls of counter-matter are not going to be discussed in great details. But almost everything that is written here about the theory of low-pressure whirls of counter-matter relates also and remains valid to these high-pressure whirls. On Earth almost the only difference between these two whirls depends on the fact that they spin in opposite directions, and that in the centres of high-pressure areas always prevail this excellent, cloudless, and sunny weather. (Though, they differ significantly from each other in the counter-world, where their attributes and behaviours are almost opposite.)

#E2. Gradual movements of the air-whirls from west to east confirm that these whirls also propel the whirling motion of the Earth:

       If we watch the motion of these whirls of counter-matter along the surface of Earth, then it turns out that they gradually move from west towards east. In a best manner the motion of high-pressure and low-pressure whirls is visible on weather maps of New Zealand. These whirls move over there in weekly cycles, gradually approaching New Zealand from Australia, means from west, and then they move towards east. Because these whirls interact with the matter of the planet Earth, the direction of their slow motion along the surface of Earth documents that these are them that propel the rotational motion of our planet.
       From the present state of official human knowledge it is NOT known at all why the planet Earth is maintaining its whirling motion throughout thousands of years. After all, the whirling motion of Earth is continually dragged down by various force interactions, for example by the gravitational force of Moon, by friction forces of low-tides and high-tides, by interactions of solar magnetic field with the earth's magnetic field, by hits of meteorites, by friction of "cosmic winds" over the upper atmosphere, etc., etc. In the result of these numerous dragging forces, in fact the planet Earth should fast loose the energy of its rotational motion and with the elapse of time should stop rotating. But actually the Earth whirls continually with almost the same speed. This in turn means, that something propels its rotational motion. But present official science is NOT able to indicate for us, what is that factor which propels the rotation of Earth. This factor was only indicated by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. It is the system of these whirls of counter-matter which slowly move along the surface of Earth from west towards east, taking the Earth with them (and thus propelling the whirling motion of the Earth). In turn for these whirls being able to propel the Earth exactly in the manner which is defined by the Earthly calendars described, amongst others, in the Bible, someone highly intelligent must precisely fine tune their propelling force. Of course, this someone could be no-one else but God. In other words, the fact that the spinning motion of the Earth is propelled by these whirls of counter-matter exactly with the speed which is defined by calendars described in the Bible, is yet another amongst numerous items of physical evidence for the existence of God - which adds itself to the long list of such items of evidence presented on the totaliztic web page named god_proof.htm.
       Quite an interesting empirical proof exists, which indicates that someone intelligent (i.e. God) controls high-pressure and low-pressure whirls that propel the spinning motion of the Earth - so that this motion is agreeable with requirements of human calendar defined, amongst others, in the Bible. This empirical evidence is illustrated by the weekly cycles in the weather changes in New Zealand. Namely, if someone watches carefully changes of weather in New Zealand, then it turns out that the weather is ruled over there by weekly cycles. This practically means, that e.g. rainy days, and also sunny days, appear repetitively in New Zealand in the same days of week. (More information on the subject of links between the nature and "calendar cycles" is provided in items #C1 to #C8 from the totaliztic web page pigs.htm.)

#E3. The principle of technical formation of tornadoes:

       The manner with the use of which UFO vehicles intercept with their magnetic field the low-pressure whirls of counter-matter to form tornados, is illustrated in "Fig. #E1" below. It is based on the theoretical model of the whirls of counter-matter that describes atmospheric and water phenomena which occur on Earth. The theory of this model is presented comprehensively in subsections H4.2 and LB1 from volumes (respectively) 4 and 10 of monograph [1/5]. According to this theory, behind every motion of atmosphere and water on Earth, at the other end of gravity dipole hides an undetectable to our present instruments whirl of this extraordinary substance called "counter-matter". All that UFOnauts need to do in order to form a technological tornado, is to catch one of such whirls and to narrow it down to a small diameter. In order to catch and narrow it down, it is enough if a UFO vehicle forms on the path of such a whirl a kind of a "magnetic catcher" made of the magnetic field that surrounds this UFO. Notice, however, that only a half from the total number of whirls of counter-matter (i.e. all low-pressure whirls) in normal circumstances remain useful for such manipulations of UFOnauts. After all, high-pressure whirls do not allow to hide UFO vehicles in clouds, so that people are not able to see them. Therefore the previously discussed high-pressure whirls, means whirls which form on Earth areas of good weather and higher atmospheric pressure, typically are NOT intercepted by UFOs and narrowed down to sizes of tornados. But the low pressure whirls allow an easy hiding of UFO vehicles in layers of clouds that these whirls typically generate. Thus UFOnauts without problems hide UFO vehicles in these clouds when they narrow down these whirls to sizes of tornados.
       "Fig. #E1" below shows a course of force lines of the magnetic field that surrounds a single UFO vehicle oriented in so-called "standing position". (In this "standing position" the dome of a UFO vehicle is directed upward, while towards the ground is directed a flat floor of these vehicles. Another position that UFOs may also take is a "hanging position" in which UFOs fly "upside down".) As from this Figure is clearly visible, force lines of magnetic field that surrounds this UFO vehicle form a kind of a colossal "magnetic catcher". This catcher is simply a multitude of magnetic force lines of the UFO's magnetic field, which all converge exactly in the centre of this vehicle, passing through the clearance of the main propulsor. So, if such a colossal "magnetic catcher" formed from the UFO magnetic field, is "positioned" on the path of an incoming low-pressure whirl of counter-matter, then it collects together the counter-matter of this whirl and forces this counter-matter to pass through the main propulsor of the UFO. In the result, normally a huge low-pressure whirl with a small velocity of spinning, is then narrowed down to sizes of just a few (or a hundred) of meters. In turn the speed of spinning of this whirl grows to huge values. So such slow low-pressure whirl turns into a destructive tornado able to annihilate everything on its path. Of course, this tornado still spins in the same direction as the low-pressure whirl from which it was narrowed down, i.e. it spins counter-clockwise on the northern hemisphere of Earth, and clockwise on the southern hemisphere of Earth.
       In subsection H5.2 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5], magnetic field is defined as a stream of circulating counter-matter. Thus, the main propulsor of a UFO vehicle is just kind of a huge "pump" for this counter-matter. The pump sucks through itself enormous amounts of this substance. As it is explained in subsection G5.2 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5], this pump sucks counter-matter on the "N" magnetic pole, while it blows out counter-matter on the "S" magnetic pole. This means that the pole "N" of the UFO propulsor is an "inlet" for counter-matter, while the pole "S" is an "outlet" for it. From practice we know that any substance behaves differently on the inlet, and differently on the outlet from any pump. For example, a stream of water or air on the outlet from a mechanical pump is forming a clearly distinguishable pillar, while on the inlet is only a kind of ragged wave. This in turn means that also the shape of a "funnel" in the tornado that such a UFO vehicle is going to form after it intercepts a low-pressure whirl of counter-matter, must look differently depending on whether towards the ground is directed the "N" or the "S" pole of the main propulsor of that UFO. In this manner UFO vehicles are able to form two drastically different kinds of tornados. The tornados formed in situations when UFO vehicles direct to the ground the "S" magnetic poles of their main propulsors, have long, non-transparent "funnels" with clearly visible boundaries and smooth surface. Their example is shown in "Fig. #H1" below. In turn the tornados formed in situations when UFO vehicles direct to the ground the "N" magnetic poles of their main propulsors, have short, transparent, and wide "funnels" with boundaries which are difficult to determine. Their example is shown in "Fig. #H2a to #H2d" below. Notice that in the main propulsor of a UFO, the magnetic pole that is directed to Earth depends on the position of this vehicle during the flight (i.e. "standing" or "hanging") and on the hemisphere above which this UFO is flying.
       From the above emerges the principle of the method described here for recognising tornados induced technologically by UFOs. This principle is based on mutual relationships and conditions existing between different attributes of tornados, which always must be fulfilled if these tornados were in fact induced technologically by UFOs. Simultaneously the same mutual relationships and conditions become purely accidental or non-existing if a given tornado was induced by the "mother nature". As it is explained on this web page, in the present stage of development, this method is utilising four mutually linked attributes of such tornados, namely: (1) a kind of "funnel" that this tornado has (i.e. whether this funnel is long and non-transparent with clearly visible surface, or short and transparent with undistinguishable boundaries), (2) the magnetic pole from the main propulsor of a UFO vehicle that is directed to the ground (i.e. whether it is the "N" or "S" pole), (3) the position of the UFO vehicle during the flight (i.e. whether a single UFO flies in the "standing" position, or in the "hanging" position), and (4) the hemisphere of Earth on which a given tornado caused the damage (i.e. whether it is the northern hemisphere - means whether this tornado hit the USA, Canada, or Poland, or is the southern hemisphere - means whether this tornado hit Argentina, Australia, or New Zealand). In tornados induced technologically these attributes always must be mutually linked with each other by strict relationships that result from the principle of flight of UFO vehicles and from the principle on which these vehicles form technological tornados. Because this method utilises 4 attributes of tornados discussed above, the accuracy of this method amounts to a = 100%(1-1/4!) = 95.8%. This means, that after gaining an unambiguous and based on documented facts reply "yes" for a tornado being analysed, we are sure as much as in 95.8% that this tornado in fact was induced technologically by a UFO. But this accuracy can be increased through considering in our analyses further attributes of tornados formed by UFOs, for example by considered the attribute discussed in step 5 from item #E4 of this web page.
       The principle of technological formation of tornados described on this web page reveals also further attributes and capabilities, which so-far remained unknown to human science, but which can be induced by UFOnauts - if UFOnauts for some reasons wish to utilise these against humanity. Their example can be a "water tornado" or a "soil tornado". Instead of hiding in a cloud during the formation of a given tornado, a UFO vehicle can also hide under water. Then it can produce a tornado without a characteristic cloud. So it is able to form a tornado even from a high-pressure whirl, means in the very centre of a good, cloudless, sunny weather. If in such a case the submerged UFO directs upward the "outlet" pole (S) from the main propulsor, then above the surface of a given water reservoir a huge pillar of spinning water is going to explode. This pillar will be even more destructive than a "funnel" from air tornado. So it will be able to cut through and disintegrate our oceanic ships. Furthermore, it will display a whole range of extraordinary abilities. For example, it will be able to dynamically "dance" while standing upward above the surface of water and while towering a few hundreds meters into the air. In turn if such a submerged UFO directs up the "inlet" pole "N" of the main propulsor, then on the surface of water a huge, empty, cylindrical whirl is to be formed. It is capable to suck our boats and even large airplanes. In a similar manner UFO vehicles are able to form tornados after they submerge under the ground. Only that then a pillar of spinning soil and stones will be formed instead of spinning water or air (I would NOT like to be nearby in such a situation).
       As this is always the case with technological formation of any phenomena, such a "technical version" of tornado in some attributes must differ from a "natural version" of the same phenomena. Therefore, in case of tornados formed technologically by UFO vehicles, for people who know the theory described here behind this "model of counter-mater whirls for atmospheric and water phenomena on Earth" it is possible to distinguish them from natural tornados. After all, tornados formed technologically by UFOs must display a whole range of unique attributes described on this web page, which should not appear in case of natural tornados. Furthermore, their attributes are going to display mutual relationships and strict dependencies, which never have rights to appear in natural tornados. Most vital out of these attributes and relationships are listed and explained in item #E6 of this web page.

Fig. #E1 (G32 in [1/5])

Fig. #E1 (G32 in [1/5]): A typical course of force lines of magnetic field around UFO vehicles (and Magnocrafts). It is easy to notice that these force lines create a kind of colossal "magnetic catcher" which is able to intercept a whirl of counter-matter and direct this whirl through the vehicle's main propulsor. Notice that the outline of a UFO vehicle which forms the magnetic field shown on this Figure is indicated with a dotted line. This vehicle is illustrated in the "standing position". Please notice that principles of operation involved in flights of such magnetic vehicles, as well as their main components, are described on web pages on Magnocrafts available via "Menu 2" and "Menu 4".
       The above Figure clearly illustrates, that each UFO vehicle forms a kind of "magnetic catcher" around itself. In turn such a magnetic catcher is capable of intercepting a local low-pressure whirl of counter-matter, and then force this whirl to squeeze through the clearance of main propulsor of the UFO. In turn, the squeezing of this low-pressure whirl of counter-matter through the main propulsor of that UFO, narrows it down to the diameter of that propulsor, forcing in this manner the extremely fast rotation of the whirl and forming a tornado from it.
       The above Figure originates from monograph [1/5], in which it is discussed as Figure G32. Notice, that copies of monograph [1/5], together with a complete set of Figures that it contains, are disseminated free of charge via this web page, and also via all other web pages listed in the "Menu 4".
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Notice that you can see the enlargement of each photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this photograph. Most of browsers that you may use, including the popular Internet Explorer, allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it with your own graphical software.

#E4. The "algorithm" that allows a speedy detection of these attributes of tornadoes" which document their technological formation by UFOs:

       According to what was explained and illustrated in previous parts of this web page, UFO vehicles are able to form two basic kinds of tornados. Each of these kinds of tornados have a different appearance of the "funnel" directed to the ground, means a different appearance of this pillar of spinning air which is doing the destruction. One of these two kinds of "funnels" is the funnel formed by the "inlet" magnetic pole (N) of the main propulsor of a given UFO. Such a funnel from the inlet pole (N) is relatively short. The length of it measured from the cloud to the surface of ground usually does not exceed the diameter of it. Furthermore, such an inlet funnel (N) is partially transparent, and has unclear boundaries - looking as if they are ragged. An example of such a funnel formed at the inlet pole (N) of a main propulsor is illustrated on photos from "Fig. #H2a to #H2d". Other kind of "funnel" of tornados, is the one formed at the "outlet" magnetic pole (S) of the main propulsor of a given UFO. Such a funnel from (S) is relatively long. The length of it measured from the cloud to the surface of Earth usually exceeds the diameter of it tens of times. Furthermore, such an outlet (S) funnel is completely non-transparent, as if it is formed from a dark smoke. In addition to this, along a large proportion of its length, it is has clear, smooth surface - looking as if it is made of a spinning liquid, not from the air. An example of such a funnel formed at the outlet pole (S) is illustrated on the photograph from "Fig. #H1".
       Because of the existence of these strict relationships and mutual conditions between subsequent parameters which characterise every tornado formed technologically by a UFO vehicle, almost every person on Earth is able to recognise relatively easy, whether a give tornado was produced by a UFO or it was of a "natural origin". In order to carry out this recognition, it is enough to complete a sequence of checks, which in this item are ordered into a kind of an "algorithm" that is very easy for completing. (This algorithm is almost so automatic, that it could be completed even by a computer - for example if weather offices would be to issue automatic warnings to endangered citizens.) I personally highly recommend to complete this algorithm just for a test, to check how it qualifies any tornado about which we have relatively accurate data. This is because when we complete the algorithm, outcomes are really shocking. For example all tornados which I was analysing always turned out to be induced by UFOs (and I analysed a lot of them). The depth of destructions and suffering that UFOnauts continually inflict humanity with the use of tornados is horrifying! So here it is how one should check, whether a given tornado was produced by a UFO:
       Step 0: Secure the data which are necessary for an accurate qualifying of a given tornado (e.g. secure an exact description of the appearance and behaviour of the tornado under consideration and the "cloud" from which it emerges). The best sources of data about tornados are: (a) someone's personal observations (fortunately for us, typically we are prevented from making these), then (b) films, and only at the very end (c) stationary photographs or written descriptions of tornados. (Unfortunately, so far no many films was put together which would show actual footages of tornados embedded into their story line - for details of these see item #E5 below.)
       In order to secure data about a tornado, if we are to analyse a tornado which we just witness, then it is advisable to photograph it. If this is a tornado described in an article, then we should check whether this article contains also exact photographs of it. If this is a TV film that shows tornados (e.g. a famous USA film [F1] dated 1996 and entitled "Twister"), then it would help to record a copy of it for ourselves, so we could again review it later in order to verify parameters of the tornado under analysis. If we do NOT have details of any tornado, but we still would like to test the ability to recognise tornados formed technologically by UFOs - as it is described on this web page, then the most easy thing to do would be to find in Internet details and relatively good pictures of any tornado. In order to find in Internet an example of any tornado, it is enough to click below on the following "search-link" for the search engine "Alta Vista", prepared on 22 Maj 2005 for finding photographs of tornados (I hope that it is still going to work today): tornado+ photograph &mik= photo&mik= graphic&mip= all&mis= all&miwxh=all. Very readable photographs of tornados, the significant proportion of which clearly is formed by UFOs, are also available under the Internet address
       While we are securing for ourselves data that are required for qualifying a given tornado, we must remember that on the precision of these data the reliability of final qualifying is going to depend (i.e. the accuracy of qualifying calculated on this web page and amounting to either 95.8% or 99.16% are achievable only in cases when the data that we use in steps 1 to 4 below, perfectly reflect the truth about the tornado subjected to analysis.)
       Step 1: Determine on which (magnetic) hemisphere of Earth a given tornado appeared. For this, from descriptions of a given tornado we must find out whether it appeared on the northern hemisphere, or on the southern hemisphere of Earth. It is worth to realise though, that the majority of tornados are going to be photographed on the northern hemisphere of Earth. This is because tornados from the southern hemisphere can only be photographed in Argentina and Chile, Australia, or New Zealand. However, philosophies of living in people who inhabit these southern peripherals of our planet are significantly different from philosophies of people inhabiting the northern regions of Earth. These southern philosophies place emphasis on completely different system of values that values appreciated by inhabitants of northern countries. Therefore people from southern regions relatively rarely research and photograph whatever happens around them. In the result, photographs of tornados from the southern hemisphere are extreme rarities (interesting what proportion of them is taken only because a given tornado was seen by someone who arrived from the northern hemisphere).
       The exact knowledge of the hemisphere on which a given tornado appeared, decides about the direction in which the tornado spins (this direction is in turn defined by the "low pressure whirl of counter-matter" which was intercepted by a given UFO in order to form a tornado from it). For example, tornados formed by UFOs spin counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere, while clockwise in the southern hemisphere of Earth. Furthermore, the hemisphere decides also about the polarity of the main propulsor of the UFO vehicle which flies above this hemisphere and produces a tornado in there. (I.e. it decides on which side of a given UFO prevails the "N" pole, and on which the "S" magnetic pole of the main propulsor.)
       Step 2: Determine in which position a single UFO vehicle would fly if it would produce a given tornado. In case of single UFOs, the determination of their position in flight is simple. In order to carry it out, from the photograph of a given tornado we need to determine, whether the "clouds-UFO" from which this tornado emerges looks as if it hides a single UFO vehicle oriented in a "standing position" (means a UFO vehicle oriented in a manner as the one shown in "Fig. #H1" or in "Fig. #E1"), or it looks like it hides a single UFO vehicle which is oriented in a "hanging position" (means a UFO vehicle oriented in a manner as the one shown in "Fig. #H2e). A better understanding of shapes of clouds formed by UFO vehicles can be obtained from a separate web page concerning "cloud-UFOs". Notice, however, that establishing a kind of position in which an entire configuration of UFO vehicles is flying, e.g. a spherical flying complex of UFOs, a cigar-shaped complex, or a fir-tree configuration, is quite a tricky task. This is because the identification of polarity of such a configuration of UFOs requires a good knowledge of principles of flight of UFO vehicles, means a good knowledge of content of the volume 3 from monograph [1/5]. Therefore, in cases of entire configurations of UFOs forming tornados, I would suggest to consult results of analyses with me.
       Step 3: Determine whether towards the ground in the main propulsor of such a UFO would be directed the "outlet" pole (S) of the vehicle's magnetic field, or the "inlet" pole (N) of this field. This determining is relatively easy, when we already know from the description of a given tornado on which hemisphere the tornado was photographed (see step 1), and also we know already whether the UFO vehicle which could generate a given tornado was oriented in a hanging position or in a standing position (see step 2). The magnetic pole of the main propulsor of such a UFO vehicle, which is directed towards the ground, is in such a case defined by the following two rules:
- With the "S" magnetic pole ("outlet") is directed towards the ground the main magnetic propulsor of a UFO vehicle which flies over the southern hemisphere of Earth in a "standing position", or over the northern hemisphere of Earth in the "hanging positions".
- With the "N" magnetic pole ("inlet") is directed towards the ground the main propulsor of a UFO vehicle which flies over the southern hemisphere of Earth in a "hanging position" or over the northern hemisphere in a "standing position".
       Step 4: Qualify a given tornado by verifying whether the "funnel" of it looks exactly as it should look if it is formed by a given magnetic pole of the UFO's main propulsor. If towards the ground the "S" magnetic pole (i.e. the "outlet") of UFO's main propulsor was directed, while the "funnel" of the tornado is a long one, non-transparent, and with clearly defined, smooth side boundaries (i.e. it looks like the "funnel" shown in "Fig. #H1"), then this tornado for sure was formed technologically by a UFO vehicle. Also, when towards the ground the "N" magnetic pole (i.e. the "inlet") of UFO's main propulsor was directed, while the "funnel" of the tornado was short, transparent, and with unclear, ragged boundaries (i.e. it looks like the "funnel" shown in "Fig. #H2"), than this tornado with the accuracy of 95.8% can be qualified as formed technically by a UFO. (The accuracy 95.8% in the qualifying of this tornado is accomplished if we do not committed any error in steps 1, 2, and 3 above). In the remaining cases, namely when the "funnel" is long and non-transparent while towards the ground was directed the "N" ("inlet") magnetic pole, or when the "funnel" is short and transparent while towards the ground was directed the "S" ("outlet") magnetic pole, one should assume that a given tornado occurred in a natural manner. This final conclusion can be reinforced by an additional verification whether a given tornado was flying in the direction that agrees with the principle of flights of UFOs - as this is explained by "optional step 5" below. Even more the accuracy could be increased due to additional checking whether the tornado displayed the presence of remaining attributes described in item #E6 of this page, and also verifying how these attributes manifested themselves. In all more interesting cases it is worth to consult with me outcomes of the qualifying that one carried out.
       Optional step 5: if we have the required data, then we should additionally increase the accuracy of qualifying through determining whether the direction of motion of this tornado fulfils the principles of flight of a UFO vehicle which could control this tornado. From principles of manoeuvring of UFO vehicle we already know, that the propulsion system of these vehicles do not pose any limitations in cases when they fly in directions of magnetic north and south. (E.g. the tornado from Bunbury was flying exactly from the magnetic north towards magnetic south). In turn for cases of flights of UFO vehicles in directions from east to west or from west to east, there is a strict relationship between the direction of spinning and the angle of slanting of their magnetic whirl, and the direction of flight. This relationship is described by the so-called "rule of the rolling sphere" which is discussed in subsection G6.3.3 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5]. According to this "rule of the rolling sphere", a given UFO vehicle forms a thrust force directed to east or west, only if the magnetic field of it spins around the axis of rotation that is slanted in relationship to Earth's magnetic field. The direction in which this thrust force is acting coincides with the direction in which a sphere formed from magnetic field of this UFO vehicle would roll across force lines of the Earth's magnetic field. So in order to determine whether a given tornado in fact does move in the direction that agrees with the principles of flights of a UFO vehicle, we need to determine how slanted is the axis of rotation of spinning magnetic field of this UFO vehicle in relationship to force lines of Earth's magnetic field prevailing in a given location. Then we can determine in which direction would roll this field of a UFO across force lines of the Earth's field. It is worth to notice here, that in case when we obtain the matching also in this optional step, the accuracy of qualifying a given tornado increases to the level of a = 100%(1 - 1/5!) = 99.16%. This means, that in case of gaining also this match, it is almost absolutely certain that a given tornado was formed technologically by a UFO vehicle.
       Recommended additional step 6: check the explanation of a nearest orthodox researcher of tornados or researcher of atmospheric phenomena, why the phenomenon which by official human science considers to be "natural" is displaying so shocking coincidence (at the level of 95.8% and sometimes even 99.16%) with the characteristics of tornados induced technologically by UFOs. Especially it is worth to check explanations of orthodox scientists regarding the list of questions provided at the very beginning of this web page. If we check these explanations, this will surely open our eyes to reasons for which the official human science, which has in the disposal all this huge research apparatus and scores of well-paid experts, still is able to show rather miserable outcomes of research on tornados. It will illustrate to us why we still do not have on Earth an official scientific theory, which would allow to explain exactly at least this fragment of the mechanism and behaviours of tornados, which is already explained on this web page with the aid of principles of UFOs that are rejected by official human science. It will also realize to us why the official orthodox science have not worked out yet neither a reliable system for early warnings on impending tornados, nor even a theoretical principle, e.g. similar to the principle of the telepathic device called the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" discussed in item #B8 below, which would indicate a correct direction of research at the end of which such a principle lies.

#E5. Films showing tornados - as a good evidential documentation of such "simulation" of tornadoes as if they are formed technologically:

       The vital attribute of tornados about which is worth to remember, is that tornados are highly dynamic phenomena, all parameters and images of which are changing continually. On stationary photographs it is extremely difficult to capture these data and shapes which have the highest evidential value for documenting the factual formation of tornados by UFOs. Therefore, the best proof for the actual origin of tornados from UFOs are films which managed to capture not only funnels of tornados, but also clouds from which these tornados emerge, and which also supply to us various quantitative data, e.g. direction of tornados' motion, areas in which these tornados appeared, etc. Unfortunately, so far no many movie films do exist, which show actual footage of tornados embedded into their story line. Out of these most popular, there are only three which show actual tornados in action (all of the American production), namely: the film [F1] "Twister" (1996), the film [F2] "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004), and the film [F3] "Category 6: Day of Destruction" (2-part mini-series, 2004, broadcasted in New Zealand on channel 2 of TVNZ on Sunday and Monday, 5 and 6 June 2005, at 20:20 to 22:25). I personally viewed two out of these films, namely [F1] "Twister", [F3] "Category 6: Day of Destruction", and [F4] "Tornado Hunters". The best illustrations of tornados contained the film "Twister", although it was lacking many quantitative data which are vital for analyses of formation of tornados by UFOs, such as: geographical directions of movements, velocities, sizes, heights. In the film "Category 6: Day of Destruction" are present two very interesting footages of tornados caused by UFOs. They have a direct link with content of this web page. Namely after around 1:30 of the first part of this mini-series, shown is a formation of tornado by a UFO vehicle type K7 flying in a hanging position. (Please notice, that a UFO vehicle flying in a hanging position above the northern hemisphere of Earth has the "S" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed towards the ground - the tornado shown on this film illustrated exactly the appearance of a tornado formed under the "S" pole of a UFO in the hanging position.) Although this UFO was hiding inside of a cloud that it generated, still the dynamism of this cloud very clearly illustrates sharp shapes of the UFO vehicle type K7. Furthermore, the "storm chaser" named Thomas Dixon (Randy Quaid) comments the direction of motion of this tornado (from the south east to the north west). As this can be verified via analysis, this direction corresponds exactly to the motion of just such a hanging UFO vehicle which created a counter-clockwise magnetic whirl. Independently of this tornado formed by the UFO, around 3 minutes before the end of first part of this film a short scene is shown which depicted the formation of one more tornado above skyscrapers of Chicago by another UFO vehicle type K10, also flying in a hanging position. The layer of technological cloud that was formed by this another UFO was so thin, that it revealed all features of the outer shell of this UFO vehicle. As it turned out, in spite that the shell of this UFO was hidden behind a thin layer of a cloud, and in spite that the scene was later edited, still the footage from this film is one of the best documentations of the external shape of the UFO vehicle type K10, that I managed to see so far. It is really worth to have a look at this UFO.
       Independently from action movies listed above, which contain footages of tornados, every now and again shown are various television documentary films about tornados. So far, out of these television documentaries I had opportunity to see as follows: film [F4] of the American production, entitled "Super Twisters". It was broadcasted on Wednesday, 6 July 2005, at 20:30 to 21:30, on the "Prime" channel of the New Zealand television; and film [F5], also the American production, entitled "Tornado Hunters". This one was broadcasted in New Zealand on the channel "Prime", on Tuesday, 29 November 2005, at 20:30 to 21:35.
       In my opinion, the most evidential out of all films showing tornados that I saw so-far, was this documentary film [F4] of the American production, entitled "Super Twisters", which was broadcasted on Wednesday, 6 July 2005, at 20:30 to 21:30, on the "Prime" channel of the New Zealand television. Although in this film only lowest ends of funnels of tornados were shown the majority of time, in several places the camera accidentally "slipped" through the clouds from which these tornados emerged. Two out of such "slips" turned out especially evidential. The clouds shown on these "slips" had exact shapes and sharp outlines of UFO vehicles which hid inside of them from the sight of humans. In one place of this film, the direction in which a tornado moved was also announced. It moved exactly from south towards north. But the most evidential significance of this film brought an accidental discovery explained in it. Namely, around the main funnel of some tornados a whole ring of smaller side funnels is also formed. But in the majority of tornados the ring of these smaller funnels remain unnoticed by people. From illustrations of such cases shown on the film, it appeared that such a ring of side miniature tornados surrounding the main funnel of this tornado, is formed in all cases when the UFO vehicle which generates them flies in the "hanging position" shown above on illustration from "Fig. #H2e". In such orientation of a UFO vehicle, a part of low-pressure whirl of counter-matter is intercepted also by side propulsors of this UFO. As the result, independently from the main tornado's funnel formed by the main propulsor (M) of this UFO, formed is also a ring of smaller side funnels of this tornado generated by side propulsors (S) of the same UFO. At this point it is worth to emphasize, that the sole fact of the existence of such multidimensional relationships between the principle of operation of UFO vehicles, and attributes of tornados (as well as clouds from which tornados emerge) confirms conclusively that tornados are NOT natural phenomena at all, but another manner of technical tormenting of our civilisation by evil UFOnauts. So tornados add their murderous contribution to a whole range of other manners of extermination of our civilisation, which these diabolic UFOnauts also continually exert on us, and which are described on internet web pages evil, predators, 26th day, WTC, Columbia, plague, changelings, aliens, UFOnauts, cloud-UFOs, or hurricanes.
       A very significant evidence for the technological generation of tornados by UFO vehicles, is contained also in the documentary film [F5] (American production), entitled "Tornado Hunters". For example, around 15 minutes from the beginning of this film, vicinity of a house destroyed completely by a funnel of a tornado was shown. When the camera shows the path followed by the funnel of this tornado along which it approached the house, it turned out that this path was made of grass burned magnetically to an unique red colour. In turn, grass assumes such a characteristic red colour only shortly after it was scorched magnetically by a powerful spinning magnetic field generated by propulsors of a UFO vehicle. For example, I was encountering in New Zealand exactly such red scorched grass from time to time, when I investigated fresh landings of UFOs in grass. The photographic documentation of just such burned to the red colour grass is presented in photographs of fresh UFO landings illustrated in Figures V1(b) and V1(b/2) from volume 17 of monograph [1/5]. At this point it should be emphasized, that apart from the magnetic field of UFO vehicles, no other factor is able to cause scorching of such path of red grass in the grass from a green paddock. This in turn means, that funnels of tornados are in fact generated technically by magnetic propulsors of UFO vehicles. After all, a natural cloud would NOT be able to generate magnetic field of the power capable to scorch grass so strongly on the path of the funnel. Another highly evidential footage from this film, is this which several times shows a discoidal cloud in which a UFO vehicle hides, and which generates several funnels of tornados. From the very centre of this cloud a transparent "funnel" with unclear and jagged boundaries emerges, similar to the one shown on "Fig. #H2a-d". Simultaneously, from peripherals of the same discoidal cloud emerge several long funnels with smooth boundaries, similar to funnels shown in "Fig. #H1". The point is, that exactly such positioning and differentiation of funnels which emerge from the some cloud, corresponds precisely to the location of magnetic propulsors (main and side ones) in UFO vehicles - as these propulsors are illustrated in "Fig. #H2e". This means, that the footage confirms the information from this web page, that funnels of tornados are formed by magnetic propulsors of UFO vehicles, which (the propulsors) intercept the so-called "low pressure whirls of counter-matter". Interesting about this film [F5] is also, that it mentions extremely rare cases when tornados are formed from "high pressure whirls of counter-matter". (Such "high-pressure tornados" must whirl in the directions which are opposite to the direction of whirling of tornados from "low pressure whirls of counter-matter". This means that on the Northern Hemisphere they must whirl in the clockwise direction.) Unfortunately, this film does not provide any empirical data about these "high-pressure tornados".

#E6. Let us summarise attributes of tornados generated technologically:

       Very interesting facts emerge from my research carried out both, on the basis of films (listed above) which show tornados, as well as on the basis of various descriptions of tornados. Namely, practically all attributes of tornados which can be observed empirically on real tornados, correspond exactly to the attributes of tornados which result from the mechanism of technological generation of tornados by UFO vehicles, as described on this web page and also described in subsection H5.4 from volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. In turn our knowledge of these attributes is vital, as it allows to repeat by other researchers the confirmation of this exact correspondence of attributes, if in further films and empirical observations of tornados these other researchers take notice of characteristics indicated here. Unfortunately, all these attributes stubbornly reveal the bitter for us truth, that tornados are destructive phenomena of fully technological origin, which are generated in a hidden manner with the clear goal of tormenting and destruction of humanity, by UFO vehicles which hide from sight of humans inside of clouds from which these tornados are emerging. During my research to-date on these technological tornados generated by UFO vehicles I managed to establish a whole range of their attributes. Below I am going to list only these attributes which stem directly from principles of operation of UFO vehicles. (Our knowledge of operation of UFO vehicles results from the design and operation of a magnetic flying vehicle which is an Earth's equivalent of UFOs, and which is described in volume 3 of monograph [1/5] under the name of "Magnocraft".) Here are these attributes:
       (1) Attributes of funnels of tornados formed technologically by UFOs. If one analyses it thoroughly, tornados formed by the "mother nature" should NOT at all have two different kinds of funnels that differ from each other by their appearance. This is because the natural whirls of counter-matter do not have poles (N) and (S). So all their funnels should look the same, like "eyes of storms". In turn tornados formed technologically by UFOs always must have two kinds of funnels, because UFOs have two magnetic poles in their propulsors (i.e. N and S). In addition, the kind of magnetic pole which is directed downward in the main propulsor located in the centre of a given UFO, is opposite to the kind of magnetic pole that is directed downward in side propulsors located on peripherals of this UFO vehicle. Therefore, if the same discoidal cloud-UFO generates several funnels of tornados, then the large funnel which emerges from the centre of it, is exactly of an opposite type from the small funnels that emerge from peripherals of the same discoidal cloud-UFO. Attributes of these technological funnels are to result from attributes of magnetic circuits that must appear in every UFO vehicle. As I explained this already in the introduction to this item, the appearance of funnels of tornados formed by UFOs primarily depends on the magnetic pole directed towards the ground in the main propulsor of the UFO vehicle, means depends on (N) and (S). Furthermore, it depends on the position of a UFO vehicle which formed a given tornado, on the magnetic circuits that this UFO has, and also on the entire range of other factors. Here are the most vital attributes of this funnel:
       (1a) Every "funnel" of the tornado formed technologically by a UFO must display strict dependency on the magnetic pole directed towards the ground of the UFO main propulsor from which it emerges. As this is already described earlier, there must be two different kinds of funnels of tornados, which correspond to poles (S) and (N) of magnetic propulsors of UFO vehicles which generate these funnels. A funnel must be long, non-transparent, and with smooth, clearly defined boundaries, if towards the ground is directed the "outlet" pole (S) of the magnetic propulsor. In turn a funnel is to be short, partially transparent, and with unclear ragged boundaries, if towards the ground is directed the "inlet" pole (N) of the magnetic propulsor of a given UFO vehicle.
       (1b) Central funnels of all tornados formed technologically by UFOs must have membranous "offshoots" that result from the separation of main magnetic circuits from the spinning strand of the central magnetic circuit. These offshoots can be found in almost every photograph of a tornado formed by a UFO.
       (1c) The funnel of technological tornado for the most of time increases the width as it approaches the ground. This results from the tendency of low-pressure whirls to expand their volume as soon as they stop being compressed by the UFO propulsor. This tendency for a free expansion causes that also the "funnel" of such a technological tornado must increase fast the diameter as soon as it leaves the "cloud-UFO". (But we must remember that tornados are dynamic phenomena, the behaviour of which not always is repetitive, similar, and stable.) Therefore tornados formed technologically by UFO vehicles will have a funnel which almost all the time when the tornado is active increases the diameter as it departs from the UFO and approaches the ground. (Notice, however, that theoretically speaking natural tornados could be characterised by funnels which all the time may decrease their diameter as they distant themselves from the cloud and approach the ground.)
       (1d) If one discoidal cloud generates more than one funnel of tornado, then small funnels generated on the peripheral of this cloud must be of an opposite kind than the large funnel generated in the centre of this cloud. Furthermore, kinds and exact locations of both these kinds of funnels must correspond precisely to the location and kinds of propulsors of a UFO vehicle that hides in this cloud from sight of humans.
       (1e) A fresh path along which a funnel of tornado generated by a large UFO vehicle moves slowly over a grass, is characterised by an unique red colour of magnetically scorched grass. The colour and properties of this magnetically scorched grass correspond exactly to the colour and attributes of the grass freshly scorched on landing sites of UFOs which operated in the magnetic whirl mode of operation. (For photographs of such red scorched grass see Figures V1(b) and V1(b/2) from volume 17 of monograph [1/5].)
       (2) Attributes of clouds from which such tornados formed technologically by UFOs emerge. These attributes result from the fact that UFO vehicles which form given tornados always must hide from the view of people by forming technically around themselves special kind of clouds.
       (2a) A "tornado" generated technologically always emerges from a low-hovering discoidal cloud which hides inside a UFO vehicle. The shape and characteristics of such cloud are described on a separate web page about "cloud-UFOs". The problem with "catching" by a UFO a typical "low-pressure whirl of counter-matter" is that this whirl has the tendency to expand the volume into a relatively large area. Therefore in order this whirl is turned into a destructive tornado, the UFO vehicle which concentrates it into a narrow "funnel" must be placed relatively close to the ground (i.e. much lower than the layer of natural clouds). Of course, in order to not be noticed by people, such a low-hovering UFO vehicle that controls a given low-pressure whirl concentrated into a tornado, surrounds itself with an artificial cloud of water vapours. But this cloud still is going to assume a rough shape and dimensions of a UFO vehicle that hides inside of it. Therefore, one of the attributes that characterise tornados induced technologically by UFOs, is that such a cloud from which these tornadoes emerge must hang very low above the ground. Furthermore, this cloud must have a shape very similar to shapes of typical "cloud-UFOs".
       (2b) In spite that a tornado is a dynamic phenomenon, the cloud from which it emerges maintains the same diameter all the time. Natural clouds have the ability to change their basic shape and dimension relatively fast. In turn technological "cloud-UFOs" cannot change drastically their shape nor dimensions, because this would cause the exposure to sight of people the UFO vehicle which hides inside of them. Therefore another attribute of tornados formed technologically by UFOs is, that the discoidal cloud from which they emerge, never drastically decreases the diameter nor changes the shape, in spite that a dynamic character of tornados supposed to encourage fast changes in their geometrical parameters.
       (3) Attributes of behaviours of tornados formed technologically by UFOs. These result from the fact, that paths of such tornados on one hand obey the same principles of controlling the motion, as paths of flying UFO vehicles do. (I.e. they must fulfil laws that rule over the manoeuvring of UFOs in magnetic field of Earth.) On the other hand, these tornados are "intelligently piloted" by UFOnauts and aimed at destroying specific objects on Earth.
       (3a) Tornados formed by UFOs move in directions which coincide with principles of formation of propelling forces by UFO vehicles. In turn the principles of formation of propelling forces by UFOs are relatively complex. Their comprehensive description is contained in subsections G6.1 to G6.3.3 from volume 3 of monograph [1/5]. In turn briefly these are described in item #E4 above. The only directions in which UFO vehicles can fly without any limitations are these from magnetic north to south, and from magnetic south to north. Flights in all other directions require a skilful control either over the direction of spinning of UFO magnetic field (but note that this control of the direction of spin, in case of intercepting a low-pressure whirl of counter-matter is impossible for UFOs because this direction is superimposed by the whirl being intercepted), or by control over the slanting of the vehicle - so that the UFO generates an "effect of the magnetic gearbox" between the spinning field of the UFO and force lines of the Earth's magnetic field. Of course, in case of using the manoeuvre via slanting the entire UFO vehicle, this immediately can be recognised on photographs or films of tornados, because it is to cause a change in the positioning of the cloud from which a given tornado emerges, and in the position of axes of rotation of the tornado in this cloud. Because the crew of such a UFO does not want to reveal that behind such a tornado a UFO vehicle hides, tornados formed technologically by UFO vehicles frequently are going to fly along straight lines, only rarely changing rapidly the direction of their flight. (Notice that by the "direction of flight" one should understand here only the direction in which fly UFO vehicles and clouds that hide them. After all, the "funnels" of tornados that emerge from "S" poles of such UFOs are going to choose their own paths along the ground, which depend on cracks and objects which hide underground of that area. Thus, even if UFOs which generate such tornados fly along straight lines, ends of funnels of such tornados may move along the ground in various directions, similarly like a dog on leash runs around a master who leads it straight, or similarly like the end of elephant's trunk moves in zigzag over the ground while the elephant itself walks along the straight line.)
       (3b) Tornados formed by UFOs display intelligent behaviours. UFOnauts would not undertake the effort of inducing a tornado, if they would not have an intention to carry out a destruction of some specific object on Earth (according to their policy of systematic destruction of humanity explained on the web page 26th day). Therefore each technically induced tornado is created by them to destroy a specific object. Of course, independently from this object intended to be destroyed, "for smoke screen" such technological tornados destroy also several other objects. Therefore, one of the characteristics of such tornados induced technologically by UFOs is that always "by an accident" their trajectory passes so that it destroys a specific object on Earth, the existence or proper operation of which runs against interests of UFOnauts.
       (4) Attributes of phenomena induced by tornados which were formed technically by UFOs. These attributes results from the fact, that propulsion systems of UFO vehicles work in a specific manner. Thus tornados which are formed technically by such UFO vehicles must generate various "by-product phenomena", which are known also from observations of UFO vehicles.
       (4a) Tornados formed by UFOs generate unique squeaking sound. This sound by some is compared to noises produced by jet engine during landing. It results from the fact, that magnetic field used by UFOs for propelling purposes pulsates with the frequency of around 3000 Hz (this frequency slightly differs for subsequent types of UFOs). Therefore such vibrating magnetic field incites dust particles whirled by a given tornado, so that this dust also begins to vibrate in tact of UFO field vibrations. This in turn causes the generation of such characteristic squeaky sounds of tornados. Exactly such sound was recorded during the evaporation of WTC skyscrapers by UFOs, and also during numerous UFO observations. More about this unique sound generated by dust vibrated with the UFO magnetic field, and also about the manner with the use of which this sound allowed us to measure the frequency of UFOs magnetic field, is explained in subsection K5.1.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5].
* * *
       For us the most significant are the mutual relationships that exist between the described above attributes of tornados induced technologically by UFOs. These relationships cause, that e.g. depending which pole of the main propulsor of a UFO is pointed towards the ground, the appearance and attributes of a given tornado become different. (I.e. the appearance and attributes of a tornado depend on whether a given UFO which formed this tornado flies above northern or southern hemisphere of Earth, and depend on whether it flies in the "standing position" or "hanging position".) This in turn causes that tornados which are generated by given UFO vehicles must display an unique set of characteristics described above. Means the funnel of it must be either non-transparent with clear boundaries - like the funnel from "Fig. #H1", or be transparent with ragged boundaries - like the funnel from "Fig. #H2a to #H2d". This funnel is to emerge either from a cloud with a flat base - like the one shown in "Fig. #H1", or from a cloud with a UFO-shaped bulge directed downward. Etc., etc. In turn the mutual relationships between the hemisphere on which a given tornado was observed, and these characteristics which it must display, are so unambiguous and so strictly defined, that they remove completely the statistical chance to appear by a pure coincident in a tornado of a natural origin. Therefore every tornado which fulfils exactly the mutual relationships described on this web page, in fact with the accuracy of around 95.8% must be a tornado induced technologically by a UFO (means it is almost certain that it was induced technologically by a UFO).
       At this point I must highlight, that all tornados the appearance, attributes, and the place of formation of which were known to me, thus which I was able to check for mutual relationships between their attributes, always turned out to be tornados generated technologically by UFO vehicles. It appears to me, that either "natural tornados" do not exist at all on Earth, or they appear extremely rarely. (Not without reasons an old English name for tornados reads "wind devil". This name suggests, that according to the old folkloristic knowledge, all tornados were formed by "devils" - we must remember here that in old times name "devils" were used to describe present "UFOnauts" and present "UFO vehicles".) This in turn makes "standing on heads" the subject of interests of these orthodox scientists, who professionally investigate tornados. This is because it causes that all researchers of tornados in fact are unaware UFO investigators. Means that they earn professionally for living by researching phenomena generated technologically by UFOs, although their knowledge about UFOs usually is equal to zero, or almost zero. Of course, this fact explains reasons for the present lack of knowledge amongst humans about tornados. It also explains why in present days our defence against tornados still remains the same as it was in old days.
       I personally believe, that it is at least an irony of the fate that orthodox scientists who officially deny the existence of UFOs with such a vigour, are forced by life to research tornados formed technologically by UFOs. Me personally the description of tornados by present orthodox science as "natural phenomena" resembles slightly efforts of these worshippers of aeroplanes from New Guinea, who build grass towers and mud strips in jungles because they believe that they learned the secret able to make aeroplanes of gods filled with goods to land in their villages.

#E7. Readers are invited to send further photographs of tornadoes which they took, so that these photographs could be interpreted, commented, and shown to others:

       The researching of reasons for our disasters, also the prevention of these disasters, undertaking an effective defence against their arrival, etc., all these depend on the speed with which we increase our knowledge about cases when such cases of intentional catastrophes intend to destroy someone. In order to fast learn course and cases when someone is being destroyed by such catastrophes, there is a need for a scientific analysis of these cases, similar to the analysis presented on this web page and also on other pages related to it, for example on web pages: day26.htm, wtc.htm, shuttle.htm, cloud_ufo.htm, hurricane.htm, katrina.htm, landslips.htm, katowice_uk.htm, or seismograph.htm. In turn, one of the best ways that lead to such a fast increase of our knowledge on course and cases of destructive catastrophes, is a mutual exchange of information on this subject, and also a wide dissemination of photographs which illustrate these cases. Therefore, herewith I am announcing the following appeal to readers of this web page:
       If anyone notices a tornado, then it is desirable to firstly photograph it extensively. (It is worth to remember about the main rule of acting during confrontations with UFOs, which states that "first shoot photographs, only then ask questions". The goal is to fast capture a tornado on a photograph, before it has a time to get away and deprive us opportunity to take a photograph.) Then - if our safety is not compromised and if the equipment that we have allow this, observe this tornado carefully and try to establish which strategic object it is mainly aimed to destroy, what configuration of UFOs could hide in the cloud from which the tornado emerges, in which magnetic direction it moves, etc. The scan from photographs that one takes, together with description of the entire observation of this "tornado", I suggest to post to me for a scientific interpretation and for publishing on this web page.
       It is also worth to remember, that this web page was created just to allow such exchange and dissemination of knowledge about the appearance and behaviours of tornadoes. So instead of wasting opportunities when someone witnesses another tornado, I am encouraging to photograph it, to take notice of all details of the behaviour of it, and to post me an email with a scan from the photograph and with a description of observations that accompanied a given photograph - so that I could publish them on this web page for the benefit of all people who read totaliztic web pages.

#E8. Even if someone does not take own photograph of a tornado, it is still worth to return to this web page again, after some time elapses:

       It is worth to remember about this web page. From the definition this page is to be subjected to further improvements and extensions, as soon as further photographs or information on tornados observations arrive to my hands. Therefore, after some time, it is worth to visit this web page again. Perhaps by then it is going to already be extended and improved.

Part #F: The interpretation of "tornadoes" by the "totaliztic science" as "phenomena induced by God for correcting morality of humans":


#F1. What are tornadoes for God:

       For God tornadoes are one amongst many tools with the aid of which God corrects the philosophy and morality of selected people. As such, tornadoes in fact are formed by God, with the use of principles and mechanisms which by the "totaliztic science" must be yet identified and researched. Furthermore, destructions caused by tornadoes, and thus also the trajectories along which these tornadoes move, are always agreeable with goals and intentions of God. Therefore, e.g. tornadoes avoid the destruction of people (and their properties) which lead a highly moral lives accordingly to God's requirements - means accordingly to indication of the philosophy of formal totalizm, or according to guidelines contained in the Bible. Instead, tornadoes choose for the destruction people (and their properties) which practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism. Notice here, that the practicing of both these philosophies has nothing to do with "religiousness" nor with "atheism", or with being a "good" or "strict" parent, husband, wife, neighbour, etc. Thus, there can exist people highly religious (or "good" and "polite" fathers, husbands, wives, neighbours, etc.) who, however, practice this highly immoral philosophy of parasitism - and thus who are to be hit by a tornado or by any other cataclysm. Also, there can exist atheists (or "strict" parents or "not much liked" neighbours known e.g. from "fingering to others truths straight into face"), who, however, are tuned into their organ of "conscience", and thus who in everything that they do fulfil requirements of the philosophy of intuitive totalizm - thus causing tornados to pass at a distance from them.

Part #G: Kinds of tornadoes:


#G1. Northern "counter-clockwise" tornadoes (mainly appearing on areas of Europe and the USA):

       The principle of formation of weather whirls described above (i.e. cyclones and anti-cyclones), is based on long tubes of whirling counter-matter which "penetrate" throughout the entire Earth. Thus, such long tubes of whirls must rotate in opposite directions on each side of the Earth through which they penetrate. And so, the low-pressure whirls of counter-matter - means these ones which bring clouds and rainy weather, on the northern hemisphere of the Earth rotate in the counter-clockwise direction, while on the southern hemisphere they rotate in the clockwise direction. (The direction of rotation of these whirls, by weather people called cyclones and anti-cyclones, one can determine if he or she imagines a clock placed on the ground with its pointers oriented upwards, and then notices in which direction pointers of such a clock would rotate.) In turn whirls of counter-matter which bring a good weather - means high-pressure whirls, rotate in an opposite direction. Means, such high-pressure whirls rotate clockwise in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, and counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere. So if tornadoes are really formed in the manner described above in item #B1, then such tornadoes on the northern hemisphere must whirl counter-clockwise, while on the southern hemisphere must rotate clockwise. (Notice that in the same directions must also rotate hurricanes induced technologically by UFOs - this is best illustrated in "Fig. #E1abc" from the totaliztic web page katrina.htm.) Thus, if there is a body of evidence which confirms the directions of rotations of tornadoes defined above, then such evidence also confirms that the principle of formation of tornadoes described above is correct.

#G2. Southern "clockwise" tornadoes (mainly appearing on the areas of Australia and New Zealand):

       As it turns out, tornadoes in fact do rotate in directions described above. Their direction can easily be confirmed on the northern hemisphere of the Earth, because in the USA people exist who professionally film and research tornadoes, and thus who filmed many tornadoes. The filmed documentation of northern tornadoes accumulated by them is also widely distributed throughout the world, and included into many documentary programmes which broadcasting is announced in advance, and thus which can easily be copied and allow the multiple viewing for research purposes - see item #E5 above. Unfortunately, much worse is the situation with empirical confirmation of the direction of rotation of tornadoes from the southern hemisphere of the Earth, means from so-called "Antipodes". After all, Antipodes are sparsely populated, only small number of people in there have video cameras, while the style of living and rather materialistic interests of inhabitants of Antipodes causes that in fact almost no-one has urge in there to film and to research local tornadoes. Thus, tornadoes on the southern hemisphere are filmed usually only by a coincident, their films typically are amateur and of a low quality, while viewing these films is very difficult because they are shown without any prior announcement (typically only once in some television news), also no-one makes them available for additional research and viewing. However, by some miraculous coincident one amongst such tornadoes from the southern hemisphere of the Earth was excellently filmed on a farm from the Northern Queensland in Australia, and then this film was shown in New Zealand as a "news item" in two television evening news on Friday, 19 February 2010. I was just watching both these news items, so I had a good fortune to see that this Australian tornado in fact whirls in the clockwise direction. On channel 3 TVNZ, that Friday of 19 February 2010, an entire short film of the Australian tornado was shown around 6:20 pm. In the final part of the film, the tornado hit something that was composed of many large panels of probably plywood, while these large panels started to whirl together with the air. At that point it was demonstrating perfectly and in an unmistaken manner that the Australian tornado in fact whirled clockwise. In turn on channel 1 TVNZ, was shown that evening only an initial part of the film around 7:00 pm. On this initial part the section with tornado whirling large panels of plywood was not present. Thus, it was necessary to look very carefully to see in which direction this tornado was whirling. That particular film of the tornado from an Australian farm was one amongst the best films of tornadoes from the southern hemisphere which I saw so-far, and practically the first one on which the clockwise direction of whirling of that tornado was perfectly visible and could NOT be overlooked nor mistaken. (Another such video-film is described in item #H5 below.)

#G3. Water tornados ("waterspouts"):

       The theoretical possibility of formation of "water tornados" I deduced gradually only after on 21 May 2005 I initiated the work on preparing this web page, and started to understand the problem which UFO vehicles have with hiding their presence when they try to form a tornado from the high-pressure whirls of counter-matter. However, no matter how strangely this would sound, about an empirical observation of just such a "water tornado" I have heard already around 1990. At that time one of my friends was someone named Bill (William) Sinclair, living in Dunedin, New Zealand. Earlier Bill used to be a fisherman and he owned a fishing boat. He told me about a life changing incident, which happened to him on the sea slightly south from Dunedin, on the way to one of his favourite fishing spots. While piloting his boat with a horror he spotted a huge, empty, cylindrical whirl which rapidly opened in the sea not far from the front of his boat. It looked as if someone punched a huge cylindrical hole in the water - it simply was an empty transparent space deprived of water that unexpectedly appeared in the middle of sea. The whirl was much larger than the dimensions of his boat and sufficiently deep to suck inside the entire hulk of his boat. On edges of this whirl water had a drop down under 90 degrees angle. The proportion of dimensions of this whirl was such that from the bridge of his boat Bill could see the upper surface of a silver UFO vehicle which formed this whirl. Bill was forced to use the entire power that he was able to squeeze out of the engine of his boat, and the entire manoeuvrability that his boat was capable, to avoid being sucked into this whirl. When he managed to escape with his life, deeply shocked he immediately returned to the port, in order to never go to sea again. Soon afterwards he sold his boat and found a job on the solid land. He considered himself to be a lucky person who come out alive from this incident. However, he asked how many other boats and liners was sucked together with their crews into just such whirls formed in waters by UFOs. After all, in case of being sucked into such a whirl, no-one would ever know what really happened to them. For other people they would simply disappear without a trace.
       In times when Bill told me about his incident, I considered the whirl in water which he described to be a result of a huge magnetic whirl that UFO vehicles are also able to form. But presently, when I learned more about attributes of tornados formed technologically by UFOs, I understand that the characteristics of the whirl described by Bill much more precisely correspond to attributes of a "water tornado". In case of Bill, this tornado was formed on the "inlet" magnetic pole "N" of the main propulsor of that UFO vehicle. In his case the "N" pole was directed towards the surface of the sea. In turn the UFO was intercepting then a high-pressure whirl of counter-matter.
       Of course, UFO vehicles may form "water tornados" also at the "outlet" magnetic pole "S" from the main propulsor of a given UFO vehicle. In such a case a UFO vehicle directs its "S" pole towards the surface of sea. The propulsor intercepts the "high pressure whirl of counter-matter". The outcome of such a situation is that a kind of huge fountain of spinning water shoots upward from the surface of sea. This fountain is popularly called the "waterspout". Such "waterspouts" are equally dangerous as whirls in water. They may cut half and disintegrate even the largest ocean boats.

Part #H: Examples of most significant tornadoes from recent years attributes and meaning of which the author was researching:


#H1. An example of tornado formed intelligently above the Tapanui crater, New Zealand:

       In the vicinity of the township Tapanui in New Zealand quite unusual place does exist. It is located on the "wind-swept wilderness". In addition to this it is characterised by an entire array of anomalies (magnetic, geological, and atmospheric). According to what is explained in monograph [5/3], these anomalies result from the fact, that in 1178 AD in this place a UFO vehicle exploded. Until today a huge crater exists in there with the diameter of around 1 kilometre. Also until today a lot of "strange events" take place in there. So this place is an ideal area where UFOs may carry out various experiments. For example, UFOnauts relatively frequent experiment in there with forming technological tornados. One of such experimental tornados, which appeared on 19 December 1969, at 17:15, was photographed by the wife of a local farmer, Diane Chittock (Waikoikoi, 5 R.D., Gore, New Zealand). From windows of her farm Tapanui crater is clearly visible. Thus also the tornado was visible when it was formed. This special tornado is shown and scientifically interpreted below in Figure "Fig. #H1". I verified in person the authenticity of the photograph from "Fig. #H1". Also many times I talked to Mrs. Chittock and to her husband about this tornado. I also checked from windows of their farmhouse the trajectory which this tornado followed. So the only matter which still bothers me in this photograph, is why UFOnauts still did NOT turned time back with the use of their time vehicles, and did NOT invalidated this highly evidential photograph. After all, as I described this in subsections V5.1 to V5.3 from volume 16 of my older monograph [1/4], the invalidation of evidential value of photographs they carried out in every other case when unwisely I stated the author, the place and the date of taking any highly evidential photograph. Is it possible that UFOnauts on purpose "let me have" this photograph because they managed to include into it some misleading "trick" which so far I am not aware of?
       The tornado from the Tapanui crater was formed by a UFO which flew in the "standing position", means in the position in which UFO vehicles from previous "Fig. #E1", and also from "Fig. #H1b" below, are shown. Tornados formed technologically on the southern hemisphere of Earth in such a position of a single UFO vehicle must always have a relatively long "funnel" with smooth surface, because the "outlet" magnetic pole "S" of their main propulsor is directed towards the ground. Also they emerge from "cloud-UFOs" with a flat base. Slightly below the base of this cloud, from the "funnel" of such tornado characteristic membranous "offshoots" are separating. In case of the tornado shown in "Fig. #H1" these offshoots are NOT visible too clearly. But in a noticeable proportion of other photographs of tornados they can be seen as a kind of additional ring parting from an upper section of the funnel. As this is the case in all tornados formed by UFOs, the funnel of this tornado is increasing the diameter as it approaches the ground.

Fig. #H1 (C10 in [5/4])
Fig. #H1 (C10 in [5/4]): One out of two existing photographs of a tornado which appeared above the Tapanui crater in New Zealand on 19 December 1969 at 17:15. (The second photograph of the same tornado is shown as Figure 12 in the monograph [5/3] available in English.) The authenticity of the above photograph was verified personally by myself. Please notice that this tornado has a long, non-transparent "funnel" with smooth, clearly defined boundaries, and that it emerges from a cloud with a flat base. In turn such a cloud suggests that a UFO vehicle which hide in it was flying in a "standing position" - means in the position shown below in "Fig. #H1b" of this web page. Therefore, according to the "algorithm" from item #E4 of this web page, the tornado shown on the above photograph for sure was formed technologically by a UFO vehicle.
       The "natural" appearance of the fractocumulus cloud from which this tornado emerges, gives a lot to think about regarding the above photo. Because the above tornado was for sure generated by a UFO vehicle, this indicates that also the cloud was formed technologically by the same UFO vehicle. This in turn means, that clouds formed technologically by UFOs and described on a separate web page on cloud-UFOs, in fact can assume the form sufficiently "bundled" to look like "natural" clouds. So the process of distinguishing these "clouds-UFOs" from natural clouds, should be carried out by us mainly on the basis of their behaviour, while their UFO-like appearance is only of a secondary significance. This in turn shines a completely different light on the results of my observations of this type of clouds hovering above Wellington. Since the time when in the second half of March 2005 I photographed the regular, discoidal cloud shaped like a UFO, which is shown on the web page cloud-UFOs as it hovers above buildings of the New Zealand parliament, I am systematically watching this part of the sky. Until the end of May 2005 (when I was preparing the descriptions here) I sporadically noticed several similar regular clouds looking like UFO vehicles, as these shortly hovered above buildings of the parliament. However, to me the most odd looks a differently shaped, "bundled" fractocumulus cloud, looking similarly "natural" as the cloud that on the above photograph is generating a tornado, which frequently hovers motionlessly above this place for hours. Sometimes there is a situation, that over Wellington is a blue, cloudless sky from the horizon to horizon. However, this lonely single "bundled" cloud still motionlessly may hover in the vicinity of buildings of parliament, being the only cloud on the entire sky.
       The above photograph was taken by Diane Chittock, the wife of a farmer from Waikoikoi. This tornado appeared exactly above the Tapanui crater and soon afterwards it disappeared after it moved several kilometres to the east from this crater. In this part of New Zealand (apart from the crater) tornados are completely unknown and even the oldest inhabitants do not remember their appearance. However, during last half of century several such short tornados were observed just above the Tapanui crater. But they disappeared fast after they moved away from the crater. The responsibility for the appearance of these tornados above the Tapanui crater probably lies in the extraordinary characteristics of the crater itself, especially the fact that the crater is located far from major human settlements, that around it everything is turbulently magnetised, and that in the vicinity of it frequently various extraordinary phenomena are recorded, e.g. curtain lightings, ionic winds, and unusually dense fogs that form in the crater itself. Therefore UFOnauts frequently carry out various experiments in this crater, as whatever unusual would happen in it and was noticed by someone, this would always be taken for one of such anomalies for which the crater is famous amongst local population.
       Tornadoes are considered by all people to be "natural" phenomena. However, in reality tornadoes, as well as hurricanes, can also be induced technologically by UFO vehicles (and according to my research most frequently they are induced by UFOs). The scientific theory behind their mechanisms and manners of inducing is described in subsections LB1 and H4.2 from volumes (correspondingly) 10 and 4 of monograph [1/5]. In turn an example of the hurricane induced technically, which UFOnauts caused on purpose in Coromandel, New Zealand, to make impossible for me to find the mythological "sleeping giant", is described in subsection VB4.4.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4].
       The above Figure originates from monograph [5/3], in which it is discussed as Figure 12. Notice, that copies of monograph [5/3], together with a complete set of Figures that it contains, are disseminated free of charge via this web page, and also via all other web pages listed in the "Menu 4".
* * *
Fig. #H1b (G25a in [1/5])

Fig. #H1b (G25a in [1/5]): A vertical cross-section through a UFO vehicle (or a Magnocraft) type K6, which flies in the "standing position" over a northern hemisphere of Earth. It illustrates the magnetic polarity of subsequent propulsors of this vehicle during flights in the "standing position" above the northern hemisphere of Earth. Notice that a UFO vehicle flying above the southern hemisphere of Earth, as well as a UFO vehicle flying in a "hanging position" above the northern hemisphere, would have the magnetic polarity of propulsors reversed towards the one shown above. Notice also that the UFO shown here has directed towards the ground the "N" pole (i.e. the "inlet") of the main propulsor. Therefore the "funnel" of a tornado that this UFO vehicle would form, would be a short, transparent, with ragged boundaries, similar to the funnel shown in photographs from "Fig. #H2". In order for a UFO to create a "funnel" similar to the one shown on the photograph from upper part of this "Fig. #H1", it would need to direct towards the ground the "S" pole (i.e. the "outlet") from the main propulsor.
       The above Figure illustrates a typical course of force lines of magnetic field that constitutes the so-called "magnetic circuits" which surround UFO vehicles. (These "magnetic circuits" are simply strands of force lines of magnetic field which leave "outlets" (i.e. leave "S") of one group of propulsors of a given UFO vehicle, and - after passing large arcs in space, they enter into "inlets" (i.e. into "N") of the same or other propulsors of the same or other UFO vehicle.) Furthermore, the above Figure illustrates also why the "standing position" of a UFO causes the flat shape of the base of a "cloud-UFO" from which a given "funnel" of the tornado emerges (as shown on the previous photograph). It also illustrates, why from this base of the cloud, the hemisphere does not bulges with these characteristic offshoots that are so clearly visible on "Fig. #H2a to #H2d". Notice, that the tornado itself is always formed by this spinning magnetic circuit which on this Figure is visible as it whirls around the central axis of the vehicle. (On "Fig. #H2e" this central magnetic circuit is marked with the letter "C".)
       The above Figure originates from monograph [1/5], in which it is discussed as Figure G25a. Notice, that copies of monograph [1/5], together with a complete set of Figures that it contains, are disseminated free of charge via this web page, and also via all other web pages listed in the "Menu 4".

#H2. An example of tornado formed technologically from the township Bunbury in Western Australia:

       On 16th May of 2005, along the most populated and the best developed area of the Western Australia, exactly from the magnetic north towards the magnetic south, a destructive tornado ravaged. It caused a huge destruction with costs running into millions of dollars. Later I was informed that an anonymous observer took several photographs of this tornado, when it passed near the town Bunbury (i.e. around 50 kilometres to the south from Perth). These photographs were then posted to me for scientific analysis and for showing to other people via totaliztic web pages. I am showing them here as "Fig. #H2a to #H2d".
       I am showing here photographs from "Fig. #H2" in spite that for various reasons I am not able to scientifically verify the authenticity of their origin. The reason why I still show these photographs without being able to verify them scientifically, is that such a verification in this case is NOT essential. The photographs are only used on this web page to illustrate attributes of tornados formed technologically by UFOs, which are subjected to analyses presented on this web page. In turn all deductions presented on this web page are based NOT on these photographs, but on my previous, many years long research which I carried out with the use of completely different descriptions, photos, and films of tornados. Only that for various reasons these other documentations of tornados cannot be presented on this web page. Therefore the deductions presented on this web page remain valid independently of the place in which photographs from "Fig. #H2" were taken.
       The destructive tornado captured on photographs from "Fig. #H2" below perfectly illustrates attributes of tornados induced technologically by a huge UFO vehicle. (These attributes are summarised in item #E6 of this web page.) For example, it formed a "funnel" that is characteristic for the "N" pole ("inlet") of the main propulsor directed towards the ground, and for a single UFO vehicle which flies in the "hanging position" above the southern hemisphere of Earth. From this funnel spread clearly visible "offshoots" which prove that the UFO vehicle that formed this tornado had very active "main magnetic circuits" (see "M" in "Fig. #H2e"). In turn descriptions of the tornado from Bunbury state that the trajectory of it by some strange "coincidence" run "intelligently" along the axis of the most populated and the best developed areas of the Western Australia. Furthermore, the tornado was moving along the straight line that runs directly from magnetic north to magnetic south, means exactly as it would suit the best a UFO that controlled it. For all these reasons it is fully justified to subject photographs of this tornado to scientific analysis.
       The tornado shown on photographs from "Fig. #H2" was formed by a UFO of a large type. (The comparison of the size of cloud from which this tornado emerges with the size of nearby buildings suggests that most probably it was the UFO type K10.) The lower bulging visible on these photographs was definitely formed by a dome of a UFO vehicle oriented in the "hanging position", means in the position shown on "Fig. #H2e". The only (in this case insignificant) ambiguity of these photographs is that they do not show clearly whether above the lower UFO vehicle there is any other UFO vehicle coupled with it e.g. into a spherical flying complex. In such "hanging position" above the southern hemisphere UFO vehicles direct downward the "N" magnetic pole ("inlet") from their main propulsor. Similarly as all tornados formed by UFOs with their "N" pole directed downward, this tornado also has a short transparent funnel with undistinguishable boundaries. From this funnel numerous membranous "offshoots" spread and are clearly visible on the photographs. These offshoots are just fragments of spinning main magnetic circuits "M" from the UFO vehicle that formed this tornado.
       Now I suggest to look at these highly evidential photographs shown below as "Fig. #H2", and then verify on them the information that I am trying to forward via this web page.

Fig. #H2(a)

Fig. #H2(b)

Fig. #H2(c)

Fig. #H2(d)

Fig. #H2a, #H2b, #H2c, and #H2d: Here are four photographs of the same tornado. According to the information of anonymous sender who supplied these photographs for scientific interpretation and for publishing on totaliztic web pages, this tornado ravaged the town of Bunbury in Western Australia on Monday, 16 may 2005. Please notice that this tornado has a relatively short and partially transparent "funnel" with unclear and jagged boundaries. In order to see more clearly each of the above photographs, it is suggested to click on it to make it enlarged.
       The above photographs represent a highly illustrative evidence which reveals that a large proportion of present tornados are formed technologically by UFOs. In case of the tornado shown on above photographs, about the technological origin of it from a UFO vehicle are reassuring parameters of the "funnel", or mere specifically the fact that this funnel is relatively short (i.e. of the length close to the diameter of it), almost transparent, and with unclear, jagged side boundaries. This "funnel" looks exactly as it supposed to look if it is formed by the "N" pole ("inlet") of the UFO main propulsor directed towards the ground. (In turn, just such a directing of the "N" pole takes the place, amongst others, if a UFO flew in a "hanging position" above the southern hemisphere of Earth - as this is illustrated in "Fig. #H2e" below. In exactly the same manner this "N" pole would be pointed in spherical complexes of UFOs flying above the northern hemisphere of Earth.) Furthermore, also other attributes of this tornado, e.g. the characteristic "membranous offshoots" which are formed during a hanging orientation of the UFO vehicle which formed them, confirm the origin of it from a UFO. (These membranous "offshoots" are simply numerous branches of the "funnel" which under a UFO vehicle are bending sideways because they follow the strands of magnetic field force lines which form the "main magnetic circuits" that in "Fig. #H2e" below are marked with the letter "M".) Notice also that the tornado from Bunbury caused huge and visibly "intelligent" destruction. Many "strategic" objects were affected by it. In May 2005 articles which mention it were placed at the following Internet addresses australia/wa/ bunbury/200505/ s1369342.htm and story/ 0,10117,15302795-26618,00.html.
       I should complement the above with the information, that a cloud looking very similar to the above one, most probably also hiding a UFO vehicle type K10 flying in the "hanging position" with the "N" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed towards the ground, generated in New Zealand a tornado which looked almost identical to the above one. This New Zealand tornado also had a short, transparent, and jagged "funnel", which was spinning in the "clockwise" direction. In Thursday, 10 March 2005 it attacked and destroyed a part of the New Zealand township Graymouth. An amateur film of this tornado from Graymouth was later broadcasted in all TV news of New Zealand. (Unfortunately, it is not known to me that a photograph of it was published anywhere - although the description of the same tornado was published in New Zealand newspapers, e.g. see the article "Rumble, a flash, then it struck" from page 1 of the New Zealand newspaper "The Dominion Post", issue dated on Friday, 11 March 2005.)
* * *
Fig. #H2e (G35 in [1/5])

Fig. #H2e (G35 in [1/5]): The course of the so-called "magnetic circuits" in a UFO vehicle which flies in the "hanging position". All details indicate, that this was the position of a UFO vehicle which formed the tornado shown previously in "Fig. #H2a to #H2d". The above drawing illustrates why a cloud in which such a hanging UFO hides, must have this convex bulging so clearly visible on previous photographs, and also why at the base of this bulging magnetic circuits "M" must form this characteristic "membranous offshoots" spreading to sides - also perfectly well visible on previous photographs.
       Let us recall that "magnetic circuits" from UFOs are simply strands of force lines of magnetic field which leave "outlets" (i.e. leave "S") of one group of propulsors of a given UFO vehicle, and - after passing large arcs in space, they enter into "inlets" (i.e. into "N") of the same or other propulsors of the same or other UFO vehicle. As from the above Figure it is clearly visible, every UFO vehicle (and also every Magnocraft) forms 3 basic types of such magnetic circuits, namely the "central" (C), "main" (M), and "side" (S). The spinning central magnetic circuit (C) is the one which always is utilised by a UFO for forming a destructive tornado. It is this circuit which creates a murderous whirl of the air which destroys everything on its path. However, apart from this central magnetic circuit (C), through the main propulsor of a UFO vehicle runs also an entire array of main magnetic circuits, on the above Figure marked with letter "M". The main circuits are going to form these membranous "offshoots" from the trunk of the tornado's funnel, which so clearly are captured on photographs from "Fig. #H2a to #H2d". Notice, that in order for a single UFO vehicle could fly above the southern hemisphere of Earth in a "hanging position", it must direct towards the ground the "N" magnetic pole (i.e. the "inlet" pole). (The magnetic polarity of subsequent propulsors of a UFO vehicle which flies in such a manner results from the principle of flights of these vehicles, described comprehensively in volume 3 of monograph [1/5].) In turn directing the "N" magnetic pole ("inlet") of a given UFO to the ground, must cause that the "funnel" of the tornado that this vehicle forms must be almost transparent with unclear boundaries - see also the "algorithm" from item #E4 above.
       The above Figure originates from monograph [1/5], in which it is discussed as Figure G35. Notice, that copies of monograph [1/5], together with a complete set of Figures that it contains, are disseminated free of charge via this web page, and also via all other web pages listed in the "Menu 4".

#H3. The tornado from Polish city of Wrocław that hit on Friday, 16 May 2008:

       On Friday, 16th of May 2008, the Lower Silesian city of Wrocław, Poland, was hit by a small tornado. Fortunately, according to the classification of disasters provided in item #B5 from the web page seismograph.htm, this tornado from Wrocław still could be classified as a "warning cataclysm", and thus it did NOT cause any noticeable damages. On 5 May 2011 the references to that tornado still could be found in and e.g. was available at the address,84880,5220405.html.
       That tornado from Wrocław could be dismissed as an insignificant event, if NOT the fact that the same city was also hit by several different cataclysms. For example Wrocław experienced also two cataclysmic floods, i.e. the so-called flood "one in thousand of years" of Saturday 12 July 1997, and later another on 25 May 2010. In turn when cataclysms start so stubbornly persecute a given city, then usually this means, that that city receives from God a "warning that its philosophy and morality deviates towards the forbidden direction". In case of Wrocław, such a "warning" nature of the tornado and floods seem to confirm also various other facts, for example that Wrocław become a city for rich people - in which poor lead increasingly miserable life, that e.g. flats in Wrocław are amongst most expensive in the entire Poland, that complains of people on the level of crime grow in there, and that the financial debt of Wrocław is one amongst greatest in Poland. Therefore, from these floods and tornado I personally begin to suspect, that the city of Wrocław is already selected for a killing "urging cataclysm" described in item #E2 of the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm. Besides, I am NOT the only person who expresses such views - as an example see also the web page from the address In turn, as this is known from the example of city Christchurch in New Zealand, described in item #C6 from the web page named seismograph.htm, and also from the "procedure of serving a cataclysm" described in there in item #B5, such a "urging cataclysm" can annihilate completely even up to a half of the city and can take lives from as many people as it requires for every inhabitant left alive to feel a deep sorrow for what took place.

#H4. The swarm of tornadoes which kept hitting the USA for entire week, starting from Saturday 23 April 2011:

       Starting from Saturday, 23rd of April 2011, for the entire next week, central states of the USA were attacked by a whole "swarm" of tornadoes. The first one out of this swarm appeared on Saturday, over St. Louis in Missouri, almost completely destroying in there an passenger airport, but by some "miracle" it did NOT take life of even a single person. The description of that first tornado appeared, amongst others, in the article "Clean-up begins after twister rips through homes", from page A22 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Monday, April 25, 2011. Another over 160 tornadoes hit then in several central states of the USA during the subsequent days of the week, in total killing 306 people - thus giving to that swarm of tornadoes a status of the most deadly cataclysm after the hurricane Katrina. (Katrina killed around 1800 people. In turn the most deadly "day of tornadoes" in the USA took place on 3rd of April 1974, when tornadoes killed in there 310 people.) The most destructive day for that swarm turned out to be Thursday, 28th of April 2011, in which as many as 204 people were killed in the Alabama state. The summary of consequences of that swarm of tornadoes from April 2011, appeared in the article "Obama vows to rebuild", from page B1 of New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald, issue dated on Saturday, April 30, 2011.

#H5. The classical "clockwise" tornado which hit the city of Auckland in New Zealand around 3 pm on Tuesday, 3rd of May 2011:

       On Tuesday, 3rd of May 2011, around 3 pm, the city of Auckland in New Zealand was hit by a powerful tornado which moved in the general direction from magnetic north towards magnetic south (means according to the direction of easiest flight of the Magnocraft). That tornado left behind a trail of destruction of the total length of around 15 kilometres, spread in Auckland from the suburb called "Albany", until almost the centre of that city. It also killed one person - who was the structure engineer from Philippines employed for previous 5 years in New Zealand as the so-called "surveyor" - see his description in the article "Tornado victim 'a very good family man' ", from page A5 of NZ newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, May 5, 2011. A photographic evidence of some destruction caused by that tornado was published a day later, amongst others, in the article "Tornado terror" from pages A1 to A3 and B1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, May 4, 2011; and in the article "Debris was everywhere - fatal twister stuns with its ferocity", from page A1 of NZ newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.
       Because that tornado from Auckland hit in the middle of day inside of a relatively large city, it was filmed by many people having video cameras. Therefore, still the same day videos of that tornado were shown in evening television news on all channels of New Zealand television. So I had a good opportunity to analyse it. And so, the the whirling debris and sheets of metal that this tornado was swirling revealed very clearly that that tornado from Auckland was "clockwise" - as this is designated for New Zealand by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. Furthermore, its "funnel" had a clearly defined boundaries (the same as the "funnel" from the tornado shown above in "Fig. #H1"), and thus that it was "simulated" as it was caused by a "UFO vehicle" that flies with its "N" magnetic pole of the main propulsor directed towards the Earth.
       A lot to think about attribute of that tornado from Auckland was, that it demonstrated a whole array of characteristics which as if confirmed its "intelligent guiding by morality" - i.e. exactly the behaviour which in cataclysms are explained by items #B5 and #B6 from web page seismograph.htm. For example, the very initiation of that tornado looked as if induced by the need to "correct the morality". This is because the tornado touched the ground firstly in the suburb of Auckland called "Albany", near a large complex of supermarkets called the "Mega Centre". It raged over that complex for the duration much longer than in any other areas. This in turn seem to have a moral link to the fact, that in recent times on the New Zealand supermarkets is directed a growing number of complains of people because of their monopolistic behaviours and unjustified increase of prices of food. In addition, this suburb of Auckland called Albany for many years is in news for completely wrong reasons. For example, relatively frequent the name Albany is in news because of narcotics. Most clearly in there are developed wrong traditions and behaviours, which God decisively disapproves - this seems to also be confirmed e.g. by the fact that almost exactly 20 years ago in the same Albany another tornado destroyed a local church. Another example of such an "intelligent" behaviour of that tornado is provided in the article "One street's devastation", from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 5, 2011. The article shows a map of trajectory (and destruction) of that tornado along a street in Auckland that is shaped like an "S letter", and that is called the "Roseberry Avenue" - from the luxury seaside area called "Birkenhead". As it stems from that map, the tornado also moved in there "intelligently" along that street, also following the curve which looked like that "S letter" - so that it destroyed luxury houses located only on one side of that street, while left untouched some differently-looking buildings from other side of that street. (Interestingly that on that other side of the street marked on the map but unnamed, left untouched by the tornado large building on more sizable than normal piece of land - is it a church?) Another example of such an "intelligently behaviour" of that tornado is described in the article "Unscathed childcare centre God's will, say workers", from page A5 of the abovementioned newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, May 5, 2011. Namely, on the same "Roseberry Avenue" existed a day-care centre for small children, with around 60 children inside. Although the tornado almost "brushed" the building with this centre, nothing was destroyed in it, and n-one was hurt in it.
       According to the classification from item #B5 of the web page named seismograph.htm, that tornado from Auckland probably should be classified as a "warning cataclysm". So we can expect, that if the philosophy and morality of inhabitants of that city do NOT change fast, then soon should expect it to be hit with an "urging cataclysm" - similarly like in a different New Zealand city named "Christchurch" soon after the "warning cataclysm" also arrived the "urging cataclysm" - for details see items #C5 to #C6 on the abovementioned web page seismograph.htm. That tornado from Auckland revealed also, that the city is NOT protected against cataclysms e.g. through these at least "10 righteous" living in it - in the way as such a protection documents item #I3 of the web page named day26.htm. This in turn means probably a "beginning", not an "end" of its "problems with tornadoes". To be honest, I would recommend to Auckland to "fund a stipend to an active totalizt" fast, similarly as previously I recommended such a stipend to the city of Christchurch in item #C5.1 from the web page seismograph.htm - before that city was destroyed by an earthquake.

Part #I: Moral meaning of tornadoes:


#I1. A next time seeing a tornado, greet it as a "warning" that the morality of a given area leans towards an undesirable direction:

       In the light of what is presented on this web page, if one looks at "tornadoes" from the point of view of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, then he or she sees in them just a "highly scary weather phenomenon". But if "tornadoes" are viewed from the point of view of a new "totaliztic science", then to our eyes a whole array of highly intriguing attributes begins to reveal themselves. For example, then we can notice the "intelligent behaviour of tornadoes controlled by the morality of people which they affect", also we can see highly meaningful "incorporation in tornadoes attributes which allow them to be explained simultaneously at 3 different ways" (as this is indicated in item #C2 above).
       In turn, when we start to notice in tornadoes the wealth of attributes that are revealed in them due to findings of the "totaliztic science", then it turns out, that people are NOT at all so hopeless in face of these killing phenomena, as this is insisted by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. Rapidly people receive a whole array of possibilities for predicting behaviours of tornadoes. After all, if behaviours of tornadoes cannot be predicted from the weather research, then still they can be predicted from research on morality and from principles of the operation of Magnocrafts (i.e. the Earth's versions of UFOs). Furthermore, people receive then a number of effective methods of self-defence against tornadoes.

#I2. Why it is extremely vital to learn links between tornadoes, and the morality of people affected:

       The history of development of human knowledge teaches us, that there are two drastically different periods in our learning about every phenomenon. In the first period people only learn symptoms of this phenomenon, while its mechanism still remains a mystery for them. So in this first period people are unable to prevent this phenomenon nor to control it. Only in the second period people learn the mechanism of it. Thus they also acquire the capability to prevent and to control this phenomenon. A best example of these periods is our knowledge about illnesses. Until the time of learning about the existence of bacteria and viruses, illnesses could be described only in categories of symptoms. No-one was then knowing what is their mechanism. Also no-one was able to prevent their spread and development. Only learning about bacteria and viruses gave us to hands a significant control over illnesses. Exactly the same is with tornadoes and with other catastrophes. The present official human science is only able to describe them from the point of view of their symptoms. But it does NOT know their true causes, their mechanisms, nor the intelligence which induces them. Only the scientific theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (described comprehensively in volumes 4 and 5 of monograph [1/5], monograph [1/4], and monograph [8/2]), and the ideas of "whirls of counter-matter" and "universal intellect" which this concept introduced, allows us to learn the true mechanism of tornadoes' formation. As it turns out, this mechanisms is shocking: practically all tornadoes on the Earth turn out to be formed in an intelligent manner and so simulated as if they originate from UFO vehicles that hide from the sight of people in clouds from which these tornadoes emerge. In turn, this learning of the true origin and mechanism of tornadoes allows us now a better detection of their approach, while in the future is also to allow us to get rid of them completely. After all, the intelligently formed tornadoes will disappear completely from the Earth if our civilisation manages to learn and eliminate reasons for which these tornadoes are created and unleashed.
       It is extremely vital for us to acquire the ability to instantly recognise cases when some intentionally induced catastrophe tries to destroy selected human settlement, community, or a country. After all, as I explained this already in item #B7 from the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm, such an intentional catastrophe is one amongst signs that allow us to recognise the situation when something is NOT OK with this human settlement, community, or country. (E.g. that it right now is slipping downhill in claws of the destructive philosophy of parasitism.) Therefore, if we want to stop the fate from treating us with technically induced catastrophes, such as tornados, earthquakes, etc., then we must learn how to distinguish between such catastrophes formed technically, from natural catastrophes. The key for this distinguishing is the information presented on this web page.
       There is one more aspect of our defence against tornados which should be mentioned here. It is the fact that from encounters of people with UFOs it appears that people exposed directly to powerful magnetic field from UFO propulsors usually later die on cancer. Because the funnels of tornados always emerge from propulsors of such UFOs, while these propulsors are sources of extremely powerful magnetic field, all people who for some reasons find themselves under this funnel, most probably are endangered with cancer. Considering tornados to be "natural phenomena", so-far no-one seem to research a connection between getting under a funnel of tornado and later suffering a fast death from cancer. In the American film "Twister" of 1996 a situation was even shown, when getting under a funnel from a tornado was a kind of "professional duty". In turn, if tornados are induced technically by UFO vehicles, then such understanding of "professional duties" may mean a voluntarily taking on oneself a fast death through cancer.

Part #J: Methods and manner of defence from tornadoes:


#J1. How to defend ourselves from experiencing destructions caused by tornadoes or by other cataclysms:

       Our defence from tornadoes and from other cataclysms is very simple. It suffices just to eliminate reasons for which these cataclysms can affect us. Because the true reasons for all cataclysms is the "human immorality" (i.e. the opposite of "morality" - from the totaliztic definition and understanding of "morality" explained in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm) - in order to effectively defend against e.g. tornadoes, one needs to (1) practice the "correct kind of morality" - e.g. the one commanded to us by the Bible or recommended to us by the formal version of the philosophy of totalizm, and also (2) one needs to undertake an uncompromised fight with immorality of other humans. How to carry out practically such elimination of reasons for cataclysms, it is described relatively well on a whole range of totaliztic web pages - amongst others in items #H1 to #M1 from the web page named quake.htm or in items #B1 to #B7 of the totaliztic web page seismograph.htm - about so-called "Zhang Heng seismograph".

#J1.1. The method of individual defence of single people from tornadoes, which depends on embracing by them the highly moral philosophy of totalizm that eliminates the reason for sending a tornado or a different disaster:

       The individual defence against cataclysms (i.e. the defence of us alone) is simple. For this it suffices to begin practicing the "correct kind of morality". In turn to practice this "correct morality" we need to fulfil two conditions. Namely, (1), we firstly must ourselves try to perfect our own morality - this in a best manner can be accomplished by starting to practice the aware version of the philosophy of totalizm. Then, (2), we also need to undertake an active fight with immorality of other people from so-called "group intellects" to which we ourselves belong, but which treating with a cataclysm by God would cause that also we would get hurt - according to the Polish proverb "where woods are chopped there dangerous splinters are flying" (in Polish: "gdzie drwa rąbią tam wióry lecą"). The point is that God punishes our "passiveness" towards the immorality of other people with the same severity as if we would be co-culprits in this immorality of others" - for more details see item #B4 on the web page named parasitism.htm. In other words, to become sure that we are safe from experiencing consequences of a cataclysm, we must become so-called "active totalizts" - i.e. such as the one which is described in items #J1 and #P5.1 of the web page quake.htm.
       At this point should be emphasized, that this "correct morality" is the morality defined by the “totaliztic science” in item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm. The point is that in recent years atheistic scientists, and also politicians with over-inflated egos, started to introduce into life various laws which legalise their "private morality" as the "official morality" of a given country and nation. Unfortunately, this "private morality" of scientists and politicians, frequently is very "deviated" and has nothing to do with the morality issued for people by God. With one example of it, reader can get familiar from e.g. item #B5.1 of the web page will.htm. In turn according to this deviated "private morality" of present scientists and politicians, for example every "good deed" implemented once by Son of God, i.e. by Jesus, and described in the Bible as an example of morally correct behaviour, in present times turns out to be forbidden, illegal, and punishable by law - for the documentation of this scary state of things see item #G3 on the web page named prophecies.htm.
       A scientifically verified example as to how effective is such a defence from cataclysms, is provided in item #I3 from the web page named day26.htm
       Methods of "individual defence" from cataclysms are described on a number of totaliztic web pages, amongst others, in item #G3 of the web page named day26.htm or in item #B1 of web page named landslips.htm.

#J1.2. Methods of group defence of so-called "group intellects" (e.g. entire cities, islands, countries, etc.):

       A defence of so-called "group intellects" (e.g. entire cities, settlements, factories, islands, etc.) from cataclysms is slightly more complicated. After all, in a given "group intellect" two neighbourly houses can be occupied by people with drastically different moralities - as this is explained more comprehensively on the web page named mozajski_uk.htm. For example, one of them may practice the "correct morality" on the level of biblical so-called "righteous", while the other may be just an immoral thug and hooligan. Thus, frequently in real life situations happen when e.g. a tornado or a fire destroys completely one house, while leaves untouched the neighbourly home. But in spite of this larger complexity of group intellects' defence, the new "totaliztic science" already worked out for them several methods of effective defence against cataclysms. These methods can be learned from totaliztic web pages devoted to them.
       The best descriptions of the group defence of "group intellects" from cataclysms, are provided in items #H1 to #M1 from the totaliztic web page named quake.htm.
       Several further such methods of "group defence" from cataclysms (including tornadoes) are described, amongst others, in items #B6, #B7.2, #C5.1 an #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm, in item #E2 of the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm, and in items #G1, #G2 and #I5 of the web page named day26.htm.

#J2. Early detection of impending tornadoes with the use of a modern version of the ancient telepathic device called the Zhang Heng seismograph:

       Our knowledge of principles on which technological tornados are induced, allows us also to develop systems of early warnings against these tornados. The point is that tornados have been considered to be weather-related atmospheric phenomena. Thus, to detect them scientists have tried to use unsuccessfully the equipment and techniques used for weather research. Means, they have tried to use radar, and also use measurements of the pressure, temperature, humidity, and force of wind. However, because tornados are phenomena caused technically, they can be detected more effectively with the use of well developed technology of "UFO detectors". This means, e.g. detected through sensing magnetic field generated by UFO vehicles, and also detected through intercepting telepathic waves which are emitted by UFOs. Thus practically the remote detection of impending tornados may be successfully accomplished with the same telepathic detection instrument, with which ancient Chinese used to detect remotely the incoming earthquakes, and which is described on the web page seismograph.htm - about the so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph", or in my conference paper about this apparatus, entitled "Signal processing in the ‘Zhang Heng Seismograph' for remote sensing of impending earthquakes". (Note, however, that in order to detect tornados, this instrument would need to have a different shape of its antenna chamber.) Tornados should also be detectable remotely via the telepathic "UFO revealing devices" described comprehensively in the Polish treatise [7b] and illustrated in Figure K4 for subsection K5.1.1 from volume 9 of monograph [1/5].

Fig. #J1 (K6 in [1/5])

Fig. #J1 (K6 in [1/5]): The device capable of a remote detection of impending "tornadoes" and "earthquakes". It is known recently under a misleading name of the "Zhang Heng seismograph" - although it does NOT utilise the inertial principles of present seismographs at all. In my opinion, the best reflection of the true operation of this device, is still the original ancient Chinese name houfeng didongy yi - meaning the "instrument for inquiring into the flow of fluid and earth movement". This extraordinary device is able to rise alarms a long time before a "tornado" or an "earthquake" strikes, i.e. sufficiently in advance to allow an effective escape from the danger zone. The detailed descriptions of the principle of operation and the design of this device are provided in "part #D" from the web page named seismograph.htm - where also the above photograph is provided and explained as "Fig. #D1". (Click on this photograph to see it enlarged.)

Part #K: Which evidence confirms, that the old official "atheistic orthodox science" is still too primitive, too incomplete and too incompetent, to really be able to explain tornadoes:


#K1. The contradiction of present physical knowledge and the operation of "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") - means the confirmation of the lack of atheistic explanation to tornadoes, and the lack of competency of the official science to-date:

Motto: "If rightly calculated royalties would be paid up for correcting lies and ignorant claims disseminated throughout the world by the official 'atheistic orthodox science' to-date, then payments for only these lies and ignorance of the official science, which the author of this web page already managed to discover and publicly reveal, would suffice for financing the entire new so-called 'totaliztic science' and would provide due compensation for that entire ocean of persecution, humiliation, and unemployment, which the old science served so-far to the author as a 'reward' for his numerous discoveries, theories, and inventions."

       It turns out that the knowledge which is in disposal of our old official so-called "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the science which we learn in schools and in universities - described, amongst others, in item #B1 of this web page) is still too primitive and too incomplete to really explain a number of phenomena of nature which we know from the world that surround us, and which contradict completely to whatever this science is claiming. One amongst such phenomena are tornadoes. Only the new knowledge and new philosophical foundations created by the just emerging, competitive towards that old science, new so-called "totaliztic science", allow the author of this web page to explain these phenomena, how they really are working. In this item I am going to describe for the reader an example of just such a phenomenon which is completely contradictive to claims of the old "atheistic orthodox science", and which is explainable only on the basis of scientific and philosophical foundations of the new "totaliztic science".
       If we to believe the old "atheistic orthodox science", then "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") - described in item #G3 of this web page, happen because the funnels of tornadoes "suck" sea water and lift this water up into the air, forming from this water consistent pillars of several hundred meters in height. But from physics we know perfectly, that a pillar of water can be "sucked" up onto the height NOT greater than around 10 meters (e.g. at the "normal" atmospheric pressure - at the height of 10.13 metres). After all, the height at which a pillar of water can be "sucked" depends on the "atmospheric pressure", and on the "specific gravity" of water. This is because such a pillar of water "sucked" upward works like a kind of so-called "water barometer", means a kind of "barometer " in which instead of mercury, sucked upward is slightly lighter water. However, even the pillar formed from that lighter water, at the height of just around 10 meters becomes already so heavy, that it forms a complete vacuum at the top, and cannot be "sucked" higher than that "critical height of sucking" of around 10 meters - defined by the "specific gravity" of water and by the current "atmospheric pressure". The humanity knows about this fact already since 1643 - means since the time of the completion of the famous "Torricelli Experiment", while on the topic of it write practically almost all textbooks of physics. In other words, according to the knowledge of the old "atheistic orthodox science", the so-called "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") work contradictive to laws of physics and have NO rights to occur - after all, they "suck" pillars of sea water over that "critical height of sucking". Simultaneously, according to the same old "atheistic orthodox science", NO other phenomenon (apart from "sucking") is known officially, about which for sure it is known that it is induced by "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") and with the assistance of which these tornadoes could lift pillars of water onto the height of several hundred meters - as in reality it is actually done by "waterspouts".
       How really "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") are able to lift pillars of sea water to heights of several hundreds meters, it is explained only recently by the new "totaliztic science" on the basis of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This theory described to us the principle of formation of the phenomenon of telekinesis - which still is denied and ignored by the old orthodox science. (I.e. this theory discovered and described for us the principle of telekinesis explained briefly e.g. in item #B3 from the web page named timevehicle.htm.) The phenomenon of telekinesis causes, that every "matter" washed by a stream of "counter-matter" (as this takes place in the funnels of tornadoes) begins to move on the principle of so-called "telekinetic motion", means NOT on the principle of "physical motion" - which (physical motion) still remains the only motion officially known to the old orthodox science. In turn "telekinetic motion" has the ability to neutralise the action of physical forces (e.g. to neutralise "gravity forces", "centrifugal forces", etc.). Thus, it allows to make "weightless" everything that tornadoes hit, means make "weightless” the air, water, people, buildings, etc. As such, the "telekinetic motion" released by funnels of tornadoes is e.g. able to lift sea water onto any heights, maintain consistency of funnels from fast spinning air of tornadoes, and release still other different phenomena which completely contradict knowledge of the old official "atheistic orthodox science".

#K2. Contradiction of "sucking" of water by "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") to present physical knowledge, is just one amongst a whole array of mysteries of tornadoes for the explanation of which the present official science has NOT earned yet the required competence:

Motto: "If you seek the best example of 'incompetence', then notice that no other profession fulfils better the definition of 'incompetence' than the present official science."

       The inability of the old "atheistic orthodox science" to explain rationally how it is possible that "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") are able to "suck" pillars of sea water onto heights of several hundred meters, while in almost every textbook of physics is written that water can be "sucked" only at the height of around 10.13 meters (or 33 feet), is just one amongst a whole array of mysteries of tornadoes, the existence of which was revealed only by the author of this web page, while the correct explanation of which becomes possible only due to scientific and philosophical foundations of the new "totaliztic science". Let us list now in items below, most important "mysteries of tornadoes", which already turned out to be "unexplainable" on the basis of primitive and incomplete knowledge which is in disposal of the old official science to-date (i.e. the science NOT without valid reasons called also the "atheistic orthodox science"). After all, the number of these mysteries, as well as their kind and reasons for which they remain unexplained, reveal how primitive and how incomplete turns out to be the human science to-date, and how urgent is the official establishing of the new "totaliztic science" - as this is described in item #C4 of this web page. After all, the author was able to identify, reveal, and explain all mysteries below, only due to the previous formulation of scientific and philosophical foundations of this new "totaliztic science". So here is the list of these "mysteries of tornadoes" that are most hitting in our eyes.
       1. Principles and mechanism of "sucking" by "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes") the pillars of sea water onto heights of several hundred meters, while almost every textbook of physics explains that a pillar of water can be "sucked" only at the height of around 10 meters - with simultaneous lack in tornadoes phenomena other than "sucking" that would be officially recognised by present official science (as it was explained in item #K1 of this web page).
       2. Principles and mechanism of "swirling" of the surrounding media by funnels of practically all tornadoes, without the formation of centrifugal forces which would disperse columns of spinning matter - while almost every textbook of physics explains, every experiment confirms, while devices such as "centrifuges" or "bag-less vacuum cleaners" illustrate meaningfully, that fast spinning of any matter creates powerful "centrifugal forces" which disperse this matter thus making impossible the formation consistent funnels from it - of the kind of funnels shown in "Fig. #H1" on this web page. So in fact, according to the state of present official knowledge, spinning funnels of tornadoes, such as the one shown above in "Fig. #H1", and also high pillars of sea water spinning by "waterspouts" (i.e. "water tornadoes"), have NO right to exist (in spite that in real life they do exist and significantly trouble immoral communities). Only the new theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (i.e. the one which forms scientific foundations for the new "totaliztic science") explains exactly how these pillars of spinning matter are formed and maintained in the state of consistency by the phenomenon of telekinesis released by the intelligent so-called "counter-matter" pre-programmed for spinning. But the old "atheistic orthodox science" still do NOT recognise the existence and correctness of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, nor recognise the phenomena like "telekinesis" - which this new theory identifies, describes and explains. Thus, old "atheistic orthodox science" is also unable to explain, how the spinning matter from funnels of tornadoes is maintained in consistent pillars and is NOT dispersed by powerful centrifugal forces which the spinning of it forms. Of course, the old orthodox science in its conceit and ignorance, is still unaware that on the basis of its primitive and incomplete knowledge, it still is unable to explain phenomena described in this item. Therefore it took the eventuation of the new "totaliztic science" and it took the "civil courage" of the author of this web page, to point out this ignorance and incompetence to the official science to-date, and point it out to at least some present scientists (e.g. these most arrogant and best paid).
       3. Reasons for which tornadoes (and all other cataclysms) hit only in these communities which on daily basis practice the advanced form of the philosophy of parasitism, while simultaneously tornadoes avoid communities which practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm - as this is explained more comprehensively on the separate web page named quake.htm, while is documented (with the already researched examples from real life) in items #I5 and #I3 of the web page named day26.htm.
       4. Reasons for which into all tornadoes are written at least three (3) sets of attributes, which allow to explain mechanisms of their occurring in at least three (3) independent ways - as this is described more comprehensively in item #C2 from this web page.
       5. Reasons for which clouds from which tornadoes emerge, always take shapes which reflect the design and operation of UFO vehicles, while tornadoes themselves always display attributes which are the reflection of principles of operation of UFO vehicles and Magnocrafts - as this is explained more comprehensively in items #E6 and #E3 of this web page, while illustrated well in "Fig. #H2" and "Fig. #H1" of this web page.
       6. Reasons for which tornadoes have two different kinds and two different shapes of "funnels", which (kinds and shapes) correspond to flights of UFO vehicles and Magnocrafts in two different positions (i.e. to their flights in the "standing" and "hanging" positions) - as this is described in items #A2, #E3 and #E6 of this web page.
       7. Reasons for which tornadoes induce "naturally" almost all phenomena which are also induced technically by UFO vehicles and by Magnocrafts (e.g. spinning of the surrounding medium into configurations that correspond to location of propulsors in UFOs and in Magnocrafts, motion of tornadoes in directions that are agreeable with directions of magnetic flights of UFOs and Magnocrafts, pulsating magnetic field, emission of powerful warning telepathic signals, squeaking sounds, etc.) - as this is explained more comprehensively on almost entire this web page.
       8. Reasons for which on the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth (e.g. in the USA) tornadoes spin mainly counter-clockwise, while on the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth (e.g. in New Zealand, or in Australia) tornadoes spin mainly clockwise - as this is explained and documented by items #G1, #G2 and #H5 on this web page.

#K3. Tornadoes are just one amongst a huge ocean of examples of natural phenomena, for the actual explanation of which the to-date "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT have the knowledge required nor the competency needed:

Motto: "Monopoles breed incompetence – take away the ‘monopole for knowledge’ from the science, and incompetent scientists will disappear automatically."

       The contradiction of operation of tornadoes with still very primitive and incomplete knowledge which is accumulated by the old "atheistic orthodox science", is only one amongst a huge pool of examples of phenomena, for the actual explanation of which the old "atheistic orthodox science" is still incompetent, and thus on the subject of which this science tells people complete nonsense. Such phenomena totally contradictive with erroneous claims of the old official science to-date are so numerous, that it would NOT be possible to describe them on a single web page. Many out of these phenomena are already described by me on a number of totaliztic web pages - for example see the web page named god_proof.htm, the web page named ufo_proof.htm, or the web page named nirvana.htm. In items below I am going to indicate only these examples, which are already thoroughly explained on totaliztic web pages indicated in subsequent items below. These examples of phenomena contradictive to the old official science, which are already explained by the new "totaliztic science", include, amongst others:
       0. The existence of God. The old "atheistic orthodox science" does NOT recognise the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which becomes the first scientific theory on the Earth that proved formally the existence of God and that explained to us what actually God is, where God resides, how God came to existence, how God acts and behaves, etc. Therefore, this old science still erroneously claims, that "God does NOT exist" - because if He existed, then supposedly He would need to reside somewhere close to the Earth, and thus would be detectable even to present scientists. On the other hand, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals the nonsense of such claims, because according to it God inhabits the separate world called the "virtual world" (i.e. the world located in memory of intelligent so-called "counter-matter"). Thus, at the to-date level of human knowledge, the existence of God was NOT detectable from our "physical world".
       1. The so-called "red shift" of light from stars, and the "violet shift" of the light coming to the Earth from sky. Both these shifts were explained correctly only in items #D2, #D2.1 and #I1 from the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm. Their contradiction to official human science means, that scientifically contradictive is also the explanation of this science to beginnings and to origins of the physical world. Expressing this in other words, both these shifts prove, that the so-called "Big Bang Theory" is just a long string of scientific nonsense.
       2. Apparent reversal of the direction of spinning in objects watched in daylight. This reversal was explained correctly only in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named immortality.htm. Practically it proves that time is the "motion of execution control" through our "programs of life and fate", and thus that time can be shifted back and that time-travel is possible (and technically feasible to implement).
       3. Reasons for which all cataclysms hit exclusively into communities which practice the highly immoral philosophy of parasitism, while carefully omit communities that practice any form of the philosophy of totalizm. These reasons were explained more comprehensively on the web page named quake.htm. In turn examples of evidence which documents that communities practicing the highly moral philosophy of totalizm are omitted by all cataclysms, are indicated in items #I5 and #I3 from the totaliztic web page named day26.htm.
       4. Living fish falling from the sky. "Rain" of such living fish, which I sighted in person during my childhood, is described in caption under "Fig. #D24" from the web page milicz_uk.htm. This rain, together with other mysteries which I have seen personally, is also mentioned in item #F3 from the web page named wszewilki_uk.htm. Attributes of this rain, which I remember from my personal sighting, completely contradict whatever the old "atheistic orthodox science" officially claims on the subject of such rains, and deny the "explanation" which this science coined on their topic.
       5. Current mass extinction of bees caused by the cellular phones. It is described, amongst others, in item #F1 from the web page named telepathy.htm. It is an excellent example of inability of present "atheistic orthodox scientists" to reveal such truths which would expose them to attacks of someone influential (e.g. telephone companies) - in spite that these truths could contribute to stopping the destruction of life-giving nature by present human civilisation, and even if these truths were already learned by selected people.
       6. Pollination of baobabs supposedly done by fruit-bats. It is described, amongst others, in item #C2 from the web page named cooking.htm. It is a proof how "shallow" and unverified are numerous "scientific claims" of present "atheistic orthodox scientists".
       7. Survival in Poland of a perfectly visible snake with red colouring of skin (the so-called "Gniewosz"). Because of the perfect visibility of this snake already from large distances, according to claims of official science - it NOT supposed to survive! After all, it is easy to spot by its enemies, and defenceless. But in reality it survived until present times. The new "totaliztic science" reveals, that it survived only because it mastered the supernatural ability to slow-down the speed of elapse of time - which ability of this snake is denied and ignored by the "atheistic orthodox science". This Polish snake, and its supernatural ability to slow-down the speed of elapse of time, are described in item #F3 from the web page named stawczyk_uk.htm.
       8. Generation of "free energy" from the everlasting motion of "counter-matter". The old "atheistic orthodox science" considers "motionlessness" to be the natural state of the universe, while according to it, "motions" are states "artificially induced". Thus, according to that old science, in order to generate energy one needs firstly to induce artificially a useful form of motion which then is to propel our generators, and the by-product of which is the "increase of entropy of the universe". In other words, according to old "atheistic orthodox science" the construction of "free energy devices" (one of simplest versions of which in past was called "perpetual motion"), is physically impossible. However, the new "totaliztic science" proves, that the natural state of the universe is "motion", while "motionlessness" is the state artificially pre-programmed into our "physical world" through the creation of inertial "matter" from "whirls" of ever-moving "counter-matter" - as this is explained the most comprehensively in subsections #A1 to #A6 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], while is briefly summarised e.g. in item #A1 on the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, item #C1 on the web page named nirvana.htm, item #B5 on the web page named evolution.htm, or item #C1 on the web page named soul_proof.htm. Thus, according to this new "totaliztic science", building of "free energy devices" (and "perpetual motion") in reality is possible. Only, that human inventors must find well-hidden ways of "going around" protections which make impossible easy generation of energy from that everlasting motion of "counter-matter". In turn to find these ways, the sufficient number of open-minded people must unite around the idea of building such devices, so that with a common effort they are able to overcome the action of "morally self-regulatory" mechanisms of the so-called "curse of inventors" - described more comprehensively e.g. in items #G1 to #G6 from the web page named eco_cars.htm. Directions in which it is necessary to go in such overcoming of the "curse of inventors" already now are indicated, amongst others, on the totaliztic web pages fe_cell.htm, free_energy.htm, and telekinetics.htm.
       Incompetence of the old monopolistic "atheistic orthodox science" to-date in explaining the above phenomena of nature, as well as in explaining many other similar phenomena, confirms additionally the urgency with which human civilisation should officially establish the new so-called totaliztic science which would create a healthy "competition" for this old and significantly "complacent" science to-date, while which is described more thoroughly, amongst others, in item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm. The matter of urgent establishing of such a new "totaliztic science" discusses also item #C4 on this web page. Because of the amount of immorality, cataclysms, harm, suffering, errors, deviations, etc., which are to be saved to humanity due to a fast establishing the new "totaliztic science", herewith I have an appeal to every researcher who acquired personal conviction about the correctness of scientific and philosophical foundations of this new science. Namely, I am appealing that everyone who shares the understanding for the urgent need to establish the new "totaliztic science" which will be "competitive" to the old one, should already now do everything accordingly to canons and principles of this new science - without waiting until the science is officially established. After all, the undertaking actions agreeable with the new "totaliztic science" does NOT depend on doing everything in a new and unknown so-far manner, but on adopting in all our activities the philosophical approach "a priori" utilised by this new science, and on considering, deciding, and carrying-out everything accordingly to this "a priori" approach. In turn this "a priori" approach is already described sufficiently well in various web pages and publications of totalizm. For example, independently from items #B1 and #L1 of this web page, readers can find it described e.g. in item #A2.6 of the web page totalizm.htm, item #C1 of the web page named telekinetics.htm, items #F1.1 and #F2 of the web page named god_exists.htm, and on several other web pages and publications of the philosophy of totalizm.

Part #L: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#L1. Summary of this web page - means benefits stemming from simultaneous simulation by every tornado as many as three different mechanisms of formation (e.g. allowing people to effectively defend themselves from tornadoes, confirming the need for official establishing the "totaliztic science", another proof for the existence of God, etc.):

Motto: "The new 'totaliztic science' merges the pursue of knowledge with the love for God."

       In all cases when something is ruled just by "untamed and unintelligent nature", at the present level of knowledge and technology this something is very easy to understand and to explain "how" it has happened, "what" caused it, etc. For example, trees are collapsing because they got rotten, while there was a strong wind. Stones roll down because were loose while rain make slopes wet. Water flows along the "line of the least resistance". Etc., etc. But when events are ruled by someone's intelligence, then their understanding still remains extremely difficult. Therefore, in spite of the level of our knowledge and technology, the explaining and judging of actions of someone intelligent still poses a serious problem for researchers. For example: who killed - the greedy husband or the jealous lover? Or: is this politician really doing it for the "good of country", or - as usually, to fill up his own pocket? Or: is the increase of the price of bred and milk going to bring hunger and illnesses to the nation, or it really reinforces the farming and lifts the prosperity?
       An additional difficulty in understanding and explaining actions of someone intelligent, brings the situation that typically he or she has own goals to be accomplished. But for various reasons these goals may need to be hidden from people. In such a case, everything that such someone is doing, is so "masked", "simulated", or "fabricated", that for others it looks as something completely different. A classical (true) case which illustrates this excellently, is the provocation carried out by communistic police in Polish city of Wrocław of 1968 - as it is described in item #F2 of the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm. In that provocation the team of political police dressed in plain clothes induced street unrests so that it later could blame these unrests on students from the Technical University of Wrocław and thus be able to remove these students from the university. In the result, the immoral and unjust throwing out of these around 40 good students from that university looked like deserved by them, thus no-one could appeal against that gross injustice.
       The above deductions can be summarised in the form of a general finding of the philosophy of totalizm, stating that "in all cases when in the shaping of something takes part someone intelligent who has own goals to accomplish, then whatever other people are allowed to see and find out does NOT need to be a reflection of what really he does and accomplishes". In other words, in actions of someone intelligent "something may look as one thing, while it really may hide inside something completely different".
       The above generalisation remains valid for outcomes of actions of everyone who behaves intelligently - including into this also Acts of God. Therefore, every Act of God NOT only that does NOT need to be what it seems to be, but actually for sure it is NOT for what many people take it, or even for what takes it the entire "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. After all, God has His own superior goal for accomplishing, which the research by the "totaliztic science" defines as the "gathering of knowledge". Thus, every Act of God must be so implemented, that it inspires and motivates people to the active gathering of knowledge, means to the having and to defending own views, to seeking truths, to creative discussions and exchange of knowledge, to finding better research methods and tools, etc., etc. As this is reinforced by research of the new "totaliztic science", every Act of God (for example every tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, cataclysm, ill-fate, etc.) is really so implemented, that it contains embedded into it evidence which documents at least three different explanations of it simultaneously. Namely, depending on views of people who research it, it can be explained either: No (1) as a consequence of mechanisms of "untamed nature", or No (2) as an outcome of hidden activities of some beings hostile towards people (e.g. UFOnauts), or No (3) as an Act of God.
       The fact, that into all cataclysms (including tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, etc.) God incorporates attributes which allow to explain a given cataclysm simultaneously in at least three different ways, turns out to be immensely beneficial for people. This is because it allows that people already at the present level of our knowledge and technology may utilise these attributes to gain various benefits. So let us summarise here most vital amongst benefits described already in items #C3 to #C6 of this web page, which can be gained from learning of all attributes that God incorporates into tornadoes (and also into every other cataclysms). Here are these benefits:
       1. The possibility of effective defence of people from tornadoes (and from other cataclysms). In present times various cataclysms, especially tornadoes, appear in places on the Earth where previously no-one ever heard of them. For example, item #H5 of this web page (named tornado.htm) describes a killer tornado that hit the city of Auckland in New Zealand. In turn item #H3 of the same page describes a tornado in the Polish city of Wrocław. Unfortunately, the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date (i.e. that inefficient, monopolistic, official science which spends on its research huge amounts of taxpayer money, and that only insist on the claim No (1) that "tornadoes are just freaks of untamed nature") still does NOT know how people should defend themselves from tornadoes. But the new "totaliztic science" (which still carries out all its research without any funding) already now is able to indicate several methods of such effective defence. After all, if for example from explanations No (1) of the present official human science still does NOT stem how to defend ourselves from tornadoes (or from any other cataclysms), then for the same tornadoes (or other cataclysms) such methods of defence are already provided to us by both remaining explanations No (2) and No (3). And so, the explanation No (2) that "tornadoes are outcomes of hidden actions of UFOnauts", allows to establish that trajectories of "tornadoes" are reflections of principles of flights and manoeuvres of UFO vehicles, and thus can easily be predicted on basis of principles of flights and manoeuvres of the Earth's equivalents of UFOs - means Magnocrafts. The same explanation allows also to detect incoming tornadoes remotely with the use of principles of operation of the telepathic so-called Zhang Heng seismograph. In turn the explanation No (3) that "tornadoes are consequences of Acts of God aimed at correcting human philosophy and morality" allows to defend ourselves against these cataclysms by starting to practice the highly moral philosophy of formal totalizm or by leading the live which strictly obeys requirements of the Bible - as this is explained in items #J1 to #J1.2 above on this web page.
       2. The confirmation of correctness for foundations of the "totaliztic science". The appearance in tornadoes (and also in all other cataclysms) these three sets of attributes which document simultaneously as many as three different mechanisms of their origins, was detected only by the new "totaliztic science", while still is overlooked (or intentionally ignored) by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. Thus, the existence of these attributes is a proof for the correctness of philosophical and scientific foundations of the new "totaliztic science", and it urges the humanity to officially recognise this science as soon as possible, as well as it urges to implement in everyday life all findings of it.
       3. Another proof for the existence of God. Only the omnipotent God is able to incorporate several sets of attributes simultaneously into a single given phenomena - e.g. into a tornado. Thus, the existence of such three sets of attributes in all highly destructive tornadoes (and also in all other highly destructive cataclysms) is another "proof for the existence of God", that adds to a long list of such proofs already discussed on the web page named god_proof.htm.
       Unfortunately, in order to gain access to all above benefits, the science which officially researches the reality around us, must be based on the general approach to research, which by philosophers is called "a priori" - means "from cause to effects" or "from God - understood as the most superior cause, to the reality which surrounds us - which represents the effect of God’s activities". However, our official science to-date (frequently called the "atheistic orthodox science") researches everything exclusively from another general approach which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" - means "from effects to causes". The reason for such its general approach is that it is based on the highly erroneous for the present level of our knowledge "founding assumption", which stems from the so-called "Occam's razor". In the result, this "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is able to notice and to discover at the most up to a "half of truth" on the subject of reality which surrounds us, because the discovery of that "other half of truth" requires "a priori" approach to research - which that old science is NOT able to implement because of the philosophy that it adopted for itself. (After all, as it is known by even small children, in order to get to know entire something, a researcher needs to examine it from all possible sides, NOT just from a single side.) So in order to also have another new science on the Earth, which starts to research the reality around us from that opposite "a priori" approach - thus discovering and describing still missing today that "second half of truth", and which also is "competitive" towards the old science to-date - and thus which is to "watch hands of that old science" and verify the truth of every its "a posteriori" claim, which is to break the highly detrimental for the humanity "monopole for knowledge" of that old science, etc., it is necessary for the humanity to officially acknowledge and formally support this new kind of science called the "totaliztic science". This new "totaliztic science" already exists. It was established in 1985. The reason why hardly anyone have heard about it, is that so-far it is suppressed, silenced, and deprived of voice by that old "atheistic orthodox science" - which jealously guards its absolute "monopole for knowledge", while in the new "totaliztic science" sees just a threat and "competition" for itself. On the other hand, this new "totaliztic science" is based on completely different philosophical and scientific foundations which stem from the relatively new scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and from the relatively new philosophy called the philosophy of totalizm. These new philosophical and scientific foundations which differ from old ones used by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, allow the new "totaliztic science" to empirically research God as the cause of everything. In this way they allow it to discover and to make available for people that "other half of truth" missing so-far, which because of just single-tracked looking at the reality this old science was unable to see. But simultaneously, because of a completely secular nature of the new "totaliztic science", in its research this science uses most modern and most effective tools - which are checked already in action and which are used for many years by the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date. (Notice, that because of the use of empirics, experiments, and modern scientific tools, this new "totaliztic science" cannot be compared to religions from which it significantly differs. After all, religions are based exclusively on "divine revelations", NOT on empirical research and scientific experiments. Furthermore, they have also different goals than goals of the "totaliztic science".)
       Most damaging consequences of the fact that the official "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is only able to determine a "half of truth", include deviations, degenerations, and the growing immoralities of our present civilisation - which hit our eyes increasingly frequent. In turn the price that the humanity pays for that immorality, deviation and degeneration, is the growing number of tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, and other cataclysms - with the aid of which God tries to correct the human philosophy and morality. So in order to restore the balance and morality, and to stop the need for further destruction of people and their properties, in the vital interest of all of us is now to begin immediately the campaign for the formal recognition of that new "totaliztic science" as the second official science of our civilisation and as a "competition" for the to-date highly detrimental "monopole for knowledge" of that old official science. In addition, we should also campaign, that after it is recognised, the research of this new "totaliztic science" should be financed parallel to financing of that old science, and also that it receives a legal right to arrange its own educational institutions and to lecture in them own subjects - such as for example the Concept of Dipolar Gravity or the philosophy of totalizm. When all this is to be accomplished, our civilisation may finally gain a true security and prosperity, may start to enjoy all these benefits which are opened for it by the new "totaliztic science", and may start climbing at a higher level of development.
       This item is just a summary of the essence of findings presented on this entire web page (named tornado.htm). However, such findings are immensely vital not only for every individual person, but also for entire "group intellects" (e.g. for cities), as well as for the whole our civilisation. After all, to every person it gives methods for starting own defence against tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, and other cataclysms and disasters. For cities, villages, and for other "group intellects", it indicates ways for avoiding being destroyed with so-called "Acts of God". In turn for the entire our civilisation it indicates a simple and inexpensive manner of restoring the prosperity, security, and growth. For these reasons, herewith I am recommending to the reader to extend knowledge that is provided by this summary and by the entire this web page, through reviewing (in addition to this web page) also, for example, item #A2.6 from the web page named totalizm.htm, item #C1 from the web page named telekinetics.htm, items #F1 to #F4 from the web page named god_exists.htm, item #A4 from the web page named god_proof.htm, item #C5 from the web page named bible.htm, or subsection H10 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#L2. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available under addresses and (Notice that all these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#L3. Internet discussions of topics addressed on this web page:

       These readers who wish to discuss any aspect that is addressed on this web page, will be pleased to know that there are public discussions carried out on various internet forums, where everyone can comment on almost every topics from totaliztic web pages. Topics, addresses, and links to subsequent totaliztic threads from the Google discussion forums, where these topics are exposed to public comments, are listed in item #E2 of the web page named faq.htm.

#L4. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#L5. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor on 4 different universities, i.e. on 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 till 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in my professional life).

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       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#L7. Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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