Research and development of telekinetic machines
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7 July 2013

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The term "telekinetics" from which the name of this web page is derived, means the "scientific discipline about devices for the generation of continuous and self-propelling motion carried out on principles of telekinesis". According to such a name, this web page presents a report from experiments on research and development and on implementation to the serial factory production the first on the Earth devices of telekinetics, means devices which generate perpetual motion while they do not require for this purpose the supply in any form of energy or fuel.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The main goal of this web page and the illustrations included into it, is to present a report from research and development carried out so-far to obtain and implement to a serial factory production first on the Earth devices of telekinetics.
       Simultaneously this web page is so designed that it can serve as a kind of guidelines for these hobbyists which undertake the development of devices of telekinetics. This is because the page reveals NOT only what was already established experimentally on the subject of these devices by other researchers, but it also explains what is the correct procedure of initiation the construction of these extraordinary devices.
       This web page also extends and clarifies Part #D of a separate web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, in which the design and operation of one amongst first prototypes of such telekinetic devices was described. This prototype is known under the name of "Thesta Distatica". Thesta-Distatica belongs to a larger group of telekinetic devices the principle of operation of which originates from electrostatic machines, in German called the "influenzmaschines".

Part #B: Philosophical premises which indicate that the completion of telekinetic devices for energy generation is possible:


#B1. The theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals, that the continuous and friction-free "motion" of the ever-moving "counter-matter" is a fundamental behaviour in the universe:

       On a number of totaliztic publications, for example on the web page named dipolar_gravity.htm, and also in subsection A1.1 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], it was explained that our "physical world" is only a "half" of the universe. The second half is occupied by the so-called "counter-world", which religions call "the other world". This "counter-world" is filled-up with an unique substance called the "counter-matter". In turn an unique attribute of that counter-matter is, that otherwise than the static and inertial matter from our physical world, the "counter-matter" is a kind of inertia-free and friction-free liquid, which exists in the state of continuous motion. In turn, because this inertial and static "matter" from our "physical world" was created just due to appropriate pre-programming of motions of that "counter-matter", in fact the everlasting motion is the most fundamental behaviour in the universe. In other words, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity reveals, that the continuous motion and self-sustained supply of energy are natural behaviours of the universe, while inertia, motionless, and the need to generate the energy supply, are states artificially forced and prevailing only within the body of our "physical world".
       The above explanations that the everlasting motion is a "natural behaviour of the universe", while the motionlessness is a "state artificially forced", introduces immensely vital philosophical implications. Namely, they mean that it is just a matter of time, until the "totaliztic science" finds some "war around" the "blockade" that makes for the humanity impossible to benefit from that "everlasting motion" of the universe, and from the "unlimited amounts of free energy" that this everlasting motion is able to supply to us. In turn that finding of the "way around blockades" is to open for the humanity an unlimited access to any amounts of free energy. But there is a "catch" with finding and with technical implementing that "walking around the energy blockade". This catch is indicated by findings of the "totaliztic science" - means the science which is described more comprehensively in item #C1 below on this web page, and which researches the reality according to the approach "from the cause to effect". Namely, in order the "cause of everything" (means "God") allows the humanity to acquire the access to such unlimited amounts of free energy, firstly the humanity must learn how to live and how to behave in the "moral manner" - so that its immoral leaders and politicians do NOT utilise later this unlimited amount of energy for the continuation of present exploitation of poorest nations, destruction of nature, and for repetitive murdering with wars this part of the population of Earth which escapes from their control. Therefore, all signs on heaven and Earth indicate, that the humanity gains the access to this unlimited energy only after on the Earth is established officially the "totaliztic science" described below in item #C1, and also when this "totaliztic science" manages to change principles on which work subsequent nations. Unfortunately, because of the stubbornness with which people refuse to get the message from moral lessons served to them, there is a significant probability that before such a new "moral order" is established on the Earth, firstly a significant proportion of the present humanity perhaps needs to be destroyed with cataclysms - similar to these described in item #M1 below on this web page, or described in the web page named seismograph.htm.

#B2. An example of the simplest device for "clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena":

       In order to reveal here, that actually there are ways of tapping to this inexhaustible and eternal motion of the universe, I am going to describe below a simple technical device which illustrates that such machines which generate everlasting motion in fact are possible to build. The device which I am presenting here is already described on a number of my publications, for example in item #G2 of the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm or in item #A2 of the web page named boiler.htm. But the most of descriptions of this device was send to many universities from various countries of the world, when in years 2005 to 2011, I fruitlessly tried to find a research post which would allow me to research and to develop prototypes of such devices for generation of unlimited amounts of free energy. This is because many universities, which at that time were advertising posts for research of new and unconventional sources of energy, required that together with the application, candidates supply also a proposal of research intended for the completion after getting their post. As a part of my research proposals for these universities, I used to include also the description of the device that I am going to provide below in this item. I do not need to add here, that unfortunately, all those my job applications and efforts to find a research position that would allow me to build this device, turned out to be fruitless. But lately I discovered, and described thoroughly in item #I1 from the web page named seismograph.htm, that God intentionally organised those my offers of research and development of the device described here, to give an initial "warning" and a "fair chance" for these countries and nations which in the future are going to be punished by an "energy crisis" that is to paralyse their entire life. This is because lately it turned out, that exactly on the same principle God also directed my sending-out of other proposals of research and development of the "warning device for the advanced detection of impending earthquakes", so that my offers of building this warning device were received by all these countries and cities which soon afterwards were to be destroyed by powerful earthquakes - about this I also wrote in the abovementioned item #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm. So here is the presentation of the section from my research proposals included into my job applications posted to universities from many countries of the world, which proposals contained the description of the device for harvesting everlasting motion - I am quoting it from one amongst my old job applications:
* * *
       A further device the research and development of which I would like to propose as an example of my future research project, is an energy device which I already opened for the public inventiveness and experimentation by placing descriptions of it in the "public domain" of my web pages. This device illustrates perfectly, amongst others, the possibility of building an entirely new class of "devices for clean energy generation from self-renewable and incessant natural phenomena". Namely, let us assume for a moment that there exists an invisible kind of “wind” about the existence of which present science still does NOT know. If this (yet unknown and invisible) "wind" blows continually, steadily, and strongly for, let's say, one million years, then the "windmill" which such a "wind" would propel, would become a device which could be named with this extremely “unfashionable” now terminology of classical energy researchers, i.e. named the “perpetual motion device”. After all, this invisible and unknown to the present science “wind” would propel the “windmill” perpetually for countless number of years, while present science would NOT know why this device works and why it generates energy. Unfortunately, we also know that NO present scientist would ever have the courage to carry out any research on such a supposed “perpetual motion” device - simply because he would be “lynched” by his professional colleagues who believe in the statistic predictions called the “laws of thermodynamics” (which state that a “perpetual motion” device cannot be build). After all, with present traditions of “peer reviews” in the science, there is NO chance that any research paper on a “perpetual motion” device would obtain a favourable reference and could be published or presented on a scientific conference. Therefore, such a “windmill” which would work on invisible and yet unknown “wind” cannot be researched and developed by any paid scientist, as for such a scientist it could means the “professional suicide”. But the research on such “invisible and yet unknown winds” can easily be carried out and scientifically supervised by projects like my “public domain” research project - and this exactly what my project is doing. Then, when such a project is successful, the outcomes of it can be transferred to the domain of official science. Interestingly, the above example of a “windmill” on invisible and yet unknown “wind” is NOT as purely hypothetical as it may sound. Various sciences already know numerous "winds" that "blow" continually and steadily for millions of years. To indicate here some examples of such "winds", these include: the rotation of our planet Earth, the motion of Moon around the Earth, the magnetic field of the Earth, waves of a "cosmic noise", temperature differences between surface of the Earth and e.g. the absolute zero of cosmic space or coolness of upper atmosphere, various behaviours of elementary particles, a reversal of friction, and many more. The only problem is that so-far no-one had the courage (and knowledge and motivation) to develop principles and devices with the use of which energy could be harvested from such incessant natural phenomena. But the human inventiveness has no limits. Thus, for each such a phenomenon a principle can be invented, which would generate energy or everlasting mechanical motion from it. The only barrier is that people (and scientists) need to firstly overcome the psychological barrier which obstruct their thinking and which keeps them “looking backward” for principles and for phenomena, instead of “looking forward” into the future. So let us explain here a simple example how we could generate e.g. “perpetual rotational motion” from one of such incessant and invisible "winds" - i.e. from the gravity field and the Earth’s rotations. If, for example, we construct a mechanical "flywheel", which meets following technically easy-to-fulfil conditions: (1) it has the so-called "momentum of inertia" larger than its "friction torque", (2) it is perfectly balanced - so that the gravitational field of the Earth does NOT influence its angular orientation, and (3) it is so assembled in a given location that the axis of rotation of this flywheel is exactly parallel to the axis of the Earth’s rotation; then such a flywheel should create an everlasting motion in relationship to the Earth, with the speed of one rotation per day (or more strictly, this flywheel would remain motionless in relationship to our solar system, while the Earth would rotate around it once per each day). So such a flywheel - if constructed and provided with an appropriate gearbox linked to a pointer, could prove empirically that a “forward looking” synthesis is able to develop principles of operation which allow the harvesting of motion and energy from the rotational motion of our planet. In turn, when further such “incessant natural phenomena” (or invisible “winds”) are identified and principles are developed which allow the generation of clean energy from them, this would have enormous implications for all areas of science and technology. For example, it would provide the society with a rather illustrative example that vast amounts of energy can be generated without causing any pollution. It would also change our entire civilisation, as it would pave the way for the development of various principles that would allow to draw free clean energy and everlasting motion from various perpetual "winds". In turn implementation of these principles would allow the humanity to generate vast amounts of energy without any consumption of fossil or nuclear fuels (and thus also without causing pollution) from phenomena for which currently no scientist have an inspiring example nor courage to investigate because for innovative ideas in energy technologies the present tradition orders us to rather “look into the past” instead of “looking into the future”.

Part #C: Which irrational reasons until today are making impossible for the humanity to get around the building of "energy-generating devices of telekinetics":


#C1. How to eliminate the progress-obstructing "monopole for knowledge" of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, and how through the priori breaking this monopole with the creation of the new "totaliztic science" it becomes possible to finally learn truths and undertake the development of safe and beneficial for people "devices of telekinetics":

Motto: "Nations begin revolutions, rebellions and popular uprisings if they are forced to live under rules of just a single dictator, single military junta, or just one monopolistic party, but NO-ONE moves even a finger in spite that all humans already for centuries are suffering under the dictatorship of a single monopolistic science which erroneous, deviated, and irresponsible claims are the most primary reason for the entire evil which we see around, source of torment for practically every person, and the cause of gradual destruction of our planet."

       From the lessons of economics, as well as from everyday lives, we all know perfectly well, that "monopoles" are extremely detrimental for the humanity. For example, only in New Zealand where "everyone knows everyone", because of the tendency of its population (and thus also its politicians) to form monopoles in every possible area, from the country which before the introduction of present monopoles enjoyed one of the highest standards of living in the world, within just around 20 years since it unleashed monopoles from control, turned out to be a country which has one amongst the lowest standards of living in the developed world.
       In spite of this common knowledge that "monopoles" are seeds and the lair of social evil, in the most vital matter such as the development of progress and knowledge, the humanity tolerates the "monopole for knowledge" of the present "atheistic orthodox science". In turn this science jealously guards this its monopole and do NOT give voice to anyone who can take it away. On the other hand, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity described above, created scientific and philosophical foundations for establishing a completely "competitive" science, which in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm is called the "totaliztic science".
       This newly-born "totaliztic science" explains to everyone in item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm, that the complete and balanced knowledge can be accumulated only if every topic is researched from at least two opposite points of view. Such a two-directional approach to research is well illustrated in abovementioned item #A2.6 with examples that use, amongst others, the analogy of looking at a landscape, when one passes the "route to" and the "route from". Namely, when a landscape is watched while we drive in one direction only, e.g. "to", then we see only a half of views through which we are driving. The second half remains hidden from us, because in order to see it, we need to look at it from a completely opposite direction. Thus, only after looking at the same landscape during the "route to" and then during the "route from", we receive a full and balanced knowledge of what along this road is located. Exactly the same happens with scientific research. Every problem can be researched with at least two different philosophical approaches, namely research "from the effect to causes", or research "from causes to effects". Unfortunately, the present "atheistic orthodox science" researches everything exclusively from the approach "from effects to causes". After all, "it assumes in advance" that the "cause of everything", means "God", does NOT exist at all. Therefore, in order the humanity received a full and balanced picture of the reality, it is necessary to create a "competition" for the present "atheistic orthodox science", in the form of a completely new "totaliztic science" which is founded on the formal scientific proof of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity that "God does exist", and thus which researches everything from the opposite to that of the current science approach "from the cause to effects" (means "from God" to the "reality which surround us").
       This new "totaliztic science" has a completely opposite approach to accumulation of knowledge than the to-date "atheistic orthodox science". After all, when the to-date orthodox science researches everything according to the philosophical approach called "a posteriori" - means "from effects to the cause", this newly-born "totaliztic science" researches everything from the philosophical approach called "a priori" - means "from the cause to effects". In the result, already until now this newly-born "totaliztic science" acting completely without any financing for its research, and continuously being exposed to the multitude of persecutions and bans from the "atheistic orthodox science", it still already managed for example to formally prove that "God does exist" (this formal scientific proof for the existence of God is presented e.g. in item #G2 of the totaliztic web page named god_proof.htm), and also managed to prove that "telekinetic 'free energy devices' can be build, while after being completed they are able to save our civilisation from the 'death by lack of energy' ".
       Opposite to the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, which only egoistically takes care of its own interests, while completely neglects the good of the humanity which it supposed to serve, the newly-born "totaliztic science" as its goals selected the service to "morality, truth, knowledge, progress, and the humanity". This is because of these goals, that the "totaliztic science" states that the old "atheistic orthodox science" must NOT be replaced by the new "totaliztic science", but only for this old science we need to create a competition in the form of the new "totaliztic science", and then this "competition" should be maintained by similar financing and promotion of both these sciences simultaneously. The point is, that if an old "monopole for knowledge" is replaced by a new "monopole for knowledge", with the elapse of time would happen exactly the same as it typically happens when an old corrupted government is replaced by a new government - namely the new also with the elapse of time gets corrupted. Therefore, in the vital interest of the humanity lies NOT only to establish as soon as possible and begin to finance the new "totaliztic science" that is based on the scientific foundations of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and on the philosophical foundations of the philosophy of totalizm, but also during the creation of that new science to still make sure that the old "atheistic orthodox science" still existed and operated - only that finally it has a "scientific competition" in the result of which both sciences started to mutually "watch hands of each other", mutually check, verify, and correct each other, and continually challenge each other's scientific findings (all this in turn would serve for the good of morality, truth, knowledge, progress of development of the humanity).
       After the formal creation of the new "totaliztic science", one of the first research projects of this new science should be the research and development of "energy-generating devices of telekinetics" described on this web page. Only when the humanity enters finally the period of possession of such devices, becomes possible to avoid further catastrophes of the kind of nuclear pollutions of the Earth and the humanity, such as this from Chernobyl or from Fukushima in Japan (as this is described in item #M1 near the end of this web page).
       Of course, "telekinetics" is not only interested in the "energy-generating devices of free energy", but also in a whole range of other devices, the research of which I already initiated and currently continue - for example in Oscillatory Chambers of all three generations, telekinetic vehicles, and even in time vehicles. Therefore, when the new "totaliztic science" already masters and implements for the use of the humanity the "telekinetic devices of free energy" described on this web page, the turn comes for the research and development of these further devices of the future. Thus, for researchers of this new "totaliztic science" there will be enough work for many generations to come. So it really is worth that societies and mass media force their reluctant governments and complacent educational institutions for establishing the new "totaliztic science" - preferably still during my lifetime (so that it would be me who gives to it the correct initial direction and the right intellectual and philosophical climate). It is also worth already at present to start fight actively and perseveringly to give to that science the official status, own schools and universities, own scientific journals, and the required governmental financing which would be completely independent from all monopolistic institutions of the old orthodox science. I personally estimate, that a fast establishing of such new "totaliztic science" in any country, would bring equally far-reaching consequences for that country and for that nation, as historically for Poland had the establishing of the "National Educational Commission" (in Polish called the "Narodowa Komisja Edukacyjna"), which by being established before Poland went through the partition to three different super-powers, after many years still managed to cause that the renew Poland was later restored from these three separate countries.
       Practically every nation with the elapse of time starts to rebel if it is forced to live under the terror of just a single dictator, under oppression of just a single military junta, or under the rules of just a single monopolistic political party. But practically no-one moves even a finger so-far, in spite that the entire humanity for centuries is terrorised, pushed down, and deprived of truths, by just a single "science" which holds an absolute "monopole for knowledge", while errors, deviations, double standards, the lack of responsibility, etc., of which, are the primary cause and the primary source of the practically entire evil which currently we see around, and the starting point for every suffering that at present torments people. So it is about the time that everyone amongst us rolls up sleeves when it is still NOT too late, and add his or her own contribution into the abolishment of this detrimental for the humanity and for the Earth "monopole for knowledge" of the old "atheistic orthodox science", through an official establishing and separate financing of a new (another) science, "competitive" towards this old one, which is going to be based on the morally correct philosophical foundations of "totalizm", and on intellectually correct scientific foundations of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity".
       In my opinion the official establishing of the "totaliztic science" is so immensely important for the entire our civilisation, that it is going to decide whether this civilisation manages to climb onto the higher level of development, or rather initially freezes its progress on the present level, and then either disintegrates or becomes "disposed of" by God. Therefore, the matter of this establishing is reminded and discussed from various points of view in a whole range of totaliztic web pages and monographs. Independently from this web page, and also from the indicated above item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm, the same topic is also discussed e.g. in items #F1 to #F4 of the web page god_exists.htm, in item #A4 of the web page named god_proof.htm in item #C5 of the web page named bible.htm, in item #C1 of the web page named quake.htm, in item #B1 of the web page named tornado.htm, in item #J2 of the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm, in item #A2 of the web page named healing.htm, and on several further web pages and publications of totalizm.

#C2. The reason for corruption, inefficiency, errors and distortions of today's official "science" is a deliberately erroneous definition of the term "science" that this ancient atheistic institution disseminates among the people:

Motto: 'Tell me how you define the term "science", and I will indicate to you where come from your blindness to corruption, incompetence, errors, distortions, monopoly, etc., which have overgrown this ancient institution and which from a "progress maker" transform the "science" into a "progress braker".'

       The most serious problems with today's official "science" are stemming from the fact, that this science deliberately defines itself in a way that deceives people. For example, the typical definition of "science", which can be found e.g. in textbooks, dictionaries, and in today's search engines, says roughly the following: "science is a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws".
       Unfortunately, both - the above definition, as well as all other official definitions of the term "science" previously disseminated by the same "science", demonstrate a high primitiveness, obsolescence, and in addition also errors. As such, they deliberately mislead people - means they actually "lie". Therefore, the term "science" needs to be redefined (or "reformed") today in the same way as Karl Marx once redefined ("reformed") the term "capital" - thus opening the eyes of people to the imperfections of the capitalist societies and political systems. Similarly as in past the redefining (or "reforming") the term "capital" caused revolutions and speed-up the process of improving the lives of many people, let us hope that the today's redefinition of the term "science" will also improve and simplify access of people to the so-called "truth". The main shortcomings of the above sample definition, as well as all other official definitions of the term "science" disseminated so-far by the science itself, are as follows:
       1. This definition does not reveal that the "orthodox science" to-date really is "an exploiting institution living from taxes of citizens", which in order to achieve its selfish goals in an easiest way, forces onto the people and now jealously guards, its absolute "monopoly for knowledge and for the formation of human views". The fact of keeping secret in official definitions, that the science is the "monopolistic institution living from exploitation of taxpayers", which institution, to gain its monopoly, deliberately and systematically destroyed the other similar institution called "religion", hides from the sight of taxpayers a whole range of adverse effects arising from this secrecy. For example, it hides from the sight of taxpayers that the science only pretends to "promote progress", but actually it focuses itself only on the multiplying its own benefits, on caring for its own selfish interests, and on meeting its own needs (instead of meeting the needs of humanity - from taxes of which it is maintained). Furthermore, as a monopolistic institution it actually is NOT interested in ascertaining the truth, in bearing the responsibility for its own claims, nor in correcting its own distortions. Thus, the "truth" it tells only when it is forced to it. It is just for such reasons that nearly everything that the official science claims today, after some time will be announced to be untrue and replaced with some other its lies.
       2. This definition does NOT emphasize the fact that the whole "science" and all the "scientists" do NOT generate any physical product, thus regardless of where comes from and how is called the funding for their existence, this funding is always a form of "tax". In turn by being paid from "taxes" of citizens, this institution really "exploits people", means it represents an "exploiting institution". Of course, some readers, especially if they come from the circle of "atheistic orthodox scientists", are going to argue here, that there exist also scientists who are funded by industry or by various private institutions, e.g. by the private universities. To those, however, persons, I would advise to consider "where come from" and "what consequences cause" such principles of financing of these supposedly "non-tax" sources of livelihoods for some scientists. As it turns out, these sources always have the character of a "tax which is only called with a different name". For example, the funding of some scientists by the industry causes that products of this industry must be sold on the market at more expensive prices than necessary. Thus, the buyers of these products actually pay kinds of hidden "taxes" which are directed to upkeep of these scientists. The same is true of other "non-tax" scientists, such as those employed in private universities - they also raise the cost, but this time of education, and therefore they also impose onto people an additional kind of "taxes", only that officially these are NOT called "taxes".
       3. This definition does NOT emphasize the fact that the "science" is built on the philosophical foundations which force it to exist only as an "atheistic institution". These atheistic scientific foundations of the official science to-date, are described relatively well, amongst others, in items #F1 to #F3 of the totaliztic web page named god_exists.htm.
       4. This definition does NOT emphasize the fact that the "science" has built permanently into itself such lasting traditions, culture, and rules of conduct, which ensure that for completely false reasons it will never be able to cast-away its "atheism" - no matter what facts and truths come-out in the meantime. Perfect examples of just such traditions, culture and rules of conduct, are traditions and principles of "peer reviews" of research papers by other scientists, and the tradition and the principle of allocation promoters to young scientists writing their masters and doctoral thesis - which both traditions prevent researchers to "go beyond" the generally accepted line, and hence they also prevent any new ideas to get out from under the oppression of this science. This in turn means that the science has permanently embedded into itself such mechanisms that prevent change of its philosophical foundations. This means that the official science is forced by its inner structure and inner mechanisms (i.e. not by outcomes of its research or by the situation in the world around us) to always remain the "atheistic science".
       5. This definition does NOT disclose the fact that there is a whole range of different approaches to research, from the group of which the official science to-date utilises only one approach which by philosophers is called "a posteriori" - means "from effects to the cause". But this approach allows for the introduction of a variety of errors, distortions, misinterpretations, etc., during "the long road of research" that leads from the "knowledge of the effect" to "determination of the actual cause for this effect". Therefore, in this science the learning of the truth about the "real causes" for given effects becomes almost impossible. In turn, without knowing the real causes, it is NOT possible to undertake any defence. It is for this reason, that in spite of the existence throughout millennia, the old "atheistic orthodox science" still has not yet managed to work out, and indicate for the use, of even a single effective way of preventing harms or cataclysms, such as numerous ways that by the new "totaliztic science" are documented for example in item #I3 of the web page named petone.htm, in item #J1 of the web page named quake.htm, or in item #G1 of the web page named will.htm.
       6. This definition does NOT reveal, that for other approaches to research, such as the approach called "a priori" (means "from the cause to effects", or "from God understood as the superior cause of everything, to the reality around us which represents an effect of the action of this God"), almost all the phenomena explained by the official science in a way known to us today, receive a completely different explanations - the correctness of which is also confirmed by the existing evidence. This in turn causes, that for the humanity is revealed by the official science only considerably less than half of the "truth" about the universe around us - as this is explained more comprehensively e.g. in item #C2 from web page named tornado.htm. Meanwhile, the opposite philosophical approach to that used by the science to-date, called "a priori" approach (means "from the cause to effects" or "from God understood as a superior cause of everything, to the surrounding reality understood as effects of the activities of this God"), i.e. the approach used in practice by the new "totaliztic science", explains every phenomenon and every object in a completely different way than it is done by the official science. To learn some more drastic examples of differences in these explanations, it is enough to learn explanations of the new "totaliztic science" for the process of creation of the physical world - described in subsections A1 to A9 from volume 1 of my newest monograph [1/5], or an explanation of the mechanism of the tornadoes' formation - described in the totaliztic web page named tornado.htm. Best of all, these new persecuted explanations of the new "totaliztic science", are equally well confirmed by the existing evidence, as the official explanations disseminated by the old official science. As it was discovered only by the new "totaliztic science", in the world created and governed intelligently by omnipotent God (i.e. in such a world that is described by items #B1 to #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm), the origins of every event and every object is confirmed by at least three (3) mutually different (and seemingly contradictory) groups of evidence - this fact is explained in more details in abovementioned item #C2 from the web page named tornado.htm.
       7. This definition does NOT reveal that in order to maintain its atheism and achieve its selfish goals, the "science" to-date in the intended manner eliminates from its research the exploration of the impact that any events on the Earth have onto the level of so-called "group morality" of people affected by these events. On the other hand, in the "world created and governed intelligently by omnipotent God" (i.e. in the world defined in items #B1 to #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm) the "morality" turns out to be the primordial cause of all disasters that affect both individual people and whole communities. At the same time, "morality" is the only factor known to people, which can be subject to change and arbitrarily shaped by the people themselves, and thus which allows for communities and individuals to effectively defend themselves against disasters that affect them - i.e. defend from sorts of "natural cataclysms" described e.g. in items #I3 and #I5 from the web page named petone.htm or from "premature deaths" described e.g. in items #G1 to #G8 of the web page named will.htm. (For the totaliztic definition of "morality" see item #B5 from the web page named morals.htm.)
       8. Some definitions of the term "science" (in this number also the definition quoted as an example at the beginning of this item) tell us that the "science" supposedly can also be a kind of "abstract" whose existence in the physical world is NOT dependent on the physical existence of an institution that generate products of a given "science". This their claim is similar to claims that supposedly the "religions" can exist without the existence of a "religious institutions" that have implemented and carried out a given kind of faith and the accompanying rituals. However, any rationally thinking person who knows how many drastically different religions and cults human imperfections already managed to multiply only in a small group of Christian religions, after the analysing of this matter must begin to understand, that neither the "science" nor "religion", or in fact any other "abstract", is able to consistently exist if the existence of it is NOT supported and NOT implemented by a physical institution.
       Of course, apart from these listed above, there are also further problems and imperfections built into the current official definition of the term "science". But those other ones are no longer quite as important as those indicated above. An example of these other ones is the fact that virtually all the official definitions of the term "science" disseminated around the world by the old "atheistic orthodox science" actually "disagree" with what ordinary people understand by the name "science".
       With all this in mind, the new "totaliztic science" advocates that the term "science" should be redefined ("reformed") urgently. Of course, as is always the case with the definitions, such a new "totaliztic" definition of the term "science" can be expressed in a number of different wordings, all of which can still turn our attention to the urgent need of elimination the shortcomings of "science" - as indicated above. One such possible totalizticaly "reformed" totalizticaly definition of "science", could for example be expressed with the following wording:
       The reformed by totalizm definition number #1 of the term "science", developed on the basis of past experience of mankind collected along the road on which this "science" pushes itself and the entire mankind:
"Science" is an exploiting institution which lives from taxes of citizens, whose actual purpose is to meet its own needs by forcing onto the people, and later jealous guarding, of its absolute "monopoly" for the knowledge and for shaping human views, and which as a tool to achieve its selfish goal uses, amongst others: (1) its own (not subjected to independent and external verification, and thus inherently false) claim that it supposedly learned and disseminates the "truth" about the universe around us; (2) only the accepted by itself philosophical foundations and doctrines about which it has already found-out that they best serve towards its selfish goals (instead of serving for the whole of humanity) - such as "atheism", "Occam's razor", the elimination from research the impact that "morality" has on the course of events in our world, etc.; (3) the approach to research of its own choice, that confirms in the easiest way the supposed correctness of its claims - e.g. the approach called "a posteriori" (instead of any different approach, e.g. "a priori"); (4) the developed by itself traditions, culture, methods of operation, etc., which turn to be most favourable to its own interests - such as "peer reviews" (by its own representatives) of all academic publications, the forcing of promoters to supervise work of young academics, the elimination of the research-topics that would lead to the discovery of truths that turn out to be dangerous to its interests (for example, the truth about the existence of God, the truth about simulation of UFOs by God, the truth about the possibility of "fabrication" by God of geological layers and e.g. "bones of dinosaurs", that accelerate the activeness of the humanity in the "pursue of knowledge" - as described in the example from item #H2 of the web page named god_exists.htm, etc.), the disclosure of only that portion of the reality that surrounds us, which seems to confirm its own claims, ignoring or purposely overlooking these facts and theories already being developed (e.g. the so-called "Concept of Dipolar Gravity") that turn out to be contradictory to its claims; etc.; etc.
       In the above definition have either been named directly (and thus indicated for elimination) these imperfections of the "official definition" of science which were previously listed, or these imperfections are to be revealed indirectly - as a consequence of work of this definition.
       Primitivism and the inadequacy of the current "official" definition of the term "science" is the direct cause and the reason for a multitude of disasters that recently plague the mankind. After all, by lying to the mankind, the science actually directs people astray and into an abyss. To indicate here the mechanism by which the incorrect definition of the term "science" causes the currently occurring downfall of the mankind, it suffices to explain that this official and monopolistic "science" disseminates amongst the people cardinally wrong the so-called "scientific morality" described, among others, in items #B2 and #B6 from the web page named morals.htm. In turn for practicing this wrong "scientific morality" God severely punishes today's communities with cataclysms - as it is explained e.g. in item #I5 or item #I3 from the web page named petone.htm.

#C3. How the new "totaliztic science" defines the old official "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the old scientific institution which still dictates what we learn in schools and at universities, and which still has a monopoly on shaping our views):

Motto: "Human imperfections are so powerful, that if they are unleashed from control and supervision, then over time they are able to corrupt completely even the most noble institution."

       Developing a reformed definition (No. #1) for the term "science" - i.e. the one cited in item #C2 above on this web page, opens now the possibility to formulate a range of specific definitions for various "sciences". The first of these definitions, a reformed version of which is needed the most urgently at present, is the definition of official human science to-date, which for the valid reasons a lot of people calls already the "old atheistic orthodox science" (after all, this science is actually "old" - because it lived for thousands of years, it is also the "atheistic" and "orthodox"). Here is the reformed by the new "totaliztic science" definition of that old science:
       Totaliztic definition No. #2 for the old official "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. the old scientific institution, which still dictates what we should learn in schools and at universities, and which retains an absolute "monopoly" for shaping our views):
The old "atheistic orthodox science" is an exploiting institution living from taxes of citizens, the actual goal of which is to meet its own needs due to the success it has achieved in forcing onto the people and then jealously guarding of its absolute "monopoly" for the knowledge and for shaping the views of people, which as tools for achieving its selfish goals uses, amongst others: (1) its own (not subjected to independent and external verification) claim that it supposedly learned and disseminates the "truth" about the universe around us; (2) only accepted by itself the philosophical foundations and doctrines which have already convinced it that they best serve towards its selfish goals (instead of serving for the good of whole humanity) - i.e. such as "atheism", "Occam's razor", elimination of the research on impact of morality onto the course of events in our world, etc.; (3) the selected by itself approach to research, which in an easiest way confirms the correctness of the claims it makes - i.e. "a posteriori" approach (instead of any other approach, e.g. "a priori"); (4) the developed by itself traditions, culture, methods of operation, etc., which turn out to be the best for its own interests - of the kind of "peer reviews" of all academic papers by its representatives, the forcing of promoters to young academics, the elimination of the research-topics that would lead to the discovery of truths that turn out to be dangerous to its own interests (e.g. truths such as about the existence of God, about simulation of UFOs by God, about the possibility of "fabrication" by God of geological layers and e.g. "bones of dinosaurs", which accelerate the activeness of the humanity in the "pursue of knowledge" - as described e.g. in item #H2 from the web page named god_exists.htm, etc.), the disclose of only that portion of the reality surrounding people, which seems to confirm its claims, the ignoring of facts and theories already being developed (e.g. the so-called "Concept of Dipolar Gravity") that appear to be contradictory to its statements; etc., etc.
       An absolute "monopoly for knowledge and for the shaping of human views" that holds and jealously guards this old "atheistic orthodox science", is the original source of practically almost all the evil and suffering that we see on Earth today. Therefore, the overthrow of that monopoly is becoming nowadays one of the most urgent tasks for the entire mankind. However, in order that monopoly could be overthrown, we must first define exactly the new "totaliztic science" which has all the features that are necessary to successfully refute the monopoly of that old science.

#C4. How the new "totaliztic science" defines itself, means defines this new "science" that already has started the struggle to overthrow the "monopoly for knowledge" of that old "atheistic orthodox science":

Motto: "The only known to the humanity method of preventing a corruption is the replacement of static monopolies by dynamic competition."

       Both reformed definitions of "science", i.e. the definition number #1 for the term "science" (provided in item #C2 above) and also the definition number #2 for the term "old atheistic orthodox science" (provided in item #C3 above), allow us now to define precisely what is meant by the term "new totaliztic science". Here is the definition of the new "totaliztic science" developed by this new science itself. (Notice, however, that this definition describes the new "totaliztic science" in its present state and situation. So if one day actually the new "totaliztic science" will be officially transformed into an institution which also lives from taxes of citizens, then this definition will require updating.)
       The totaliztic definition number #3 for the new (and still eventuating) "totaliztic science", self-developed by this new science: The name "new totaliztic science" has been assigned to a set of science-creating tools, means to a set of ideas, scientific and philosophical foundations, objectives, principles, methods of conduct, etc. (such as "theory of everything" called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", the philosophy called "totalizm", the philosophical approach to research called "a priori" - means "from cause to effects" or "from God understood as a superior cause of everything to the surrounding reality which represents the effects of the actions of this God", the formal proof for the existence of God, the rules of conduct which require that to the description of each fact and object is included an answer to questions of the type "how", "why", "what is the evidence which confirms this", and still several further ones), which science-creating tools are almost exactly opposite to those practiced by the old "atheistic orthodox science", and thus which (if they are implemented in the officially established scientific institution) will supply the moral strength, philosophical foundations, scientific and theoretical basis, and motivations, to overthrow the existing "monopoly for knowledge and for the shaping of human views" held so-far by that old "atheistic orthodox science", and thus will unleash natural mechanisms of "competition" that facilitate fast human progress along the path of truth.
       At this point it should also be emphasized that the reason and goal for which humanity should urgently establish and fund officially a new "totaliztic science", is the overthrow of the monopoly of the old science and the replacement of this monopoly with the dynamic state of equilibrium and mutual interaction between these two sciences (or mere strictly - the reciprocal "looking the competition at its hands" and the validation of whatever this competition is trying to "feed" to the humanity). In turn only the existence of such a dynamic equilibrium and mutual competition is to eliminate the corruption, errors, distortions, lies, etc., with which will overgrow every science that works on principles of "monopoly". Therefore, in the vital interest of the truth (and thus also the entire humanity) is that the new "totaliztic science" was established "in addition" to the old science, and also that through the establishment of the new "totaliztic science", or as a result of the current struggle for the establishment of it, this old "atheistic orthodox science" was NOT accidentally destroyed (as that old science already destroyed the institutions of "religions"). This is because after such a destruction, the new science soon would become a "monopolistic institution" and would start again overgrowing with various destructive defects which are characteristic to all "monopolies".
       Of course, regardless of the performing towards the old "atheistic orthodox science" the function of "competition" - so immensely needed by the humanity, such an official establishing of the new "totaliztic science" would perform also a number of additional functions, the potential and opportunities of which in the present times we are not even able to imagine. For example, it would complement the knowledge of our civilization by that missing "second half" of knowledge, the existence of which the to-date research of our reality from "a posteriori" approach simply is unable to notice. In these people who are ready to accept God, this new science would allow to replace the "belief in God" with the "knowledge of God". After all, it is known that religions at most are able to offer to people the "belief in God". But the new "science" is able to offer the reliable knowledge, confidence, verifiable evidence, explanations of "why", "how", "since", etc. Moreover, it is also known that one can always stop "believing", however, one NEVER ceases to "know". It is also worth noting that the success of a situation of "competition" in the taming of errors, distortions, corruption, etc., in the institution of science, would inspire the humanity to seek similar solutions based on "competition" in a number of other areas susceptible to corruption, distortions, errors, etc. - for example, in the area of governance of country, in local governments, in the administration of businesses, in the institution of marriage, etc. (for details see e.g. the entire web page named humanity.htm and item #J2.2.2 on the web page named morals.htm). Furthermore, when the new "totaliztic science" is officially established, it will make sure that it builds and puts into service for the humanity, NOT only my Magnocraft and my Oscillatory Chamber, but also my Time Vehicle - thus opening for people almost unlimited prospects. (After all, as this is clearly visible from the to-date course of events, the corruption and faults of the old "atheistic orthodox science" cause, that this old science will never be able to undertake the completion of my devices.)
       It is also worth adding here, that in spite of its existence for over 37 years, i.e. since 1985 - when the ground-breaking for eventuation of the "totaliztic science" theory of everything called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" was created, until August 2012 - when the author this site formulated and published this item (and maybe even until today), the whole new "totaliztic science" still consisted of only one scientist who privately and at his own expense carried out all research completed by this science, i.e. consisted (and possibly may consist until now) only the author of this web page - links to whose autobiography the reader is able to find in item #N4 below. The necessity to sustain the existence and operation of the whole new "totaliztic science" through the effort and skills of only one scientist for so long, reveals how widespread and deep is the terror sown in the society by the vengeful institution of old "atheistic orthodox science", and how much other scientists are afraid to speak on the side of truth and morality for the fear of harassments, bullying, removals from work, accusations of mental illnesses, etc., that await everyone who for the good of all people dare to do today what is actually required from him by his conscience, knowledge, and the sense of responsibility.

#C5. Why it is the "myth" that science and scientists generate the progress of humanity, and it will always remain only a false "myth":

       In August 2012 I took part in the English-language online discussion (the reader will find this discussion at the addresses: and, in which an "atheistic orthodox scientist" insinuated that these are scientists who build the progress on Earth. However, I managed to prove to him with evidence which is verifiable by any reader, that these are NOT professional scientists paid from our taxes, but hobbyists-inventors spending their private savings, who actually are those ones that carry out on their shoulders all the technological progress of mankind. Professional (paid) scientists enter into the action only when everything is ready, and when they can earn well on given inventions. In turn if professional scientists voluntarily express publicly any views, then they always do it in such a way, or in such a matter, that no-one is able to check if they are correct.

#C6. The only way to repair the situation with "science" is to establish officially yet another, "competitive" towards the old, based on drastically different philosophical foundations, the new "totaliztic science":

Motto: "Only where a 'competition' does exist, a given absolute power is deprived the capability to 'corrupt' absolutely'."

       Ową palącą już niezbędność ustanowienia na Ziemi jeszcze jednej, "konkurencyjnej" wobec starej, oraz opartej na drastycznie odmiennych fundamentach filozoficznych, nowej "nauki totaliztycznej" opisałem już na całym szeregu totaliztycznych stron. Przykładowo, na niniejszej stronie opisałem ją w punkcie #C1. Z innych zaś totaliztycznych stron temat ten omawia np. punkt #A2.6 strony o nazwie totalizm_pl.htm, punkty #F1 do #F4 strony god_istnieje.htm, oraz jescze kilka innych stron wskazywanych powyżej na końcu owego punktu #C1. Warto przy tym zwrócić też uwagę, że taką "konkurencję" koniecznie musi stwarzać jeszcze jedna "nauka", czyli jeszcze jedna "instytucja żyjąca z podatków obywateli" - jako że tylko jeszcze jedna nauka stałaby na tym samym poziomie intelektualnym, poznawczym, metodologicznym, itp., na jakim stoi owa stara "ateistyczna nauka ortodoksyjna" dla której konieczne jest stworzenie konkurencji. Tylko też jeszcze jedna "nauka" używałaby tych samych narzędzi i metod naukowych oraz cieszyłaby się takim samym uznaniem, respektem społecznym, posłuchem, itp., jakim cieszy się stara nauka. Wszalkie zaś inne instytucje obarczone zadniem stworzenia konkurencji dla "nauki", nawet gdyby była ta armia czy policja, NIE wypełnią warunku równorzędnego konkurenta i dlatego z upływem czasu też zostaną przez starą naukę "zniszczone" - podobnie jak nauka ta już zdołała zniszczyć tak potężną i wszechwładną kiedyś "religię".

Part #D: Design and main components of devices of telekinetics explained on examples of telekinetic influenzmaschines:


#D1. Main components of telekinetic influenzmaschines:

       In the sense of principles involved in their operation, telekinetic influenzmaschines are actually devices composed of three mutually cooperating components. Let us discuss here separately each one amongst these three main components.
       1. Electrostatic motor. It is the first component of the telekinetic influenzmaschines. The electrostatic motor works on principles of electrostatic influence. Means, this motor uses principles of operation that are exact reversals of principles utilised in either the Töpler electrostatic machine, or in the electrostatic Wimshurst electrostatic machine. As the reader probably knows, in principles of electricity the motors and the generators are mutually reversible. This means that principles applied in every electric motor can be reversed so that they produce a generator of electricity. Also principles of every electricity generator can be so reversed that they produce an electric motor. This reversibility applies to principles utilised in the Töpler and the Wimshurst electrostatic machines.
       2. Telekinetic cell. This one is the second vital component of telekinetic influenzmaschines. The telekinetic cell is described relatively well in item #C1 of the web page named free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, and also on a separate web page named fe_cell.htm - about the approach to research and development of telekinetic cells. The telekinetic cell generates free electricity which is then used for sustaining the motion of the electrostatic motor.
       3. Analogous controller of rotational speed of discs (dynamo-motor). One amongst significant problems of electricity generation and correct operation of devices of telekinetics is the problem of maintaining a constant rotational velocity of the rotating discs (in the Thesta-Distatica this velocity is kept continually at the value of 60 rotations per minute). After all, from the precision of this constant velocity depends the frequency of the current that is generated by the device. In order to solve this problem special "analogous controller of rotational speed of discs" must be added to the design of our electrostatic motor. This controller is obtained through the mechanical linking of the electrostatic motor that is used as the main component of the telekinetic influenzmaschine, with a small spindle which propels a miniature "dynamo-motor". The "dynamo-motor" has an "opposite" electrical conenction to the electrostic motor. This means that it is connection to the electrostatic motor in the so-called "positive feedback loop".
       All three above components, means the (1) electrostatic motor, (2) the telekinetic cell, and (3) the analogous controller of rotational speed of discs, together form a telekinetic influenzmaschine which not only produces a visible mechanical motion without the need for any energy supply, but also produces a significant surplus of free electricity which later can be supplied to other electrical appliances in order to power them.
       At this point we should explain names assigned here to the machines of telekinetics. After all in literature and also in Internet these machines are named with the use of several different names. For example Methernitha assigned a different name to each of these machines. Thus names Thesta-Distatica and Testatica are of these machines used by Methernitha. In turn Bela Brosan, and after him also probably Vene, used a different name influenz-machines for his machines. I adopted his name to honour his accomplishments, and I use it widely in my publications. Only that I added a qualifying word "telekinetic" (this is where the name telekinetic influenzmaschines, that I frequently use on this web page, comes from). Still another group of researchers of these machines calls them the M-L converter. Many investigators call them simply generators of free energy. In turn I believe that in sciences they should carry the general name "machines of telekinetics". But all the above names in fact refer to one and the same kind of machines - described on this web page.

Fig. #D1: Thesta-Distatica (tj. Fig. LA4 in [1/5]). Odnotuj ze z powodu nachalnych sabotazy wyjasnionych na stronach evil.htm i fe_cell.htm, co wazniejsze ilustracje moga tu byc wymazane. Szukaj wowczas tych ilustracji na innych stronach z Menu (np. o darmowej energii lub z [1/4]).

Fig. #D1 (LA4 in [1/5]): The "Thesta-Distatica" from the Swiss religious commune Methernitha, means two-disc "telekinetic influenzmaschine". This one is the most advanced free energy device which was build on the Earth so-far, which actually works, and which produces an abundance of free energy. A relatively full description of this device is presented in item #D1 of the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. Please notice that Methernitha has also two smaller such devices working on the same principle, which use a single disk and which are called "Testatica". (The above photograph originates from monograph [1/5] where it is shown on Figure LA4.)
* * *
       The free energy device from "Fig. #D1" above (or from Figure LA4 in monograph [1/5]) is called Thesta-Distatica. It belongs to general category of so-called "telekinetic influenzmaschines". The word "influenzmaschines" originates from the German language. It designates a whole class of machines, which utilise the phenomenon of electrostatic induction in their operation. This phenomenon is called "influenz" in German. (One needs to distinguish between the phenomenon of "influenz", and other phenomena that also can be utilised in various electrostatic machines. For example the Van de Graaff Generator utilises the phenomenon of "friction".) Historic examples of influenzmaschines include the Töpler electrostatic machine with a single disk, or the Wimshurst electrostatic machine with two disks. In turn "telekinetic influenzmaschines" are more advanced versions of influenzmaschines, which for their operation utilize additionally the phenomenon called the Telekinetic Effect. (Means they utilize telekinesis in addition to effects of electrostatic influence.)
       Principles of operation and design of telekinetic influenzmaschines are described in details in subsection LA2.3 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5]. These principles are also briefly summarised on the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. Therefore here these principles are not going to be discussed. After all, this web page is aimed at explaining how to build this machine, not how it operates.
       The telekinetic influenzmaschine "Thesta Distatica" shown above was build by the Swiss Religious Community calling itself the Methernitha. The Thesta-Distatica generates around 3 kW AC 50 Hz electrical energy at around 600 Volt. From the operational point of view, it is actually an "AC motor" operating on principles of electrostatic influence. This motor runs because free electrical energy is supplied into it by a "telekinetic cell" that is embedded into its design. (The design and operation of such a telekinetic cell is summarised in item #C1 of the web page named free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, while discussed in more details on a separate web page fe_cell.htm - about telekinetic cells.) The first two such telekinetic influenzmaschines called "Testatica" (with single disks, based on principles of the Töpler machine) were build NOT to produce free electricity, but to produce free mechanical motion. The goal of their construction was to illustrate visually to highly sceptical people and to orthodox scientists, that because these machines can produce physical motion without any form of energy supply, they actually prove that the building of perpetual motion machines (also called "perpetual motion") is really possible.
* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.
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Part #E: How to start the completion of a telekinetic influenzmaschine:


#E1. Main stages of development of telekinetic influenzmaschine:

       The simplest manner of building a telekinetic influenzmaschine boils down to constructing firstly, and then gradually testing them independently, all three its basic components described previously in item #D1 of this web page. Then these three components need to be so integrated with each other, that they form a complete working telekinetic influenzmaschine. Let us discuss now what this building and independent testing of three basic components is all about:
       1. Construction of the "electrostatic motor for alternating current". From this step we need to start the building of our telekinetic influenzmaschine. Such an "electrostatic motor for alternating current" must work on principles of electrostatic influence. This means that the motor needs to be simply a reversal of either the Töpler electrostatic machine, or the Wimshurst electrostatic machine. Actually such a motor could be purchased almost ready made, as many countries, including Poland, offer brand new, two-disk Winshurst electrostatic machines for sale in shops. These ready-made machines look as it is shown in "Fig. #E1" below (or Figure 11 in monograph [6]). There is, however, a small problem with such factory-made machines. Namely the Töpler and the Wimshurst machines both work as electrostatic generators. This means that they produce static electricity while consuming mechanical motion. To convert them into influence motors, it is necessary to reverse their principles of operation. So they must be able to produce motion when their capacitors are supplied with AC electricity of 50 Hz. Furthermore, in order they later are able to work effectively as telekinetic infuenzmaschines, they must fulfil a whole array of additional design requirements. For example, for practical reasons it is desirable that their rotational velocity was constant and amounted to 60 revolution per minute. This is because such a rotational velocity can later be easily controlled, as its speed boils down to 1 rotation of the disc per second. In turn the machine generates AC electricity of frequency 50 Hz for Europe, (or 60 Hz for America), the number of its electrodes must be equal to the local frequency of the electricity (i.e. 50 electrodes in Europe, while 60 electrodes in Americas). In this way the number of electrodes on its discs multiplied by the rotational velocity of these discs provides e.g. 50 Hz in impulses for the Europe. Therefore, although it is good to have at hand a new (purchased) machine of Töpler or Wimshurst as a model for experimenting and for designing, still in order to build the telekinetic influenzmaschine we need to design our own completely new "electrostatic AC motor", starting the design of it from a very beginning.
       2. Construction of the "telekinetic cell". After we have such an "electrostatic AC motor" working, we need to use one induction head (brush) from it as a pulser for the "telekinetic cell". Means we need to catch the 50 Hz electric impulses that this motor generates, with the brush marked "ho" on illustrations "Fig. #D2" and "Fig. #D3" in the web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy (i.e. on Figures LA5 and LA6 from monograph [1/5]). Then we feed these impulses to the entry of a separate "telekinetic cell" that we integrate with our motor. These impulses are going to make our telekinetic cell work. So we can feed now the output from this telekinetic cell back into the capacitors of our electrostatic motor. In this way we receive a duplex operation of the resultant device, composed of the electrostatic motor, and the telekinetic cell. In this duplex operation the rotation of discs of the electrostatic motor produces electric impulses which induce the operation of the telekinetic cell, in turn the telekinetic cell generates electricity which sustains the operation of the electrostatic motor. So the resultant device is going to operate exactly the same as does the "Thesta Distatica" shown previously in "Fig. #D1" (or Figure LA4 in monograph [1/5]). (This practically means that the description that I am providing here for my telekinetic influenzmaschines is also a description of the true operation of the "Thesta Distatica" constructed by the Swiss religious community "Methernitha".) Our device is to produce a small but visible "perpetual motion", plus plenty of free electricity, the excess of which can be utilised by us for a free supply of other electrical appliances into electrical power.
       3. Construction of the "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs". If we build our telekinetic influenzmaschine in such a manner that it does NOT have such a controller, then the rotational velocity of it (and thus also the frequency of the current that it generates) become erratic and strongly dependent on the outside environmental conditions. For example, in dry hot days it will rotate fast, while in other days - slow. Therefore to the electrical circuitry of this machine we need to add a small like "dynamo" (or more strictly a "dynamo-motor") which is also going to work as a small electrical motor. This "dynamo-motor" we need to link via a belt transmission with rotations of disks of our machine. In turn the electrical current which it is going to generate we need to connect to the current that is generated by our telekinetic influenzmaschine. This connection we need to make on a "contradictive" principle (means with the so-called "positive feedback"). So when the external conditions are such that they cause discs of our machine to slow down and thus generate current of less than 50 HZ frequency, then this "dynamo-motor" will start to work like a "motor" and it is to "speed up" rotational velocities of disks to the required velocity. In turn when the external environmental conditions cause that discs of our machine rotate too fast to generate the current of the 50 Hz frequency, then this "dynamo-motor" begins to work as a "dynamo", means it begins to consume mechanical motion and to produce the electrical current. This in turn is going to "hold back" the discs to a required rotational velocity.

Fig. #E1: Wimshurst machine.

Fig. #E1 (11 in [6/2e]): Wimshurst electrostatic machine. It represents a starting point for constructing "telekinetic influenzmaschines", means for constructing devices of telekinetics the first working prototypes of which already were constructed on the Earth.
       In 1989 I completed extensive research on so-called "free energy devices". These devices utilise the reversal of friction for generating free electricity. In the same way as friction spontaneously converts motion into heat, free energy devices spontaneously convert thermal energy contained in the environment into motion of electrons in a wire. Thus they cool down the environment, while simultaneously they generate electricity literally for free - means without any need for supplying them into fuel or into any other form of energy. I invented my own free energy device, which in volume 10 of my monograph [1/5] is described under the name "telekinetic cell". Principles employed in the operation of this telekinetic cell are explained on my web pages on "free energy" accessible via the Menu. I also worked out principles of operation for another entire class of free energy devices, which carry the general name "telekinetic influenzmaschines" (for example, the famous Thesta-Distatica from Switzerland, which at the moment is the most successful free energy device on our planet, belongs to this class of telekinetic influenzmaschines). Then I decided to build these devices. However, as soon as I completed their detailed designs and purchased components, by a strange "coincident" I lost my university job (in 1990). This loss of lecturing job at the university, make completely impossible any attempt at the completion of free energy devices that I invented. After all, in such a situation, the finding of a next job and survival became the first priority. Ironically, the same administrators of science who condemned my research and actively stopped me from developing my free energy machines, may soon experience dealing with electricity blackouts and energy shortages, as New Zealand is just approaching an energy crisis.
       The photograph above shows me holding in hands the brand new Wimshurst electrostatic machine, which is the main component for constructing telekinetic influenzmaschines. Just behind my back, at the height of my shoulder blades, a cluster of buildings from the university campus is visible in which I worked at that time. I hoped to complete in there a telekinetic influenzmaschine - unfortunately in 1990 I lost my lecturing job before I managed to accomplish this goal. Slightly further on the horison one can see a conicall hill - this is the famous "Saddle Hill" in the body of which supposedly exists a cave in which almost permanently supposed to reside a UFO vehicle (for wider descriptions of this hill, and also for Maori legends linked to it - see item #F2 on the web page newzealand.htm). Please notice that principles of operation and design of telekinetic batteries of my invention, as well as telekinetic influenzmaschines (means the another class of free energy devices into which the famous Thesta Distatica from Switzerland belongs), is elaborated in details on my other web page which, amongst others, can be viewed at the following addresses: free_energy.htm, and fe_cell.htm.

#E2. At the moment of making the decision about starting the construction of the telekinetic influenzmaschine it is worth to know that the task of accomplishing this device is the "most difficult technical task of the world", although simultaneously it is a task to be completed by a single ambitious hobbyist:

       An attempt to build the telekinetic influenzmaschine is an enormously ambitious task. Actually in present situation on the Earth this is the most difficult task in the world. After all, in order to accomplish a success, one needs to overcome a whole series of various obstacles. For example, in oneself the builder must overcome a kind of curse of present civilisation, which is the custom of sitting on ones back side (or on "own hands"), watching television, eating sandwiches, and doing NOTHING to improve the situation of others and one's own. In oneself also overcome must be the philosophically erroneous belief, which is imposed onto all of us by present science and education, and which claims that such machines cannot be build at all. Also overcome must be the standard thinking habits and one needs to thing in a manner called the "lateral thinking". In addition to all these, the construction of these machines must be done with correct moral motivations, described in part #K of this web page, which must be aimed at the true good of our civilisation, and which must be manifested by avoiding the secrecy over anything. All this must be complemented with "down to earth" thinking, excellent and wide knowledge, and the ability to find on one's own the information that one requires. The only favourable circumstance in all of this is that telekinetic influenzmaschines can be constructed just by an individual hobbyist alone in a typically equipped home workshop or garage. So the builder of these machines does NOT need any large developmental team nor expensively equipped laboratory. Also the favourable in this construction is that God is very interested in the development of this device and is going to supervise every single step we take on the path to realize this extraordinary device. Actually, while building this device one becomes a builder sponsored directly by God Himself.
       Because the building this machine is actually the most difficult task in the world that is accomplishable by a single person, on the attempts of constructing this device "broke their teeth" numerous people. Only on this web page in item #J2 is explained that the defeat in attempts to build this device experienced Paul Baumann himself together with his large developmental team (and this in spite that that had for templates three already working prototypes of such machines), and probably also Nitschel himself that worked under the name "Vene" (and this in spite that he previously constructed three such working machines). I know also about several further people who were defeated in their attempts of constructing a telekinetic influenzmaschine, but there is NO need to indicate here all of them.

Fig. #E2: galaxy by Vene.

Fig. #E2: One amongst a whole series of prototypes of machines constructed in various countries of the world, which tried top duplicate the design of telekinetic influenzmaschine called "Thesta-Distatica" and build by the Swiss religious commune Methernitha. The above two-disk "telekinetic influenzmaschine" was constructed by the Swiss group called "Vene" from the nearest to Methernitha town Thun. However, similarly like many other attempts of this kind, the above machine never was working. Experts would claim that most clearly the builder of this machine was lacking the technical expertise and manufacturing power that were in disposal of the developmental team from Methernitha. But I would state, that for reasons described below in item #K1, God just refused to allow to construct this machine without priori fulfilment of conditions explained in item #K2 of this web page. After all, even the developmental team from Methernitha failed in its efforts to build the fourth (gigantic) technical version of their telekinetic influenzmaschines, in spite that it had to its disposal this entire technical expertise and three previously constructed (and working) prototypes of these machines.

Part #F: Construction of the "electrostatic motor for alternating current" - means the research and development of the first basic component of the telekinetic influenzmaschine:


#F1. Construction of the reversible version of the electrostatic machine:

       As I explained it in item #J3 of this web page, in 1990 - means in time when I still had a job of an university lecturer, I seriously prepared the undertaking in New Zealand the serial production of telekinetic influenzmaschines described here.
...(the translation of this item is to be finished later)...
Wszakże wiedziałem wówczas już dokładnie jaka jest zasada działania owych telekinetycznych influenzmaschine. Na uniwersytecie miałem też dostęp do urządzeń pomiarowych i do laboratorium badawczego w których zamierzałem zmontować razem i dopracować w szczegółach prototyp produkcyjny owej potrzebnej ludzkości maszyny. Chociaż więc po mojej utracie w 1990 roku pracy wykładowcy owego uniwersytetu zmuszony zostałem zrezygnować z tamtych planów, plany te nadal istnieją i nadal ich najważniejsze szczegóły jestem teraz w stanie zrekonstruować i opublikować. Ponieważ zaś były one realistyczne, wykonalne przez niemal każdego, oraz naukowo zoptymalizowane pod względem łatwości ich urzeczywistnienia, każdy kto nosi się z zamiarem zbudowania tej maszyny ma największą szansę sukcesu jeśli będzie postępował zgodnie z tamtymi moimi planami. Dlatego postulując tutaj zbudowanie "elektrostatycznego silnika na prąd zmienny" w ramach pierwszej fazy budowy telekinetycznej influenzmaschine, faktycznie nawracam do tamtych swoich starych planów i wyjaśniam tutaj ich szczegóły.
       Zbudowanie "elektrostatycznego silnika na prąd zmienny" w ramach pierwszej fazy budowy telekinetycznej influenzmaschine faktycznie sprowadza się do wykonania tzw. "modelu Dra Pająka" maszyny elektrostatycznej Wimshursta. (Nazwa tego modelu wywodzi się z czasów kiedy negocjowałem podjęcie jego seryjnej produkcji z fabryką w Nysie. Inżynierowie owej fabryki jego dokumentację i opisy nazywali wówczas właśnie "modelem Dra Pająka". Potem ta nazwa do niego już przylgnęła i była używana w moich dalszych publikacjach.) Model ten zaprojektowałem jeszcze w 1990 roku na uniwersytecie, w czasach kiedy zabierałem się za podjęcie budowy telekinetycznej influenzmaschine. Esencja owego "modelu Dra Pająka" sprowadza się do tego, że stanowił on odwracalną wersję maszyny elektrostatycznej Wimshursta, która została tak zaprojektowana, aby mogła pracować zarówno jako elektrostatyczny generator elektryczności (czyli jako maszyna Wimshursta) jak również jako silnik elektrostatyczny (tj. jako podstawowy podzespół telekinetycznych influenzmaschines). Mianowicie, ów "model Dra Pająka" miał w sobie wszystkie elementy zarówno maszyn elektrostatycznych, jak i silników elektrostatycznych. Dlatego był bardzo łatwy do testowania i do dopracowywania jego szczegółów. Kiedy miał on pracować jako maszyna Wimshursta, jego tarcze napędzane były ręcznie krobką, podczas gdy generowany przez niego ładunek elektryczny mógł być zbierany z jego terminala wyjściowego. Aby zaś przetransformować go w silnik elektrostatyczny, wystarczyło zdjąć pasek który łączył jego korbkę z tarczami, dostarczyć prąd elektryczny do jego terminala wyjściowego, oraz zakręcić wstępnie jedną z jego tarcz. Jego tarcze następnie obracały się już same napędzane dostarczanym do niego prądem elektrycznym. Ów "model Dra Pająka" stanowił więc już gotowy pozespół bazowy dla telekinetycznej influenzmaschine. Moim planem było wówczas, że zlecę polskiej fabryce maszyn elektrostatycznych w Nysie seryjną produkcję owego "modelu Pająka". (W owym czasie adres tamtej fabryki był jak następuje: Fabryka Pomocy Naukowych w Nysie, ul. Słowiańska 43, 48 300 Nysa, Poland; Tel: 2491.) Po zaimportowaniu zaś do Nowej Zelandii serii maszyn owego "modelu Dra Pająka" domontuję do nich jedynie "baterię telekinetyczną" i "sterownik prędkości tarcz", oraz zintegruję wszystkie części w jedną pracującą całość. Otrzymane zaś w ten sposób telekinetyczne influenzmaschines będę upowszechniał (sprzedawał) po świecie jako gotowe telekinetyczne generatory darmowej energii. W ramach realizacji owego planu zdołałem nawet przekonać óczesną dyrekcję fabryki w Nysie do podjęcia seryjnej produkcji "modelu Pająka". Niestety, moja następna utrata pracy na uniwersytecie, bezrobocie, oraz konieczność tułaczki po świecie "za chlebem" zrujnowały tamte plany.
       The "model of Dr Pajak" is described relatively well in subsection 5.4 from the Polish monograph [6/2]. It is also explained in subsection LA2.3.4 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5] - only that in this [1/5] it is NOT called anymore the "model of Dr Pajak". But because the reader may not have the access to these monographs [6/2] or [1/5] or is unable to understand these descriptions, I am going to briefly explain this model here. So the reader just needs to implement the first stage of building the telekinetic influenzmaschine by building for himself just such a "model of Dr Pajak".

#F2. The most vital technical details of the reversible version of the electrostatic machne which in factory-made version is called the "Dr Pajak model", together with justification for its design:

       Before we start this project, we shuld firstly prepare a full design documentation of that machine, and make sure that from the work and dimensions point of view everything is checked and correct.
...(the translation of this item is to be finished later)...
W dokumentacji tej przewidzieć i rozrysować powinno się współdziałanie, położenie, wymiary, konstrukcję, sposób zamontowania, oraz sposób późniejszego regulowania i udoskonalania wszelkich elementów konstrukcyjnych jakie wymagane będą w budowanym przez siebie telekinetycznym agregacie prądotwórczym. Szczególnie dobrze w dokumentacji tej powinno się rozpracować następujące aspekty:
       5A. Konstrukcję, wymiary i wzajemne rozmieszczenie wszystkich części budowanego ageregatu. Przykładowo dla ułatwienia późniejszych udoskonaleń obie tarcze agregatu powinny posiadać co najmniej średnicę 55 cm, tj. nie mniejszą niż średnica tarcz w Thesta-Distatica (w maszynie Wimshursta V5 43 posiadają one tylko średnicę 250 mm). Zasada jest przy tym, że im większa jest maszyna i jej tarcze, tym łatwiej przyjdzie potem wprowadzać do niej poprawki i udoskonalenia. Jednak po przekroczeniu przez średnice tarcz wartości około 1 m, maszyna staje się już zbyt ciężka i nieporęczna.
       5B. Przy budowie maszyny z dwoma tarczami - wymuszanie przeciwbieżnego ruchu obu tarcz. Wymuszenie to najlepiej uzyskać przez pojedyńczy pasek który jednocześnie napędza wrzecionko (Ts) - jak to pokazano na rysunku K5 (e). Pamiętać przy tym należy o mechaniźmie napinania tego pasa. Ponadto rekomendowałbym, aby wrzecionko (Ts) umieszczone było ponad obu tarczami, nie zaś poniżej nich - jak to ma miejsce w Thesta-Distatica. Powodem jest, że w dalszych etapach prac rozwojowych wrzecionko to, oraz współpracujący z nim dynamo-motor (Dm) wymagały będą najróżniejszych przeróbek i udoskonaleń, a także nieustannego regulowania. Stąd powinien istnieć łatwy dostęp do wrzecionka i dynamo-motoru, tak aby nie było konieczne odmontowywanie obu tarcz za każdym razem kiedy trzeba dostać się do wrzecionka. (W Thesta-Distatica dostęp ten jest bardzo utrudniony.) Z kolei umieszczenie wrzecionka u góry agregatu nakłada wymóg aby głowica (ho) oraz np. magnesy (Mo) i (M) znajdowały się u dołu tarcz.
       Wrzecionko (Ts) będzie utrzymywało 6 lub 8 magnesów, współpracujących z elektrodami obu tarcz oraz z dynamo-motorem. Stąd obroty tego wrzecionka powinny zostać tak dobrane, aby umożliwiały one współpracę indywidualnych magnesów z indywidualnymi elektrodami. To zaś oznacza, że przełożenie prędkości pomiędzy wirującymi tarczami i wrzecionkiem powinno być odpowiednio 1:8 albo też 1:6. Gotowe rozwiązanie dla tego wrzecionka oraz współpracującego z nim dynamo-motoru uzyskać można ze starych motocykli, np. WFM. (Ich dynamo budowane było wszakże jako wirująca tarcza z ośmioma magnesami współpracująca z cewkami dynama.)
       5C. Napęd i rozruch tarcz. Podczas prób, tarcze często będą musiały być napędzane. Należy więc przewidzieć i rozwiązać sposób tego napędzania - albo za pomocą korbki, albo małego silniczka elektrycznego (zasilanego z sieci). W przypadku rozwiązania z korbką, napęd przykładowo podawany może być tylko na przednią tarczę za pośrednictwem pojedyńczego (zrzucalnego) paska i korbki. Korbka zaopatrzona powinna być w balast przeciwwagowy, jaki zabezpieczy jej wyważone wirowanie inercyjne po zaprzestaniu jej napędzania ręką. Z przedniej tarczy na tylną napęd ten przekazywany będzie za pośrednictwem przeciwbieżnej przekładni pasowej opisanej już w punkcie 5B.
       5D. Zasadę minimalizowania oporów ruchu poprzez zastosowanie łożysk kulkowych (tj. zamiast łożysk ślizgowych stosowanych w tradycyjnych maszynie Wimshursta, np. maszynie V5 43). Na łożyskach tych powinny być osadzone wszystkie części wirujące (tj. obie tarcze, wrzecionko (Ts), koła pasowe, oraz ewentualna korbka). Rozwiązania techniczne i gotowe podzespoły jakie tu mogą zostać użyte daje się łatwo podpatrzeć i zaadoptować z konstrukcji rowerów.
       5E. Liczbę elektrod (e). Liczba ta powinna być podzielna przez 8 (tj. przez ilość pozycji kątowych głowic), zaś po pomnożeniu jej przez szybkość obrotową tarcz (n) powinna dać częstotliwść roboczą baterii telekinetycznej (R) wbudowanej w tą maszynę, równą częstotliwości prądu z sieci, tj. f=e•n=50 [Hz]. Stąd dla średnicy obu tarcz d=55 cm (najłatwiej i najbezpieczniej wykonywanych z przeźroczystego pleksiglasu), najlepiej aby uzyskały one po 48 drabinkowatych elektrod rozmieszczonych równomiernie na ich obwodzie (zamiast po 30 elektrod istniejących w maszynie V5 43). Każda z tych elektrod posiadałaby wtedy długość około 190 mm. Knoby stykowe (w kształcie pinesek) osadzone powinny być po wewnętrznej, osiowej stronie elektrod (a nie jak w V5 43 po ich zewnętrznej stronie).
       5F. Bezpieczeństwo eksperymentującego i obserwatorów. Już na etapie projektowania należy zwrócić uwagę, aby budowana maszyna była bezpieczna podczas eksperymentowania. Należy wszakże pamiętać, że wytwarzane na niej napięcie czasami przekroczy 700 Volt, przy mocy około 3 kW. To zaś oznacza, że jest ona w stanie zabić nieostrożnego dotykalskiego. Wszystkie przewody i podzespoły na jakich panowało będzie owo napięcie powinny więc być starannie zaizolowywane od zewnątrz i zabezpieczone przed przypadkowym dotknięciem. Ponadto bezpieczniki przeciążeniowe powinny zabezpieczać przed zwarciem. Problem jest też z tubą w jakiej panuje próżnia i wypełniona jest trującą rtęcią. W dotychczasowej konstrukcji łatwo spowodować jej pęknięcie i rozprysk rtęci. Wszakże w szwajcarskiej Thesta-Distatica tuba ta umieszczona jest na górze maszyny, co czyni ją szczególnie podatną na przypadkowe uderzenie. Aczkolwiek jest to spektakularne umieszczenie i zapewne w wersjach tej maszyny przeznaczonych na rynek migotliwe jarzenie się tej tuby będzie dodawało maszynie atrakcyjności, jednak w wersji przeznaczonej do eksperymentowania sugerowałbym aby tubę schować w środku płyty podstawowej i dobrze osłonić przed przypadkowym stłuczeniem. Oczywiste powinny być też takie "dodatki bezpieczeństwa", jak uchwyty do łatwego przenoszenia maszyny, pokrywy osłaniające, zamek/stacyjka zabezpieczające przed przypadkowym uruchomieniem przez dzieci, itp.
       5G. Dodatkowe nieruchome płyty uchwytowe i półki z pleksiglasu wprowadzone z obu stron tarcz. Umożliwiają one późniejsze montowanie głowic indukujących, grzebieni zbierających, przewodów doprowadzających, itp.

Fig. #F1a. Fig. #F1b. Fig. #F1c.

Fig. #F1abc (LA5 in [1/5]): The mechanical design and main components of the telekinetic INFLUENZMASCHINE. Because my original drawings of this machine were lost, the above illustration represents only their reconstruction from my memory, supported with descriptions quoted in subsection LA2.3.3 of [1/5] that were saved in my personal computer. The dimensioning of drawings was done in an approximate manner, means without using any scale. (Click on any above drawing to see it enlarged, or to shift it to another area of the screen.)
       Fig. #F1a (left): The telekinetic Influenzmaschine shown in the frontal view. The mutual positioning of subsequent vital components are shown. The components are marked with symbols described in subsection LA2.3.3 of [1/5].
       Fig. #F1b (middle): The Influenzmaschine in side view that reveals the head of spindle (Ts), for showing of which the capacitor (L-) that usually hides it was removed.
       Fig. #F1c (right): Telekinetic Influenzmaschine shown in view from the back. On this drawing also are marked with symbols subsequent components vital for its operation.
* * *

Fig. #F2 (LA5c in [1/5])

Fig. #F2 (LA5c in [1/5]): Carrying structure (frame) of the telekinetic influenzmaschine. To this frame components of telekinetic influenzmaschine are later assembled. (Click on the above drawing to see it enlarged, or to shift it to another area of the screen.)

Part #G: Construction of the "telekinetic cell" - means the completion of the second basic component of the telekinetic influenzmaschine:


#G1. How to build the "telekinetic cell":

       The "telekinetic cell" (also called "telekinetic battery") is that component of the telekinetic influenzmaschine, which generates the electricity with the efficiency of over 100%. In past prymitive versions of such a cell were already produced. They were called "crystal radios" - for more details see descriptions from the web page fe_cell.htm - about the construction of telekinetic cell.
       The design and operation of the "telekinetic cell" is described quite comprehensively in subsection LA2.4.2 from volume 10 of the newest monograph [1/5], and also on a separate web page fe_cell.htm - about the construction of telekinetic cell. Thus the major thing one needs to do, to complete this second stage of the development of telekinetic nfluenzmaschine, is to build and to test just such a "telekinetic cell".
       When the "telekinetic cell" is integrated with the "electrostatic motor" described previously, one receives the roughly rorking "telekinetic infuenzmaschine". Only that its operation still is rather eratic and highly dependent on the external conditions. Thus, in order to make its work more reliable and repetitive, it is necessary to add the "controller of the rotational speed of discs" described in the next part of this web page.

Part #H: Construction of the "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs" - means the completion of the third and last basic component of the telekinetic influenzmaschine:


#H1. How to build the "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs":

       The only function of the "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs" is to maintain a constant rotational velocity of disk (or disks) of the entire this machine always on the same value of 60 rotations per minute (or 1 rotation per second).
       How to build the "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs" is described relatively well in subsection LA2.3.3 from volume 10 of monograph [1/5], and also is roughly summarised on the separate web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. So only thing that the reader needs to do in order to implement also this third and last step in building a telekinetic influenzmaschine (means to build a "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs") is to construct and test this component, and then integrate it with the remaining components of the telekinetic influenzmaschine.

Fig. #H1 (LA5d in [1/5])

Fig. #H1 (LA5d in [1/5]): Kinematical diagram of telekinetic influenzmaschine. Illustrated are components that carry out rotational motion , i.e. two disks - frontal (dc) and back (dg), two belt rollers for both discs - frontal (Pc) and back (Pg), belt (B), and spindle (Ts) for the "analogous controller for rotational speed of discs" with its two belt rollers - the rotational (Pb) and fixed (Pr). Notice that the axis of rotation of the spindle (Ts) is located in the plane that is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of both glass disks (dc) and (dg). This spindle (Ts) is practically the spinning part of the "dynamo-motor" which controls the work of this machine. (Click on the above drawing to see it enlarged, or to shift it to another area of the screen.)

Part #I: Facts which unambiguously prove that devices of telekinetics can be build after all - means the philosophical foundations for devices of telekinetics:


#I1. Present "scientific laws" that supposedly rule energy, are like warnings of medieval Inquisition about the trip to the edge of world:

Motto: "By formulation of 'laws' which supposedly rule energy, but without earlier working out the 'definition' of energy, present human science pushes itself into a kind of "vicious-cycle" which closes for the humanity an access to unlimited sources of energy that are offered to us by attributes of natural programs called 'energy'."

       Although it can shock us enormously, so-called "laws" which according to present science supposedly rule energy, are equally absurd like warnings of monks from early medieval times about the travelling to the edge of world and falling down from a cliff there directly to the "hell". After all, these laws were formulated before the science was able to earn the knowledge as to what actually this "energy" is. On the other hand, without knowing what energy actually is, the science had no either logical basis, nor required data, to discover the true laws that rule over energy. In turn erroneous assumption of scientists that the "laws", which the science formulated much earlier, still are supposedly correct, make it impossible for the science to determine what really "energy" is, and what laws really rule over this energy. In the result, in matters of energy the official human science pushed itself into the situation of a "dog that tries to bite its own tail", means in a kind of "vicious-cycle" which has no end. In this item I am going to justify the above finding.
       A problem with medieval monks that provided e.g. staff for Inquisition, boiled down to issuing judgements and warning exclusively on the basis of their own imagination, instead on the basis of confirmed facts. For example, these monks had no even a slightest idea about the shape of Earth. However, they still issued definitive and authoritative judgements about trips to the edge of world. While not knowing the definition of the Earth which would, amongst others, inform about the true shape of our planet, these monks imagined that the world is flat like a pancake, while at edges it finishes with a cliff that leads straight to a "hell". So according to their claims, everyone who in medieval times would attempt to sail e.g. to present New Zealand or Australia, at some stage of the trip would fall down from the edge of Earth and would land in the "hell". So in order to save such impudent travellers from the "hell", monks just in case burned them on stake immediately after they expressed the wish to go sailing for such a distant trip. However, the most shocking is that this strange medieval behaviour is copied exactly by present "modern" scientists in all matters relating to energy.
       Let us consider how and why the claims of present human science about energy, copy exactly the behaviour of these medieval monks. Well, in spite that scientists still have NOT earned a definition that would explain what actually this "energy" is and how energy works, the science insisted long ago on the formulation of "laws", such as the "principle of energy conservation", or so-called "laws of thermodynamics". Thus, the only thing on which these "laws" were based, were believes and views - very similar to these ones which people from the early medieval times had about the shape of Earth. After all, without knowing the definition of energy that would explain exactly what this "energy" really is, the official science does NOT have any rational basis for the formulation of "laws" which would describe behaviours of that energy. This is because claiming how the energy behaves, when actually we do NOT know what this energy is, actually copies such medieval opinions of monks about what happens when someone goes into a trip to edges of world - announced in the situation when in fact no-one had a slightest idea what shape this world really takes.
       In order to illustrate here how absurd are opinions of present science about attributes and behaviours of energy, let us consider an example of the definition of energy which the official science provides today. Although depending on the textbook which one uses, these definitions may utilise slightly different wordings, basically all of them are going to state something along the lines that "energy is an ability to complete work". In other words, present scientific definition of energy is a copy of medieval definition of the planet Earth, which stated something along lines that "the Earth is a place where godly creatures can live". Means none of these definitions teaches us about the attributes and work of whatever it describes. For example, in case of energy, the present official scientific definition still does NOT explain characteristics of energy nor allows to deduce how energy works. In turn, in case of the planet Earth, the medieval definition does NOT explain anything about the shape of Earth nor allows to deduce how one can travel safely across the Earth. Furthermore, none of these definitions allows to deduce anything about "laws" that rule over whatever is defined.
       Of course, scientists can also attempt to define energy on the basis of "laws" which supposedly rule over the behaviour of it. For example, from the content of the "conservation of energy principle" it would appear that "energy" is a kind of "indestructible substance or liquid", and thus it fulfils the "law of balance" called the "principle of energy conservation". But the formulation of definition on the basis of "laws" which were formulated without having these definition, is logically wrong. It resembles the attempt to "lift ourselves by pulling our own hair". In other words, both the understanding of energy as an "indestructible liquid", and also the "principle of energy conservation" announced to supposedly be obeyed by this "indestructible liquid", are just a big nonsense. For me personally it is difficult to understand why rationally thinking scientists treat both these as sure truths. After all, these both represent just speculations and empty words which are based just on themselves - means on the same speculations and empty words, while they are NOT based on the reality that surrounds us.
       The nonsense of scientific "laws" related to energy, and formulated in the situation when the science does NOT know the correct definition which would explain what this "energy" actually is, is well illustrated by the definition of energy formulated by the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. (Notice that so-far the Concept of Dipolar Gravity is NOT recognised by the official human science.) This definition states that "energy is a kind of most elementary natural program that resides in the counter-matter and that describes the behaviour of matter in every situation to which this matter can be subjected". The more comprehensive description of this definition is contained in publications which explain the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - for example in item #E2 from the totaliztic web page dipolar_gravity.htm - about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, or from subsections H4.1 (see "C1" in there) and H9.2 in volume 4 of monograph [1/5]. The difference between the definitions to-date disseminated by the official science, and the above definition of energy formulated by the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (which is still ignored by the official human science), is enormous. After all, the Concept of Dipolar Gravity explains to us exactly what actually this energy is. In this way the Concept of Dipolar Gravity provides us with scientific foundations for rational deducing attributes and behaviours of energy. As it turns out, energy actually is a "natural program" and thus it displays all attributes of a "program" - not attributes of an "indestructible substance or liquid" that so-far were given to it by "laws of science".
       Of course, differences between behaviours of a "natural program", and behaviours of an "indestructible substance or liquid", are huge. For example, into a program can be imprinted an algorithm of such a behaviour that the "principle of energy conservation" is fulfilled in the majority of cases. But due to the complexity of this program, which must correspond to already learned algorithms of complex behaviours of energy, it will inevitably have both, some intentionally introduced sections, as well as algorithmic paradoxes, which are going to allow that this "principle of energy conservation" in special circumstances is going to be replaced by a completely different principle - sometimes even by an exactly opposite one. In turn this hypothetic "indestructible substance or liquid" that results from "laws of science" to-date, always must fulfil the "principle of energy conservation". In other words, because of defining "laws" that rule over energy, before the "energy" itself was defined, the official human science put itself into a kind of misleading "vicious-cycle". This vicious-cycle closes the science from the capability to notice and to seek non-typical capabilities which true attributes and true behaviours of energy offer to people.
       Trapped inside of the "vicious-cycle" which it created for itself, the present official human science refuses to consider a whole range of capabilities of energy generation which are created by the true attributes and true behaviours of energy. Examples of such capabilities include the construction of devices that have over 100% energy efficiency, and also the construction of devices presently called the "generators of free energy", while in past simply named "perpetual motion". In spite that working prototypes of these devices were already constructed and tested on the Earth, and in spite that these prototypes actually do work - as this is described on the totaliztic web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy, the official human science trapped inside of a "vicious-cycle" that it created for itself, stubbornly refuses to recognise the existence of these devices and these capabilities. What is even more interesting, the present science takes such a definite stand in spite that everything it states about "energy" in fact is "sucked from a finer" (or taken from a ceiling) and does NOT finds confirmation in the existing reality. It is shocking that these claims of "modern" scientists regarding energy copy so closely statements of medieval monks about the shape of Earth. This is even more painful, because similarly as medieval monks utilised tortures to impose their views on the rest of society, also present official human science utilises modern versions of medieval tortures in order to also impose their wrong views onto the entire human civilisation. Only that instead of "burning on stake", present science uses e.g. blocking from access to employment and from source of income, public accusations, calling names, scoffing, throwing mud, etc., etc. (For examples of "tools of torture" used by modern science and scientists - see fates of inventions discussed on the web page mozajski_uk.htm - about fate of inventors of first airplanes, or see examples of reactions of scientists to major inventions and discoveries summarised in subsection JB7.3 from volume 7 of monograph [1/5].)
* * *
       Let us summarise here the major point that the above findings try to make. Namely, the appropriate use of "natural programs", which presently we call "energy", promises an easy access of humanity to unlimited resources of free energy. The exploitation of this free energy would NOT cause any damage to the natural environment. All that people need to do to harvest these unlimited energy resources is to initiate a mass industrial production of so-called "free energy devices" which have over 100% energy efficiency, and which work similarly as the so-called "perpetual motion" devices described in past. There are already working prototypes of such "free energy devices" - described on the totaliztic web page free_energy.htm - about telekinetic generators of free energy. Furthermore, findings of the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, prove that these "free energy devices" truly can be build. Unfortunately, the humanity has a "philosophical problem" with undertaking the building and industrial production of devices which accomplish over 100% energy efficiency, and thus which in past used to be called "perpetual motion". (For more details regarding present philosophies of people see the totaliztic web pages named totalizm.htm and parasitism.htm.) Namely, as this is explained above, the official human science placed itself into the situation of as a "dog which tries to bite its own tail". This is because it postulated "laws" which supposedly rule over energy, while the science still does NOT know what this energy really is. Furthermore, presently the science uses these baseless (supposed) "laws" to define attributes of energy and behaviours of energy. In this way the science closes the circulation of empty speculations putting itself into a "vicious-cycle" which disallows it to learn what energy truly is. This "vicious-cycle" stops the science from attempts to develop correct "laws" that would described the true behaviour of energy. In addition to the above, present science is atheistic. This in turn places in front of its adepts an additional "philosophical obstacle" which in the real universe does NOT exist nor work. Namely, the atheism makes impossible for scientists to understand, that the universe created by God, was intentionally designed so intelligently, that "everything that can be invented can also be completed" - as more comprehensively it is explained in the next item #I2 of this web page.

#I2. According to the philosophy of totalizm "everything that can be invented can also be completed" - including also devices of telekinetics:

Motto: "Certain things would be impossible only in the 'atheistic universe' which evolved randomly. But in the universe created and ruled intelligently by God, 'every pure goal is physically accomplishable if it can be mentally defined and if it is NOT imposing the requirement that the universe must operate in a specific way that is contradictive to the way God make it operate'."

       The major problem that present people have with actual building machines of telekinetics which are able to accomplish over 100% energy efficiency, is of a philosophical type. Namely, as this is explained in item #D1 of a separate web page god_proof.htm - about scientific proofs that God really does exist, the atheistic scientists believe (and together with them the rest of present society also believes so), that in an accidentally formed universe the majority of goals and intentions is impossible to accomplish or implement. So they even do NOT try to accomplish some goals that they decided to consider impossible. However, it turns out (as this is explained by the philosophy of totalizm on the web page devoted to it), that the real universe created by God was on purpose designed so intelligently, that "everything that is possible to mentally invent, is also possible to accomplish". Thus the construction of machines of telekinetics of over 100% energy efficiency is also possible - we just need to contribute to this building the effort of finding a way how these machines can be accomplished.
       The philosophy of totalizm is described on the separate web page totalizm.htm - about the most moral, progressive, peaceful, and fulfilling philosophy of the world. It was this philosophy that derived logically such extremely vital postulate, which states: "every goal that is possible to envisage is also possible to accomplish". The description of logical deduction that leads to deriving this postulate is contained in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of the newest monograph [1/5], and also in item #B4 of the web page named telepathy.htm - about telepathy and devices which utilise telepathic waves. (Notice that monograph [1/5] is disseminated free of charge via this web page.)
       Expressing the above in other words, since devices of telekinetics can be invented, defined, and described, and since they are a pure goal which does NOT impose the manner how the universe supposed to operate, according to findings of the philosophy of totalizm these devices can also be completed.

Part #J: Unofficial history of research and development of telekinetic machines:

       The history of development of new inventions on the Earth illustrates an intriguing although always repeated pattern. Namely, when the humanity reaches the level of the development in which it becomes ripe for building a new type of devices, then these new devices appear on our planet in several copies simultaneously. Means, they are invented simultaneously and independently by a number of creative individuals who do not co-operate with each other, and thus who do not know details of the developments of others. (It is worth to notice, that just such a simultaneous appearing on the Earth several new inventions of the same device certifies that the development of technical creativity on the Earth is "remotely controlled". Therefore it is highly desirable that people start to investigate whether this "remote control" over the inventiveness is inspired by God described on the web page god.htm - about the scientific and secular understanding of God, or by inhabitants of some more than humanity advanced and friendly towards people extraterrestrial "totaliztic" civilisation described in caption under "Fig. #2" and in item #D6 from web page telepathy.htm - about telepathy and about devices that utilise telepathic waves.) A perfect example of such an invention that was developed simultaneously by several creative people is an airplane the appearance of which on the Earth is described on the web page mozajski.htm - about the inventor of the first airplane on the Earth. Such a multiple and completely independent inventing also seems to be the case with the telekinetic influenzmaschine. Until that moment I am aware of the existence of three inventors of the telekinetic influenzmaschine, each one of whom either build this device independently of the others, or just independently worked out the operation and the design of it. These inventors are (chronologically): Adalbert Béla Brosan of Linz (Austria), Paul Baumann of Linden (Switzerland), and me - the author of this web page (New Zealand).
       Just at that period of time we all participate in the formation of the history of these immensely vital for our civilisation devices of telekinetics. Simultaneously, unfortunately, the official human science displays a very bad and philosophically totally unjustified attitude towards these particular devices. Therefore almost no-one neither writes the history of these devices, nor officially researches this history. On the other hand, it is quite important that this history is somehow recorded for the use of next generations of humans, and that the moral conclusions that are drawn from it could finally serve to humanity. Therefore I decided to write down these sections of the history which are known to me. But because I do NOT have funds for the scientific verification of the correctness of whatever come to my knowledge, the history which I am presenting here is based on scientifically unverified information acquired during private discussions, and sometimes even heard on principles of curiosities, rumours, or gossips. However, such a character of the history described here still reveals to us the general course of fate of these extraordinary machines of telekinetics. In turn the knowledge of these general fate of the machines allows us to draw conclusions listed in part #K of this web page. In turn every history is just about this, means about the ability to draw constructive conclusions which are applicable to our current situation.

#J1. The first in the world devices of telekinetics invented by Adalbert Béla Brosan of Linz, Austria:

       About the first inventor of the telekinetic influenzmaschines almost no-one knows. Also his name cannot be find anywhere. I learned about him by "pure coincidence" only in 1991. (According to the philosophy of moral totalizm described in chapters JA and JB from monograph [1/5], there is no such thing as "pure coincidence", and all events that affect us are purposely designed by the "universal intellect" (God), so that always is a clear goal for them to happen.) In 1991, means in the period of the most intense research on my theory of the Telekinetic Effect and on telekinetic generators of free energy, I met an Austrian couple . They emigrated to New Zealand in search of an alternative (natural) lifestyle. The information and facts this couple provided could not be verified because of technical reasons. Therefore I only repeat it here in the form as it was reported to me. The couple, at some stage in their life, observed the fate of the invention of their acquaintance named Adalbert Béla Brosan (address in 1965: Schiffmeisterplatz 5, Ybbs/Donau near Linz, Austria). He got into the possession of the design for a wonder device of the "perpetual motion" type, which represented an improved model of the Töpler's electrostatic machine. When put by hands into the motion, his device kept rotating infinitively, while simultaneously it produced electricity. Brosan described his invention in the brochure [1K2.3.1] "Weltfrieden durch Kostenlose Energie", published in 1965 by Karl Schenenberger Verlag (address in 1965: Stapfenstrasse 187, Helden, Switzerland). The Austrian couple had in New Zealand a copy of this brochure and familiarised me with the content of it. Unfortunately, Adalbert Béla Brosan did not provide any diagram nor technological details of his machine in his brochure. Because Brosan was a theoretician, he had no technical skills nor tools or equipment required to build his device himself. Therefore, to complete a prototype of his invention, he formed a partnership with the local "golden-hand" named Nitschel that originated from the area of Linz. (It seems to be the vital detail, that Nitschel was known not only for his ability to make everything, but also from his radical religious convictions, for which he came to the notice of the local authorities.) With the assistance of Nitschel's technical skills, Brosan built two small prototypes of his device. Brosan managed to show the operation of his prototypes to a few friends and acquaintances, including the couple who reported the whole story to me. According to descriptions, both these prototypes were of an appearance and size identical to models of the "Testatica" currently owned by the Methernitha. Unfortunately, soon afterwards Brosan died. In turn Nitschel, together with both operational devices supposedly shifted to Switzerland to the Apenzell area (CH-9050), tel: (071) 914110. The further fate of Nitschel, as well as the Brosan's devices, has been impossible to establish for me. But it should be noticed, that two small devices called the "Testatica", which according to existing descriptions look identically to these constructed by Brosan, are currently in the possession of the Swiss religious community calling itself "Methernitha". This is the end of the story (as I heard it) about the first inventor and builder of the telekinetic influenzmaschine.

#J2. Devices of Paul Baumann from the Swiss religious commune called Methernitha (means two "Testatica" machines, and also the world famous Thesta-Distatica):

       According to the information which come to my attention, the person which is commonly believed to be the inventor of telekinetic devices which work on principles of telekinetic influenzmaschines, in reality is only the second inventor of these machines. This person is the late Paul Baumann (1917 to 2001) from the Swiss religious commune called Methernitha. In the Internet, and also in almost all publications, he is the one indicated as the first builder of these machines. On the other hand, Paul Bauman himself NEVER claimed that it was him who build these machines. What even more, rumours which I have heard on this subject claimed that simply when one day for some reason he landed in a prison, he returned to Methernitha from this prison with two devices of telekinetics already working, namely with two small "Testatica" machines. Furthermore, the appearance of these two "Testatica" was identical to the appearance of two machines build by Bela Brosana. Thus the question for which it would be worth to find an answer one day, is whether in this prison he met the helper of Bela Brosan, means this "golden hand" named Nitschel.
       Paul Baumann was born in 1917 in a multi-children farming family near Linden, Switzerland. Even as a pupil of local primary school he demonstrated unusual technical talents, building various experimental devices. At an older age he become known for his clock-making capabilities. Around 1950, together with twelve of his farming friends, he organized in Linden the religious community Methernitha. (Address in 1991: Methernitha, CH 3517 Linden bei Bern, Switzerland.) The principles of this community recreate and implement the life of first Christian communes. When in 1991 I visited Methernitha, Baumann was one of the leaders of this commune. Everything seems to indicate that due to his religious involvements he get in touch with Nitschel (Brosan's helper), who also adhered to radical religious believes. In the Internet I encountered an information that Paul Baumann died in winter 2001. After his death telekinetic machines which previously were under his control become properties of individual members of his developmental team. But in spite that some amongst these members still carry out research and development on these machines, and in spite that they have working prototypes, as so-far no-one was able to build another (fourth) working prototype of such a machine. Most clearly the construction of this fourth prototype must wait until I manage to find appropriate conditions for their research and development.
       The interest of Paul Baumann in telekinetic influenzmaschines began already around 1965, means in times when Bela Brosan constructed his machines. But the first two operational prototypes of these machines come to his ownership only around the year 1978. He called these first machines Testatica. However, the manner and the place in which these machines were constructed are wrapped in the mist of secrecy and mystery. Also I never heard that Paul Baumann himself ever claimed that he invented Testatica or that he build them by himself - although other people assigned the invention and construction of these machines to him. "Testatica" were built as small, single-disk, telekinetic free energy devices, whose principles of operation were based on the Töpler's electrostatic machine (i.e. these free energy devices had only a single disk, whereas the function of a second disk was performed by stationary electrodes). Two copies of "Testatica" were built. They are operational until today, kept in the confines of the Methernitha community. They produce around 200 Watt of electric energy each.
       Around 1983, this time supported by seven men from his new developmental team at Methernitha, Paul Baumann built the third model of his free energy device. It remains unknown for sure whether a member of this developmental team was the helper of Brosan, means this mysterious Nitschel. However, gossips that I heard seem to suggest it. The machine constructed this time had two counter-rotating disks. He called it the Thesta-Distatica - see the appearance of it shown below in "Fig. #D1". The explanation for this name given to me was that "Thesta" means "prototype for testing", "Di" means "having two disks", whereas "statica" means "based on electrostatic interactions". The operation of this new free energy device seems to copy the two-disk Wimshurst electrostatic machine, although in reality it is very far from that machine. In Methernitha it was claimed that the use of two disks allowed for a better induction of electrostatic charges, thus increasing the output from this free energy device. However, this claim is NOT true nor is supported by the principle of operation of this machine (described in subsection LA2.3.3 in monograph [1/5]). After all, according to this principle of operation, this output depends on the efficiency of the "telekinetic battery" that is embedded into this machine, not on the number of diameter of discs. I personally believe that Paul Baumann intentionally introduced these two discs for psychological reasons. Namely he wanted to visually emphasize the difference of the machine that he build, from both "Testatica" machines which he just got somehow already constructed by someone else. However, because he has NOT knew what is the principle of operation of this machine, in his design he so solved the operation of the back disk, that it is an exact copy of the operation of the front disk. In turn both these disks faithfully copy the operation of a single disk from the "Testatica" machine. Means, in spite that "Thesta-Distatica" uses two disks, in reality its operation models the work of two "Testatica" machines, only that integrated with each other into a single machine.
       Some kind of curiosity can raise the fact that Thesta-Distatica displays a few details which are at least an unusual "coincidence". For example, the nominal diameters of both disks of the Thesta-Distatica are 0.548 meter, i.e. are exactly equal to the unit of length which in monograph [1/5] is called the "cosmic cubit" and used by UFOnauts who secretly occupy the Earth for the dimensioning of their Magnocraft-like UFO spaceships - see the web page explain.htm. In turn one amongst components of this machine is the "tube" (see "T" in "Fig. #D2" and "Fig. #D3" from free_energy.htm) which is identical to the one that also appears in the "telepathic pyramid" given to the humanity by a totaliztic cosmic civilisation that is friendly towards people. This "tube" gifted to us is shown in "Fig. #2" from the web page telepathy.htm.
       All signs on heaven and earth indicate that after building "Thesta-Distatica" for some reasons Nitschel left Methernitha. Probably it was him who in the nearby town Thun established the one-man competitive group called Vene the name of which was an abbreviation from words Vereinigung Erforschung Natürlicher Energie (address in 1991: Vene, Postfach 334, Ch-3606, Thun, Switzerland). Later there was a visible rivarly between Vene and Methernitha. The "Vene" group tried to start a serial production of two-disk telekinetic influenzmaschines similar to Thesta-Distatica, and to make money on selling these machines. However, for some reasons, which scientifically probably could be explained e.g. by the lack of capital and the poor developmental capabilities which were much lower than these of Methernitha (or these provided earlier to Nitschel by Bela Brosan), caused that the Vene group had NOT managed to produce completely even a single such working machine. (It is known that the Vene group attempted the construction of several different prototypes of such machines - see "Fig. #E2" from further part of this web page.)
       In 1991 Paul Baumann together with this time a new developmental team began the completion of his next, third model, while fourth device of such telekinetic influenzmaschines. The construction and most of technical details of this new machine remain unknown to me at the present stage. However I have heard various rumours spread around which said that it was a giant machine. For example, its two disks has supposedly had the diameter of around 2.2 meters (i.e. 4 "cosmic cubits"). Unfortunately, as I have heard, the building of this huge device of telekinetics never was finished with a success. So in spite that Methernitha had in its ownership two working devices of telekinetics, means two small "Testatica" and one bigger "Thesta-Distatica", and also in spite that the developmental team was directed by Paul Baumann himself, who is considered to be the inventor of these devices, the Methernitha developmental team was unable to make this fourth device to work. (I.e. it managed to build it, but was unable to fine tune it sufficiently to make it work.) So this fact seems to suggest that in times of building this fourth device of telekinetics in the Methernitha team clearly was missing the knowledge and experience of this mysterious Nitschel (i.e. Bela Brosan helper).

#J3. My own theoretical research and development on the telekinetic generators of free energy - means the research and development carried out by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak:

       As I mentioned it before, I am the third inventor of the telekinetic influenzmaschine. My invention was initially born not from the attempt to build it myself, but from a need to describe this free energy device in the first edition of monograph monograph [6]. Only after I developed theoretically all technical details of this machine and after I became sure that I know exactly how to build it, I decided to prepare an attempt to start a serial factory production of it - as I am describing it in item #F1 below. Unfortunately, the fate interrupted this my preparations just before I begun the building of the first production prototype. So here is the history of my invention of this machine.
       In 1989 I developed the first edition of my monograph [6] about generators of free energy. When writing this monograph I considered it to be my duty to also describe in it the famous Testa-Distatica. Unfortunately, I had no access to any description of this device apart from the earlier mentioned very brief item [2K2.3.1] from the Raum & Zeit, (nr 34, Juni/Juli 1988, page 94). However, knowing the action of the "Telekinetic Effect", the general design of free energy devices, and the operation of Wimshurst electrostatic machine, I managed to work out and to describe in my monograph [6] how the telekinetic influenzmaschine should look and operate. The subsequent visit to the Methernitha almost three years later (i.e. in 1991), reassured me that all the key technical features of my invention, which I envisaged and designed, were almost identical to those already implemented in the existing model of the Thesta-Distatica. This repeated invention of the telekinetic influenzmaschine by myself still again confirms the regularity, that when the right time arrives for a specific invention to be made, then many people is inspired by some mysterious force to formulate this invention completely independently from each other. This in turn can be interpreted as a confirmation, that inventions represent a kind of gift that is addressed to the entire humanity, not just to people who developed them first. At present times, when because of the dark forces which simulate a secretive occupation of the Earth the dissemination of information about telekinetic machines of Methernitha is successfully blocked, I understand that it is my duty and responsibility to disseminate the idea, principle of operation, and the design of these telekinetic machines, thus saving them from becoming forgotten and inspiring other people for undertaking their development.
       After I invented and described in monograph [6] the design and operation of the telekinetic influenzmaschine, I also started preparations for building a prototype of it and for subjecting this prototype to a serial factory production. Unfortunately, when everything was ready for the initiation of the development of this prototype, unexpectedly I lost my job of a scientist. So my plans were forced to be abandoned - as I described this in item #F1 from the further part of this web page. Fortunately, these old preparations to building the prototype were NOT lost. This is because presently I have ready plans as to how initiate the building of this machine. So I can now publish these plans here, on this web page.
       I should add here, that I do NOT belong to a group of individuals who were "defeated" in attempts to build the telekinetic influenzmaschine - as this is described in item #E2 of this web page. After all, I never got the chance to even start this building. I always was by someone intentionally stopped against the initiation of such building. The dark powers which continually and persistently hold me back from the undertaking the building of numerous devices of my invention, in item #11 of the web page fe_cell.htm are called impersonally the "curse of inventors". But in reality it is not just an impersonal curse, but specific people and well-known institutions which I am able to name and to pinpoint. In case of New Zealand and Australia their activities are much stronger than in any other highly developed country in the world. It is because of the continuous action of these forces that hide behind the "curse of inventors" that neither New Zealand nor Australia managed to contribute so-far any breakthrough to the technical development of our civilisation, that would be developed completely on the soil of these countries. And all this in spite that in both countries surprisingly many new ideas are born. Either creators of these new ideas are forced by these dark powers to leave their country and to develop their ideas overseas - as this happened with the New Zealand genius named Ernst Rutherford. Or these creators try to accomplish something in their own countries, but because of this "curse of inventors" they are defeated from hands of their own countrymen - as this happened with Richard Pearse described on the web page mozajski_uk.htm - about the creator of the first airplane on the Earth, and with Peter Daysh Davey described on the web page boiler.htm - about the creator of an extraordinary heater. This strong operation in Australia and in New Zealand of this power behind the "curse of inventors" is also one amongst factors which caused that on the web page tfz.htm - about the need for establishing the "telekinesis free zone" on the Earth I propose that such a "telekinesis free zone" is established in these two countries. (This zone would be an area on the Earth where, to NOT repeat the mistake that the humanity make in past with antibiotics and with pesticides, the use of all telekinetic devices would be forbidden. This would also include the ban on the use of "machines of telekinetics" described on this web page.)
       Methods and principles with the aid of which inventors can self-defend themselves from effects of the "curse of inventors" (and also from effects of "inventive impotency" which stems from this curse) are described already on my web pages - for the benefit of other inventors. Explanations how to implement such a defence the reader can find e.g. in item #H1 to #H3 of the totaliztic web page named eco_cars.htm.
       The main difference between myself and other developers and researchers of devices of telekinetics, depends on this that I already learned principles of operation of these devices. I also know well main phenomena that are vital for the operation of these devices. Furthermore, my professional experience as a scientist and a university lecturer allows me to describe exactly this design and operation of these devices. In this way I am capable to inspire other people to undertake the building of these wonder machines. Finally the philosophy of totalizm to which I adhere allow me to do all this on completely altruistic principles, means allow me to honestly and thoroughly describe the design and operation of machines of telekinetics just for the good of humanity, without making secret anything and without expecting to draw any material benefits from this description.

Part #K: Let us draw useful conclusions from the lessons of the history which God was kind enough to give to us through the shaping of fate of telekinetic influenzmaschines in the way this is described above:


#K1. What lessons stem from the to-date fate of the telekinetic influenzmaschines:

       Our religion presents to us God as a kind of 2000-years old, humanly looking oldie, who is mainly preoccupied with forgiving us our sins and has no much time to direct correctly the fate of the entire universe. Therefore, according to religions, the supervision of the majority of matters of this physical world this God-oldie delegated to the Earthly religious institutions. However, the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity discloses to us a completely different picture of God. According to this "theory of everything" God is fact is a kind of a huge unforgiving natural program, with the "iron hand" controls practically everything that happens in the entire universe. His control extends starting from behaviours of elementary particles in atoms, through the creation, giving life, and control over the fate of every living organism, and finishing on the creation and destruction of huge galaxies. A relatively good picture as to how this God from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity actually looks like and operates, provide descriptions that start in item #J1 from the web page evolution.htm - about the truth regarding evolution. Of course, according to the "theory of everything", this true and omnipotent God not only that controls the fate of everything, but additionally makes this in such a manner that amongst many possible courses that fates of everything can take, always implemented was the course which to us people provides the most educational lessons for analysis. In turn such a maximum "educational" course of everything means, that also the fate to-date of the "telekinetic influenzmaschine" were intentionally directed by this God in a manner in which we currently see this fate. So our task is now to learn the moral lesson which via the fate of this machine the omnipotent and omni-knowledgeable God decided to serve to us.
       God was able to direct the fate of telekinetic influenzmaschines on many different ways. But in His infinite wisdom God shaped the fate of these machines into a very intriguing pattern which I described in part #J above. Of course, by just such and not other shaping this fate, God definitively intended to pass to us some important moral lesson. In order to learn what this lesson is, let us analyse now the main components of this fate.
       1. Consequences of maintaining the secrecy about technical details of these machines. In fact each single one amongst original builders of telekinetic influenzmaschines maintained secrecy about the vital technical details of machines that he constructed. Therefore neither Bela Brosan, nor Nitschel, nor Paul Baumann did NOT leave for humanity detailed guidelines as to how these machines should be constructed. Apart for several general statements, and apart of several photographs, in fact our civilisation completely does NOT have any production documentation for these machines. What even worse, each one amongst these original builders of telekinetic influenzmaschines died not later than several years after building his devices. In turn together with deaths of these original builders, also the secret of the design and operation of these extraordinary machines disappeared completely. The above indicates that the first moral lesson which God tries to give us is that "these creative people who develop completely new inventions have the moral duty to inform fully the rest of our civilisation about every vital detail of their inventions". In turn in cases when they are going to maintain in secrecy any vital details of their invention, then their invention will be taken away from the humanity.
       2. Such directing my own fate that I reinvented again the telekinetic influenzmaschines and other devices of telekinetics. In my opinion it is NOT a coincidence that God so directed the fate of telekinetic influenzmaschines, that it is me who has the honour and responsibility to reinvent again and to disseminate the design and principles of operation of these machines. After all my views about inventions are characterised by several canons, which so-far were NOT understood nor respected on the Earth. The most vital amongst these canons is that "exact technical descriptions of every invention on the Earth should be made available without any limitations to every person who wishes to learn it". The justification for this canon I provided in item #G1 of the totaliztic web page boiler.htm - about the creator and fate of extraordinary telekinetic heater. Another also relatively important canon is that "the true goal of life of every person is to accomplish happiness". Therefore the goal of governments of individual countries should NOT be present "guarding the existing status-quo", but should be "assisting people in the maximisation of their happiness" - as I explained this more comprehensively on the web page partia_totalizmu_uk.htm - about the ideology of everlasting happiness of all people. In turn to allow people to be independent from despotic governments and tyrannical politicians which try to forcefully hold the humanity tided to old ideologies, it is necessary that every person on the Earth is able to build by himself devices of telekinetics which will supply this person into all energy which this person needs. (All this in addition to the wide availability of such devices produced in factories.) Thus another moral message which God reveals to us through giving the fate of telekinetic machines into my hands is that the exact descriptions of the operation, as well as guidelines for constructing these devices of telekinetics, should be accessible without any obstructions for practically every person on the Earth.
       3. The giving this machine to members of the religious community Methernitha. In my opinion, it is also NO coincidence that all original telekinetic influenzmaschines landed in the religious commune Methernitha. In my opinion this fact is a kind of symbolic message from God telling us what these machines should be used for. Namely, as I explain this on the web page nirvana.htm - about the replacement of present rewarding work with money by rewarding work with totaliztic nirvana, the goal of God in the giving to people machines which are to provide abundance of free energy, is that these people change drastically the principles on which societies do operate. Namely, instead of present societies that are based on centralised governing, politicians, forcing labour from people, and money, God commands us to begin the life modelled on the first Christian communes, in which work for others would have a voluntary character, while the rewards for this work would be the accomplishment of totaliztic nirvana. The machines of telekinetics discussed here just provide to the humanity technical means for carrying out such a change. In turn the model for this change is the religious commune Methernitha to the use of which God gave these extraordinary machines.
       The above components of moral lesson which God tries to give us via the machines discussed here, reveal exactly what we need to do in order God allowed us to build these machines and to benefit from goodness which these machines bring to our civilisation.

#K2. So how we should carry out the research and development of telekinetic machines so that God allows us to build these much needed devices:

       The recipe for adopting such an approach to the construction and research of telekinetic influenzmaschine that the development of it finishes with a success, is very simple. Namely, it is enough that from the fate to-date of this machine we draw conclusions as to how God wishes we build this machine. Then in our approach to the research and development of this machine we simply implement whatever God demands from us regarding it, a co implikuje opisanym w poprzednim punkcie #K1 sposobem na jaki pokierował On jej dotychczasowymi losami.
       The analysis of fate of telekinetic influenzmaschines carried out in the previous item #K1 of this web page, indicates that these machines will be allowed to be constructed on the Earth if (a) none of their vital technical details is kept secret, but every information about the design and principles of operation of these machines is made accessible to every interested person, (b) descriptions of manners of building these machines are so precise and so easy for accessing that everyone who wishes to build them in order to get free from any form of oppression will be able to handmade them without any technical difficulties, and (c) that via these machines people are reminded that they have a duty to support and to implement such social systems which serve the maximisation of happiness of people and parting of humanity from rewarding work with money (means to support ideologies and social systems that are aimed at the "maximisation of happiness" and described on the web page partia_totalizmu_uk.htm - about the ideology of eternal happiness of all people).

Part #L: The "telekinetics" researches not only "telekinetic cells" and "free energy devices":


#L1. The discipline called "telekinetics" is a path to an entire ocean of scientific and philosophical benefits, which the humanity is to harvest from the mastery of technology that is based on behaviours of the "counter-matter":

       On a separate web page named dipolar_gravity.htm is explained, that independently from "our physical world", on the other end of gravity dipole exists an entire huge "counter-world" filled-up with the unique, ever-moving liquid called the "counter-matter". The "totaliztic science" described in item #C1 of this web page is to open the technical utilisation of that "counter-matter" for constructing extraordinary devices of our future, such as Oscillatory Chambers of all three generations, telekinetic vehicles, or even time vehicles. Therefore "telekinetic cells" and "devices for generation of free energy" are just a beginning of a new discipline of the "totaliztic science", called the "telekinetics".

Part #M: What tragedies our civilisation is to avoid, if it makes effort to officially establish two "mutually competing" sciences, i.e. if it complements the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date with a competition in the form of newly formed "totaliztic science" which is to develop and implement energy-generating devices of telekinetics:


#M1. Avoiding any further nuclear catastrophes - of the kind of explosion of four nuclear reactors from Fukushima in Japan after the earthquake on Friday, 11 March 2011:

       In present times "nuclear reactors" are the most dangerous technical devices of "everyday use" that exist on our planet". How dangerous these reactors are, this was proven by several "accidents" they caused, for example by the catastrophe in Chernobyl near Kiev in Ukraine on 26 April 1986, or by the recent catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan, after the earthquake on Friday, 11 March 2011. So if someone builds so dangerous devices, all would expect, that the "safety" is to be the most vital goal to be fulfilled during the development of their design. However, when I analysed the design of these four Japanese nuclear reactors which exploded after the earthquake on Friday, 11 March 2011, then in spite that I am NOT an expert in atomic energy, still I detected in them several cardinal design errors, which are so elementary and so obvious, that they inspire to asking the question "what kind of an 'engineer' designed these nuclear reactors". This is because these cardinal design errors look as if someone intentionally designed these reactors to make sure that they eventually are to cause a disaster. If we would impose a condition "how to build nuclear reactors to make them the most dangerous possible and to make sure that one day they explode", then this condition would be met in these Japanese reactors. In the result, these reactors were just "an accident awaiting to happen". So just sufficed the earthquake described more thoroughly in item #C7 of the web page named seismograph.htm, to make this accident come true.
       I am explain now what are these most cardinal design errors committed during the design of the abovementioned Japanese nuclear reactors. Namely, in design sciences exist something that we could call the "most important principle of all dangerous devices designing". In "my times" this principle was lectured in Poland to every student of engineering. It states that "the operation of dangerous devices must always be so designed, that in case of any breakdown, the work of this devices must self-cease immediately just because of the action of its design, laws of nature, and forces of nature". It is because of this principle, that for example dangerous pressing and spinning machines, which can tear-off hands of their operators, must be so designed that their dangerous action can be switched-on only if the operator keeps pressing two separate buttons with both his hands simultaneously. It is also because of this principle, that the water in modern dams is hold back solely by the weight and by the stable shape of these dams. Applying this principle to nuclear reactors discussed here, their design and operation should be so designed, that in case of any breakdown, solely the design of these devices, gravity forces, and laws of nuclear reactions, would just by themselves stop their operation. However, even a brief analysis of designs of these reactors reveals, that they were so designed, that in case of a breakdown, their design, gravity forces, and laws of nuclear reactions caused the escalation of their operation, instead of stopping them. Therefore, I personally do NOT understand for what is the so-called "Atomic Energy Agency" with all these well-paid "experts", that it did NOT check and identify these cardinal design errors, and did NOT stop the building of so faulty reactors.
       In order to remind here the operation of a nuclear reactor, it depends on the inserting nuclear "fuel rods" into a special casing which is called the "core". After their inserting, the entire mass of the nuclear fuel begins to exceed the so-called "critical mass" - thus self-initiating a nuclear reaction. In turn to be able to control this nuclear reaction, independently from "fuel rods", to the same "core" are inserted also additional "control rods" which absorb neutrons and thus which stop nuclear reaction. So in order to intensify the nuclear reaction, the operator needs to insert "fuel rods" into the "core" while needs to remove from it the "control rods". In turn to extinguish or stop the nuclear reaction, to the "core" needs to be inserted "control rods", while removed "fuel rods".
       So if someone designs a nuclear reactor, then in order to fulfil the abovementioned "most important principle of designing all dangerous devices", he or she should arrange the components of this device in such a manner, that "fuel rods" are inserted into the core "from "below", while "control rods" are inserted into the core "from above". This is because in case of any breakdown, when the devices which control such a reactor refuse to work, ordinary forces of gravity will cause, that "control rods" will just by themselves slide down into the "core" - thus extinguishing and stopping the nuclear reaction. Simultaneously "fuel rods" are to also slide down due to the force of gravity and heat, thus exiting the core and additionally extinguishing or stopping completely the nuclear reaction.
       Design diagrams of these four reactors from Fukushima which exploded in Japan, was published in the article [1#M1] "Growing terror" from page A2 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, March 16, 2011. What hit me immediately in these diagrams, was that in Japanese reactors the insertion of both kinds of rods was designed in an opposite to logic manner. Namely "control rods" were inserted in there "from below", while "fuel rods" were inserted in there "from above". In the result, when the earthquake damaged the hydraulics of devices which inserted and removed these rods, forces of gravity and heat caused that "control rods" slid-out just by themselves - thus intensifying the nuclear reaction, while "fuel rods" additionally slid into the reactor - thus still intensifying this reaction. In addition to this, another "cardinal design error" of these reactors was that the "core" itself was designed in the form of a vertical cylinder with the concave rounded bottom. So when this uncontrolled intensification of the nuclear reaction caused the melting of nuclear fuel and flowing it to the bottom of the "core", the rounded bottom of this cylinder caused the merging together all melted fuel - so that this fuel exceeded the "critical mass" and turned the reactor into a "nuclear bomb" of slow action. No wonder that consequences were such as were. Of course, disasters caused by these reactors could be decreased, if the bottom of the "core", instead of being designed into a spherical concave shapes that merge together the nuclear fuel, were designed into shapes of convex stars which would separate this fuel into several under-critical masses.
       What I am puzzled by, is who verified the design of these reactors containing in themselves so many "cardinal design errors" and who allowed that so faulty reactors were build at all. Although there is so-called "Atomic Energy Agency", whet this agency really is doing it remains a secret for an outside person. When I was visiting Poland soon after the nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl from Ukraine on 26 April 1986, in Polish television and newspapers of that time was carried out an intense campaign which argued that this " Atomic Energy Agency " is a too-secretive organisation, which is hermetically closed, avoiding revealing the truth, hiding countless errors being committed, and in total acting to the detriment of humanity and nations to which it supposed to serve. As having such traditions, it was argued that this agency should be immediately dissolved. But as we know, the agency was NOT dissolved. In turn articles of the kind [2#M1] "Secretive nuclear industry hard to trust" from page A15 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, (issue dated on Thursday, March 17, 2011) reveal that it still operates on its old ways. In the result, one can meet extremely rarely a person, which would actually support the development of nuclear energy. After all, this energy was born from war, secrets, and destruction. In other words, atomic energy is the most perfect illustration for the burning needs explained in item #C1 of this web page, that for the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date, as soon as possible should be created a more moral "competition" which would "look it at hands" and open for the public insight its immoral and lying ways of operating.
       When I studied in Poland in the communistic times, students of my time used to "make fun" of so-called "party courses for diplomas" which for the carefully selected "VIPs" provided diplomas for Master and Engineer degrees after just a very short course. In fact, if someone analyses some Western educational systems - as this is done e.g. in item #E1 from the web page named rok_uk.htm, then it turns out that these are just like such "party courses" from the time of communism - i.e. they "give" engineering diplomas to undereducated students after even a shorter training than the one which in Poland was required to gain just rights of a "draftsman", not an "engineer". I personally have an impression that these Japanese nuclear reactors were designed and verified by "engineers" just after finishing such a kind of "engineering education".
       After discovering that these Japanese nuclear reactors hide so cardinal design errors, I looked at the design of a "typical Western nuclear reactor" published on page 585 from volume 14 (for the letter "N" and keyword "Nuclear Energy") of the American encyclopaedia [3#M1] entitled "The World Book Encyclopaedia" (World Book, Inc., Chicago, USA, 2003, ISBN 0-7166-0103-6). With a huge shock I realised from there, that the Japanese design of nuclear reactors is just a "typical" design of these devices, and that the world is literally swarming with identically faulty atomic reactors. This fact of mutual similarity of faults in all reactors is also confirmed by a different nuclear catastrophe which took place on 28 March 1979 in the reactor from the "Three Mile Island" in Harrisburg near Washington DC. Over there also the course of catastrophe was almost identical as that in Fukushima from Japan - only that it was initiated by different than earthquake reasons. In other words, that nuclear cataclysm from Japan is NOT the last one, and on the occasion of a next significant earthquake, or any other cataclysm, we may expect next similar nuclear disasters in a range of further countries.
       I should add here that the "cardinal design errors" described here, which a number of present reactors from Western countries turn into "nuclear bombs that just await to explode", are also summarised in item #C7 of the totaliztic web page named seismograph.htm.

Fig. #M1: famous plastic duck
Fig. #M1: A photograph of the "plastic duck" which myself (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk) found on 29th April 2011, washed out by storm waves on the beach in Petone, New Zealand, not far from my flat. (More exact explanation where Petone is located can be found in item #I3 of my web page named day26.htm.) For reasons that are to be explained below, this extraordinary "duck" is an illustrative proof how false and how erroneous are claims of present politicians, supported by passiveness and silence of scientists, that the nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima in Japan has exclusively local range and supposedly is NOT detrimental to inhabitants of other countries. In order to reflect the size of that duck, together with it is photographed also a New Zealand 2-dollars’ coin of the year 2002, that has the diameter of 26 mm.
       The history of the above duck is really extraordinary. Namely, in 1992 an ocean storm broke a container from the merchant ship that carried around 29000 such ducks from the producer in China to shops in the USA. Thus, 29000 such ducks found themselves in waters of the Atlantic Ocean near eastern coasts of the USA. From over there, ocean currents, especially the so-called "Gulf Stream", drifted these ducks over the entire world. Soon people started to discover them in most unexpected places of the world. This caused that "ducks" become famous in the entire world. Until today on their subject appeared in the internet millions of items of information. For example, when on 1 May 2011 I wrote to the the keywords plastic duckies floating in ocean, in response I received as many as 2,140,000 replies. In the result of this enormous publicity, scientists from the USA which research sea currents also became interested in these plastic ducklings. These scientists, this time on purpose, thrown to the ocean several further similar plastic ducks, each one of them carefully marked and numbered, so that after receiving the information where they were found, they could establish "how" and "to where" ocean currents have drifted them. My internet research suggest, that practically all these ducks released intentionally be scientists, also started from eastern coasts of the USA. One amongst these scientists, someone named Dr Curtis Ebbesmeyer, offered 100 dollars to everyone who finds his duck. These ducks induced also interest of collectors of unusual items. For example, in May 2011 I found an information on the web page, that collectors from United Kingdom paid at least 500 pounds sterling for an authentic such duck. The duck which I have found, displays several identification features, such as a colourful emblem on the front (partially visible on the above photograph), "Made in China" writing located on the base, and subsequent number written on its base. These features should allow to identify it exactly. Unfortunately, such an identification requires a "detective work" - for which I myself do NOT have time. So perhaps someone else would feel as to complete it. I have found my duck on Friday, 29th April 2011 - i.e. on the day of marriage of the future King and Queen of England. (Notice, that such a date of its finding gives to my duck the status of a "lucky omen". After all, for the duck this date suggests that linked to it are equally "far prospects" as for the couple of future King and Queen of England. In turn for that pair of future King and Queen of England my duck provides a prophecy, that their marriage is "equally far-reaching" as the path of this duck through oceans.) My finding of this duck occurred when I walked along the beach in Petone soon after the break in a powerful and long-lasting storm. It was washed out on the beach not far from the place of taking a photograph shown in "Fig. #C1" of the web page named cloud_ufo.htm. The duck lied in a thick layer of debris washed onto the beach in Petone by the sea waves of that powerful storm, which raged in the North Island of New Zealand for three days preceding that find, and then still raged for several further days. Descriptions of consequences of that storm can be found e.g. in the article [1Fig_#M1] "Gale-force fury", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Wednesday, April 27, 2011. The same powerful storm is also described more extensively in (9) from item #I3 of my web page named day26.htm. That destructive storm battered Wellington with powerful winds from the south, as if directly from Antarctic. Most clearly these winds blown the discussed "plastic duck" in the narrow entrance (directed towards the south) which links the Wellington Harbour with the Pacific Ocean. Thus, in order to drift from the eastern coasts of the USA to the beach in Petone and to be washed out on the solid land in there, this duck must travel the distance equal to almost the circumference of the Earth. After all, it drifted in its path through the entire Atlantic Ocean, then drifter around the coasts of Africa, then drifted through the entire Indian Ocean, then drifted between Australia and Antarctic, finally propelled by the southern winds of the abovementioned storm, it went through the narrow entrance to the Wellington Harbour and landed on the northern beach from that harbour - means in Petone. In other words, this duck, by a "pure coincidence", demonstrated an "accomplishment " which in the theory of probability appears to be impossible for occurring. Therefore, this duck is also an illustrative proof that in the nature events can happen which contradict logic and rationality. As such, this duck is bringing also to science a significant philosophical symbolism.
       For me, of course, the highest evidential value of that duck has a link to the nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima in Japan. This stems from the fact, that if the "duckling" managed to drift from the USA as far as New Zealand, propelled and controlled just by coincident and by mechanisms of the nature, this means that also radioactive pollutions from Fukushima in several years are to appear in practically every corner of the world. In other words, in spite of what is said officially, Fukushima - similarly as these ducks, also is going to have a "global range", and thus is to induce mutations and birth defects in newly-born children, as well as is to induce a surge in cancer fatalities amongst inhabitants of practically every continent and every country in the world.
       Because of the extraordinary nature of fates of the above duckling, its still relatively good technical state, its status of a "talisman which brings good luck", and also because for me this duckling already fulfilled its destiny, perhaps some hobbyist would be interested to include it to his or her collection. (Or perhaps some museum would be interested in having it.) This duck I am able to provide with my personal certificate which confirms that it was washed out on the beach in Petone, near Wellington, New Zealand, and also provide a panoramic photograph on which I am holding this duck on the background of the place where it was found. I do NOT need to explain here, that the extraordinary nature and the value for collectors of this "plastic duck" is additionally increased by the fact, that it was found personally by Dr Jan Pająk - means by the creator of the philosophy of totalizm and the "theory of everything" called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, the first scientist on the Earth who has formally proven the existence of God and the existence of immortal soul, and also the inventor of Magnocrafts, Oscillatory Chambers, Time Vehicles, and a whole range of other futuristic devices. So if there really is such a hobbyist (or a museum) interested in having this "yellow duckling", then I am ready to start negotiations regarding conditions of purchasing this extraordinary "collector's item", which - as we can see, originates from a family that is very famous in the entire world.

#M1.1. The "scenario" of nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima, deduced just from the influence which on the behaviour of Japanese atomic reactors must exert their "cardinal design errors":

Motto: "Totalizm warns us that 'most harmful errors are committed by highest-paid experts', cynics claim that 'in the vital interest of those living from termination is the multiplying of whatever they should exterminate', while Malays summarise all these with the brief proverb 'your fences eat your rice'."

       If we watch television or read newspapers, then there is no way to understand what actually has happened with these nuclear reactors from Fukushima in Japan. After all, present politicians, even if they know what happens in there, are not prepared to inform the humanity about a real state of things for the fear that then their political enemies use this information to remove them from the power. Scientists also, even if they know, still will be silent for the fear that they may loose cushy and well-paid posts - as this is explained in item #C1 on the beginning of item #A2.6 from the web page totalizm.htm. The "Atomic Energy Agency" keeps everything in secrecy - so for sure will be silent also in this matter. In turn journalists, surely would love to explain what is "going on" in there, but have NO chances to find anyone in the position of authority, who would not be afraid to inform them properly. In the result, present humanity is like a family of gravely ill people, whom doctors feed only with information about "symptoms", but keep secret the knowledge about the illness itself - i.e. feed the information of the kind: your relatives have fever, blood flows from their eyes, etc. After all, to the category of just descriptions of "symptoms" one needs to classify all the information which keeps arriving to us from Fukushima - for examples see the information contained in the article [1#M1.1] "It's time to pray, says nuke expert", from page A1 of newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, March 18, 2011); the article [2#M1.1] "WHO says contamination of food worse than thought", from page A16 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, March 23, 2011); the article [3#M1.1] "Fukushima workers hospitalised", from page A15 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Friday, March 26, 2011); the article [4#M1.1] " 'Ten million times higher' radiation forces workers to flee", from page A1 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Monday, March 28, 2011); article [5#M1.1] "Leaking plutonium adds to problems at plant" from page A19 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Wednesday, March 30, 2011); the article [6#M1.1] "Radioactive dust circles Earth - but health risk low" from page A11 of the New Zealand newspaper Sunday Star Times (issue dated on Sunday, April 3, 2011); the article [7#M1.1] "Radioactivity in breast milk" from page B9 of the New Zealand newspaper Weekend Herald (issue dated on Saturday, April 23, 2011); or the article [8#M1.1] "Radioactive beef sold in Tokyo" (i.e. which describes the detection of beef on sale which contained radioactive caesium that exceeded 6.5 times the legal limit) from page B6 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post (issue dated on Friday, July 15, 2011); etc., etc. - for more information see also items #F1 to #F4 from the web page named cooking.htm. On the other hand, just on basis of "cardinal design errors" of these Japanese reactors - as described above, already now it can be deduced what probably happened in Fukushima. In fact, for a correctly educated engineer, this catastrophe did NOT need to happen in order to correctly predict the "scenario" of the incoming disaster already after a single glance at so obviously erroneous design of these reactors - thus it is really pity that before these reactors are build, Japanese did NOT ask for an opinion from any Polish engineer. For me this obvious scenario of the catastrophe come to mind immediately after on 16 March 2011 I saw in the abovementioned article [1#M1] design diagrams of these faulty Japanese reactors. Of course, it took me some time after realising this scenario from the analysis of design errors of these Japanese nuclear reactors, to describe everything thoroughly on this web page and to upload the web page on my web sites. Therefore, my descriptions (presented below) as to how in my "understanding of a correctly educated Polish engineer" most probably look-like the "scenario of nuclear disaster" from Fukushima - worked out exclusively on the basis of design errors committed in these reactors, I presented to the general public on this web page on 30 March 2011. Four days later, means already on 3 April 2011, these descriptions were also presented in the post number #197E from my "blog of totalizm" (addresses of this blog are indicated in item #N2 below). Of course, while reading this my "scenario", we still need to remember, that it represent just my theoretical engineering deductions, NOT the actual "scientific report" from the site of disaster (which report should be presented to us by experts which are well-paid, amongst others, for informing the nation what actually did happen in there). So here is my theoretically-deduced "scenario" of this Japanese nuclear catastrophe, which was predicted for me already on 16 March 2011 by my knowledge of engineering principles:
       A powerful earthquake on Friday, 11 March 2011, damaged the hydraulic system which carries out the "moving into" and "removing from" the reactor control rods and fuel rods. In the result, gravity forces caused the slipping of control rods out from the reactor. This in turn caused the intensification of nuclear reactions. Simultaneously, the same gravity forces, combined with the damaged hydraulics of control systems, make impossible for the crew to remove fuel rods from the "core" (to stop the reaction) - so that the crew completely lost the control over what happens in the reactors. A rapid intensification of nuclear reactions caused a fast increase of temperature, evaporating explosively water in cooling systems of reactors. The exploding steam torn apart the "core" containers of reactors, and blown roofs of buildings with reactors - thus allowing radioactive products and vapours, including the deadly-poisonous "plutonium", to freely escape to the environment. In the exploded "core", fuel rods were deprived their mechanical tides. So they started to slide gravitationally into the lowest, hemispherical bowl of the "core" container. In this concave bowl, melted nuclear fuel merged together thus forming a kind of "atomic bomb of a slow action" with over-critical mass. This bomb started to melt and evaporate materials that surrounded it, while produced vapours started to emerge outside in the form of a black, radioactive smoke rich in deadly-poisonous "plutonium", which then fall-out on cities, fields, and rivers of Japan and surrounding countries and seas - polluting everything with their radioactivity (i.e. polluting soil and fields with crops, grass eaten by cows that produce milk, drinking water, etc.) In the result, surrounding drinking water, milk, and all other local food products, were poisoned with radioactivity. The liquidised nuclear fuel gradually melted itself increasingly deeper into the ground under reactors, forming next clouds of radioactive vapours raising from reactors. Simultaneously this fuel and the deadly "plutonium" started to spread in the ground in various directions, thus loosing its "critical mass" - this gradually self-ceased the force of reaction and the amount of radioactive vapours and gases being emitted. Thus, authorities and "experts" could start to claim that "the situation was under control". But the murderous nuclear fuel, together with the soil that surrounds it, that this fuel also makes radioactive, still will leak to water and to nearby environment for next hundreds (or perhaps even for thousands) of years.
       The above scenario of Japanese nuclear catastrophe is so obvious and so easy to predict just through the analysis of designs of these reactors, that experts properly educated in engineering should prevent it a long time before this disaster has happened. The fact that they did NOT prevent it, confirms the message which is explained by item #C1 of this web page, and item #A2.6 of the web page named totalizm.htm - namely that the present "atheistic orthodox science", and also the present orthodox education, urgently need a formal totaliztic "competition" which is going to "look at their hands". The same message is additionally confirmed by this "collusion of secrecy" which seems to be at work about this event (the highly-detrimental consequences of which "secrecy" the humanity should still remember from Chernobyl). Here we have a nuclear catastrophe, for which it suffices to be able to count to four to realise that it is at least 4 times bigger, more destructive, and more dangerous than that one from Chernobyl, however rapidly all "experts" and all "agencies" are almost completely "neglecting" consequences of it. After all, even a child should be able to count, that in Chernobyl just one reactor has exploded, while in Fukushima four reactors have blasted - each one of which displays much higher level of destruction than that one reactor from Chernobyl. In the result, while my web pages and blogs already for many days provided "gratis" information to their readers about the level of destructiveness and danger of this catastrophe, the crowd of highly-paid nuclear "experts" and numerous official "agencies" took over 3 weeks before they managed to inform the general public, that Fukushima perhaps can be bigger than Chernobyl. For example, in spite that I intentionally sought in the mass media available in my corner of the world, when the official revealing of this particular truth is going to occur, the first and still highly "shy" information, that this Japanese explosion perhaps is bigger than Chernobyl, I managed to find only on 3rd April 2011 - in the abovementioned article [6#M1.1]. But that article still reassured its readers that Fukushima is NOT detrimental to anyone's health - which reassurance sounded quite strange taking under consideration that the same article informed about radioactive pollution already confirmed even in Iceland and near the North Pole of Earth. In the result of so obviously intentional "neglecting" of this catastrophe, there seems to be no official information disseminated to ordinary people, where radioactive clouds and sea-currents are going, nor above which countries they currently are, population is not informed nor warned how people should protect themselves from radioactive rains and from radioactive farming products, apart from the Japan itself, nowhere else can be seen anyone officially checking streets, water, and food for the level of radioactivity, medicines that alleviate effects of radioactivity are not disseminated - e.g. in many countries potassium-iodide pills still cannot be purchased, etc., etc. However, for me personally the most disappointing and painful is, that all these consequences and disasters probably could also be easily avoided, if I would be allowed to build my Oscillatory Chambers or allowed to build any amongst my "telekinetic devices for the generation of free energy" - that are described, amongst others, on this web page. After all, proposals for the research and development of these devices I forwarded together with my job applications to literally hundreds of universities from the entire world (including many Japanese universities) - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #I1 from my web page named seismograph.htm. So how it possibly happens, that having a choice of either sticking to immoral and murderous nuclear energy, or trying to follow "new paths" indicated to us by the philosophy of totalizm and by my discoveries and inventions, people with the determination of suicidal maniacs insist stubbornly on implementation only these old technologies which are immoral and most dangerous.

#M1.1.1. Scandalously late after the harm, facts about the catastrophe in Fukushima are slowly starting to be revealed - in this way confirming the truth of my "scenario of the catastrophe" described several months earlier in the above item #M1.1:

       On 18 May 2011 I encountered the first small article which quite carefully started to reveal the truth about the catastrophe in Fukushima. The article appeared over two months after I initiated the described above decisive steps for public disclose of the true scenario from the course and consequences of that dangerous catastrophe. This first article [1#M1.1.1] with a true scenario was entitled "Nuclear plant 'suffered fast meltdown' ". It was published in the New Zealand newspaper The Press (issue dated on Wednesday, May 18, 2011). The article reveals, that already in 6 hours after the earthquake, fuel rods from Fukushima reactors started to melt and flow down into the rounded concave bottoms of the steel flasks that protected cores of these reactors - i.e. exactly as I explained it earlier after analysing design errors of these reactors. In turn, already in 16 hours after the earthquake, entire melted nuclear fuel gathered in the rounded bottoms of these steel flasks. It means, that exactly as I explained it two months earlier, this melted nuclear fuel really formed on the bottoms of the steel flasks kinds of atomic bombs of over-critical mass. The article states also, that the management of the nuclear plant previously kept secret all these facts, because supposedly it was afraid of public panic. In other words, this management claims that it "did bad things in the name of good". But this claim does NOT change the fact, that according to the findings of the philosophy of totalizm "doing evil always remain evil - no matter in the name of what this evil is done". It is interesting, how many equally dangerous truths - the existence of which can be deduced from analyses of causes and scenario of this catastrophe, the management still keeps secret from the society with the silent approval from scientists responsible for this subject area.
       In this way the above article confirmed the truth of the most vital part of my warnings and explanations concerning that catastrophe. Unfortunately, people still are too preoccupied with gathering money and with consumption, to begin take notice of warnings about the necessity to protect ourselves against dangers which, perhaps, this catastrophe may brought to us, and which slowly and in minimal doses are gradually being revealed - starting from the abovementioned article. It is interesting "whether" and "when" is going to be revealed also the truth about radioactive pollution from that catastrophe. After all, without revealing this truth, inhabitants of the entire world may unknowingly be swallowing radioactivity, thus bringing on themselves infertility, genetic mutations, cancers, and many more problems - which the orthodox scientists may even be afraid to explain to people. This only increases the urgency of establishing the new "totaliztic science" described in item #C1 of this web page, as one of the goals which this science posted for itself, is to reveal and to repair errors and failures committed by the old "atheistic orthodox science" to-date.

#M1.2. The nuclear catastrophe from Fukushima seems to be the last God's "injunction" and "urging" for the humanity to change its ways and philosophy in matters concerning atomic energy:

Motto: "From everyday life we all know jolly well, that if after some problems one does NOT change his ways from which these problems resulted, then soon these problems return with a much greater force. Exactly the same principle rules over cataclysms."

       In item #B5 of the separate web page named seismograph.htm was explained, that if God disapproves something that people do, then He sends increasingly powerful ill-fates or cataclysms, which are linked to this something. Thus, firstly God sends a "warning" disaster - such as in the matter of atomic energy was Chernobyl. If people do NOT change their ways and philosophy, then God sends a next, much more powerful "urging" disaster - such as in the matter of atomic energy becomes the one from Fukushima in Japan. If also this "urging" disaster does NOT work, then God sends the final "annihilating" disaster which kills the most of people linked to a given activities or area about which God has reservations. Such three levels of increasingly more powerful disasters or ill-fates can be noticed practically in every matter which God disapproves, but which people stubbornly pursue.
       Notice here, that the sole fact that cataclysms, similarly like all other human ill-fates, have such "intelligent" character of gradual "intensification", is a proof that they are intentionally "arranged" by the intelligent "superior being" (means by God). These attributes of cataclysms prove also, that their goal is to "persuade people" to abandon practices, ways, and behaviours, that this superior being does NOT approve.
       For various reasons the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe took place in Japan. But the "message from God" send to us via this event was clearly addressed to the entire humanity. After all, consequences of that catastrophe are affecting all countries and all nations from our planet. For me personally the "message" embedded into this catastrophe is very clear: 'the atomic energy belongs to the group of "immoral" energies and therefore the humanity is disallowed to even try to utilise it'.
       Knowing the stubbornness of the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date in following the suicidal paths, I am sure that even the Fukushima disaster does NOT stop this science from the continuation of usage of the "immoral" atomic energy. Therefore, I personally believe, that the only way to neutralising the danger, that soon the humanity is to be affected by the "annihilating" nuclear catastrophe which is to kill the significant proportion of the inhabitants of our planet, is to create officially the totaliztic "competition" for the present "atheistic orthodox science" - as this is explained in item #C1 of this web page. After all, after being created, such a competitive new "totaliztic science" not only is to start "watching the hands" of the old "atheistic science", but it also is to begin the vigorous research and development on indicated by the philosophy of totalizm new sources of safe energy - of the kind described on this web page (which sources of energy the "atheistic orthodox science" stubbornly refuses to investigate - as this is explained in item #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm). This in turn is to remove the "energy crisis" and is to make obsolete the further use of immoral atomic energy. Therefore, it is worth that also you, the reader, in the interest of your own survival, and survival of your descendants, start to do everything in your powers, to make such competitive "totaliztic science" officially established as soon as possible.

#M2. Stopping further mutations of deadly "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics - i.e. bacteria similar to that killer E.coli which mutated in Germany after the atomic explosion in Fukushima, Japan:

       Perhaps the reader knows an old Polish prophecy described in item #H1 of the web page named prophecies.htm, which states that one day comes the time of such depopulation of our planet, that "when a man sees footprints of another man, he will be so thrilled that from the happiness he is going to kiss these footprints". If one considers which factors could cause such a mass extinction of humans, then one amongst first places on the list of "culprits" probably would be taken by "super-bacteria" which so mutated, that they become resistant to antibiotics and to other commonly used medicines. About the deadly threat to the humanity on parts of these super-bacteria are already aware even these most devoted supporters of the "monopole for knowledge" hold by the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date (as described in item #C1 of this web page) - which monopole pushes the humanity towards the extinction. Also increasingly more frequent we see manifestations of public "panic" caused by the mass spread of these super-bacteria, and combined with the visible lack of idea amongst "atheistic orthodox scientists" how to prevent the catastrophe which the arrival of which these super-bacteria is unavoidably bringing about. (Examples of such growing public "panic" are articles of the kind [1#M2] "Bacteria on brink of victory" from page A3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post Weekend (issue dated on Saturday April 9, 2011) - which states, amongst other, that "many common infections will no longer have a cure". As usually in case of a crisis, the "atheistic orthodox science" to-date is unable to indicate to us replies to two hugely important questions, namely (A) "how we can stop further mutations of these super-bacteria?", and (B) "how to heal people who already fell victims of infections with these super-bacteria?". On the other hand, the new "totaliztic science", as usually, is already able to indicate to people where to seek replies to both above questions - suggestions of most probable out of such replies I am providing below:
       (A) The reply to question "how to stop further mutations of super-bacteria?" the new "totaliztic science" is able to find through seeking the most critical link in the mechanism of mutations of these bacteria - which seeking is to be deprived of prejudices and holding backs of old atheistic science that result from its efforts to keep its 'monopole for knowledge' ". As it seem to be indicated by the to-date development of these "super-bacteria", probably such a "critical link" for mutations of super-bacteria is the "radioactivity" which for the mechanism of mutations of bacteria fulfils the same function as a "trigger" fulfils in firearms - so if people cease to spread radioactivity, super-bacteria ceases to mutate. In other words, if the humanity manages to stop further spread of radioactive elements over the Earth, then micro-organisms would NOT be able to absorb them, thus future mutations of super-bacteria would cease just by themselves. Of course, the stopping of further spread of radioactive elements over the Earth is NOT so difficult - it suffices for this purpose to stop completely carrying out on the Earth these highly immoral nuclear reactions (means to cease completely the further immoral "nuclear tests", and also to cease completely the use of immoral nuclear reactors - which so-far declared only governments of Switzerland and Germany). In fact, there is already known a significant body of evidence which quite unambiguously seem to illustrate a direct link between the spread of radioactive elements over the Earth and the appearance of deadly mutations of super-bacteria and killing viruses. Let us review here at least several examples of this evidence:
       (A1) One can find a correlation between various nuclear catastrophes which spread over the Earth significant amounts of radioactive elements, and waves of appearance of new "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics. In item #B1 of the web page named plague.htm, is provided a list of most dangerous mutations of bacteria and viruses which in the last over quarter of century started to trouble the humanity. If one compares dates of these waves, then they seem to coincide in time with periods when various nuclear catastrophes and tests spread radioactive elements over the surface of the Earth.
       (A2) Radioactivity is already well known for its capability to cause genetic mutations. After all, already sites of first nuclear explosions become locations of shocking mutations. Thus we should NOT be surprised, that when in 2011 the radioactive fallouts from the catastrophe in Fukushima (Japan) were spread over vegetable, fruits, farming products and drinking water of the entire world, soon afterwards a new wave of mutated "super-bacteria" appeared in several different countries. After all, the presence of radioactive elements on vegetables and other food products eaten for example by inhabitants of Germany and Europe, created ideal conditions for mutating in digesting systems of people various mischievous strains of bacteria which always are present in humans. In this way probably in Germany mutated the deadly E.coli which later started to spread death and illness through the Europe.
       (A3) The origins of German E.coli turned out to be extremely difficult for unambiguous establishing - this additionally suggests that actually that bacteria mutated in digestion systems of the victims in the result of eating radioactivity. As this stemmed from news in press and in television, the origins of German plague from deadly super-bacteria E.coli turned out to be extremely difficult for an unambiguous establishing - which message was emphasized by numerous statements of experts (as an example see the article [2#M2] "E-coli bug made deadly by rare 'glue' " from page B12 of New Zealand newspaper "Weekend Herald", issue dated on Saturday, June 4, 2011). At the beginning it was suspected that the epidemics of this super-bacterium originates from Spanish cucumbers - for example see the article [3#M2] "Spanish cucumbers cleared of causing deaths" from page A17 of the newspaper The New Zealand Herald, issue dated on Thursday, June 2, 2011. Then there was a suspicion that it is spread by "beansprouts" originating from a German farm near the town of Uelzen (located between Hamburg and Hanover) - see the article [4#M2] "Beansprouts likely source of Germany's deadly bug" from page B3 of the New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, June 7, 2011. But soon they cancelled also this suspicion. According to findings of the "totaliztic science", such simultaneous appearance of many different "traces which lead to 'chase of wild goose' " is typically characteristic for cases when people deal with the "Act of God which corrects immorality, or releases group karma". This is because in such cases God typically releases simultaneously the action of so-called "canon of ambiguity" described in item #C2 of the web page named tornado.htm. In turn that "canon ambiguity" causes that e.g. this German plague of deadly E.coli would contain in itself attributes which would allow for a simultaneous explanation of origins of it from a whole array of independent sources. Thus for the causing this epidemics authorities could suspect subsequently a number of different "culprits" (Spanish cucumbers, German beansprouts, etc.) - which, of course, does NOT mean that these "culprits" are really responsible for that "epidemics". After all, in all cases of such "Acts of God that correct immorality, or release a group karma" the true responsibility for a given cataclysm lies on the morality and karma of the affected "group intellect" - as this is explained in e.g. items #B5 and #I1 of the web page named seismograph.htm or item #B4 of the web page named tornado.htm.
       (A4) Simultaneously with Germany, similar deadly micro-organisms mutated also in New Zealand - soon after radioactive fallouts from Fukushima could reach it. This fact is probably one amongst most strong premises that suggest mutations of that German deadly "super-bacteria" E.coli as the outcome of spread over the world of radioactive elements in the result of nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima. Regarding these New Zealand equivalents for the deadly mutation of German E-coli, many newspaper articles already appeared in New Zealand - for example see the article [5#M2] "Stomach bug hits ferry travellers" from page A3 of New Zealand newspaper The Dominion Post, issue dated on Thursday, April 7, 2011. This article informs that in the vicinity of Wellington appeared at that time a new "epidemics" of rather unpleasant stomach bug (in articles called "gastroenteritis"). It caused illnesses in dozens of people, and even poisoned a whole crew of a sea ferry through the Cook's Straight that links Wellington with the South Island of New Zealand. I also got ill at that time on this "bug" - my case is described in item #G2.2 from a different web page named healing.htm. Yet another article [6#M2] "Deadly virus closes upper harbour to shellfish gatherers" from page A9 of newspaper The New Zealand Herald (issue dated on Tuesday, May 31, 2011) revealed also that approximately at the same time in New Zealand sea shellfish mutated some previously non-active virus, which after being eaten by people turns out to be deadly. All the above taken together seem to confirm quite clearly, that simultaneously with Germany, various deadly micro-organisms mutated also on another end of the world, i.e. in New Zealand, soon after that country most probably was generously "sprayed" with radioactive fallouts from Fukushima.
       (A5) When I fell ill for this new mutation of the New Zealand "super-bacteria", I was unable to heal it for as long, until I stopped drinking city water that was susceptible to radioactive fallouts from Fukushima. During that New Zealand "epidemics" of the nasty "stomach bug", I also fell ill at the beginning of April 2011. I was able to heal this my bug with the highly effective method of moral "self-healing" described in item #G2 of a different web page named healing.htm, only two weeks later after I ceased to drink city water from local waterworks and started to drink water from the underground well. Thus, I believe that the city water which I was drinking previously, is stored in the "water catchments" and is exposed to atmospheric fallouts. Thus, if any radioactive clouds managed to arrive from Fukushima, their fallouts could pollute easily these "water catchments", while myself probably was drinking "mutation triggering" elements contained in these radioactive fallouts. On the other hand, water taken from the underground spring was filtered through the soil, and thus it has NOT contained any particles from such atomic fallouts. Of course, all the above is just my "hypothesis" for the testing of which I do NOT have means nor the required equipment. However, the similarities between the situation in Germany with their mutation of deadly E.coli, and the situation with my powerful illness from a nasty "stomach bug", suggest that in both these cases probably worked just one and the same globally spreading factor. In turn, the only such a global factor which could work simultaneously in both these cases located on opposite ends of the Earth, was the radioactivity from Fukushima, Japan, which could trigger mutations of mischievous micro-organisms simultaneously in a number of countries.
       (B) In turn the reply of the new "totaliztic science" to the question "how to heal people who fell victims of infections with these super-bacteria resistant to antibiotics?" is already provided, while I personally tested it in an effective work. It is described in item #G2 and #G2.2 of a separate web page named healing.htm. Let us summarise here the essence of it. This reply states that in order to start healing effectively victims of "super-bacteria" resistant to antibiotics, both - the entire humanity, as well as each individual person, must vigorously facilitate the development and implementation of "moral" methods of healing that are based on what the present "atheistic orthodox medicine" calls the "placebo effect" - of the kind of method of "self-healing" described in item #G2 of the web page named healing.htm, while simultaneously people should stop completely the continuation of to-date immoral principles of healing based on fighting bacteria with chemicals (to which chemicals new mutations of these bacteria always eventually become immune as time elapses).

Part #N: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#N1. Summary of this web page:

       This web page challenges practically the most difficult task of humanity, i.e. the task of constructing a telekinetic device which generates continuous motion although it does NOT require the supply in any form of external energy.

#N2. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#N3. The blog of totalizm:

       It is also worth to check periodically the blog of totalizm available at addresses and (Notice that both these addresses hold the same blog with the same content of messages.) On this blog many matters discussed here are also explained with additional details written as new events unveil before our eyes.

#N4. Emails to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, opinions, descriptions, or information which in their opinion I should learn, are provided on the web page named pajak_jan_uk.htm (for its version in the HTML language), or the web page named pajak_jan_uk.pdf (for the version of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.pdf" in safe PDF format - which safe PDF versions of further web pages by the author can also be downloaded via links from item #B1 of the web page named text_11.htm).
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. try to say.

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       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

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       Copyrights © 2013 by Dr Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea and/or research is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
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