Sensational artefacts left from ancient telepathic devices
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If the reader of these words is NOT a professional scientist, then he or she probably has already heard the name "telepathy". This is because only professional scientists still do NOT know what this name means. After all, the exploration of it is prohibited by inner doctrines, customs, traditions, procedures and culture of the present official science (which science qualifies the "telepathy" to the category of "scientific heresy"), etc. The reason is that this monopolistic institution of official science already shifted onto practicing the stand, which states that "if the truth and facts are against what the science says, then it is worse for that truth and facts" - fortunately, this currently-practiced doctrine of the present is NOT imposed yet onto the whole society. Thus, some people still can devote themselves to the study of truths and facts. While knowing what "telepathy" means, the reader may be interested in the fact, that in ancient times, people had and used various highly advanced telepathic devices, which contained in themselves the level of knowledge that exceeded the present level of science and technology by at least 100 years. On this web page I am going to describe three such ancient telepathic devices, whose working prototypes already existed and have been used in ancient times. The first amongst devices described here, is the telepathic detector of impending earthquakes, in present times wrongly called the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - because it was built nearly 2000 years ago by a Chinese genius named Zhang Heng. (In fact, this telepathic device of Zhang Heng I was forced to "invent" again from the very beginning, when I was working out how it really operated in antiquity. This is because all descriptions of its supposedly "inertial" operation, which existed before this my repeated "inventing" of it, were completely wrong.) The second device described here is the "telepathic telephone". The model of it, composed together from elements produced in the Middle Ages, can be viewed today in the Marian church from Gdansk, Poland. The design and operation of this "telepathic telephone" I also needed to "invent" from very beginning. Just as today's "mobile phones" allow to carry voice calls via electromagnetic waves, although they simultaneously induce cancers and debilitate bees with their destructive radiation (see item #D4 below), also this my "telepathic telephone" allows to carry out voice calls while using extremely safe telepathic waves. The third amongst telepathic devices described here is the "telepathic pyramid". Although the model of this pyramid was "given" to the humanity, the true operation of it again I was forced to "invent" from the very beginning. This pyramid allows for a purely telepathic exchange of thoughts between the people that use it, with a complete elimination of speech. In a distant past, an ancient device working just as this "telepathic pyramid" - but on interstellar distances, turns out to be the stone structure called the "Pyramid of Cheops" from Giza, Egypt. All three ancient telepathic devices described on this web page have this to themselves, that their design and operation are shockingly simple, and thus that virtually any reader can find for himself or herself some way in which could contribute actively to their rebuilding today - so that they began to serve again for the good of people and raise our civilization onto a higher level of awareness.

* * *

The content of this web page is authorized by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak that is by a researcher, discoverer and inventor of New Zealand and Poland and WorldCat Identity (see the web page, the course of whose life is briefly described at the autobiographical web page pajak_jan_uk.htm. By profession Dr Eng. Jan Pająk is an academic teacher who lectured and carried out research at 10 tertiary educational institutions of the world where he lectured numerous subjects in two different disciplines, i.e. in the discipline of Mechanical Engineering and Machine Construction, first at his native Wrocław University of Science and Technology, then at the universities of New Zealand (Canterbury), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Borneo (Kuching), as well as in the discipline of Software Engineering and Programming Languages at four New Zealand tertiary educational institutions (i.e. at Invercargill College, Dunedin University, Timaru Polytechnic, and Wellington Institute of Technology) and at universities in Cyprus (Famagusta) and Korea (Suwon). At as many as four among these universities (i.e. at universities in Cyprus, Malaysia, Borneo and Korea) he was employed as university professor. In the early part of the 21st century, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk distinguished himself from the group of still alive at that time discoverers and inventors who simultaneously were citizens of Poland and/or New Zealand, that he became among them the most widely known in the world, most variously interpreted, and moreover, the most productive - in spite of conducting his research without funding and on the principles of alleged a private scientific "hobby", forced by the official disapproval of the areas of knowledge and truth he researches, and in spite that the results of his research constitute knowledge and truth that in present world is one of the most fiercely overpowered and blocked from getting known by people. Only a brief illustration and summary of the most important of his discoveries, inventions and scientifically indisputable formal proofs with the use of teaching movies, required the preparation of a series of half-hour video presentations available for free on the Internet: either in three languages, namely i.e. in Polish, English and German, all of which listed from newest to oldest are linked from the web page named djp.htm - examples of which can be: the movie entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" while the English version of which can be viewed at and the movie entitled "Future Propulsions" the English-language version of which is disseminated from the address; or English and German 4-minute video "How big is the Magnocraft" disseminated from the address; or videos disseminated with narration in Polish but with subtitles in English - for example the quest movie entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój nirwany", the title of which means "The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money", available at and the warning movie entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030", the title of which means "The Massive Purification of Humanity in 2030s", available at (note that these English subtitles can be turned "on" or "off" by clicking on the icon "cc", i.e. "subtitles/closed captions", located at the bottom-right of given movie). Unfortunately, the results of his breakthrough research to-date illustrate how perfectly the today's situation with truth, knowledge and monopolistic "official atheistic science" is reflected in the life wisdom of the Bible verses from Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24 and John 4:44, as well as in the folk wisdom contained in the saying "truth hurts". After all, e.g. in New Zealand until today almost no-one wants to know about the existence and outcomes of his research. In turn, e.g. in Poland, in order to invalidate, deny, silence, and combat his discoveries, inventions and formal proofs, many compatriots conspire into gangs that act as monopolies distorting the truth and forgetting about God (as, for example, it is documented from #A5 to #A5bc from the web page named totalizm.htm), while trying to leave for future generations only lies, rubbish, polluted water, air and soil, and devastated nature.

It is also worth knowing that the print size of this web page as well as many of the author's other web pages, can be increased up to about 300%. This in turn allows it to be read easily without the use of glasses. This is because every software used to display it has a built-in so-called "zoom". For example, in "Google Chrome" this "zoom" is revealed by clicking on the vertical "three-dot" in the upper right corner of the screen, then the print can be increased or decreased by clicking on the plus or minus of this "zoom". "Firefox" reveals the same "zoom" by clicking there on a three-line dash, while "Internet Explorer" reveals by clicking a "cog" over there. Photos of this web page can also be enlarged up to 500% of their original size - which allows e.g. to carefully examine the face of someone who interests us. The easiest way to enlarge a photo in such a way is to first click on it - so that it appears in a separate window. Then one should (also by clicking) show it to oneself from this separate window on the computer screen. In turn having it on the computer screen, one can open for it the "zoom" which I described above for enlarging the print size of this web page, then by clicking on the + or - of this zoom, one can freely increase or decrease this photograph on the screen.

Part #A: Introductory information of this web page:


#A1. What are goals of this web page:

       The real goal of this web page is to reveal to the reader that already in ancient times existed on the Earth working prototypes of very useful telepathic devices, which technical production is so simple, that they can be constructed with materials and tools which people possessed several thousand years ago, but the knowledge contained in which is still significantly higher than the present level of science and technology on the Earth. In other words, this web page is designed to expose to the reader, that there are already known very useful telepathic devices used in ancient times, the rebuilding of which lies in possibilities of a significant proportion of today's hobbyists, but from the useful operation of which the present human civilisation is NOT benefiting because the present official science refuses to learn about them and to research them. For the rebuilding of these devices, a large proportion of present individual hobbyists already have almost everything, means the required conditions, materials, tools, finances, etc. Only that to actually rebuild these devices, such hobbyists need to also obtain from someone the knowledge about the operation of these wonder devices, and also they must themselves demonstrate the possession of the required level of "devotion", "open mind", "creative approach", and the "inventive sense" - which attributes typically are gifted to people of the character, motivations and morality of so-called "righteous" described in item #I1 from a different web page named quake.htm.
       An additional goal of this website is to realise to the reader, that because of the open ignoring of these devices by the present official science (which science considers them to be the "objects of scientific heresy" - because their principle of operation is based on the "telepathy" which is officially denied by this science ), yet another way to extract them from oblivion and to reintroduce into the service for humanity, is a "popular uprising" for research and development. In this kind of "popular uprising", anyone who has the necessary ability and willingness, would contribute to the building of these devices, through completing any activities that would be linked to them - for example through: publishing about them and directing the attention of other people at their existence, funding (financing) web sites and web pages which disseminate reliable and objective information on their topic (as it is already done by these philanthropic donors from Poland described in items #C3 and #G3.3 from the web page faq.htm), the historical or field exploration and analysis of examples of their existence (e.g. in old churches), visiting and seeing their models and exhibits that are already located in places where they are detected (e.g. in the church of the Virgin Mary in Gdańsk, Poland), organizing experiments on already existing and found examples of them, analyzing or speculating about the work of such old devices (such as the so-called. "confessions" from old church) which can represent their examples, reading and writing about them on the Internet, analyzing where, how and with what funds they could be rebuild, etc., etc.

#A2. The humanity has already a precedence of "popular uprising" for research and development - it is the present development of new energy devices and principles of energy generation:

       To these readers, who have doubts as to whether a "popular uprising" for building telepathic devices will give any visible results, I suggest to consider the results already obtained by other "spontaneous popular uprising", that has occurred on Earth in the exploration, research, and development of new energy devices and new principles for the generation of energy. As readers probably already noticed, in matters of energy science and scientists already do NOT count completely. The only thing that scientists still do, is to teach about energy on campuses, but all the research, development, and applications have been taken over by individuals and institutions outside of universities and outside of the circle of professional scientists. And so, today's industry, researches and develops new devices for the generation and use of energy. Ordinary people support these efforts by selecting the industry's most energy efficient solutions, by buying, and by installing them in their homes, these new devices, etc., etc. In turn the individual hobbyists and inventors are working on new methods for energy generation in areas ignored by the official science, such as "free energy devices", "zero emission cars", etc.

#A3. Why the knowledge which allows for reconstruction of ancient telepathic devices described on this web page, requires a "popular uprising" rather than the official science financed from our taxes:

       The "pursue of knowledge" by the official science already "hit a brick wall". This proverbial "wall" for the science turns out to be acceptance of already accumulated evidence for the existence of God, or more strictly the change of philosophical approach to research, from the previously used by the official science approach called "a posteriori" - means "from effect to cause" into a new scientific approach called "a priori" - meaning "from cause to effects" or "from God understood as a superior cause of everything to the surrounding reality understood as effects of the actions of God". Without the undergoing such a change in approach to research, the official science is NOT going to pursue virtually any true new knowledge, and it will behave like a cow, i.e. it will only "re-chew" of old knowledge - what I try to emphasize in item #G4 from the web page named eco_cars.htm. So if the humanity wants that the science begin again the "pursue of knowledge", then people must somehow force scientists into it. So far, they are on the Earth two tried ways of "forcing" this still monopolistic institution of official science to abandon its present attitude characterised by the popular saying "if the truth is against of what we say, then the worse for this truth" and the science started to actually "pursue a new knowledge". The first out of these ways is the "popular uprising" described in the previous item of this web page. It was "spontaneously" created by itself, amongst others in the energy area, because the official science refused in there "to pursue new knowledge" regarding energy - while simultaneously for such a new knowledge opened a social need. A similar "popular uprising" recently started to appear soon after the publication in Internet my formal proofs for the existence of God - described in items #G2 to #G4 from the web page named god_proof.htm. At present it takes a form of a new, more scientific than previously, version of a relatively old movement, which for sometime is called "creationism", but which lately started to adopt to its argumentations various truths that were revealed only by my proofs for the existence of God. In turn the second such a way, which so-far is postulated only by myself, because I believe that it will be even more effective and more permanent than a "popular uprising" is to takeaway from the preset institution of official science its "monopoly for knowledge" by the official establishing of yet another, new institution of science, that will be competitive with the old science, because it is to base its research on this new philosophical approach called "a priori". The scientific and philosophical foundations of just such a new "totaliztic science" have already been developed and are described in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm. So the only thing that still remains to do in this matter, is to officially establish it and assign to it appropriate financing that is required for undertaking the effective "pursue of knowledge".

Part #B: Description of the artefact of "Zhang Heng Seismograph":


#B1. What is that "Zhang Heng Seismograph"?

       The Zhang Heng Seismograph is an extraordinary device. It works by intercepting subtle telepathic emissions yield by impending earthquakes. Ancient Chinese used to call these emissions with the name chi, while currently they are described as "telepathic waves". The Zhang Heng Seismograph was build almost 2000 years ago, but it still exceeds the present level of science and technology on Earth by at least further 100 years - for estimates of this exceeding see item #F6 from the web page named seismograph.htm. If the working prototype of it is build, it will open completely new horizons for people and for the humanity. After all, it NOT only allows for remote detection of impending earthquakes and for issuing advanced earthquake warnings. It also assists in learning about telepathy, which so-far remains unacknowledged by the official human science - i.e. this science which is described in items #C1 to #C6 from the web page named telekinetics.htm.
* * *
Fig. #B1:

Fig. #B1: The general appearance of a present-day replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph" (means of a replica of the ancient device able to detect the impending earthquakes and to rise alarms a sufficient time before these earthquakes strike, to allow for a safe escape from the danger zone).
       The replica of this earthquake detector shown above as "Fig. #B1", is that one which until 2011 (i.e. until the earthquake in Christchurch) was exhibited in New Zealand in the Te Papa museum of Wellington. This is also the replica that I studied to work out how it operates. (A description of the unique operation of this device, as well as equally unique its fate, is provided in items #D1 to #I1 from the web page named seismograph.htm that can be downloaded free of charge from "Menu 1".) Descriptions provided on this web page eventuated because, by a strange turn of fate, the above device happened to appear just a few kilometres from my flat, while I was seeking it in the entire big world, being prepared to even fly to China just to see it.

* * *
       Notice that you can see the enlargement of each illustration from this web site. For this, it suffices to click on this illustration. Furthermore, most of the internet browsers that you may use, including the popular "Internet Explorer", allow also to download each illustration to your own computer, where it can be looked at, reduced or enlarged to the size that you may want, or printed with your own graphical software.
       If one wishes to shift a given Figure (i.e. a photograph or a drawing) - means if one wishes to move this Figure into another part of the screen where e.g. a description of it is located, and when simultaneously one wishes to reduce or reconfigure the separate window in which this illustration is to appear, then one needs to do as follows: (1) click on this illustration to make it appear in another new window, (2) make sure that this new window is set for capability to be reconfigured and shifting along the screen (for this one needs to have a look at the middle square out of the three squares present in the top-right corner of the screen - this middle square should contain inside just a single screen-icon, so if there are two such screen-icons inside of it, then one needs to click on them to turn them into a single screen-icon), (3) the "downsize" or "reconfigure" this another new window (with a given illustration) through "grabbing" its right-bottom corner with the mouse and then dragging this corner upwards-left to receive the required size and configuration of this different new window (notice that since this new window is downsized or reconfigured, then it is to stay this way for all next Figures being clicked - unless one enlarges or reconfigures the window again), and then (4) drag this another new window with the Figure that one wishes to relocate, to the area of the web page where one wishes to look at it e.g. because there is a description related to it (to move the new window with a Figure, one needs to just grab it with the mouse by the blue stripe on the top of it and then drag it to the required place). Notice also that if one scrolls (with scroll-bars) the text of a page when one reads it, this another window (with the illustration) is going to disappear. In order to return it into the new position on the screen, one needs to click on its "icon" (i.e. on the "program's button" from the taskbar) in the lowest part of the screen.

#B2. How the "Zhang Heng seismograph" really looks like?

       To determine the actual appearance of original prototype of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph", one needs to know its principles of operation. Unfortunately, historians who have tried to establish this appearance just on the basis of various historic sources and premises, do NOT know these principles of operation. After all, these principles for the first time in the world was developed only by the author of this web page. Therefore, to the products of activities of these historians crept several vital misinterpretations.
       Almost the actual appearance of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" is shown on a number of illustrations from the separate web page named seismograph.htm - for example see in there photographs or drawings marked Fig. #E1a, #E1b, #E1c and #F2. However, to NOT trouble the reader by sending him over there, here's a repetition of one amongst those illustrations, i.e. "Fig. #E1b":

Fot. #B2:

Fot. #B2: Here is a drawing that best reflects almost the true appearance of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" – apart for the fact that it still shows a wrong slope of mouths of dragons, and a wrong shape of the top surface (cover). This surface, or rather a cover the device, in fact, was almost a perfect hemisphere (similar to the cover of the device from "Fig. #B1), and is NOT like that shown above rim or "sew" of a pot.
       Originally the above illustration is presented at the web page named seismograph.htm - where it appears as "Fig. #E1b".

#B3. How works the "Zhang Heng seismograph"?

       Descriptions of the construction and operation of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" are presented in items #F2 and #F3 from a different web page named seismograph.htm, in the conference paper by the author of this web page, entitled "Signal processing in the 'Zhang Heng Seismograph' for remote sensing of impending earthquakes" (the editorial data for this paper are published in item #I1 from the abovementioned web page named seismograph.htm), and also in subsection K6.1 from volume 9 of the monograph [1/5] of the author, entitled "Advanced magnetic devices" (available free of charge in the Internet, amongst others, through the green links from this web page).

#B4. Is there any artefact of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" known to the author of this web page and how this artefact could have helped us to reproduce a working prototype of the device?

       Not long ago, because in 2005, a sensational artefact has surfaced. It is shown in photograph from "Figure #B3" below. It presents an apparent ancient replica of the so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph". The puzzling question which we all should try to answer is: from what period it originates, and whether it is a genuine artefact or just a present fake? We sincerely hope that the reader helps us to find the correct answer to this question.
* * *

Fig. #B3.

Fig. #B3: The general appearance of sensational ancient replica of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph".
       The height of this replica is about 40 cm. So it can’t be the working device, but a model of a seismograph that existed and worked in ancient times. Also there is no mechanism inside the egg-shell, what can be seen when one removes the top cover and looks inside of it. This seems to confirm additionally that it is only a model of a real thing. The pattern on this replica seems to indicate that it may originate from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC). This in turn could mean, that the "Zhang Heng seismograph" could even be over 1000 years older than it is currently believed. More details on this ancient replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph" may provide Mr Tan Kee Wee, who can be contacted via the email address

#B5. What induces our interest in the artefact described here:

       On several web pages I try to indicate that the free development of science and technology on the Earth is strongly suppressed by an invisible "evil force", which is interested that the humanity remains in darkness. "Menu 2" provides numerous examples of web pages which document the action of this "evil force". For example, web pages about Aleksander Mozajski (e.g. see the page named mozajski_uk.htm) illustrate how this "evil force" suppressed the development of the first aeroplane on Earth. In turn web pages about mysteries of New Zealand (e.g. see the web page named newzealand.htm) explains how this "evil force" escalates the so-called "curse of inventors" that supresses all progressive inventions on the Earth. It seems to be in the vital interests of this "evil force", to also suppress the current trend to rebuild an operational duplicate of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". In order to accomplish this evil goal, this "evil force" could resort to even such actions as to create a fake replica of this seismograph to misled those researchers who wish to rebuild it. Thus, the extremely vital questions which we all should try to answer now, is whether the ancient artefact shown in "Fig. #B3" is a genuine item or just a skilfull fake, and if it is genuine - then from what exactly period it really originates. I hope that readers of this web page are going to help both of us (means myself - Dr Jan Pajak and Mr Tan Kee Wee) in finding answers to these difficult questions.

#B6. Why it is vital to establish how genuine the artefact from "Fig. #B3" is:

       There are numerous reasons why it is vital to establish beyond any doubt that the artefact discussed here is genuine. Let us have a look at some of these reasons:
      1. It would show how the working prototype of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" really looked like. After all, the replicas of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" that we have and show at present (e.g. the replica shown on "Fig. #B1"), are reconstructed from our guess and imagination rather than from our true knowledge as to how the real device used to look like.
      2. It would facilitate our deductions of vital information about the true operation of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph". In turn such deductions, if they are fairly accurate, would allow to complete a working model of this "seismograph" much earlier. (Notice that I am not very happy to call the Zhang Heng device with the name "seismograph", because this name implies the inertial operation of it. Onthe other hand, as explains this the web page named seismograph.htm, this apparatus operates on "chi" (i.e. on "telepathy"), not on "forces of inertia".
      3. It would allows to establish who is the true creator of the "Zhang Heng seismograph". The point is, that judging from the patina and the extensive demineralisation in the pieces of the device discussed on this web page, it appears that this device could be older than the Han Dynasty period. This in turn has the consequence, that this artefact bears the potential to suggest or to prove, that Zhang Heng was not the original inventor of this device, but just only restored it from some older model that he examined. Putting this in other words, if the pictured bronze is as old as the Western Zhou period, this would mean that the seismograph was not invented by Zhang Heng after all. He could have taken the idea from an invention made far earlier. So the device shown here, if proven genuine, is going to change the statements of history.
       4. The shape of it implies, that the device is modelled like a propulsor from a UFO vehicle - for more details see item #C2 below. This in turn would explain why the "Zhang Heng seismograph" is so advanced, that it even exceeds the level of present science and technology on Earth. After all, the advancement of it would then originate from a "simulated" cosmic civilisation, which supposedly donated this device to people from the planet Earth - as it is explained in item #L2 from the we page named magnocraft.htm.
       To summarise the above, it is worth to undertake the effort to prove or to disprove that this artefact is genuine, and to date it more exactly.
* * *
(Note that you can see the enlargement of each illustration or photograph from this web site, simply by clicking on this illustration or photograph. When you finish with looking at such enlargement, click BACK to return to this page. You can also download each illustration to your own computer, and then look at it, reduce or enlarge the size of it, or print it, with your own graphical software.)

Fig. #B4

Fig. #B4: Another beautiful pieces of ancient Chinese bronzes. They are "fang hu" from the Spring-Autumn period (770 BC to 476 BC). ("Fang hu" were containers used to store wine. They were like present wine decanters.) They reveal a clear pattern on the side, which is unique for this particular period.
       Compare the designs on the body of it, with these from "Fig. #B5" below. The strange thing is that also the ancient replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph" discussed here, displays almost identical design patterns on the egg-shell chamber - see also "Fig. #B5" below.
       Please notice that there are not many Chinese bronze experts in this world. Most of them live in China. That's because there are so few pieces of Chinese ancient bronzes left in this world. So to recognise and to decode patterns that exist on the device discussed here, takes quite a lot of expertise which apart from China is not readily available.

#B7. What premises seem to certify that it is a genuine artefact from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC):

       There is several premises, which stem from the current knowledge of ancient Chinese bronzes accumulated by historias, antics collectors, and other experts with artistic inclinations, and which seem to certify that the artefact discussed here originates from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC). Let us list here these premises:
      1. The demineralisation stage of the object discussed here, and the caked dirt on it. As pictures shown on this web page reveal, the state of the object discussed here is such, that it convincingly indicates that the age of it is extremely old. The bronze is strongly oxidised and demineralised, it is covered with very old dirt deeply caked into the surface of it, and it is damaged solely by its age. All this makes experts from that area fairly certain, that the object came from a period much earlier than the Han Dynasty.
      2. The pattern of the design. A guess based on the patterns displayed by the bronze object, indicates that it may originate from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC). But of course, it could have been made much later.
      3. The simplicity of the design. Most of Han Dynasty bronzes usually have very simple designs. That is why the design seems to indicate that this replica of the seismograph could be even earlier than from the so-called "Spring-Autumn Period".
* * *
       Of course, apart from premises that seem to certify for historic origin of this artefact, there are also premises which seem to indicate that cannot be ruled out completely a possibility that it is only a skilfully made fake. They stem from the knowledge accumulated during my (i.e. Dr Jan Pająk) resarch on the Zhang Heng Seismograph. Here are some of these premises:
      A. The presence of whole dragons, not just dragon heads. Historic descriptions of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" indicate, that to the egg-shell body only dragon heads were attached, not whole dragons as it is visible on "Fig. #B3" and "Fig. #B7". (The true shape of these dragon heads is shown in Figures #E1a, #E1b, #E1c, and #F2 from the web page named seismograph.htm The presence of whole dragons could suggest that the artefact was made recently by someone who does not know ancient descriptions, thus does not know that there were no whole dragons attached to this device.
      B. The downwards angle of positioning dragons' mouths. As this is visible on "Fig. #B3" and "Fig. #B7", dragon mouths are directed downwards. In turn such their directing makes impossible the proper operation of this device, no matter what principle of operation it would use.
      C. The colour. If bronze oxidises naturally when it is being used, the colour of the layer of oxidation is usually black, not greenish. So the greenish colour of the oxidation on the artefact may rouse suspicions. Unfortunately, the significance of the colour is inconclusive, because it depends on the copper content of the material, and also on conditions of oxidation. For example, the bronze oxidised very rapidly (e.g. in a fire, or in the presence of chemicals or sea water) also would oxidise into such a greenish colour.
       Of course, the above points could also be caused by a simple environmental conditions, lack of thoroughness, or artistic vision of the creator who made this replica. So they not necessarily are conclusive.

Fig. #B5

Fig. #B5: This picture reveals the pattern on the egg-shell of main chamber from the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" discussed here.
       Although this photo is not taken from the correct angle (it was planned to be replaced in the future with a better photo), it shows this pattern quite clearly. In turn the presence of such a pattern may indicate that the replica discussed here in fact does originate from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC).

#B8. In what manner readers could help in this research:

       There are numerous ways in which the reader could help in establishing whether the artefact discussed here is genuine. Let us list the most vital of these ways:
      1. Inspiration. Readers could have and let us know any other ideas as to how prove or disprove that this artefact is genuine.
      2. Intuition. Readers could share with us their intuitive feeling about how genuine this artefact is. In turn this feeling they obtain after reviewing carefully photographs presented on this web page.
       3. Research. These readers who have access to research facilities could do laboratory research on samples that we are willing to provide. For example, the radioactive isotope dating of this object could be carried out by them.

Fig. #B6

Fig. #B6: Myself - i.e. Dr Jan Pajak and Mr Tan Kee Wee we would greatly appreciate the reader's opinion regarding the evidential value of the artefact presented here.
       We would be grateful if, after careful reviewing photographs shown on this web page, and careful reading information provided on this web page and on the seismograph.htm readers could share with us their personal opinion as to whether their intuition tells them that this replica is a truly ancient artefact originating from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC), or just a skilfully made fake. We would also be grateful for readers' suggestions, as to what other research could be done to verify the true origin of this artefact.

#B9. Curious aspects of the object discussed here:

       The object discussed here displays several aspects that may raise our curiosity. In order to mention an example of one such aspect, it is the downward positioning of dragons' mouths shown in "Fig. #B7", and the relative size of the "pearl" kept in these mouths. Present replicas of the "Zhang Heng seismograph" position dragons' mouths differently, and also use a different size of the pearl. The reason is, that whatever principle of operation of this device one would consider, it still would NOT work if the mouths of the dragons are directed downwards. So what was the reason for which these mouths were positioned in such a manner? Perhaps the reader has a suggestion regarding this strange positioning.

Fig. #B7

Fig. #B7: Should the ancient replica of the Zhang Heng seismograph prove itself to really originate from the Western Zhou period (1100 BC to 770 BC), then it would become forus a source of valuable information and inspiration.
       As an example, consider details of the dragons' mouths and pearls hold in there.

Part #C: Is it possible, that the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" originates from intelligence other than that of humans?


#C1. How it is possible, that the principles of this device still exceed the present level of human knowledge by around 100 years?

       It is explained on the web page named seismograph.htm, that the human science needs at least 100 years of the further development, to fully understand telepathic phenomena and principles of operation involved in work of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph".

Fig. #C1:

Fig. #C1 : The overhead view of the artefact discussed here. The special meaning has the eight-sided base of this replica. This is because the eight-sided objects present in human culture seem to mimic the propelling devices called the "Oscillatory Chambers" (shown in "Figure #C2" below), that are used in propulsion systems of such advanced vehicles as e.g. telekinetic UFOs.

#C2. Aparent cosmic origin of the Zhang Heng seismograph:

       Strangely enough, the object discussed here displays several attributes, which seem to indicate that it could originate from a "gift to humanity" which is so "simulated" as if it is send to the Earth by "other civilisation". Most prominent amongst these attributes are their unique and meaningful shapes. Other such atributes include:
       1. The huge, if not excessive, knowledge necessary to build this device and to make it work. This knowledge foreruns even the present level of official human science and technology by at least 100 years. It seems almost impossible that ancient Chinese gathered this knowledge already a few thousands years ago all by themselves.
       2. The octagonal base. As this is documented in this item here, and in item #C3 that follows, the shaping of base of this device into an octagonal figure, is trying to tell us something. This is because the formation of an octagon is not an easy task. So if the shape of the base would be just for ornamental purposes, then it would be formed as a six-sided figure which is extremely easy to design and to make. But if ancient masters persevered in creation of the difficult octagonal shape, they must have a vital reason for it. This reason is the message about a cosmic origin of the device, that such octagonal base tries to deliver to us.
       The point which I am trying to make here, and in item #C3 below, is that in old times the octagonal shape used to symbolise the supernatural source, magical powers, and the cosmic origin. In the Chinese culture the best symbol of such cosmic origin of octagonal shapes is until today the so-called pat kua mirror, which even right now is considered by Chinese people to display various supernatural and magical powers originating from cosmos. Therefore the sole fact, that the artefact discussed here has an octagonal base so clearly visible on "Figure #B3" and "Figure #C1", should be interpreted as the strong message passed to us by builders of this device. This message is trying to convey to us, that this particular device does NOT originate from Earth, but it has a cosmic origin.

Fig. #C2.

Fig. #C2: This is how the device called the "Oscillatory Chamber" looks like.
       (The dimension lines shown on this device indicate the geometrical parameters of it, as explained in "Figure F8 (2s)" from volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5] - available free of charge via this green link.) This extraordinary device is used by UFO vehicles of the second generation for producing a powerful telekinetic field, which (1) propels these vehicles, (2) makes them invisible to human eyes, and (3) allows them to pass through walls without damaging these walls or UFO vehicles. Because this advanced device has an octagonal cross-section, the pillars of telekinetic field that it yields from the outlet directed downward, is also octagonal in a horizontal cross-section. So columns used to support ceilings in some Christian churches, which try to mimic the pillars of such "supernatural" telekinetic field, also display octagonal cross-sections in horizontal planes. Notice that operation of the Oscillatory Chamber is described in volume 2 of my two monographs, namely my newest monograph [1/5], and my slightly older monograph [1/4] - entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices", the text of which can be downloaded free of charge from numerous web pages listed in Menu 2. In turn properties of the telekinetic field that such Oscillatory Chambers generate are explained in volumes 4 and 10 of the same monograph [1/4].
       Because base of the replica of the "Zhang Heng seismograph" presented here is shaped into an octagon, it tries to tell us in a symbolic manner that it originates from cosmos, NOT from Earth.

#C3. The shaping of objects into octagons was intended in old times to symbolise their cosmic origin:

       People abducted to UFO vehicles keep reporting about strange devices that they almost always see inside of these extraterrestrial vehicles. Most prominent amongst these devices most frequently take the shape of an octagonal transparent "crystal". However, sometimes it can also be shaped as a transparent cube, or as a sixteen-sided "crystal". If it is sixteen-sided, it looks almost like circular, but with an uneven surface. As it turns out, these strange crystals seen on decks of UFOs are simply "Oscillatory Chambers" that UFOs use for the propelling purposes (the general appearance of such an Oscillatory Chamber is shown in "Figure #C2" below). People abducted to UFOs seem to be fascinated by these Oscillatory Chambers. The reason is that these extraordinary devices contain millions of "alive" sparks inside, and also that they emanate an enormous power. So when these UFO abductees return back to Earth, they duplicate shape of these fascinating devices in numerous objects, especially those used for worship or for magic.
       Strangely enough, if one reviews human cultures, it turns out that almost all mysterious objects somehow connected with cosmos, mystery, or with worship, are always shaped into one of shapes that mimic these Oscillatory Chambers from UFOs. Thus, most frequently such objects are shaped into octagons. If they are not octagonal, then they are either square, or almost circular in shape (or more strictly 16-gonal). In turn, practically never six-sided shapes are used for worship or for magical purposes, although six-sided shape could be constructed most easily.

Fig. #C3.

Fig. #C3: Eight-sided columns that support the ceiling in the Frombork cathedral from Poland (that one in which the famous astronomer, Nicolas Copernicus, used to work).
       Photographed by the author of this web page in July 2004. Similar octagonal columns are also present in many other old Polish churches constructed before 15 century. Their curious aspect is that their design and appearance closely imitates the eight-sided columns of powerful telekinetic field that emerges from the outlets of the octagonal Oscillatory Chambers from UFOs.
       The shocking aspect of all columns in old Christian churches is, that these columns use only four different shapes, all of which imitate shapes of columns of telekinetic field that emerges from UFO propulsors. And so, these columns can either have (1) square cross-section, or (2) octagonal cross-section, or (3) sixteen-sided cross-section, or (4) rounded cross-section (such rounded cross-section is an approximation of sixteen-sided cross-section). As so-far, I never met in any church in the world a column that would have e.g. triangular or six-sided cross-section, in spite that such columns would be the most easy for construction by old masters. (From the point of view of constructing a column, it is incomparably more difficult to measure and to build a column with an octagonal cross-section, than a column e.g. with six-sides. After all, in order to measure an ideal six-sided figure, it is enough to place six radiuses around peripherals of a circle. But to measure an ideal eight-sided figure, one needs extremely precise and complex measuring procedure and advanced geometrical knowledge. So there must exist a very important reason, why old masters constructed eight-sided columns in churches, instead of six-sided. On the basis of my research to-date, this very important reason was to imitate in churches the interiors of UFO vehicles, in which ancient UFO abductees could actually see octagonal columns of telekinetic field yielded by Oscillatory Chambers of these vehicles.)

Part #D: Mysterious model of the "telepathic telephone" from the church of Mother Mary in Gdańsk, Poland:


#D1. In the church from Gdańsk, Poland, there is a mysterious "composite device", the details of which suggest, that the goal of it is to model, or even to replicate, an ancient "telepathic telephone":

Motto: "The existing evidence conclusively confirms that God made sure that every groundbreaking technical device which is to decide about the fate of humanity has appeared on the Earth in ancient times, and that the knowledge about the design and operation of this device continually inspired people until the time when the humanity is to learn how to build this device."

       In the Virgin Mary Catholic Church from the Polish city of Gdańsk (called also the "Basilica of Concathedral of the Assumption of Mother Mary from Gdańsk", or the "church of the Virgin Mary"), soon after the World War Two was juxtaposed a configuration of mysterious religious artefacts shown below in "Fig. #D1a". This configuration was juxtaposed supposedly "at random" from medieval artefacts that survived the devastation of war and that originated from two different churches, i.e. juxtaposed from fragments of the original baptistery that was already in this Gdańsk Basilica since it become consecrated in 1557, and from the font of 1682 that was shifted to this Basilica after the war from another church of St. John in Gdansk. But we should not be misled by this supposedly "random" composition of this device. After all, "in the world created and intelligently governed by omnipotent God", in which world we live (as tries to reveal this to us, amongst others, the formal scientific proof from items #B1 to #B3 on the web page named changelings.htm), does NOT exist such a thing as a "random coincident". Everything that in this God's world happens supposedly at "random" or by an "accident", in reality is wisely pre-planned and foresightedly implemented by omniscient God who NOT only knows the entire past, but also the future. Therefore, my analyses, results of which I am trying to present on this web page, suggest that the configuration of this "composite device" from Gdańsk in Poland was intentionally so designed by God (although made with hands of people inspired by God), that it fulfils a very important function of inspiring the development of science and technology on the Earth. Namely, in my opinion (which opinion I am going to justify in this "part #D" of the web page), the configuration of this "composite device" from the church in Gdańsk, Poland, has the goal to inspire people, who know almost nothing about telepathy, to build a working prototype for a new kind of "analogue telephone" in which (telephone) the functions of the carrier of voice conversations are to be fulfilled by telepathic waves. In order to fulfil such an inspirational function, and at the same time to NOT take away from anyone his or her "free will", but to allow everyone to have an own interpretation of this supposedly "assembled at random" technical device, God intentionally gave to its formation the characteristics explained in more details in item #C2 from the totaliztic web page named tornado.htm. Namely, God so designed origins of the configuration of devices discussed here, that: (1) atheists consider this configuration to be a result of a "blind action of a random coincident", means to be a result of an accidental and natural action of the human author of this configuration, (2) historians and people seeking an inspiration in technical achievements of antiquity could believe that this configuration is the result of the restoration (replication) by the human author of it, an ancient device about which this human author knew, or heard of, that in the distant past it acted as a "telepathic telephone" (I would NOT be surprised at all, if ancient remains of just such an existing telepathic devices were discovered somewhere soon), in turn (3) those who believe in God, or who know for sure (like myself) that God does exist, considered this configuration to be what I am explaining in this "part #D" - namely, to be a model and an inspiration for the "telepathic telephone" given to the humanity (or more specifically - to the Polish Nation) by God, through inspiring me (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk), to firstly recognise the uniqueness of this device immediately after I saw it for the first time, then to photograph it and thoroughly examine this "composite device" during my visit in Gdansk in 2004, and finally to "invent" the operation and the design of the "telepathic telephone" from the very beginning in 2013 without re-examining it - i.e. just due of being inspired by the appearance of this Gdańsk's device and because I previously accumulated the required knowledge about the work of telepathic waves and telepathic devices. In descriptions from this "part #D" that are to follow, I am to try to justify my belief that the "composite configuration" described here is a wise "gift" donated to us by God and aimed at inspiring and providing a model for a "telepathic telephone" - but about which probably one day is to turn out that it is also a replica of an ancient telepathic device which in past was built and existed, only that, as all the ancient wonders of technology, it later fell a victim of human forgetfulness.
       On the occasion of this description I should also bring again the reader's attention to what is explained in my autobiography, namely, how big waste of my creative capabilities, "special directing", and the knowledge that I was blessed with, is this loud spitting, humiliation, mockery, criticizing and ignoring of products of my creative searches for truth that are going-on throughout the entire my live - with the silent approval from my countrymen. After all, these are such attitudes and condemnations from other people which cause, that in spite of many repeated efforts and appeals - of the kind described e.g. on the web page named job.htm, in item #I1 from the web page named seismograph.htm, or in my autobiography, that so-far disallowed me to complete even a single one amongst my numerous inventions and to put it into a service for the humanity. On the other hand, when I'm gone already, other people NOT so gifted by God with creative abilities similar to mine, are going to have "hard nuts to crack" and laborious searches to complete, if they wish to implement any amongst my numerous inventions, without being able to consult what they do with the body of knowledge accumulated in my mind and without my creative thinking.

Fig. #D1a

Fig. #D1a: A gigantic, mysterious, octagonal "composite device" from the St. Mary's Catholic Church in Gdańsk, Poland. We should not be misled by the supposed "random piecing together" this device from two separate religious artefacts (i.e. the composing it from the baptismal font of 1682 that originated from another Gdańsk's church of St. John, and from a few fragments of the former St. Mary's Baptistery cast in 1556, such as the eight figures of the virtues, plinth, gateway, and two out of the four evangelists). The various features of this device described in this "part #D", suggest that its configuration and meaning are NOT coincidental, but that it is supposed now to fulfil the well-defined functions of inspiring a technical and scientific progress.
       (This device is also described on several other totaliztic web pages, for example in item #D18 and in the caption under "Fig. #D18" from the web page named milicz_uk.htm, and also in item #D16 from the web page named wroclaw_uk.htm.) The above photograph was taken in July 2004. This device shown on it is so huge that eight female figures of the virtues that are standing around the octagonal base (floor) has a size of adult humans - which further strengthens its intended function as an illustrative model for the "telepathic telephone" (after the clicking on the above image the reader can compare the size of these eight figures of virtues with size of two tourists photographed on the background behind the sculptures). The original purpose of this device remains a true mystery. After all, it is too huge to perform any practical functions - beside decorating or working as a container for holy substances. However, it is strikingly similar to the telepathic so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - as the reader may realize this by comparing the above image of the device (i.e. the "Fig. #D18"), with numerous photographs of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" shown here in "Fig. #B1" and "Fig. #B2", and also on the entire web page named seismograph.htm. In turn this "Zhang Heng Seismograph" was an ancient telepathic apparatus, which utilised properties of telepathic waves for early warning people about impending earthquakes. For this reason, and also because of the various features of the shown above "composite device" from the Church of St. Mary in Gdańsk, Poland, the author of this web page believes that this apparatus is to perform the function of stimulating the development of science and technology, and for this reason, it probably is even a replica (a copy) of an ancient "telepathic telephone" that already has been built - i.e. the replica of a telepathic communication device which allowed to conduct remotely a voice conversations through two or more such devices positioned at considerable distances from each other. (I.e. this "telepathic telephone" was an ancient telepathic equivalent of today's "mobile phones".) More on this topic explain further items from the whole this "part #D" of the web page.

       (Note that the extraordinary "Zhang Heng Seismograph" utilised telepathic waves for remote detection of impending earthquakes ahead of time to allow for an effective escape from the danger zone. The mysterious operation of it today cannot be recreated in a working device). In turn the above mysterious device also not only that has not an octagonal shape of the main body, but also an octagonal base - just like the Zhang Heng Seismograph described on the above web page. In addition, the general appearance and shape of it are strangely similar to the shape and the appearance of that Zhang Heng Seismograph. But instead of wrongly attribute the source of these similarities to inter-cultural and inter-religious influences, the more rational is to realize, that both these devices: (1) have the shape and structure which suggest that they are devices which utilize telepathic waves in their operation, (2) that they both are copies or models of some already constructed, existing and used in antiquity telepathic devices, and (3) that they mimic the shape of main propulsors from UFOs (together with telepathic functions of these propulsors). To such conclusions leads us the knowledge that inside of these propulsors of UFOs of the second generation, octagonal oscillatory chamber shown here in "Fig. #C2" are contained, which are very similar to the shapes presented on the above image. Our churches are full of strange objects, the appearance of which imitates the shapes of devices seen on decks of UFOs by people abducted to these space vehicles. For descriptions of the design and operation of the Oscillatory Chambers from UFOs, see web page named oscillatory_chamber.htm, or see volumes 2 and 17 from my newest monograph [1/5] (including the Figure F8(2s) from that monograph [1/5]). The above realizes that a huge number of various octagonal objects existing in the human culture, actually results from imitation by old masters of the shape of octagonal Oscillatory Chambers from UFOs.
       I wonder if anyone ever analysed why in churches, mosques, and temples of other religions, almost everything imitates a very difficult to accurate production octagonal shapes of UFO propulsors, or octagonal outlets from UFO propulsors, in spite of the fact that all church objects could be constructed in a countless number of other shapes. The answer to this is, that people are abducted to UFOs from the early days of the Earth, and upon returning to the Earth they mimic in their creative products fascinating devices that they saw during these UFO abductions. (The reader may find more information about UFO in web pages listed in "Menu 4", for example in the web page named ufo_proof.htm.)

#D2. How the device discussed here models and inspires the work of "telepathic telephone":

       On the basis of whatever the author of this web page already knows about the phenomenon of telepathy and about principles of operation of telepathic communication devices, he is able to predict (or more strictly, "invent" again from the very beginning), how the prototype of analogue "telepathic telephone" is to work in the future. (The author calls this his "invention" a "prototype", because in the first construction it will probably have rather "large" dimensions, i.e. the same big size as the size of the device described here from the church in Gdańsk, Poland. Only in later versions, that are to be produced after a full understanding of its principles of operation and phenomena taking place in it, it will be miniaturized to small sizes.) The principle of operation of this his "invention" of the prototype of such a "telepathic telephone", the author is to describe here in this item. He recommends the reader, that while reading the description that follows, at the same time the reader directs his attention at the compatibility of this principle of operation with the "model" of the described here "composite device" from the church in Gdańsk, Poland. Here is the description of the principle of operation of an analogue "telepathic telephone":
       Two (or more) identical such "telepathic telephones" are positioned in a large (almost any) distance apart. People that are to converse remotely with each other via these telephones, are standing in precisely determined points on a straight line connecting the two devices, so that their backs are turned towards each other. The positions in which they are to stand are imitated by female figures of "virtues" in a configuration of the model from the Polish church in Gdańsk. The voice coming out from the mouth of each of these mutually conversing people is reflected by a large "voice mirror" - means by a kind of dome or a dish that focuses the voice vibrations from the talking person onto the "telepathic microphone/speaker" suspended in the middle of the central octagonal container whose sides are curved into shapes of the satellite dishes pointed exactly at other similar "telepathic telephones" with which users of a given telephone carry out a voice conversation. (The functions of just such "voice mirror" can perform e.g. a properly curved and positioned dome of the church's roof, or kinds of concave bowls similar to the ones from "Fig. #D2", that are build-in to walls which surround the "telepathic telephone" described here.) In the voice-sending "telepathic telephone", the "telepathic microphone/speaker" (whose function can successfully be performed e.g. by a large "quartz crystal" (Q) described and illustrated, among others, in the web page named fe_cell.htm), converts speech vibrations into telepathic vibrations, while in the receiving "telepathic telephone" it works in opposite direction, means it converts telepathic vibrations into sounds. These telepathic vibrations produced by the "telepathic microphone" are reflected by the satellite-antenna-shaped and appropriately targeted central octagonal copper container, in the result of which reflection these telepathic waves are transmitted along straight lines and arrive, among others, to the inside of the second (receiving) such a communication device. There again, they bounce off the side of a curved like a satellite dish, central copper container - which focuses these telepathic waves on the "telepathic speaker" from this second device (i.e. on another equally large quartz crystal "Q" with natural frequencies of its telepathic vibrations harmonically-identical to these from the crystal (Q) in the first device transmitting a given speech). This second "telepathic microphone/speaker", marked here "Q", changes the telepathic vibrations back into the voice vibrations of the air - means turns telepathy into voice. But this voice is too weak for the other person to hear it - because it diverges from the quartz crystal "Q" into all possible directions. Fortunately, this second device is also positioned close to yet another "voice mirror" similar to the mirrors captured on the photograph from "Fig. #D2". This yet another "voice mirror" captures faint voice vibrations radiating from the associated "telepathic microphone/speaker", then focuses these vibrations onto the ears of the other participant of the conversation. That their focusing reinforces the voice, causing that the speech becomes audible to the other party in such a remote conversation. In this way, whatever says one of the people conversing with each other with the help of a pair of such "telepathic telephones", the other person instantly hears it - and vice versa. Of course, a greater number of such telepathic telephones allows that more than two people (i.e. in the versions shown in "Fig. #D1a" - up to 8 people) simultaneously take parts in a remote discussion with each other.

Fig. #D2a
Fig. #D2a
Fig. #D2b
Fig. #D2b

Fig. #D2ab: Dr Jan Pajak (i.e. the author of this web page and the "inventor" of the "telepathic telephone" described here), photographed by the "air telephone" - that is, by a kind of "telephone" in which speech is transmitted through the air in the form of beams of voice vibrations. The photograph was taken on 13 March 2006 at the entrance to the museum located in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand - where this "air telephone" was installed for fun of children and for experimentations of adult visitors to that museum. The principle of this "air telephone" is based on two concave "voice mirrors" that reflect in the desired direction and focus on each other the voice vibrations formed by people "talking" via this telephone. What in this telephone is very intriguing, is that it NOT only transmits the voice, but also strengthens its energy. Thus, for example, "whispers" by the sender, the recipient receives as almost a "scream". Just such "voice mirrors" as those shown in the above photographs are to also be needed in the "telepathic telephone" described here, to reflect and to focus on the "telepathic microphone/speaker" and then on the listener's ear, the voice vibrations transmitted by this telepathic telephone. Only that the functions of such "voice mirrors" can perform either appropriately designed concave walls behind talking people, or appropriately designed curvatures of domes (ceilings) in buildings which are installed such "telepathic telephones" (e.g. ceilings formed into the shape of a slightly deformed domes that exist in many old churches). (Click on any of the above photos to see them enlarged or to shift them to other area on the screen.)
       Fig. #D2a (upper): The general appearance of the two concave bowls of the "voice mirrors" that reflect and redirect the speech in the "air phone" shown here. These are at least two such mirrors that will have to be present in the operation of an analogue "telepathic telephone" for implementation of the principles of operation described in item #D2 from this web page.
       Fig. #D2b (lower): The principle of reflection and concentration of voice waves used in the devices described here, requires that the voice was coming out, and was received, in strictly defined points. In the "air telephone" shown in the photograph from this part "b", getting the effect of sending and receiving a speech in a strictly defined point is obtained due to the requirement that the sender and the recipient place their mouths and ears to that ring which I hold by my right hand. But in the discussed in item # D2 principles of the telepathic telephone, the same effect is achieved by the requirement that the sender and the recipient must stand in the exactly defined places of two "telepathic telephones" that they use, namely in places which in "Fig. #D1a" are illustrated by positions of the human sizes statues of female "virtues".
* * *
       Since the time of taking the above photographs I have NOT been re-visiting the New Zealand city of Dunedin, in which the "air telephone" shown here was then available to experiment on by the interested people. So I do NOT know whether this "air telephone" is still in there and it still works. This is pity, because if it still was in there, then I would recommend to interested researchers of the "free energy" to go to Dunedin and to "early" (instead of "with own eyes") see that this overrated by the old official "atheistic orthodox science" the so-called "energy conservation principle" is NOT working for some vibratory phenomena. It is so, because if this principle is fulfilled for all vibrations, then the volume of the received signal from the above "air telephone" could NOT be higher than the volume of the send signal from the same telephone. After all, as we know this from today's construction of speakers, the volume is actually proportional to the energy of the audio signal. But the above "air phone" proves to "ears" of the listener that the volume of the received audio signal can be many times greater than the volume of the send signal (e.g. the whispering issued by one of these "voice mirrors" is received at the second mirror as a loud scream). In turn, such an evidence for a non-compliance of selected vibratory phenomena to that vaunted "energy conservation principle" is an excellent experimental news for people working on the so-called "free energy devices" - i.e. on devices described, for example, on totaliztic web pages named: telekinetics.htm, free_energy.htm, fe_cell.htm, eco_cars.htm, or boiler.htm. After all, the "vibrations" are one amongst those "winds" still unknown exactly to the official science and described e.g. in item #B2 from the web page telekinetics.htm - the proper utilisation of which "winds" will allow in the future to effectively "propel" with them the ever working "free energy devices".

#D3. Is this mysterious telepathic device from the church in Polish Gdansk in fact a replica of ancient "telepathic telephones"?

       In ancient times, the mankind had technical devices that until now amaze us with their unheard scientific and technical sophistication. For example, the previously described so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph" still exceeds the present level of knowledge by at least 100 years. Other devices also extremely advanced technologically (e.g. the so-called "Amphora from Pakistan" - which warmed water without drawing nor consuming at the same time any energy) is described in item #E4.2 from the web page named boiler.htm, as well as in item #H3 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm.
       If we analyze the entire information which is now available on the subject of "composite device" from the Polish city of Gdańsk, shown above in "Fig. #D1a", then it turns out, that this device (and its fate) follows a kind of "standard scenario" which we know from the history of other "miraculous" apparatuses of antiquity. This "scenario" was deliberately designed by God in such a way, that even after the a working prototype of the future "telepathic telephone" is build and started to be used in the future, still the device from Gdańsk does NOT deprive anyone of his or her "free will" and does NOT change his or her beliefs and views. Therefore, for example, (1) people who believe in "random coincident", even after a building of a working prototype of this device still will be able to maintain their certainty that the configuration from the Polish city of Gdańsk was just a work of "coincidence". In turn e.g. (2) people that believe e.g. in "ancient astronauts", or in existence of civilisations in the Earth's distant past, that were more advanced than our present civilisation, still are to maintain their belief that the apparatus from the Polish city of Gdańsk was "assembled together" by its designer just in such a way, because this designer knew or heard of a similar miraculous apparatus that existed somewhere in antiquity. Furthermore, (3) people who believe e.g. in what I wrote on this web page, also will then be able to get confirmation for their beliefs after a working prototype of this device is finally constructed.
       The effect of NOT taking away the "free will" from people, even when the working prototype of the "telepathic telephone" is build, would only be additionally reinforced, if old "artefacts" would be found somewhere, which would confirm that in antiquity such telepathic telephones were already build and used on the Earth. After all, such old "artefacts" would additionally enforce beliefs of all three main categories of people listed above. Therefore, I personally would NOT be surprised, if remains of such an ancient apparatus soon were discovered somewhere. After all, such remains would empirically revealed the highly ambiguous fact, that the configuration from the Polish city of Gdańsk in some way copies or replicates an already built and existing in past (i.e. working in antiquity) set of just such devices.
       To be honest, even right now I myself know devices still existing in several old churches, which can be just medieval copies or replicas from ancient "artefacts" even older than they, and which (artefacts) in ancient times were used just in functions of such "telepathic telephones". This device already known to the author, is the so-called "confession" shown below in "Fig. #D3a". Actually, everyone can have a good look at such "confessions" still existing until today in several amongst old churches. After all, such a "confessions" are present until today, for example, in the Polish cathedrals from Gniezno and Kraków, and also in the St. Peter Basilica in Rome. In 1995, I myself saw such a "confession" in the church from Warsaw, Poland, located by the Polish President's palace (which church at that time was clearly shifted miraculously from somewhere to Warszawa just for the duration of my visiting it) - as I described this in more details in item #D6.1 from the web page named timevehicle.htm and in items #E3 to #E4 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm. There is several reasons for which I believe that these "confessions" from medieval churches in fact are copies or replicas from originals of "telepathic telephones" that were even older than these confessions are. I am going to list here at least most important amongst these reasons. Here they are:
       1. The similarity of these "confessions" to the so-called "Oscillatory Chamber" and to the "main propulsor" from the spacecrafts which I invented myself, and which are called the "Magnocrafts". On the other hand, I already know for sure about this main propulsor from the Magnocraft (which, of course, I know extremely well, because I invented it myself) that independently from its functioning as a propelling device, in the future it will also perform various communicative functions based on telepathic waves - in this number the function as a "telepathic telephone". For many years now, I also explain these communicative functions of the main propulsor from the Magnocraft in my numerous monographs - for example, see subsections G1.5 and G1.6 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5], or see subsections F1.5 and F1.6 from volume 3 of my slightly older monograph [1/4], or see subsections F1.5 and F1.6 from chapter F of even the oldest Polish monograph [1/3] still present amongst my publications circulated on the internet.
       2. The containing of all key components of the "telepathic telephone". In addition to the above purely theoretical knowledge of the "confessions", in that year of 1995, with my own eyes I saw also empirically, that typical "confessions" contain in themselves all vital components of the "telepathic telephone" described here in item #D2, including a huge quartz crystal-resonator "Q" located in the centre (which crystal "Q" in the confessions takes the shape of a "sarcophagus" or a "marble coffin"), and also including a large "voice mirror" hanging above that crystal - which "mirror" in the typical "confessions" takes a form of the "baldachin" supported by four twisted columns. It is pity that I do NOT have the required funds, nor an official status, to research these "confessions" and to e.g. check whether by a chance their work as "telepathic telephones" survived until today in their medieval copies, or replicas, and also to explore where were located the originals which these "confessions" imitate (after all, these original devices would be "artefacts" of the original "telepathic telephones" the remains of which, according to the certainty which I gained during my sleep, survived somewhere until today).
       3. The significance of inconsistency between the destination of "confessions" and the meaning of their name. The word "confession" comes from the Latin word "confesio". According to various dictionaries, the meaning of the word "confession" is typically defined somewhere along the lines: reporting to the appropriate authority about one's doings. This meaning perfectly reflects the functioning of the objects named "confessions" in the role of "telepathic telephones". On the other hand, this particular word is assigned for naming "tombs of believers". Thus, to me such an assignment looks as a kind of deliberate "masking" of what "confessions" actually hide from people who are morally NOT mature enough for the honour of building and having "telepathic telephones". (Notice that a similar "masking" hits also our eye e.g. in the content of the entire Bible.)
       In the same way as finding an "artefact" of the device discussed here would NOT deprive anyone of his or her "free will" - even when a working "telepathic telephone" is already built, also the described here history of my "invention" of this device is NOT taking away the "free will" from any of the existing categories of people. After all, for example, (1) atheists and people who believe in "coincident", even after the "telepathic telephone" is constructed (my "invention" of which phone is described here), still will continue their beliefs that my invention and the circumstances of it, were just the result of accidental convergence together of the image from Gdańsk's device (which image resided in my subconscious), with my in-depth knowledge of the work of telepathy and the work (in the role of telepathic transmitters) of main propulsors in the Magnocraft vehicles which I invented. In turn, for example, (2) those people who believe in the ancient civilizations still would believe that my invention was a mere reproduction or recalling of the device that I have seen, or perhaps even that I built and used myself in one of my previous incarnations. Also (3) those people knowing for certain about the existence of God, or people strongly believing in God, still would believe in what I also believe, namely that God "gave" me the "invention" of this telephone during my sleep during the night of 9th to 10th January 2013. I should also add here, that my research on methods of God's work, reveal that if something creates so much ambiguity and so many possible interpretations - all of which are well serving towards preserving "free will" by people, then God chooses that just this is confirmed in the real life. Only that God provides the confirmation of it in the time chosen by Him, not by us, and that the implementation of the confirmation God always controls along the "line of the highest error" - which is also the "line of the highest teaching effect".

Fig. #D3a

Fig. #D3a: Here is a photograph of the so-called "confession" from the cathedral in the Polish city of Gniezno, taken in 2004. It is the only photograph of "confessions" which at the moment is in my possession. That is why I am showing it here - although neither the quality of the above photograph, nor the technical faithfulness of the device recorded on it, are at the best level. The author of this web page suspects, that just such "confessions" (still existing in several ancient churches from Poland), in fact are more or less faithful copies of the much older "artefacts" which in ancient times were used as "telepathic telephones" described here. Actually many of these "confessions" still to this day contain all the basic components required for the work of such "telepathic telephones". Unfortunately, in the "confession" from the Polish city of Gniezno (this photographed above), the "voice mirror" (baldachin) is missing. But such a "voice mirror" (baldachin) I noted myself that it exist in the "confession" from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, as well as in the "confession", my sighting of which was mysteriously granted to me in 1995 in a church from Warsaw (and which most probably was then temporarily and miraculously moved to Warsaw from the place in Poland named "Święta Lipka") - as described on my web pages already indicated and linked above, namely described in item #D6.1 from the web page named timevehicle.htm and in items #E3 to #E4 from the web page named malbork_uk.htm. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged or to shift it to other area of the screen.)

#D4. A review of potential benefits, that the humanity may gain from my "invention" of the "telepathic telephone" described here:

       My "invention" of the "telepathic telephone" described here was actually "given" to me in a manner that disperses any doubts, because I received it in circumstances that completely contradict the logic. In days just before I went to bed in the evening of 9th January 2013, I did NOT think about anything associated with this telephone, nor even did NOT carry out any research or thinking that would be associated with the phone. In spite of this, when I woke up from a dream still a long time before the morning of 10th January 2013, in my mind I already had very strong feelings, (a) that I know how the "telepathic telephone" is to work, (b) that this mysterious device which I photographed a number of years ago in the church from Polish Gdańsk is the "model" of such a "telepathic telephone", (c) that in ancient times existed on the Earth and were used just such "telepathic telephones" - only that the knowledge and memory about them has been lost over time, (d) that remains (artefacts) of these ancient "telepathic telephones" exist on the Earth until today, and (e) that the entire knowledge that was "given" to me during the sleep that night I should now write down exactly on one amongst my web pages - so that from now on all interested people could start inspecting it and implementing it in the real life. I personally believe, that this strong feeling of "receiving" the above knowledge awakened me from the sleep that night. So after waiting until the morning comes, I started to quickly write down all this knowledge, to NOT forget anything. When I was writing it down, I still did not know about a few important details, for example about the fact that the "model" of this device from the church in Polish Gdańsk is a "composite", NOT a homogeneous whole, and thus that just by itself it is NOT a model of the physical device that existed in antiquity. (Together with the certainty which I gained during my sleep, that "artefacts" of such devices still exist on the Earth until today, the above practically means, that "artefacts" which represent the original, operating, ancient design of such a "telepathic telephone" still have to be found by a researcher devoted to this matter. In turn, as I already explained this in item #D3 above, I myself suspect, that these "artefacts" are so-called "confessions" which until today exist in several very old churches.)
       When later I began to wonder about the reasons for such a non-conventional "giving" to the humanity, via myself, the "invention" of the "telepathic telephone", I easily understood that there is a lot of such reasons. Let us write down most important amongst them. Here they are:
       (1) The illustrating that God strictly controls and inspires inventions and discoveries, and also that "inventions" and "discoveries" are actually "given" to individuals which are carefully selected for this purpose, so thus they cannot be accomplished only because someone "wants to be an inventor". (Although in order to "receive" an invention or a discovery, one firstly must prove that deserves it, by contributing a type of work, which is related to a given invention or discovery and which on the inventor or discoverer himself typically makes an impression, that it is him or her that accomplished it. This impression is so strong, that until 9/10th January 2013, when I "invented" the "telepathic telephone" described here, I was sure that all my numerous inventions and discoveries were accomplished exclusively because my own hard work, my creative manner of thinking, and a huge amount of "all round" knowledge which I accumulated in my life.) This actual (although carried out discreetly) "giving" of inventions and discoveries by God, and their "receiving" only by carefully selected people, explains many facts previously unrealised by the humanity, and ignored by scientists. For example, it explains why inventions and discoveries appear only in countries and amongst nations which display the level of "morality" required by God. (This means also, why in all "highly immoral" countries and nations, prevails darkness, stupidity, ignorance, and the so-called "inventive impotency" - described, amongst others, in (2) from item #H4 of the web page named quake.htm.) It also explains why females very rarely become inventors or discoverers - for correct source of such rarity see item #B2 on the web page named antichrist.htm. Furthermore, it explains why all the "inventors" and "discoverers" of something truly new and progressive have to be people highly "moral", and why "immoral" people are never able to creatively develop anything really new, means why "immoral people" never become true "innovators" nor "discoverers" - as it is explained in item #H1 from the web page named boiler.htm, or in item #D6 from my autobiographical page named pajak_jan_uk.htm. (Although in past there was a lot of cases when "immoral people" stole inventions and discoveries from their truly moral colleagues - but all such cases of historical cheating are slowly coming up to the knowledge of humanity - some amongst them are described in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page named mozajski_uk.htm.)
       (2) The indication of the need for an active search of artefacts of ancient versions of the "telepathic telephone". When the "invention" described here was "given" to me, also "given" to me was the certainty that such "telepathic telephones" existed already in ancient times, and were used on the Earth. Only that with time they fell into oblivion. So now someone just needs to find their remains, which exist somewhere on the Earth until today. As I already explained this previously, these searches can be started from careful researching of so-called "confessions" from old churches - about which may even turn out, that after a correct carrying out required experiments on them, they even today may still work as such "telepathic telephones".
       (3) The familiarising people with features, performance, and methods of utilisation of telepathic waves. This in turn opens to the whole of humanity the doors to an ocean of future technical applications of telepathy - including these ones that are described on the page named telepathy.htm.
       (4) The teaching to people of the most simple principle of operation and design of a telepathic communication device - which a device, after the miniaturization, will be able to replace today's "mobile phones" and eliminate their disadvantages and destructive "side effects". For example, "telepathic telephones" will eliminate such drawbacks, as limitations of the range, screening the access by metals, and several further ones. In addition, they will be able to eliminate the still denied by well-paid "experts" risks of inducing cancer in people who are using too-often present cell phones, eliminate the stubbornly ignored by the official science the destruction of bees caused by mobile phones and described e.g. in item #C5.1 from the web page named newzealand.htm, etc.
       (5) The providing of previously unknown empirical evidence for the future development of a whole range of new technologies - for example the development of these so-called "free energy devices" based on gradually detected circumstances in which the "over-advertised" by the old "atheistic orthodox science" misleading "energy conservation principle" stops working. (For example, the author of this web page is already aware, that the "principle of energy conservation" ceases to work for all telekinetic phenomena, for telepathic vibrations, and in cases of some transformations on physical vibrations - for example during spreading and condensing of voice vibrations, such as these described in caption for "Fig. #D2".)

#D5. The inspiring role of the "invention" of the telepathic phone described here:

       On basis on my bitter experiences from the past, I am fully aware that my "invention" which is described here, similarly like everything that I have done and wrote in my busy life, will also be received with a loud noise and taunts, which typically persecuted every creative product of my research and my mind. As usual, too, my countrymen will probably excel in spitting and scoffing. However, to these few people who still maintain an "open mind", and are still capable of rational thinking, I suggest to look beyond the usual ridicule and criticism of typical "down-to-earthlings" and "worshippers of No 5 wire", and rather pay their attention to what good, NOT bad, may arise from this my "invention".
       After all, if we look beyond controversy imprinted e.g. in the way my "inventing" was done, the principle of operation, utilised phenomena, ancient origins, relationships with religions, etc., of "artefacts" and devices described here, then the most important in them turns out to be their inspiring role for the development of future science and engineering. After all, the idea of a "telepathic telephone", which these devices model and inspire, runs far into the future and tens of years probably must pass before the official human science will be able to properly comprehend it. After all, this device from the Polish city of Gdańsk is a blueprint, a model, or a copy (replica) of the communication device that uses telepathic waves to allow for a remote voice conversation. In this conversation, two (or more) such devices, identical to each other but located at significant distances from each other, turn human speech into modulated telepathic waves, which waves are then sent to another similar device, where they are converted back into human speech. Thus, the operation of a prototype of such a device will be very similar to the work of so-called. "telepathic pyramid" described in more detail in my treatise [7/2] and in treatise [7], as well as in items #E1 to #E3.2 from the web page named telepathy.htm. Only that this "telepathic pyramid" is designed for a direct and silent exchange of thoughts, while the device from Polish Gdańsk shown here is designed for a verbal conversation, in which telepathic waves are the carrier of the human speech. Hence this device from Polish Gdańsk is a model of the telepathic equivalent for today's "mobile phones". Only that from these mobile phones it is much more safe, healthy, perfect, and advanced scientifically. Also, similarly as today's "mobile phones", after the construction of the first working prototypes of such "telepathic phones" is accomplished (the work of which is highly beneficial for the health and is deprived of all detrimental influences), they will then be miniaturized, so that after several years they can even be surgically implanted into human bodies (so that they will always remain handy and ready for use).

Part #E: The "telepathic pyramid" as a today's version of the ancient use of communicative functions of the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt:


#E1. What is this "telepathic pyramid"?

       The "telepathic pyramid" is an electronic device which allows for a direct and silent exchange of thoughts by transmitting these thoughts in a beam of telepathic waves without the use of a human speech. The operation of this pyramid boils down to a capture of subtle vibrations of "biofield" that surrounds the hands of the person holding this pyramid (see "Fig. #E1" below), and which vibrations of the "biofield" faithfully reflect the thoughts of a given person. (This electromagnetic "biofield" is the one which envelopes the human form in so-called "aura" - photographs of which are shown on "Fig. #E1ab" and "Fig. #E2ab" from the web page named soul_proof.htm, and also the one the existence of which reveals the so-called "Kirlian photography".). After the capture of these vibrations of the "biofield" that reflects the thoughts of a person which generates it, the "telepathic pyramid" turns them into telepathic waves using a quartz crystal. These telepathic waves in turn are sent into space and then intercepted by a second identical, receiving "telepathic pyramid", that works on the same frequency of telepathic waves. In that second receiving pyramid, these waves are converted back into vibrations of the "biofield" - which biofield induces in the mind of the person holding this pyramid the thoughts that are exact repetitions of the thoughts sender. In this way, two (or more) persons holding in their his hands such "telepathic pyramids" are able to mentally "converse with each other" at a distance and without the use of human speech.
       The attribute of human thoughts, which decisively differentiates thinking from the human speech, is that in that thinking all God's creatures of the universe use always the same "language" which in subsection I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5] is called the "ULT" - i.e. "Universal Language of Thoughts". So with this "ULT" are thinking NOT only people from every country and every race, but also all animals and all vegetation, UFOnauts, ghosts, and (of course) God Himself. Therefore, after building the "telepathic pyramid" described here, with the aid of it people will be able NOT only to converse between themselves beyond any language barriers or medical limitations, but also communicate e.g. with UFOnauts, or even with animals and vegetation.
       An unusual feature of this "telepathic pyramid" is, that it generates itself the electricity required to its work. Therefore, after being constructed, it can also serve the humanity as a so-called "free energy device" described, amongst others, in items #C2 to #C2.1 and illustrated in "Fig. #C1" to Fig. #C4 "from the web page named free_energy.htm.
       Quite an unusual feature of the "telepathic pyramid" is that myself, on the basis of my knowledge of "telepathy" which I have, only explained how this pyramid works, and published the descriptions of it on numerous totaliztic publications. However, this pyramid itself was "a gift to humanity" donated by the unusual "being from stars" - about which I suspect that it was one of those "simulations" which are described in more detail in items #L1 to #L5 from the web page named magnocraft.htm. The person selected to receive this pyramid on behalf of the entire humanity, was the Italian "beauty miss" and the film actress named Daniela Giordano. In my opinion she fulfilled the task received in the best way in the world. I means, there is NO other person in the entire world, who would be able to promote the idea of "telepathic pyramid" and to inspire other people to get interested in this pyramid, than Daniela Giordano did it - which fact means practically that Whomever passed this "gift" to us, knows perfectly-well all people, personal attributes of each person, and knows all mutual links between people. This "giving to humanity" of the pyramid was also NOT the first time in the human history. As I am emphasizing this in item #E3 below, the Great Pyramid of Cheops from Egypt, also acted exactly as the "telepathic pyramid" described here - only that the Great Pyramid of Cheops allowed for a telepathic communication at interstellar distances.
       The design and extraordinary work of the "telepathic pyramid" are described in detail in a whole range of totaliztic publications. For example, they are briefly described in items #E1 to #E3.2 from the web page named telepathy.htm. This pyramid is also mentioned in items #C2 to #C2.1 from the web pages named free_energy.htm. However, the most detailed descriptions of it are provided in two treatises devoted exclusively to this pyramid, namely in the most recent treatise [7/2] and also in a slightly older treatise [7]. The design and operation of the "telepathic pyramid" are also thoroughly explained in subsections K2 to K2.7 from volume 9 of my newest monograph [1/5].
Fig. #E1 (originally Fig. C1 from treatise [7/2])

Fig. #E1 (J3 from [1/5]): A highly documentary drawing prepared personally by Daniela Giordano in 2000 - that is, prepared by the addressee of a "gift to humanity" in the form of a "telepathic pyramid" described here. (Daniela Giordano is also the co-author of the treatise [7/2] and treatise [7], which both describe the "telepathic pyramid".) The above Figure shows the "simulation" of the totaliztic "being from stars", which through the so-called "telepathic projector" demonstrates to Daniela Giordano the "telepathic pyramid" discussed here - descriptions of the design and operation of which this being gave the humanity as a kind of "gift". However, as this is supported by research refereed on this web page, this recent donation of the "telepathic pyramid" to the humanity was NOT the first such a gift. It turns out that the internal structure of the stone so-called "Pyramid of Cheops" from Egypt, in terms of functionality represents a version of the "telepathic pyramid" described here. This in turn means, that in fact this stone pyramid in Egypt in the distant past was performing exactly the same functions for telecommunication, as the described here the "telepathic pyramid". So in fact the "Great Pyramid of Cheops" from Egypt, in ancient times represented an already completed and working "prototype for the interstellar range" of the "telepathic pyramid" described here, hold above in hands by this "being from stars" trying to help the humanity.
       The above illustration originates from treatise [7/2], where it is presented as "Figure C1". It is also shown as "Figure J3" from volume 8 of my newest monograph [1/5]. (In turn photos and drawings of the "telepathic pyramid" are shown in volume 9 of that monograph [1/5] - see "Figure K1" to "Figure K3" in there.) Of course, this Figure is also shown on several totaliztic web pages - for example, as "Fig . #3" from the web page telepathy.htm, or as "Figure #1" from the page named nirvana.htm. This illustration shows to us the appearance of a human-like "being from stars" supposedly originating from the cosmic civilization which practices a their version of "totalizm", and thus which tries to remotely help the humanity. It is this "being from stars" that gave to the humanity descriptions of the design and operation of the "telepathic pyramid" described here, as a kind of unusual "gift". Through the practicing of theirs version of totalizm, members of that cosmic civilization remain in a state of perpetual "nirvana". On the face of this being one can even see the subtle emanation of happiness, which always radiates from the faces of those who experience such "nirvana" (for details on the subject of "nirvana" refer also to the information from the web page named nirvana.htm).

#E2. The design and principles of operation of the "telepathic pyramid":

       The design and principles of operation of the "telepathic pyramid" has been described in detail in a whole range of totaliztic publications that are indicated in item #E1 above - e.g. in items #E1 to #E3.2 from the web page named telepathy.htm, or in two treaties, i.e. in the most recent treatise [7/2], and in a slightly older treatise [7] Therefore, there is NO reason to repeat these descriptions here. The purpose for which I wrote this item is to just emphasize, that we already know exactly this design and principles of operation. Thus the only problem with this device is, that I myself do NOT have the required conditions (i.e. I do NOT have the required money, workshop space, tools, research instruments, etc.) to build this device myself, while other researchers and hobbyists still believe these noisy "spitting", which my publications experience because of the action of so-called "curse of inventors", and therefore they do NOT want to join the effort of building the "telepathic pyramid". (What exactly is this "curse of inventors", the reader can read, for example, from item #G1 on the web page named eco_cars.htm.)

#E3. How the communicative work of the "telepathic pyramid" was implemented for interstellar distances in the Great Pyramid of Cheops from Egypt:

       As it turns out, analyzes of the structure and configuration of the ancient Great Pyramid of Cheops from Egypt lead to the conclusion, that in the distant past the pyramid was used just as an interstellar communication device which worked almost identically as the "telepathic pyramid" described here. Analyzes of mutual similarities between these two devices (i.e. the "telepathic pyramid" and the stone "Great Pyramid of Cheops" from Egypt) are described in Chapter E and in subsection C9 from treatise [7/2] (also available free of charge via this green link). So these analyses will not be repeated here.

Part #F: Advanced technical devices of antiquity operating on phenomena other than "telepathy":


#F1. God knew from the beginning of time which breakthrough technical devices the humanity is going to need in its development, therefore He made sure that already in ancient times the blueprint and model of each such a key device appeared on the Earth:

       If onto examples of the ancient "miraculous technical devices" one looks at random, that is accordingly to this approach "a priori" used by the old official "atheistic orthodox science" and described in item #A3 from this web page, then the appearance on the Earth of each of these devices look like a coincidence. However, if one accepts "a posteriori" approach of the new "totaliztic science" and finally takes for sure of what I have proven in items #B1 to #B3 from the web page named changelings.htm, then it turns out that the emergence of these devices on the Earth are a systematic work done by God. This work God continues to provide the humananity with models and inspiration for the construction of all of the key technical devices which this humanity will ever need for its development - as it is summarized in the "motto" to item #D1 from this web page. As a result of this systematic work of God, on the Earth even until the present time are available blueprints and models of virtually all of the key technical devices that the humanity will need at any time. Of course, these devices are so numerous, that it is impossible to describe them all on this small web page. That's why I describe here only these devices which are either invented by myself, and about which only later I discovered that in past they already have existed on the Earth, or which I researched myself in connection with my altruistic search for the truth as an "unpaid by any institution hobby-scientist".

#F2. The Biblical "Ark of the Covenant" - means the ancient version of the Oscillatory Chamber of my invention:

       The name Oscillatory Chamber is assigned to a device of my own invention that produces various kinds of super-powerful magnetic fields - including the so-called "telekinetic field". The magnetic field yield from this device is so powerful, that it can propel interstellar spaceships called the Magnocrafts, and even exert a control over time - thus providing us with the principle of operation for the future time vehicles (which time vehicles will give to people the ability to live forever - means "immortality").
       The magnetic field has also the ability to accumulate in itself huge amounts of energy. Thus, "Oscillatory Chambers" in the future will also serve to the humanity as a very capacious energy storing devices. In other words, they will serve also the humanity as devices for the invention of which the Senator McCain promised a reward of $300 million - as this is described in item #D2 from the web page named eco_cars.htm. However, although it is me who a long time ago invented this selected for the prize accumulator of energy of unlimited capacitance, while for many decades I fruitlessly tried to persuade Americans to allow me to build it for them, I am ready to bet anyone here that I will never see even a cent from these 300 millions of dollars - this will not be the first public promise Americans are NOT going to keep under some convenient excuse - for example, under the excuse that Senator McCain has NOT been elected the president (though he was voted for by millions of Americans on whose behalf he gave this promise, and although earlier or later, the descendants of these Americans will benefit from my invention of the "oscillatory chamber"). That promise of American Senator McCain made on behalf of Americans who voted for him, is NOT the only case in which I have fulfilled all the conditions for a reward being promised, but awards I have never seen the reward. For example, in 1990 the English magazine "Sunday Mirror" (Mirror Group Newspapers Ltd, Holborn Circus, London EC1P 1DQ, UK) has offered a reward of ten thousand pounds, to the person who is to explain what are and how are formed the famous English "crop circles". About this reward I learned from the article "Field of Dreams" (OMNI, Vol 13 No 3, December 1990, pp. 60-67,121-122,124,128) Soon afterards I formally filled up my claim to this prize, providing the "Sunday Mirror" with a comprehensive explanation as to how, why, and because of what these English "crop circles" are appearing on their fields. After all, by then in my numerous monographs I already have published a detailed explanation as to how these English "crop circles" are formed as "trails left by magnetic circuits of Magnocraft-type vehicles hovering at low heights" - see Fig. #F1abcd. A present description of this explanation is still presented with almost no change, in subsections G11.3.2 (together with G3.1.6 and "Figure G13"), as well as in subsection V5.1 from volume 3 and 17 of my monograph [1/5]. Unfortunately, in spite that no one has ever refuted or even challenged the validity of this my explanation, and in spite that with my formal proof described, amongst others, on the web page named ufo_proof.htm, I have proven scientifically that UFOs do exist physically and objectively, the editors of the "Sunday Mirror" simply refused to pay to me the reward that I deserved. Perhaps knowing my track record these editors also feared, that the received reward I may use for financing my research and for the development of my inventions, and that in this way the reward would only be used to a benefit of our civilization.
       In several years after I invented the "Oscillatory Chamber", from various descriptions it come to me, that this chamber was already build and used in antiquity. This is because this device is described, amongst others, in the Bible under the name of the "Ark of Covenant".
       An extensive description of the design, operation, attributes, and capabilities of the "Oscillatory Chamber" is contained in the dedicated to it, the entire volume 2 of my newest monograph [1/5]. In turn the fact, that the prototype of the "Oscillatory Chamber" which was already built and already working in ancient times, was also the device called the "Ark of the Covenant" (this one described, among others, in the Bible), has been documented with overwhelming evidence in subsection S5 from volume 15 of my newest monograph [1/5].

Fig. #F1a
Fig. #F1a
Fig. #F1b
Fig. #F1b
Fig. #F1c
Figs. #F1c
Fig. #F1d
Fig. #F1d

Fig. #F1abcd: Here is the repetition of the published on "Fig. #D2" from my web page eco_cars_pl.htm illustration of the principle of formation of "crop circles" by my Magnocraft-like UFO starships, i.e. by My Magnocraft and by UFOs.

#F3. "Vimana" from India - the ancient version of the Magnocrafts of my invention:

       The Magnocrafts of my inventions God NOT only that demonstrates to the humanity at present times in the form of already built and flying UFO vehicles (as I explained this in item #L2 from the web page named magnocraft.htm), but also God makes them available to people already in the distant past in the form of already built and operating spacecraft. In ancient India, these spacecraft have been known and used under the name of "vimana". Descriptions of these 'vimana' can be found in sections A15.2, A15.3, P5.2 and V1 from volumes respectively 1, 14 and 17 of my newest monograph [1/5], and in section C4 and C7 from the treatise [7/2].

#F4. "Eternal lights" - i.e. originals for the "votive lights" still used in Catholic churches, as ancient models for my "telekinetic lighting systems":

       Such telekinetic lighting systems will operate in the future by stimulating in the illuminated room, or inside of the "eternal lamps" which illuminate a given room, of a special type of magnetic standing wave that can be called "a telekinetic wave". The course of field pulsations in such a standing wave must cause ciclicly-repetitive induction of telekinetic acceleration and deceleration of air molecules. In the case of the lighting "eternal lamps" type - these pulsations must cause the cyclical acceleration and deceleration of the particles transparent substances inside of such lamps. In the result, these molecules emit in turn a white so-called telekinetic "exctraction glow" and a greenish so-called telekinetic "dispersion glow". In a case of triggering both of these effects inside chambers/devices filled with suitably selected gas or fluid, it is also possible to produce light other than shades of greenish - e.g. a red light. Because the telekinetic wave just by itself absorbs from the environment all the energy needed for its work, such telekinetic lighting systems will thus emit light without consuming any fuel and without the need to provide them with an external power supply. They will produce light which is emitted by the entire volume of air contained in the illuminated area, and thus which is not blinding for the eyes, does not cast shadows, provides an excellent visibility of every detail, and which can also be emmited in liquids and in transparent solids, rather than only in gases. An interesting fact of this is that the same lighting system, after it is supplied with a temperature sensor, can simultaneously function as the air conditioner, keeping the room temperature at a constant and in advance defined level.
       For more information about these "eternal light" and about my "telekinetic lighting systems," see subsection H6.1.3 from volume 4 of my newest monograph [1/5].

#F5. The "amphora from Pakistan" - i.e. a type of the vibratory boiler that does NOT require fuel or energy supply:

       This heater boiled water without consuming any fuel or energy. I described it accurately in item #E4.2 from the web page named boiler.htm, and also in item #H3 from the web page named newzealand_visit.htm.
* * *
       Notice that the above descriptions represent only the beginning of my research on the modelling and inspiring role of this mysterious "composite device" from the Polish city of Gdansk, and also the role of these other ancient devices which discusses this web page. More on the results of my analyses and research of these extraordinary ancient devices will be explained here a bit later - that is, when my research reveals any new facts on their subject. So I suggest you have a look here again after some time. In the meantime, I would advise you to e.g. visit the Church of Mother Mary in Gdańsk, Poland, to see with your own eyes the device discussed here, and to compare its inspiring configuration to my description from this web page. I would also advise you to start having more careful looks at e.g. equipment from various old churches - for example at their so-called. "Confessions".

Part #G: The technical devices described on this web page named "artefact.htm" reveal that in order to achieve the main goals of the Bible such as portability requiring a minimum volume, while simultaneously providing people with the knowledge and confirmations most necessary for their morally correct development and for the strenuous search for truth and knowledge but without depriving them of their "free will", God intentionally did NOT include in the Bible discussions of many areas of knowledge and truth that He left to be developed by carefully selected people - in this "part #G" we will summarize the most important of these areas:

#G1, blog #367E. In order to forge a better future for people and the universe, let us learn and promote the most important of the superior phenomena of the counter-world and the evidence for their existence, which have so far been ignored by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science":

Summary: If one uses the "method of contrasts" described in #D1 from blog #366E and from the web page wtc.htm, then one will discover that long ago before the Biblical flood, there was already an advanced culture and a human-like civilization on Earth covering the entire planet. This culture and civilization was the first which, thanks to the inspiration and generosity of God, perfectly mastered the superior phenomena of the counter-world and left on Earth evidence of use of advanced technologies. Unfortunately, members and rulers of this culture ignored God's orders, as it started to use these phenomena for actions inconsistent with God's intentions - e.g. to secretly occupy, exploit and destroy the population of the planet Earth. This is why, according to the Bible, being then the first, by God's judgment this ancient culture and civilization became (or will become) the last, while those who were last because of its persecution, will become the first. This item #G1 reviews the primary phenomena of the counter-world already known by the author, as well as examples of evidence of their use on Earth. Disclosing them here to interested people should serve NOT only as an inspiration to search, verify, improve and morally correct dissemination of truth and knowledge, and also to learn the pedantic fulfilment of God's commandments, but also as a warning that doing anything that goes against the 10 commandments of God will never end well for those who break these commandments.

Motto: "Regardless of what the monopoly of the 'official atheistic science' managed by the 'powers of evil' will tell us, the 'universe' will still consist of three worlds, i.e. (1) the 'counter-world' fully populated by 'God Drobinas' - originally existing from eternity and having unlimited size, (2) the 'virtual world' - contained in the memories of 'God Drobinas' continually moving along the spaces of the entire counter-world, and (3) our 'world of matter' which God created from the 'God Drobinas' through appropriate programming of their previously chaotic movements." (The above absolute truths confirmed by the Bible, after "contrasting" them with intentionally false speculations disseminated by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science", reveal how cleverly and deceptively the "absolute truths" defined in blog #366E and in #D1 to #D1a of the web page named wtc.htm are distorted and hidden by these secretly occupying, exploiting and persecuting us human relatives from UFOs with almost identical appearance to inhabitants of people from Earth.)

       Both, this web page named "artefact.htm" about replicas of the so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph", as well as the related web page named seismograph.htm, revealed to us that "telepathy" is only one among many of these superior phenomena of the counter-world. An open and detailed description of these phenomena probably was omitted deliberately from the Bible in order to teach people to independently develop the truth and knowledge they need, and to protect the Bible from being declared a "forbidden book". Nevertheless, the Bible contains wisely and far-sightedly encoded in its verses confirmations that these superior phenomena of the counter-world actually do exist. In this item #G1 I will briefly discuss the seven in my opinion the most important among these superior phenomena, and I will indicate where the reader can deepen his/her knowledge about them. After all, many of these phenomena the author of this web page has been describing in his publications since 1985. But these morally fallen creatures (UFOnauts) from the planets of Orion, as well as their human helpers who consciously chose to help the "powers of evil" and thus deserve to experience God's wrath and punishment for spreading evil, they unite their efforts to disgust and block the reading of publications revealing the truth as much as they can. So let's get to know the list and description of seven among these superior phenomena, which are the most important for us. To facilitate their identification, I numbered them from (1#G1) to (7#G1) - notice that the order in which they are described here is different from the order in which I discovered them and explained them historically in my publications. So here are these 7 most important phenomena of the counter-world:

       (1#G1) Self-programmable male and female "God Drobinas", which in present times enable human minds, accustomed to considering everything to be identical to objects of our "world of matter" that is the only world known to us, to embrace and to understand the three-world universe. After all, the problem with our understanding of the reality that surrounds us is that NOT only our "official atheistic science", but also all religions, considered everything as a kind of copy with characteristics similar to what exists in the "world of matter" in which we live. This is why the monopoly of the official atheistic science to this day wrongly claims that the entire universe consists of only one "world of matter". This is also why, for example, Christianity, the Bible of which teaches about the existence of the Holy Spirit, God the Father and the Son of God, compares all these three God’s components to phenomena, substances and people from one (our) world of matter. (The religion of Hinduism does the same with its Holy Trinity.) However, in reality each component of the Universe, which is also component of God, has different structure, principles of operation, and laws that govern over its behaviours. Meanwhile, my discovery of the existence and description of the structure and operation of God Drobinas creates in our minds a kind of "key" or "bridge" providing us with the understanding of the three-world universe as similar in structure and operation to today's computers. As we know, to fulfil their roles, computers need as many as three main components with unique and mutually different principles of operation, i.e. they need: programs, processors, and peripherals. At the same time, in order for the universe to work in the way that we humans see, it must also have: algorithms of the laws of nature, a substance such as God Drobinas with the help of which these laws of nature are implemented, and our "world of matter" in which the goals of the intelligent universe are implemented. In the universe, all this is achieved due to its formation from three different worlds, each of which operates on completely different principles. And all these three different worlds are formed from the unique structure and operation of living and thinking God Drobinas.
       Each one of the "God Drobinas" has as many as 12 brains and as many as 12 memories similar to those in human bodies or in today's computers, arranged in threes in each from their four heads. (It is from the knowledge of their four heads that ancient beliefs in gods with four faces or four heads originate, e.g. these from the Slavic god "Światowid" or in some gods from ancient India.) I gave the name "God Drobinas" in June 2020 to these elementary components of the so-called "counter-matter" which populate the entire most ancient out of the three worlds of the universe, called the "counter-world". I insist we have given this full of love name because the Polish word "Drobina" in folklore and in everyday Polish language means "something living and very small that is extremely loved". Thus the Polish name Drobina is much more appropriate than the scientific word "particle" to describe the primary "cell" of living God’s Body and the most important elementary component of the Universe. The discovery of "God Drobinas" also gave me the inspiration to create another, oriented towards revealing the engineering "how", the new Theory of Life from 2020. I gave to the God Drobinas this very special name (which they uniquely deserve) immediately after my discovery that these "drobinas" of counter-matter (which science would probably call "particles"), the existence and roles of which I had laboriously and thoroughly researched many years earlier, are eternally mobile small living humanoids with the appearance of miniature men and women that live in the counter-world and are described in detail for us in the book of Kabbalah. The counter-matter, the elementary components of which are these self-programming "God Drobinas", is a substance which for an infinite period of time prevails in the original universe that currently consists of three separate worlds, i.e. that consists of (1) the counter-material so-called "counter-world" having four linear dimensions each of them with infinite length in both its directions, (2) the "virtual world" contained in these 12 memories of all "God Drobinas" (it is in the memory of this "virtual world" that all programs are located that control the operation of the universe currently managed by God's intelligence, including God's master program (i.e. Christian "Holy Spirit") and the programs of human souls and souls of other living beings), and (3) our "world of matter" having only three linear dimensions (i.e. dimensions X, Y and Z). This our "world of matter" originally did NOT exist. Only God created it programmatically by appropriately programming the almost continuous movements of these "God Drobinas". He actually created our "world of matter" especially in order to place us humans in it, whom He also created as self-programming beings that in appearance, function and action, are an image and likeness reproduction of these male adding and female subtracting "God Drobinas". I have known since 1985 about the existence of these elementary components of counter-matter, which only in June 2020 I named "God Drobinas". I.e. I know about their existence from the moment I formulated my Concept of Dipolar Gravity of 1985, which soon afterwards I also named the Theory of Everything of 1985. It was thanks to my prior knowledge about these elementary "Drobinas" (or particles) of counter-matter, that when in June 2020 I accidentally came across a distorted interpretation of descriptions from the book of Kabbalah that probably on purpose was programmed into humanity by the "powers of evil", I immediately understood that these interpretations actually describe the God Drobinas. This caused me to make a second breakthrough discovery which also concerned these drobinas (or particles) of counter-matter, namely that in the counter-world there are two groups of these "drobinas" of counter-matter that look like miniature people, one of which has the appearance of miniature men and is characterized by adding (+) behaviours, the other group have the appearance of little women and are characterized by subtractive (-) behaviours, and both of them are already described in detail in the book of Kabbalah - only that the "powers of evil" have spread deceptive distortions of the interpretation of what this book of Kabbalah actually describes. I reported this discovery most extensively in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named god_exists.htm and in posts #325E and #326E to blogs of totalizm. In turn from my previous research I already knew that both of these components of counter-matter carry in their "virtual world" memories the living program of God, as well as the programs of the souls of all living creatures.
       Each of the primary and primeval phenomena of the counter-world described in this item #G1 generates numerous phenomena that are derivative from it. An example of such phenomena derived from the existence of these "God Drobinas" is (1a#G1) the existence of everything that prevails in the above-mentioned three worlds of the universe and that our senses, minds, and equipment were, are, or will ever be able to detect, describe and define in a manner similar to the definition of "absolute truths" that I discussed in blog #366E and in #D1 to #D1a from the web page wtc.htm.
       One amongst the specific phenomena derived from the above (1#G1), which deserves a more detailed addressing here, because it would bring many benefits to people who learn about it, but unfortunately the monopoly of our "official atheistic science" has been deliberately hiding and ignoring it for almost 40 years, is our (1b#G1) memory constantly recorded in "virtual world" from God Drobinas in the counter-world. This memory also located in God Drobinas timelessly stores all our knowledge and all our life experiences.Out of all phenomena derived from the existence of "God Drobinas", this one is the most surprising and terrifying for the UFOnauts who occupy us. Its description is wisely encoded in the Bible, and I have also described it in my publications. Some of these descriptions, which also take into account my later engineering discoveries of "how" our memory is organized and works, were described, for example, in the above-mentioned publications describing God Drobinas, as well as on the web page named 2020life.htm. This memory of everything that has already been experienced - i.e. both what we humans have experienced and what all other creatures inhabiting the universe have already experienced and what in the software-indestructibly way was recorded in God Drobinas forming souls, in the case of people our brains search almost constantly every time we want to recall something that we have already experienced but we have forgotten because our brain and programs of soul have removed it from our biological short-term memory. (Our three most important memories, including our biological short-term memory, I briefly described in item #F1 of web page klasa.htm.) The most important our eternal memory, protected from destruction in the God Drobinas, can also be viewed during hypnosis, and our souls have special programs that allow us to view it - e.g. as a form of "intuition", "deja-vu", and also during dreams, at the moment of dying, and in several other situations. Meanwhile, the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" controlled by UFOnauts that are secretly occupying us, tells us that our memory is located only in the biological brain. Fortunately, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity from 1985 led me to a discovery initiated in 1985 and refined into its present form in 1987. In my publications this discovery is described under the name "model of the brain as a transmitting and receiving device" (see its descriptions given in #35 from subsection W4 in volume 18, and in subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5].) According to this model, the course of our entire lives, i.e. all our knowledge, everything we have seen and felt, and all our life experiences, are constantly recorded in the memory of the counter-matter from the counter-world (or more precisely in the memories of "God Drobinas" already described above which constitute our "software immortal" soul). Our biological brain, although it also has its own "short-term memory", in order to recall all long-term memory records, works like a "computer search engine" to find and to transfer from our counter-material memory to our biological short-term memory any information that we need. More information about the actual search of memory and the functioning of the brain is shown, starting at 12:40 minute, in our approximately half-hour-long free video that we prepared together with my friend, Mr. Dominik Myrcik, entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" - the English-language version of which can be viewed at (this video also has a German and Polish version). By the way, this video briefly illustrates and discusses practically almost all the super-ordinate phenomena of the counter-world discussed in this item #G1.
       There is a huge amount of evidence that our long-term memory is in fact a superior phenomenon of the counter-world, and that it is constantly recorded in the updatable memory of counter-matter. Thus, this huge body of evidence contradicts the false views forced into us by the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" that supposedly our memory is recorded exclusively in the biological brain from our body, while the truth is that our memory is NOT in our brain made of perishable matter, but it is in imperishable counter-matter which exists for eternity. All this enormous body of evidence actually comes from phenomena derived from the operation of the human brain described here as a kind of "computer search engine" that finds the information we need from the memory of the records of our entire life contained in the "God Drobinas" that form our soul. So here I will cite only the most widely known examples of this evidence that directly confirm this operation of our memory - while for more examples of them please refer to my publications. After all, these phenomena are also indirect evidence of, among others, for the actual existence of a software-immortal soul described e.g. on the web page soul_proof.htm (and hence also one of the countless proofs for the existence of God), and it is also e.g. a provider of premises confirming that for important reasons some selected people can actually be sent by God again to Earth to experience the so-called "reincarnation" - as it is suggested by e.g. events that I experienced and described e.g. in blog #233E and also from #J1 to #J4 from my web page malbork_uk.htm. And so, for example, (1b1#G1) folk knowledge informs us that dying people experience a review of their entire life in which we see everything that we have experienced in life, and from which we see NOT only images, but also smells, sounds and even sensations and feelings such as heat, cold, pain, love, disappointment, etc. Since this pre-death review is carried out in the counter-world, where the "elapse of time" and time does NOT exist, the entire length of life of the dying person can in such a way be precisely reviewed, e.g. during a short period of time when his body e.g. falls off a roof or when his/her car has a head-on collision, e.g. with a wall or with another car. In my research, I met and asked for details many people who experienced this review and then still managed to survive. In turn, e.g. (1b2#G1), viewing previous life histories performed under hypnosis allows hypnotists who ask about some important detail from a given person's life (e.g. for the purpose of determining the truth), to e.g. command this person to enter a neighbouring room, where in his/her actual and physical life did NOT go in, and see what was going on in there, or e.g. order this person to determine what in real life they did NOT pay any attention to - e.g. to read the number from the license plate of a fast passing car, the time shown by a clock or watch, the exact appearance of the criminal's face and clothes, or to order him/her to open his/her eyes and see what was happening to him/her when his/her eyes were closed. No wonder that with the existence of such a powerful tool, which constantly records the absolute truth for each person and thus allows, according to verses 10:26 from "Matthew" and 4:22 from "Mark" in the Bible, for everyone to know that - I quote: "So do not be afraid of them! For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing secret that will not be found out", that these UFOnauts secretly occupying, exploiting and destroying humanity, as well as their morally fallen human helpers, so much are afraid of this powerful tool. This is why UFOnauts so fiercely disgust and block the recognition and research of the superior phenomena of the counter-world discussed here. After all, the moment humanity recognizes these phenomena and, after constructively researching them, begins to use them on a daily basis to determine the hidden truths, then it will become impossible for UFOnauts and for their human helpers the previous "doing nasty things to people" with which these "powers of evil" torment us and keep us in their enslavement for thousands of years.

       (2#G1) The lack of time and the elapse of time in the counter-world. This phenomenon of the lack of time and the passage of time in the counter-world, confirmed in the Bible, is explained in more detail in blogs #345E and #346E and in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page named 1985_theory_of_everything.htm.
       Phenomena related to (2#G1) include, for example, the lack of errors caused by the so-called data redundancy, or the repeated below in (4#G1) explanation of the reason and evidence that in the counter-world every movement takes place with an infinite speed. This is why my telekinetic Magnocrafts of the second generation will be able to travel almost instantly to even the most distant galaxies - as I describe it under Fig. #D1a from the web page wtc.htm and from post #366E to blogs of totalizm.

       (3#G1) Four linear dimensions in the infinite space of the universe, and their manifestations. About the fact that the space of the universe has at least four linear dimensions, that is, at least one linear dimension more than only these three dimensions prevailing in our "world of matter" (i.e. than only our: width "X", height "Y", and thickness " Z"), I started to be sure of it already in 1985, i.e. at the moment when I developed my most important theory, which I initially called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity from 1985" (soon afterwards I also named it the "Theory of Everything from 1985" - because it has the power for prediction and for scientific explanation of virtually everything that exists). After all, according to this theory of mine, which for almost half a century has been stubbornly disgusted and blocked by "evil powers" and by their human helpers from being disseminated among people, the gravitational field is a concentric dipolar field which causes all matter to be sucked inwards into it. This means that gravity is a dynamic dipolar field somewhat similar to a stream of water from a fountain which, thanks to the action of dynamic pressure described by the so-called the "Bernoulli equation" also sucks inwards into it, for example, ping-pong balls. Therefore, if such gravity concentrically sucks matter into its centre, it means that it has two poles, just like a magnetic field, or like the flow of water in the fountain, or like the flow of air through a fan. (In other words, it is a scientific lie that it is officially claimed until today that gravity is a static monopolar field inversely imitating, for example, the field of air pressure in a car tire.) Out of both poles of such dynamic dipolar gravity, the pole prevailing in our "world of matter" causes suction/attraction (just like a stream of water from a fountain attracts and sucks in a ping-pong ball). In turn the second pole of gravity causes compression/repulsion (just as a pump supplying water to a fountain compresses and pushes this water away from itself and towards the fountain, or as wings of a fan cause the flow of air). But for gravity, this second "repelling" pole disappears somewhere from our "world of matter", i.e. penetrates into some different system of dimensions - which fact automatically proves that dimensions other than those from our "world of matter" actually do exist hidden somewhere beyond the normally impassable for people barrier. These my earliest investigations I described in more detail in almost all of my most important monographs. For example, in the newest of them, i.e. in volume 5 of monograph [1/5], I described these investigations there in #1A1 from subsection H1.1.1, as well as in subsections H2 and H3. In slightly later times I also determined beyond any doubt that in this counter-world, regardless of the four linear dimensions X, Y and Z already known to us, in fact there must also exist at least a fourth linear dimension pointing towards "depth - G". I described this my important discovery in more detail, e.g. in blog #294E and in item #D3 of my web page named god_proof.htm, and also in my free Polish monograph [12].
       Because each of the primary phenomena of the counter-world described in this item #G1 generates numerous phenomena derivative from it, also this (3#G1) fourth linear dimension causes a number of such derivative phenomena. Their best example for the phenomenon (3#G1), i.e. for the manifestation of the existence of the fourth linear dimension in the space of the universe, can be, for example, (3a#G1) the existence of the so-called "reversible software time" in our world of matter, in which reversible time everything, including us humans, can be moved back in time, e.g. by time vehicles - which were invented by me, and already are described in terms of engineering "how", while hopefully will be built in the near future by people - the structure and principle of operation of which time vehicles I describe in detail in my publications. How this "reversible software time works" due to the existence in the counter-world of an additional linear depth dimension "G" (from which "G" dimension God separated "pancakes" that act similarly to the passage of time as work individual frames from movies in our cinemas), I explained in more detail, e.g. in the above-mentioned blog #294E and in item #D3 of the web page named god_proof.htm, as well as in my free Polish monograph [12].

       (4#G1) Telekinesis. The phenomenon of telekinesis should be understood as the ability of self-programmable "God Drobinas" to carry out self-propelled moves within this at least four-dimensional space of the universe.
       Similarly as in the counter-world every of the primary phenomena described here generates related secondary phenomena, also (4#G1) the phenomenon of telekinesis induces many phenomena related to it, requiring a lot of research in order to learn about them and carry out a long accumulation of knowledge related to them. An example of a phenomenon related to telekinesis can be my discovery revealing the (4a#G1) infinite speed of propagation of telekinesis (and also telepathy). In denial of the erroneous and costly for humanity statement of the "theory of relativity" that the highest speed in the universe is the speed of propagation of always the slowest transverse (surface) "waves of light" that exist only in our world of matter, my "hobby", completely free because spending NOT even one cent from taxpayer money, and completely altruistic research discovered that in the counter-world, all movements take place with infinite speed. This is why in the counter-world telekinesis propagates with an infinite speed - as I described it in [A5b] from blog #345E and from item #I3 of my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". The reason for this infinite speed of telekinesis is the previously discussed phenomenon (2#G1) of the lack of time and the elapse of time in the original universe. It means that this ancient Greek "chaos", i.e. the initially mindless movements of the elementary components of counter-matter (later named "God Drobinas") along the space of the universe, i.e. telekinesis, must always take place with an infinite speed. After all, the speed "v" is the ratio of the travelled distance "s", to the time interval "t" in which this distance "s" was travelled: v=s/t . So when, in the absence of the existence of time and the elapse of time in the counter-world, this time interval t=0, then the speed "v" must be infinity.
       An important phenomenon related to (4#G1) telekinesis, the occurrence of which the telekinesis enables in our "world of matter", is the so-called (4b#G1) "state of telekinetic flickering" described in more detail, among others, in [A7] from blog #345E and from item #I3 of my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" - and in item #C1 of the web page dipolar_gravity.htm.
       Another phenomena related to (4#G1) telekinesis are the so-called (4c#G1) demonic "possessions". The fact that for the management and exploitation of humanity UFOnauts have been using demonic "possessions" for a long time (and still use it until today - especially aimed at women), is proven not only by the Bible, but also by the latest videos which documented the actions of these morally fallen opponents of God and fierce enemies of humanity. I explain these videos most extensively with the engineering "how" in (2) from item #M2 of my web page evil.htm and from post #363E to blogs of totalizm. However, in order NOT to disturb the reader's flow of reading, I will also briefly summarize them here. And so, either through the so-called "coincidence" (or more precisely, probably thanks to God's help), UFOnauts that penetrated into people's bodies can sometimes be documented on videos or photographs. This especially often happens when UFOnauts leave the body of a given person or stick out some part of themselves. After all, being in the "state of telekinetic flickering" described in {b} from that item #M2 of the web page "evil.htm", bodies of UFOnauts oscillate with a specific high frequency between the state of matter and the state of the stream of God Drobinas (called "chi" by the Chinese). So if every now and again a frame of a video recorded in synchronization with the frequency of their telekinetic flickering captures the moment when given UFOnaut is in the state of matter surrounded by a strong telekinetic field - then on the video this UFOnaut will be visible as a kind of dark shadow absorbing light or a gray human-shaped cloud. It is similar with photographs - either by accident or by God's will, sometimes videos or photos can capture when this UFOnaut, in his vibrational transition from the state of matter into the state of the stream of God Drobinas (or "chi"), has just entered the state of matter. This is from where situations recorded in photos, films, or videos come, when a part of the body of an UFOnaut that "possessed" a given person, still partially protrudes from the body of this person - especially with its eyes, in order to be able to see what is happening around. (This is why it was also discovered that when people possessed by a UFOnaut religiously described, e.g. as a demon of narcissist, start attacking their human victims, the entire eyes of the possessed person turn black - see .) These situations are named in English as manifested by some people the so-called shapeshifting (i.e. "changing one's shape") - e.g. see the video at the address , or the situations that I tried to show, e.g. on my web page named aliens.htm. However, there are also situations when UFOnauts decide to have direct physical contact with people or with some material object - e.g. when they want to beat up someone with their hands (just as sometimes angry people "get carried away" and e.g. they feel like hitting someone or pushing or throwing them away), or drag them on board of a UFO by force (thus impressing unique blue bruises on his/her body, e.g. in the shape of three clawed fingers - which bruises by Chinese are called "ghost pinches" - as shown in Fig. #G1a below), or e.g. to rape someone, and also when they want to e.g. take an object in their own hand. Fortunately for us, in order to be able to accomplish such direct physical contact, UFOnauts must reduce the frequency of vibrations of their "state of telekinetic flickering". After all, without reducing this frequency, their bodies would penetrate inside of a given person or object, instead of being able to materially grab it, drag it, push it away, hit it, or rape her/him. This reduction in the frequency of their vibration causes that human video or film cameras are then able to document these UFOnauts - on a captured video or film showing them as black shadows with human-like body outlines. A lot of such video documentation has already been done to this day. Their examples can be searched on YouTube, e.g. with English keywords: demon caught on camera attacking people . Typically, however, UFOnauts wandering somewhere alone are captured in this way, who who having their advanced technology thus feeling safe from the primitive capabilities of people, out of boredom and "for entertainment" decided to attack a person – as an example, see the 1-minute video titled GHOST ATTACK CAUGHT ON CAMERA from the address . However, I also found a rare case when an UFOnaut was recorded on video and defended the person it was "possessing", saving this person from an attack and robbery by a criminal. In this extremely rare case documented certainly with the intervention of God, the video shows how this possessing UFOnaut emerges from the person it is possessing, attacks and drives away the criminal attacker, and then penetrates back into the body of the person it "possesses". This approximately 50-second video, which has multiple copies on the Internet, is titled "Jinn rescues man from being attacked" and has the address: (examples of other presentations of the same video include: and another one with the title "Oh My God" from the address: ). Also very educational and interesting is the 40-second video Demonic Possession? discussed below in (5a#G1) and available at the address: .

       (5#G1) Telepathy - i.e. the ability of "God Drobinas" to communicate with each other using the "universal language of thoughts" (ULT) described in item #E4 from blog #307E and from the web page named prophecies.htm. Personally, I am amazed that I discovered the engineering "how" exactly telepathy works at almost the same time when my Chinese colleague, also a professor from the University in Kuala Lumpur, described to me in more detail the history of the construction of the so-called Zhang Heng Seismograph . His description of this wonderful telepathic device caused me to devote a lot of attention to the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" in my research. Thus, to also try to see this wonderful device I considered going to China to look for it. However, the scarcity of my personal finances prevented me from doing so. Fortunately, God helped me and in 2003 caused the model of this "seismograph" to suddenly appear within a short city bus ride from my place of residence - i.e. to appear in the "Te Papa" museum in Wellington, New Zealand. My own discovery of "how" telepathy works, taking place at the same time as the above description of the existence of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph", I report in more detail in #60 from subsection W4 in volume 18 of my monograph [1/5] and in item #I3 from its web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". In turn, the story of the strange (almost miraculous) appearance in 2003 of the Zhang Heng Seismograph model within the reach of a city bus ride from my place of residence of that time, is described, for example, in Fig. #D1 of the web page seismograph.htm, in item #E4 of the web page telepathy.htm and also under Fig. #B1 from this web page.
       Similarly to the phenomenon of telekinesis, also this superior phenomenon (5#G1) of telepathy propagates throughout the counter-world with an infinite speed. My discovery of the existence of this infinitely fast movement of telepathic signals is described in more detail in [A5a] from blog #345E and from item #I3 of my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm".
       My research shows that every living creature receives from God the innate ability to use telepathy. For example, there is already accumulated a lot of evidence that people communicate telepathically with UFOnauts. This communication is greatly helped by the fact that UFOnauts use devices to amplify sent and received telepathic signals - i.e. devices similar to the so-called the "telepathic pyramid" described e.g. in item #E1 of my web page named telepathy.htm. However, telepathic communication can also take place without technical amplification of signals, but then it is subject to various requirements. For example, two people mutually receive and transmit telepathic signals received by the other of them only if: (a) they love each other, and (b) both of them strongly believe in God and avoid breaking the 10 commandments. A single person who strongly believes in God is also able to receive special type of warnings via telepathic signals if these warnings are the result of some danger or threat - such signals are often called "intuition". Plants are also able to receive the telepathic signal of emerging danger - e.g. there are famous experiments when plants connected to electronic detectors showed a panic attack when the researcher decided to set them on fire. My observations also show that telepathy can be used to communicate well with a loved cat, and it is also used by migratory birds - and even ordinary garden blackbirds. For example, if an owner who is loved by a cat gives it a complex command, speaking slowly, the cat will usually then obey it, NOT because it understood human speech, but because a telepathic transmission of this command was sent to cat simultaneously with the speech. In turn, the parents of blackbirds, e.g. remotely and telepathically command their children, without seeing them yet, where these children should fly and sit so that their parents can come and feed them in there. People have even managed to build a working device that receives strong telepathic signals, but the "powers of evil" ordered them to lie to their neighbours by claiming that this device supposedly receives "gravitational waves". (Of course institution of science knows that ordinary people or politicians are unable to determine that "gravitational waves" do NOT exist, while our monopoly of official science is never going even attempt to prove that what they named "gravitational waves" displays drastically different attributes from those of "telepathic waves" - thus institution of science can lie to humanity also in this matter practically forever.) This device is called LIGO. I explain a bit more about it in item #E1.1 from my web page telepathy.htm and in post #268E to blogs of totalizm.
       This superior phenomenon (5#G1) of telepathy also generated a whole range of other phenomena derived from it and still unrecognized by the costly monopoly of the "official atheistic science". My research shows that all these phenomena derived from telepathy were well known in ancient times - but then either forgotten, or more precisely (as I believe) deliberately and secretly "silenced" by the "powers of evil" that occupy and exploit the Earth and humanity, strenuously maintaining humanity in darkness and ignorance. Fortunately, I started researching them many years ago, gradually bringing them out of this "silencing". The results of this research have been carefully described for years in my publications - e.g. in items #J4.4, #J4.5 and #J4.6 of my web page propulsion.htm and in posts #313E, #311E and #309E to blogs of totalizm, as well as in items #B5.1 and #F1 from web page pigs.htm. Such closest to telepathy secondary phenomenon of the counter-world, directly related to principles of operation of telepathy, is (5a#G1) "remote hypnosis" which I discuss extensively, e.g. in #D1 of the web page wtc.htm, and also e.g. in posts #366E, #363E, or #348E to blogs of totalizm and in publications referred to in there. For a long time and practically until today, the "powers of evil" that occupy us secretly, often use the phenomenon of "remote hypnosis" to remotely hypnotize people and animals. In turn, devices that produce such "remote hypnotizing" are treated by these UFOnauts as "non-lethal hypnotizing weapons" used, among others, for "personal defence against people" and for forcing people to take actions that help in secretly achieving their evil goals. I discuss this weapon roughly in {1} from blog #348 and from item #K2 of my web page named petone.htm. However, it is worth adding here that UFOnauts also have deadly weapons with which they secretly "eliminate" people who prevent them from maintaining their hidden rule over humanity. Most deaths from among the already possessed and already identified deadly weapons of UFOnauts are caused by the criminal "machine (apparatus) of UFOnauts for intentionally inducing (but also for treating) cancer". I described this machine in more detail from #B1 to #B4 of the web page bandits.htm and in the publications linked there. (Note that treatment with this machine is highly useful for UFOnauts if, after eliminating someone, they discover that they made a mistake, because eliminating someone carried out after going back in time will also eliminate the appearance of so-called data redundancy errors, and this will also cause UFOnauts to lose the ability to exploit the input of knowledge or technology contributed by this person - means they will lose more than they will gain. After all, UFOnauts exploit NOT only all material resources of humanity (e.g. sperm and ovules used for breeding human slaves called "biorobots" and for populating subsequent planets which these UFOnauts intend to exploit in the future, just like they exploit humanity), but they also copy for themselves the knowledge newly discovered by people, which their civilization previously did NOT know. In order to bring back to life someone who has already been killed, UFOnauts send their "time couriers" to the past and order them to heal with this machine a given person suffering from cancer.) To be honest, I personally believe that most people die of cancer, especially those who disturb UFOnauts with their actions (e.g. UFO researchers reliably searching for truth), because they are secretly "liquidated" by UFOnauts with this very machine. Another version of the UFOnauts' machine, which is useful for mass and purposeful induction of cancer in a large number of people at once, is described in item #E19 from the web page named military_magnocraft.htm.
       To this day, more and more circumstantial evidence is being collected that this non-lethal weapon of UFOnauts (i.e. (5a#G1) "remote hypnotizing" of people or animals) initially had an appearance similar to "handbags" worn by today's women. Ancient (i.e. made before the biblical flood - when the ancestors of today's UFOnauts still openly ruled and operated on Earth) sculptures of these "bags" are still discovered in all parts of the world - which should NOT be surprising, because this ancient parasitic culture that populated the Earth long before the biblical flood was the only one here and covered the entire Earth (after all, it had starships and devices for telepathic communication - and, moreover, it originated from one and the same planet in the Orion star system). One of such "handbags" quite recently was also documented in the hand of an "UFOnaut" who, due to being filmed in a "state of telekinetic flickering", had the appearance of a black shadow. This UFOnaut, after hypnotically immobilizing a man (who was cleaning his swimming pool) by shooting this man with such a "bag" containing this "non-lethal hypnotizing weapon", then it demonically "possessed" this man (i.e. telekinetically penetrated his body and telepathically synchronized his animal thoughts and feelings with the man). This handbag and the UFOnaut possessing it are documented in a 40-second video titled: Demonic Possession? and the address discussed in more detail in (2) from item #M2 of my web page evil.htm. In turn, the fact that these "handbags" actually contained devices for remote hypnotization is proven by their symbolism on ancient sculptures, expressed by tying these bags to a snake and a pine cone. In folklores, the snake is a symbol of "remote hypnotization" - which I explain in more detail in blog #366E and in item #D1 from the web page wtc.htm and from blog #176E, and in item #F2 from the web page stawczyk_uk.htm. In turn, the "pine cone" on ancient sculptures placed in these bags symbolizes spreading (just as a pine cone spreads its seeds) - that is, symbolizes "acting at a distance". The connection between both of these symbols (snake and pine cone) and such ancient handbags become obvious after watching the videos searched e.g. with the command - the shortest (only about 44 seconds) of which, disclosing this relationship, disseminates the address . Other 3:33 minutes long and titled "This is NOT just a Handbag!" is distributed from the address . Over time, however, some of the more advanced civilizations occupying humanity improved this weapon into the form of a miniature "implant" in the body of its owner. However, there are still less advanced parasitic civilizations (usually with subordinate functions in the occupation and exploitation of humanity) that still use this form of a "hand-carried bag". In the UFO confederation that occupies us, there is a parasitic principle that best describes the Polish proverb "każdy sobie rzepkę skrobie" (meaning: "everyone is grating their own turnip") and there is NO cooperation among them, but only mutual exploitation and ruling over those weaker than themselves (i.e. it is the same parasitic principle that UFOnauts have already managed to secretly implement also in international relations on Earth - in spite that Jesus strongly urges us to help each other to live in peace and prosperity and do NOT do evil).
       There is also even more superior evidence that already in ancient times UFOnauts (described in the Bible under the names of that time, e.g.: fallen angels, devils, serpents, snakes, dragons, etc.) knew the phenomenon of remote hypnotization and had devices for remotely hypnotizing people. This evidence is wisely encoded into the Bible. An example of it is the immediate change in Jewish attitudes towards Jesus, which is impossible to occur without hypnotic incitement. After all, on Palm Sunday the Jews recognized Jesus as their king, and just a few days later they shouted to the UFOnaut Pontius Pilate "Kill him!", "Crucify Him!" - for details see the Bible, e.g. verse 19:15 from "St. John" and the caption under Fig. #J1a from my web page named bandits.htm. Remote hypnotic programming of Eve by the "snake" encoded in the Bible also reveals descriptions of the astonishing speed with which Eve did NOT resist such reprogramming by snake and abandoned trusting God regarding the prohibition to eat the fruit from the tree in the centre of Garden of Eden (Paradise), described in the Bible in verses 3:1-7 from "The Book of Genesis", while explained in more detail in item #D1 from the web page wtc.htm and from post #366E to blogs of totalizm.
       Of course, regardless of the biblical evidence, there is also numerous historical evidence that UFOnauts secretly occupying us use remote hypnosis to induce behaviours that are destructive to humanity. Regardless of the examples that I have already described in my publications - e.g. in the frequently recommended blog #366E, their next example may be the parasitic destruction by fire of the famous Library of Alexandria in Egypt, carried out in accordance with the UFOnauts' procedure, initiated by the UFOnaut Julius Caesar. In order to be able to occupy and exploit humanity indefinitely, UFOnauts systematically destroy the scientific achievements and memory of humanity after copying these in their archives. This is why both, individual people (e.g. using web pages such as mine called rok_uk.htm) as well as entire countries (e.g. using libraries, museums, internet search engines, blogs, video dissemination systems similar to, offering free hosts for web pages, etc.) should combat keeping secrets and pay special attention to the dissemination of truth, knowledge and memory. After all, everything that is disseminated among people is much more difficult for UFOnauts who secretly manage us to destroy or to silence.
       It is worth summarizing here also briefly how, on the basis of the recommendations of the Bible and the currently most moral philosophy of the world called the philosophy of totalizm from 1985, it is possible to eliminate the consequences of remote programming of people with hypnosis by the powers of evil. And so, the introduction to defence against the increasingly common "possessions" of people, especially aimed at women, is to learn the truth that such possessions do exist. This truth inspires the implementation of methods of detecting and documenting these "possessions" in ways described in more detail here and also in (2) from item #M2 of my web page evil.htm and from post #363E to blogs of totalizm. After detecting and documenting them, people who experience them will certainly take actions that will allow them to free themselves from these possessions - i.e. actions which I described in #M1 to #M5 from the web page evil.htm and in #D1 to #D1a from the web page wtc.htm and also in posts #363E and #366E to blogs of totalizm.

       (6#G1) The programmed nature of all phenomena of our "world of matter" - resulting from the programmable nature of the God Drobinas. Practically all phenomena that have occurred or are still observed in our "world of matter" created by God, actually depend on the implementation of programs contained in the God Drobinas that make these phenomena come true. Even the entire creation of our "world of matter" was also programmed - which programming in the Bible is symbolised by "word" from verse 1:1-3 of "John". (Note that even today "word" means "information" thus also "algorithm" and "program". So the biblical expression e.g. "word became flesh" symbolically means the "execution or implementation of what today we call programs".) Namely "creation" depended on appropriate programming of the previously chaotic movements of the God Drobinas - more precisely described by the ancient Greek word "chaos" and the pre-Christian religion of the NZ Maori, into strictly controlled movements. These strictly controlled movements of God Drobinas initially created the elementary "drobinas" of matter (word "drobina" in world with God replaces ther atheistic-science name "particles") and then the atoms and the entire matter - as I described it in #I2 from blog #330E and the web page pajak_jan_uk.htm. Of course, there is NOT enough space or need here to explain again this programmable nature of numerous phenomena of our world of matter. So I will only show here their example, which is "energy". The results of my research on engineering "how", published since 1985, clearly explain that "energy is a special program that defines the command to change behaviour of other God programs and the carriers of it are almost all God Drobinas". However, "energy" is an extremely carefully secured "special program" - which can be compared to money transfer programs used in today's human banks. I.e. energy programs, apart from God Himself, do NOT allow anyone to simply generate or transmit energy in a way that do NOT follow the strict procedure designed by God. However, these are "energy" programs that cause the entire universe, as well as the entire cosmos visible to people, to be one huge "perpetual motion" machine - as I confirmed it also with evidence in item #B5.1 from abovementioned web page "pigs.htm". Specially programmed permissions by God also allow people to build devices that infinitely generate some form of energy thanks to the use of any of the principles of operation of the "perpetual motion" device - already working prototypes of which devices I show and discuss, among others, on Video #A2a from the web page named "fe_cell.htm". One of these phenomena is the "Telekinetic Effect" that I discovered. Confirmation of these phenomena (6#G1) I described, among others, in item #J4.4 from my web page propulsion.htm and summarized in item #B3, while devices using them I showed e.g. in Video #A2a, from the web page fe_cell.htm and also described in blogs of totalizm numbers #313E and #324E.
       This (6#G1) programmed nature of "God Drobinas" obviously also causes that all phenomena of our "world of matter" are still open and susceptible to the formation of subsequent application programs (we would currently call them APP). Moreover, it also allows the use of existing programs that control any processes - e.g. creation, annihilation, transformation, etc., of material objects originally created from counter-matter. I described their (6#G1) programmed nature in more detail in items #J4.5 and #J4.6 from my web page propulsion.htm and in posts #309E and #311E to blogs of totalizm. Of course, there are many methods of programming God Drobinas, or of using by intelligent beings already existing programs contained in these drobinas (or particles). However, it will take humanity a long time to research them and then detect them all. I have already managed to discover and describe their examples in my publications. For example, one of the secondary phenomena of this phenomenon (6#G1) is (6a#G1) the ability of people to program counter-matter. In other words, it is the ability acquired by people to program "God Drobinas" - described extensively in item #J4.6 from my web page propulsion.htm and in post #309E to blogs of totalizm. Another is, among others, (6b#G1) controlling the elapse of time (including building "time vehicles" traveling through time). Still another is (6c#G1) controlling the behaviour of both carriers of light (i.e. electromagnetic waves and the glowing-causing programs from the "God Drobinas"), which are already described in more detail, e.g. in blogs of totalizm with numbers #344E (where in (@b) "rays of cold" are described - the existence of which monopoly of our "official atheistic science" still denies), #345E, #346E, #349E, #350E and #354E, and in my publications from which these blogs were adapted or which are referred to in them. (Notice that the content of all posts to blogs of totalizm that I have already published and that I authorize are included in the book publication [13] in PDF available on the Polish web page named tekst_13.htm. Most of these posts are there in Polish and in English.)

       (7#G1) Binary, i.e. only two-state and unambiguous nature of everything that occurs in the "counter-world" - i.e. everything in there can assume only one of two possible states, e.g. YES or NO, nothing (i.e. zero) or something (e.g. one), darkness or light, something there moves (always with infinite speed) or remains still, you are with me or against me, you fulfil or NOT fulfil, you deserved totaliztic "earned nirvana" or you deserved typical troubled life, your soul will be saved or deleted, etc., etc. All this is precisely in order to accustom us humans to thinking in such black and white categories. Therefore God allowed us to invent only two-state computers based only on zeros and ones. But He could have helped us invent multi-state computers (e.g. based on the decimal system used on Earth) because our world of matter allows it - but these would confuse us even more. The point is that in our world of matter, everything is multi-state. For example, day and light do NOT suddenly disappear into night (or vice versa), but gradually become greyer as the Sun disappears below the horizon. As a result, our world of matter between darkness and light has a whole range of various degrees of grey. Winter and summer also do not change into each other suddenly, but gradually. Etc., etc. This lack of clarity is frequently exploited by the "powers of evil", always trying to confuse us with the claim that between good and evil there are numerous and various intermediate states. This in turn leads to ambiguity, confusion for humanity, sin, deletion of souls (i.e. the so-called "second death"), etc. Therefore, God quite clearly and far-sightedly encoded in the Bible the information that in matters of the counter-world there are NO intermediate states. He could NOT write it there directly, because the evil operating on Earth would simply NOT allow such a Bible to survive to this day. For example, in the Bible, verse 5:37 from "Matthew" states: "Let your speech be: Yes, yes; no, no. And whatever else comes from the Evil One." The same warning is also confirmed by verse 5:12 from "James" in the Bible. Both of these verses are discussed in more detail, e.g. in {8} from #L1 of my web page "evil.htm". Hence, the verse 5:37 from "Matthew" clearly reveals to us that anyone's departure from the certainty of the words "yes" and "no" or from the clarity of "light" and "darkness", always hides the impurity of someone's intentions of getting into the "grey" area between these two clear states. It is not without reason why a Polish proverb warns "it is easy to catch fish in murky water" (in Polish: "w mętnej wodzie łatwo ryby łowić"). So this is supposed to warn us that this someone who hides the truth behind the grey shadow, instead of revealing it with the clarity of black or white, is secretly fulfilling the order of the anti-God "powers of evil" that are destroying humanity and acting to our detriment. Therefore, if we support this person in such a hidden matter, then we actually help the "powers of evil". In turn, every helping of the "powers of evil" brings upon us the punishments from the "Boomerang Law" and "karma". In turn, verse 11:23 from "Luke" states "Whoever is not with Me is against Me." Yet another verse 6:24 from "Matthew" informs "No one can serve two masters. ... You cannot serve God and Mammon." The same category includes the warning from verses 3:10 and 3:12 in Matthew from the Bible, quoted and explained in the motto to item #D1 from blog #366E and from the web page wtc.htm, also God's requirement "if you love me, fulfil my commandments" for emphasizing the importance of it is strongly admonished in numerous Bible verses, e.g. in Exodus 20:6, John 14:15, John 14:21, 1 John 5:2-3, Proverbs 3:1, Proverbs 13:13, 48:18 from Isaiah, 7:21 from Matthew, 11:28 from Luke, while explained in today's language in {6} from #L1 of my web page evil.htm. The same truth is also expressed by wisely coded it and repeated three times in verses 22:21 from Matthew, 12:17 from Mark and 20:25 from Luke to emphasize its importance, the very meaningful advice of Jesus "DO NOT implement immoral commands" - which I explained in more detail in item #L3 from the web page named cielcza_uk.htm, and which is additionally reinforced by verse 5:29 from the "Acts of the Apostles" in the Bible admonishing us "We must obey God rather than people".
       Such a binary state of everything in the counter-world has many consequences for us humans. After all, it very often drastically changes our fate. Most of these consequences concern the matters of distinguishing moral behaviour - which is rewarded by God, from immoral behaviour - which God allows to punish by the powers of evil that are always waiting for the possibility of harming person or the people. For example, (7a#G1) if in any way or for any reason you help anyone whom you know is doing evil, then you are also doing evil for which you will be punished! Hence, from everything and everyone who does evil NOT by accident or by human error, but in an intentional or chronic way, you are obliged to distance yourself and practically try to have NO contact with them, and you should NOT help them in any way in anything about what you know that is the source of evil. Otherwise, they will convince you that you are doing good deed when in fact you are shifting with them from clarity into this area of grey - which will qualify you for judgment as helping evil or as a sin for which you will then be punished. This is why the Bible, for example, advises in verse 4:8 from Philippians "whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable: if there is any virtue or praiseworthy deed - this have in your thoughts" (in Polish: "wszystko, co jest prawdziwe, co godne, co sprawiedliwe, co czyste, co miłe, co zasługuje na uznanie: jeśli jest jakąś cnotą i czynem chwalebym - to miejcie na myśli"), while e.g. in verse 10:26 from "Matthew" he warns that everything hidden will be revealed. Also, for example, in the religions of the Far East, the principle of cutting oneself off from everything that represented evil or resulted from evil in past used to be observed. There, this principle was expressed verbally by the so-called "Maxim of Confucius" discussed, among others, in the caption under Fig. #A1 from the web page immortality.htm while stating: "DO NOT look at what is contrary to decency, DO NOT listen to what is contrary to decency, DO NOT say what is contrary to decency, DO NOT do what is contrary to decency." In turn, the same idea is also expressed figuratively by the sculptures of so-called "four wise monkeys" (to see them click on this green link) - mass-produced there and sold to tourists. The first of these four monkeys may have her arms crossed on her chest, or (more trivially and directly) she may be blocking her genitals with her hands - which symbolically expresses the command "DO NOT do evil". The remaining three monkeys block their mouths, ears and eyes with their hands - together with the first one, reminding us: "DO NOT do evil, DO NOT speak evil, DO NOT listen to evil, DO NOT admire evil" - as I explain it in 8 from item #B1.1 of my web page called antichrist.htm. Unfortunately, many tourists skip buying four monkeys. The symbolism of hands crossed on the chest means "laziness" for some people. In turn, hands blocking the genitals look like pornography to many people. They are particularly incorrectly interpreted by the women discussed in #G7 of this web page. After all, more and more of today's wives the life truth about the need to understand their husband and empathize with his situation, as well as the revolutionary principles of Jesus to base marriage on mutual voluntary "giving" instead of one-sided "taking" - as I explained it in blog #365E and #V1 to #V1a of the web page humanity.htm, these today women treat in exactly the same way as "modern" men increasingly often treat the paid work for their subsistence (chores) - i.e. they give only the minimum required to maintain their position. So instead of four monkeys, many people buy "three smart monkeys", without the first and most important one. So with the symbols of only these three, they promote a parasitically perverted principle stating that: you can do anything as long as you DO NOT talk about it, you DO NOT listen to it and you DO NOT look at it. This today's problem results from the situation that instead of teaching morality and explaining the coding in Bibles of Jesus' revolutionary ideas, priests focus all their attention on increasing their popularity and the number of followers. So they avoid revealing uncomfortable truths. In turn, today's people almost do NOT read the Bible carefully enough, and even if they read it, they do it almost thoughtlessly - that is, without delving into learning what God really tried to wisely encode into the verses of the Bible that they have just read. Means, without learning that God so encoded the Bible that in our world paralyzed by the rule of omnipresent evil, the Bible still could however, survive and provide people with the required standards of moral behaviour.

       Unfortunately, the decision-makers of the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" managed by UFOnauts, do NOT want to accept (and therefore allow for their substantive research) practically any of the superior phenomena of the counter-world described here, the existence of which I have been "hobbyistically" and altruistically researching for years. They especially block people from gaining knowledge about the software nature of energy - as this knowledge leads to the truth that will free us from UFOnauts.

       While learning my descriptions of these superior phenomena of the counter-world, it should be noted that God everything does in form of repetitive method. Thus similarly as there are models and descriptions of the formerly operating "Zhang Heng Seismograph" shown e.g. in Fig. #D1 from web page "seismograph.htm" to prove existence of the phenomenon of telepathy described here most broadly, there will be also evidence for all other phenomena listed above. After all, according to verses 10:26 from "Matthew" and 4:22 from "Mark" in the Bible, on Earth there are also various items of evidence which document that for each of these phenomena these ancient technically highly advanced but morally fallen cultures, which before the biblical flood openly exploited and tormented the population of our planet, also had and used various technical devices that applied in their principles of operation almost all of the phenomena described here and many other such phenomena (with the exception of the knowledge (1b#G1) about recorded memory in the counter-world which UFOnauts learned about only after studying outcomes of my research). Material proving the existence of technical devices that use these superior phenomena of the counter-world still exists and is available on Earth - but it is hidden. Therefore, in order to become familiar with it, we must pay attention to what is published in a way that ignores the official statements of the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" managed by UFOnauts who occupy us. The evidence for the use of all these phenomena on Earth is also hidden in sightings of the most advanced UFO starships operating on Earth. (There are also primitive, fallen civilizations operating on Earth, still only having first-generation UFOs.) After all, the crews of these most advanced starships have and use devices that mainly apply this superior type of phenomena.

Fig. #G1ab: Here is the appearance of painless bruises caused by the iron grip of the 3+1 finger hand of the "UFOnaut-Porter" who drags the reluctant person receiving these bruises to a huge UFO type K10 or K9 - that is a kind of "milking" factory which exploits people. The higher one out of these two bruises (#G1a) was photographed in the morning of the first day after the abduction - that is, only a few hours after the night when the UFO abduction occurred. The lower one (#G1b) was photographed in the morning of the second day after the abduction. Together they illustrate the speed of their healing and the disappearance of skin darkening as a result of exposing these bruises to a telekinetic field that instantly heals injuries, eliminates pain and accelerates the healing of the skin. UFOnauts are ordered, that before the end of every abduction, they check the entire abductee to see if he or she has any bruises or wounds, and after detecting them, to irradiate them with a telekinetic field that heals all injuries. (Moreover these UFOnauts-Porters also are ordered to erase the entire memory of the abduction with special electrodes that sometimes burn the skin on side of face.) In fact, already in the evening of the second day after the abduction, the area of these bruises became indistinguishable from the rest of the skin - except for two punctures of the skin by the "eagle-like claw" of the largest, middle of the three fingers of the UFOnaut-Porter, which punctures, however, healed completely by the morning of the third day from the night of the abduction. Such painless bruises resulting from exploiting abductions of people to UFOs are well known in folklore, especially from the Far East. For example, the Chinese call them in Cantonese "quai mit" - which name into English translates as "ghost pinch", while in Polish they are called "uszczypnięcia duchów". (Click on the selected photo to, for example, view its enlargement, obtained e.g. in the manner described at the end of the INTRODUCTION to this web page.)

       The above bruises were left on the right forearm (near the wrist) of a person who was abducted to a UFO only a few hours earlier. Although the low quality camera did not document them very clearly, when viewed with the naked eyes they had a circular form of skin significantly blackened and browned by the pressure of three fingers ending with "eagle-like claws". The imprint of the middle and longest finger was approximately 2 cm in diameter. Both side ones - about 1 cm each. The spacing of these bruises, measured between the outer edges of both side impressions, was approximately 6.5 cm. All this proves that this pressure was caused by the 3+1 fingered hand of a small male UFOnaut-Porter from the "nightmare" race (in Polish named "zmora") transporting abductees between their homes and UFOs. The actual appearance of this Porter is illustrated in Fig. #K1c and the imprint of female version of his foot - in photo from Fig. #K1a of the web page petone.htm. The appearance of these fingers fingrs is significantly different from fingers of the UFOnaut called "Paul" from the movie titled Paul, who also has 3+1 fingers, and therefore belongs to the miniature "nightmare" ("zmora") race - but in the movie Paul is wearing the standard UFOnaut mask (see this mask in #C4 from web page aliens.htm) equipped with more (and more advanced) devices for nocturnal vision, telepathic listening, hypnotic incapacitation, etc., than the number of devices currently added to the helmets of soldiers in a well-equipped modern army. Moreover, the 3+1 finger hands for the movie "Paul" are constructed identically to human ones, while in real 3+1-fingered UFOnauts the hand structure has only 3 fingers like humans, but ending with sharp eagle-like claws (when the middle one is the thickest and the longest). In turn the fourth clawed finger and toe is positioned opposite to them, just like the fourth claw in predatory birds - for details see the fingers of the "female devil" from Fig. #G1 of the web page sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm. My research completed long-time-ago revealed that practically every inhabitant of Earth is abducted to a UFO at least once a month (i.e. NOT less than 12 times a year) in order to be exploited in there from his/her "moral energy", and often also from his or her genetic resources (i.e. sperm or ovule), and to be hypnotically reprogrammed. This reprogramming causes most people who notice such bruises to believe in the lies hypnotically forced on them, that these are the result of some trivial reasons - e.g. their health condition. It is necessary to know and accept the truth in advance - e.g. knowing what these bruises really are, in order to spiritually resist believing in these lies hypnotically forced upon us. Because these abductions take place under deep hypnosis, only sometimes the traces left behind are, among others, such painless bruises - usually on the arms, and in the case of being raped on a UFO, also on the thighs and hips. Today, only few people know that each person has a telepathic identification implant in their shinbone, responding to commands from UFOs, which for UFOs is like an "identity card" for every inhabitant of Earth. After inserting this implant into the leg, there is usually an easily detectable scar, as shown and described in Fig. #N3b from the web page cielcza_uk.htm and from blog #357E, as well as under Fig. #B4 from the web page ufo.htm. Interestingly, the same implant can be activated by UFOnauts so that it causes incredible pain and paralyzes the movement of the entire leg, e.g. when the person UFOnauts are trying to "eliminate" is in a critical life situation. For example, some of those who were rescued from drowning later report that their leg that has this implant suddenly hurt terribly, so they experienced a "spasm" and became paralyzed, making it impossible to swim - this is why they were drowning. Sometimes the arrival of these Porters-UFOnauts who forcefully drag the resisting people to the UFO causes a temporary stopping of the working of one among the electronic clocks in the apartment of the abducted family, and sometimes also the filming of the UFOnaut with night cameras of a given apartment - for details see blog #361E or #L2 to # L3a from evil.htm. It is also worth knowing that UFOnauts abduct all inhabitants of a given apartment or household on the same night - hence, for example, if a husband or wife in the morning has the bruises described here, then some other members of this family may also have them. If someone from this abducted family is programmed to cause harm, then during abductions their programming is strengthened, because it slowly disappears over time. Therefore, for example, on the day of detecting these bruises, the husband may notice particularly intense attacks from his wife on whatever of his activities are harmful to UFOnauts. In turn, in offices, employees who see these bruises on their superiors that have the characteristics of the so-called "corporate psychopath" may notice a sudden increased in control accompanied with list of warnings and prohibitions.

#G2. Let us remember that the existence of God has already been formally proven and let us learn about God's most important features - and we will understand that it is NOT worth risking the fate about which the Bible warns those who go against God and His commandments:

(Sorry, but the rest of this entire "Part #G" still awaits to be translated from Polish to English - which task the reader can roughly do "DIY" by using one of these free translation programs available in Internet.)

       TAK, istnienie Boga zostało już naukowo niepodważalnie dowiedzione licznymi formalnymi metodami naukowego dowodzenia. Tyle iż tzw. "moce zła" (opisane w #G5 poniżej) ukrywają przed poznaniem przez ludzi istnienie tych dowodów. Dowody te najdokładniej są opisane i polinkowane w #G2 i #G3 strony god_proof_pl.htm oraz we wpisie #135 do blogów totalizmu. Są one też powtórzone we wielu innych moich publikacjach - np. w #B3 strony god_pl.htm albo w podrozdziale I3.3.4 z tomu 5 mojej monografii [1/5].
       Bóg jest istotą posiadajacą samoświadomość a stąd i żyjącą w formie programu, cechy jakiej są poznawalne dla ludzkiego umysłu przy dzisiejszym poziomie ludzkiej wiedzy. Wymieńmy najważniejsze z owych cech Boga, szczególnie tych, które dotychczas NIE były jeszcze ludziom znane. I tak:

(1#G2) Bóg jest naturalnie powstałym, żyjącym, samo-uczącym się programem, w którym dzieki jakiemuś nietypowemu zdarzeniu pojawił się zalążek samo-świadomości. Definicję Boga i szersze wyjaśnienie cech i natury Boga zawarłem, między innymi w punkcie #A0 strony god_proof_pl.htm. oraz we wpisie #308 do blogów totalizmu. Jako też wzorowane właśnie na budowie i działaniu Boga takie żyjące komputery zaopatrzone w samo-uczące się programy w Biblii zwane "dusza" (patrz #G3 poniżej) Bóg postwarzal ludzi i wszelkie inne żyjące istoty.

(2#G2) Program Boga zajmuje objętość trzech pamięci a realizują go równocześnie aż trzy mózgi z czwartej i najwyższej głowy w każdej męskiej i żeńskiej tzw. "Drobinie Boga" - Jak czytelnik może się tego doczytać w opisach "Drobin Boga" z punktów #K1 i #K2 strony "god_istnieje.htm" w sumie każda z tych drobin posiada cztery głowy z trzema pamięciami i mózgami w każdej z nich, w sumie więc każda Drobina Boga posiada 12 pamięci i 12 mózgów. Tyle iż trzy z tych głów zajmują się obsługą hierarchicznie niższych niż Bóg intelektów zbiorowych tj.: trzecia światem tzw. "Aniołów" - czyli zaprogramowaniaem przeciw-świata, druga - "Istot Żyjących naszego Świata Materii, zaś najniższa pierwsza - oprogramowania cząstek elementarnych i atomów materii. Działanie więc każdej Drobiny Boga jest doskonalsze i bardziej efektywne od działania dzisiejszych wielo-procesorowych ludzkich komputerów. W sumie to więc powoduje iż Bóg zajmuje mózgi i pamięci o najwyższych numerach 12, 11 i 10 czyli także o najwyższych priorytetach działania. To dlatego Bóg wie wszystko i absolutnie wszystkim osobiście zarządza.

(3#G2) W rozmiarowo nieskończonym przeciw-świecie istnieje nieskończona liczba "Drobin Boga" we wszystkich z których albo już istnieje program Boga, albo kiedyś tam zostanie załadowany. Stąd Bóg jest istotą zbiorową albo tzw. "intelektem grupowym" w swej naturze nieco podobną do dzisiaj istniejącego na Ziemi Internetu.

(4#G2) Ponieważ program Boga zajmuje najwyższą pamięć z ciałek męskich i żeńskich "Drobin Boga", to oznacza iż na wszechświat obecnie składają się aż trzy odrębne światy. Te trzy składowe światy wszechświata obejmują: (4a#G2) "Świat Wirtualny" z pamięci owych "Drobin Boga" - w jakim oprócz programu Boga (w Biblii zwanego "Duchem Świętym") zawarte są także programy: naszej samoświadomości użyczone nam przez Boga, programy naszych dusz, całe nasze pamięci długoterminowe, oraz zapisy naszych losów i przeznaczenia; (4b#G2) "Przeciw-świat" zapełniony "przeciw-materią" (tj. "Drobinami Boga") czyli oryginalny świat wszechświata w którym NIE istnieje ani czas ani upływ czasu i gdzie dawniej chaotycznie poruszały się tam z nieskończoną szybkością owe "Drobiny Boga" w pamięci jakich żyją programy dusz wszystkich żyjątek, zaś z ciałek jakich to Drobin Boga Bóg postwarzał nasz świat materii i wszystko co w nim istnieje; a także (4c#G2) Nasz "Świat Materii", który Bóg stworzył z owych "Drobin Boga" abyśmy to w nim spędzali czas naszej nauki poprawnego życia, zaś jaki Bóg stopniowo udoskonala (patrz #A1 strony "evolution_pl.htm" i blog #316) czyniąc go coraz doskonalszym i coraz lepiej pozbawionym wszelkiego zła, cierpienia, niesprawiedliwości, itp. Wszystkie te trzy światy w wersetach chrześcijańskiej Biblii są symbolizowane przez: Boga Ojca - reprezentującego Przeciw-świat i zawarte w nim ciałka Drobin Boga, Ducha Świętgo - reprezentującego twórczy i żyjący program Boga, oraz Jezusa (tj. Syna Boga - reprezentującego nasz świat materii.

(5#G2) Program Boga wszystko wie, wszystko może i wszystkim zarządza - tyle iż czyni to w sposób jaki najefektywniej wychowuje ludzi na żołnierzy Boga którzy w przyszłości będą pomagali Bogu udoskonalać wszechświat i oczyszczać go z wszystkiego co reprezentuje sobą jakiekolwiek zło. Cechy żołnierzy Boga opisałem szerzej w #A3 ze strony humanity_pl.htm.

(6#G2) Program Boga (tj. chrześcijański "Duch Święty") zainspirował wybranych ludzi w Biblii zwanych "Prorocy" aby ci spisali na Ziemi treść Biblii w której Bóg streścił całą najważniejszą wiedzę i prawdy konieczne dla poznania przez ludzi podczas procesu ich edukowania życiem na Ziemi. Ponieważ jednak całkowita ilość tej wiedzy i prawd jest aż tak ogromna iż NIE dałoby się jej streścić w nawet najbardziej objętościowej wielotomowej encyklopedii, Bóg zmuszony był pominąć opisanie w wersetach Boblii wszelkich informacji mniej istotnych dla przyszłości ludzi - szczególnie tych, które dla uczenia ludzi "jak" poznawać prawdy i pogłębiać wiedzę Bóg zaplanował iż pozostawi je do poznawania przez wybranych przez Niego z grona samych ludzi. To pomijanie nieistotnej wiedzy i prawd powoduje iż Biblia jest poręczna, przydatna i możliwa do całościowego przeczytania i przestrzegania przez każdego z ludzi.

Fot. #G2a

Fot. #G2a: Oto cała nowoczena replika tzw. "Sejsmografu Zhang Henga" (zdjęcie siebie przy której już pokazywałem na Fot. #B1 powyżej na tej stronie). Replika tego "Sejsmografu" z Te Papa w Wellington stanowi pierwszy z wielu już poznanych przez autora tej strony pradawnych urządzeń technicznych wykorzystujących nadrzędne zjawiska przeciw-świata jakie dowodzą iż w nawet najdalszej starożytności zaawansowane cywilizacje otwarcie rezydujące wtedy na Ziemi już wówczas doskonale znały zjawisko telepatii i używały je dla zastosowań praktycznych (np. do wczesnego wykrywania nadchodzących trzęsień ziemi, oraz do telepatycznego komunikowania się) - tyle iż owo zjawisko nazywały one wówczas słowami odmiennymi niż dzisiejsze słowo "telepatia". Drugim z tych zaawansowanych urządzeń telepatycznych jest "telefon telepatyczny" zilustrowany powyżej na Fot. #D1a niniejszej strony - fragmenty którego to gigantycznego, tajemniczego, ośmiobocznego "składankowego urządzenia" zapewne do dzisiaj są dostępne w Polsce w katolickim kościele mariackim z Gdańska. Wykrywanie bowiem istnienia urządzeń typu tych opisywanych w niniejszym podpisie pod Fot. #G2a oraz w Część #F powyżej na tej stronie "artefact_pl.htm", coraz częściej jest dokonywane przez "hobbystycznych" badaczy archeologii, którzy faktycznie zaczynają poszukiwać prawdy, zamiast jak to czynią oficjalnie finansowani zawodowi archeolodzy - wspierać kokon kłamstwa oficjalnie upowszechniany przez UFOnautów sekretnie zarządzających monopolem "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej". Z kolei wykrywanie istnienia i opisów tych urządzeń stopniowo koryguje kłamstwa narzucane nam przez "moce zła" jakie starają się ukryć swe tysiące lat trwające skryte okupowanie i eksploatowanie ludzkości. Dla przedłużenia swego zwodzenia i eksploatacji ludzkości, moce te bowiem wykorzystują niezbędność celowego skondensowania Biblii do praktycznie użytecznej objętości jakie wymusiło powycinanie z niej wielu długich opisów, np. historycznych (w tym opisów przesiedlenia ludzi na Ziemię z planet Oriona) - prawdę których jednak ludzkość sama przcież jest w stanie sobie poodkrywać, nawet jeśli owe opisy NIE zawierają najistotniejszych dla przyszłości ludzkości tzw. absolutnych prawd oryginalnie zdefiniowanych oraz omówionych w blogu #366 oraz w #D1 do #D1a z mojej strony wtc_pl.htm zaś identyfikujące cechy których postreszczałem poniżej w punkcie #G4. Gdyby bowiem kłamstwa te NIE były obecnie korygowane, wówczas UFOnauci mogliby kontynuować udawanie aniołów i ukrywanie swych świństw wyrządzanych ludzkości od zarania dziejów, coraz ciaśniej zakuwając tym naszą cywilizację w okowy swojego skrytego zarządzenia naszymi losami. (Kliknij na niniejsze zdjęcie aby np. oglądać jego powiększenie.)

#G3. Let's get to know better the characteristics of the human soul:

       Od dnia 2001/9/11 nasza cywilizacja coraz szybciej stacza się w wyniszczający ludzi okres jej dziejów, którego cechy zasługują na nazwę "epoka neo-średniowiecza". Okres ten jest relatywnie dobrze opisany np. w blogu #366 i w #D1 do #D1a strony wtc_pl.htm. W okresie tym ludzka zachłanność, zbyt długie używanie "pieniędzy, oraz zarzucenie przestrzegania 10 przykazań Boga, spowodowały iż praktycznie każdą osobę coraz usilniej zaczynają trapić wszelkie przejawy zła. Najwyższy wiec czas aby przed złem tym zacząć się bronić. Aby jednak nasza obrona była efektywna, potrzebna jest nam wiedza i znajomosć prawdy. W poniższych punktach od niniejszego #D1 do #D2.3 na omawianych tam przykładach postaram się udostępnić czytelnikom tę wiedzę i prawdę jaka okazuje się być najbardziej przydatna dla podjęcia efwektywnej obrony, a także wskazać motedy obrony jakimi ludzie wierzący w Boga i usiłujący czynić dobro mogą z użyciem owej wiedzy i prawdy efektywnie się bronić przed następstwami tego coraz raptowniej szerzonego zła.
       Problem z naszą dotychczasową nauką i wiedzą polega na tym że będąc znacząco już wypaczoną ku zaklamaniu przez działające na Ziemi "moce zła" faktycznie ogranicza ona swe zainteresowania do wyłącznie ciała, zaś zawodowi naukowcy celowo i oszukańczo pomijają poznawanie programów jakie czynią każde ciało żywym oraz jakie zarządzają działaniem ciała - czyli pomijają badanie i poznawanie tzw. "duszy". Nawet po wielu tysiącach lat od czasu powstania, obecne religie też ograniczają do wiedzy o ciele wszelkie informacje jakie przekazują swym wyznawcom, NIE wspominając niemal nic o cechach, działaniu ani o naturalnych tendencjach rządzącej tym ciałem ludzkiej duszy, a jedynie wzmiankując iż jakoby wszyscy mamy duszę oraz ze działa ona w naszym ciele przez cały okres kiedy jesteśmy żywi (tj. przez całe nasze życie). Z tego widać, że najwyraźniej Bóg zaplanował iż zainspiruje ludzkość aby sama poodkrywała to co powinna wiedzieć o duszy - tyle iż będąc nieustająco programowana przez zaawansowane urządzenia telepatyczne i hipnotyczne skrycie rządzących ludzkością UFOnautów, jak dotychczas praktycznie niemal żaden z efektywnie poznajacych wiedzę badaczy NIE zebrał się w sobie aby lepiej poznać ludzką duszę. Na szczęście tak się stało iż w 1985 roku sformułowałem swoją Teorię Wszystkiego - zwaną też Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji. Teoria ta nam ujawniła, że nasza dusza jest systemem programów nośnikiem którego to syetemu są drobiny niezwykłej "myślącej" substancji jaką od owego 1985 roku nazywam "przeciw-materia" a jaka jest zawarta w odmiennym niż my świecie zwanym "przeciw-światem" znajdującym się na przeciwstawnym do naszego końcu grawitacyjnego dipola. W czerwcu zaś 2020 roku dokonałem drugiego przełomowego odkrycia, mianowicie iż w przeciw-świecie istnieją aż dwa rodzaje drobin przeciw-materii, obie które cechują się przeciwstawnymi atrybytami. Mianowicie istnieją wyglądające jak miniaturowi mężczyźni (+) dodające męskie drobiny przeciw materii, które z uwagi na ich wygląd nazwałem męskimi "Drobinami Boga" zaś opisałem je dokładniej w punkcie #K1 swej strony god_istnieje.htm oraz we wpisie #325 do blogów totalizmu. Odnotuj iż nazwę "drobiny" tym elementarnym myślącym i żyjącym składowym wszechświata nadałem ponieważ w języku polskim słowo "drobina" opisuje wszystko co jest bardzo małe ale ogromnie kochane. W przeciw-świecie istnieją też (-) ujemne żeńskie drobiny przeciw materii, które z uwagi na ich podobieństwo do miniaturowych kobiet ja nazwałem żeńskimi "Drobinami Boga" zaś opisałem je dokładniej w punkcie #K2 swej strony god_istnieje.htm oraz we wpisie #326 do blogów totalizmu. Ponieważ to owe "Drobiny Boga" są nośnikami dusz mężczyzn i kobiet, ich naturalne cechy decydują o cechach jakimi charakteryzują się dodające (+) dusze mężczyzn oraz odejmujące (-) dusze kobiet. Cechy jakie te drobiny przekazują duszom mężczyzn i kobiet zgrubnie już opisałem w blogu #366 oraz w punkcie #D1 swej strony wtc_pl.htm. Ponieważ cechy te wskazują metody obrony jakie wyjaśniam w niniejszych punitach od #G1 do #G2.3, w skrócie podsumuję tu najwważniejsze z nich, jakie wynikają zarówno z wypracowanej dotychczas wiedzy o owych "Drobinach Boga" a tekże z wiedzy o ludzkiej duszy jaką przekazują nam wersety Biblii. I tak cechy te można podsumować następująco:

(1) Dusza każdego człowieka wykazuje albo tendencję do dodawania (+) albo też tendencję do odejmowania (-) zależnie od tego czy nośnikiem jej programów są męskie czy też żeńskie "Drobiny Boga".

(2) Dusza w każdym człowieku rządzi ciałem i ma zdolność do nakazywania ciału tendencji z jaką ciało to ma się zachowywać. Tymczasem ciało u każdego z ludzi ma wyłącznie odejmującą (-) naturę spowodowaną jego wysiłkami aby przeżyć oraz aby prowadzić najbardziej odpowiadający mu tryb życia. Aby właściwie pokierować przebiegiem swego życia trzeba więc właściwie używać owa zdolność duszy do nakazywania ciału.

(3) W duszach zawarte są dodatkowe programy jakie w szczególnych przypadkach są w stanie odwrócić ich polaryzację. Przykładem takich programów może być "program miłości" w jaki Bóg zaopatrzył każdą kobietę, zaś jaki potrafi odwrócić polaryzację duszy kobiety na dodajacą (+) na okres nawet do 7 lat.

(4) Programy składajace się na duszę danej osoby mają przyporządkowaną do siebie kolejność ich uruchamiania. Z doświadczeń życiowych ludzi wynika iż kolejność ta odpowiada tzw. "Hierarchii potrzeb Maslowa".

Na powyższych cechach ludzkiej duszy bazuje też każda z metod obrony przed złem i eliminowania zła jaką opisuję tutaj w #G2, #G3 i w #G6.

#G4 Features of each so-called "absolute truth" created by God and revealed to humanity through inspiration by God:

       Okazuje się iż na przekór zaprzeczeń wielu filozofów a nawet UFOnauty Poncjusza Piłata (tego, który skazał Jezusa na ukrzyżowanie) tzw. absolutna prawda istnieje i wykazuje się posiadaniem zbioru identyfikujących ją cech, które ja poodkrywałem w 2023 roku (tj. w trakcie 77 roku swego życia) dzięki wskazaniom aż dwóch moich teorii, mianowicie Teorii Wszystkiego z 1985 roku (zwanej też Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji), oraz Teorii Życia z 2020 roku, dodatkowo wzmocnionych wskazówkami jakie wypracowała moja Filofofia Totalizmu z 1985 roku. (Odnotuj iż obie powyższe moje teorie spełniają definicję "absolutnej prawdy".) Te unikalne cechy każdej "absolutnej prawdy" począwszy od dnia 2023/11/12 pospisywałem i opublikowalem oryginalnie we wpisie do bloga #366 oraz w #D1 do #D1a ze swej strony wtc_pl.htm - gdzie także przytoczyłem totaliztyczną definicję "absolutnej prawdy" - tj. prawdy wywodzącej się od Boga, generującej wszelkie dobro i prowadzącej do wypracowania wszechświata pozbawionego wszelkiego zła, udostępnianej ludzkości dzięki boskim inspiracjom, oraz już mającej zdolność aby nas wyzwolić (patrz Biblia, 8:32 z "Ew. św. Jana"). W niniejszym punkcie #G5 postaram się powtórzyć esencję każdej z owych cech identyfikujących absolutną prawdę, poczym dodatkowo cechę tę omówić. I tak:

#G4.1: Oprogramowanie każdej "absolutnej prawdy" dotyczącej naszego świata materii oryginalnie zostało wypracowane i zaprogramowane przez Boga, stąd prawda ta wywodzi się od Boga i jest ludzkości udostępniana dzięki inspiracji tegoż Boga.

#G4.2: Dla każdej "absolutnej prawdy" działające na Ziemi tzw. "moce zła" stwarzają tzw. "kontast" jaki kłamliwie wmusza ludziom jako prawdę jej negatywną odwrotność nastawioną na mylenie i zwodzenie co mniej uważnych lub niemoralnie postępujących ludzi, a w ten sposób także na przedłużanie trwającej już tysiące lat skrytej okupacji, eksploatacji oraz wyniszczania ludzkości.

#G4.3: Dla każdej idei wypracowanych przez ludzi lub wmuszonych ludzkości przez moce zła Bóg stwarza co najmniej jeden pozytywny "kontast", znalezienie którego i jego porównanie z esencją owej idei za pośrednictwem opisywanej we w/w blogu #366 "metody kontrastu" pozwala sprawdzić czy idea ta jest bliższą do czy też dalszą od stworzonej przez Boga i służącej dobru "absolutnej prawdy".

#G4.4: Każda absolutna prawda posiada związek przyczynowo-skutkowy z innymi pokrewnymi do niej absolutnymi prawdami tworząc z nimi tzw. przyczynowo-skutkowy łańcuch prawdy pierwsze ogniwo którego to łańcucha zawsze wywodzi się od Boga zaś każde następne ogniwo którego jest dodawane przez człowieka zainspirowanego przez Boga, jednocześnie który to łańcuch jest też związany ogniwami prawdy ze wszystkimi innymi łańcuchami prawdy formując wraz nimi tzw. "szkielet wiedzy i prawdy" opisanymi we wpisie #337 do blogów totalizmu a obejmującymi sobą całą wiedzę wszechświata stanowiącą absolutną prawdę. Aczkolwiek Bóg zna cały ów "szkielet wiedzy i prawdy" ponieważ osobiście go stworzył, jego spisanie nawet w najbardziej skondensowany sposób byłoby niemożliwością ponieważ zajęłoby liczbę tomów tekstu jaka jest niewyobrażalnie duża i stąd niemożliwa do spisania ani do przeczytania przez pojedyńczego dzisiejszego śmiertelnego czlowieka. (Dla porównania sprawdź ile tomów ma każda co kompleniejsza dzisiejsza encyklopedia.) Dlatego Bóg tworząc Biblię, z powodu praktycznych względów (np. aby była ona użyteczna w codziennym życiu i możliwa do poznania przez każdą pojedyńczą i śmiertelną osobę) zmuszony był wybrać do włączenia w nią tylko najbardziej istotnych dla dobra ludzkości prawd, skracając w ten sposób objętość Biblii oraz opuszczając w jej wersetach podanie tych absolutnych prawd, które ludzkość będzie w stanie samodzielnie wypracować, stopniowo budując z nich całą wiedzę składającą się na "szkielet wiedzy i prawdy".

#G4.5: Esencja każdej absolutnej prawdy zawsze jest zgodnie potwierdzana przez wszystkich "trzech najważniejszych świadków", opisanych w (1) do (1c) z punktu #H1 strony 2020zycie.htm oraz ze wpisu #331 do blogów totalizmu, zaś na których składają się: (#G5.5a) stwierdzenie Boga mądrze zakodowane w wersety Biblii, (#G5.5b) empiryczny materiał dowodowy manifestowany przez otaczającą nas rzeczywistość, oraz (#G5.5c) co najmniej jedna z teorii naukowych jaka uprzednio została dowiedziona iż spełnia one definicję absolutnej prawdy. (c.d.n.)

#G5. Let's take care of the future of humanity by fixing the problem of spoiled and materialistically oriented youth:

       Naprawianie to jest proste, mianowicie trzeba odrzucać wmuszone ludzkości telepatycznym i hipnotycznym programowaniem przez "moce zła" zakazy użycia cielesnego karania swych dzieci (szczególnie zaś chłopców) np. tzw. "rózgą", pamiętając jednak o czynieniu tego z rozsądku a NIE ze złości oraz o serwowaniu kary jaka jest proporcjonalna do przewinienia. Odnotuj iż istnieje "poszlakowy materiał dowodowy" iż zakaz używania rózgi jest ludzkości wmuszony przez "moce zła" metodami nakazów telepatycznych i hipnotycznych - o czym poświadcza np. fakt iż w żaden sposób NIE daje się racjonalnie przekonać tak zaprogramowanych polityków aby ci odwołali to prawo - po szczegóły patrz "prawo anty-klapsowe" z punktów #B5.1 i #G4 strony will_pl.htm. Tymczasem coraz bardziej rozwydrzona młodzież czyni rosnącą ilość szkód społecznych w praktycznie każdym kraju - np. patrz "taranowanie sklepów skradzionymi przez młodzieć samochodami w NZ". Szkód tych zaś łatwo dałoby się uniknąć np. unieważnieniem owego "prawa antyklapsowego".
       Karając dzieci rózgą trzeba jednak pamiętać o odejmującej (-) naturze duszy dziewczynek opisywanej szerzej np. w blogu #366 oraz w punkcie #D1 strony wtc_pl.htm, a także krótko podsumowanej w #G4 niniejszej strony. Z uwagi na ową naturę trzeba bardzo ostrożnie postępować w sprawie cielesnego karania dziewczynek - tj. karać je cieleśnie tylko kiedy NIE będzie już innego sposobu efektywnego ukarania, unikając użycia rózgi jako głównej i niemal jedynej metody karania - tak jak to jest zalecane w przypadku wychowywania chłopców.

#G6 Let's get to know the methods and nature of the enemy of God and the fiercest enemy of humanity, who are UFOnauts that secretly occupy, exploit, push down and destroy our civilization and the Earth, and who simultaneously are also descendants of our ancestors:

       Stare powiedzenia radzą, że jeśli chcesz efektywnie bronić sie przed atakami swego przeciwnika i wroga, najpierw powinieneś starać się dobrze go poznać. Tak się składa iż ludzkość ma odwiecznego wroga będącego jednoczośnie przeciwnikiem Boga, jaki skrycie ją okupuje, eksploatuje, spycha w dół oraz wyniszcza, a jednocześnie (i sysoce sarkastycznie) na jakiego składają się potomkowie naszych dalekich przodków którzy oryginalnie osadzili ludzi na planecie Ziemia oraz zapoczątkowali naszą cywilizację. Chociaż Biblia nazywa ich najrożniejszymi pradwanymi nazwami, jak: upadle anioły, diabły, demony, serpenty, węże, smoki, itp., w dzisiejszych czasach najczęściej opisujemy ich słowem "UFOnauci".
       Tak się składa, że aby móc efektywnie choć skrycie okupować i eksploatować naszą cywilizację przez tysiąclecia, UFOnauci wypracowali sporo doskonałych metod działania, jakie warto poznać aby lepiej móc przed nimi pokojowo się bronić, aby lepiej móc odróżniać dobro od zła, a także aby zgodnie z nakazami Boga móc modlić się za nich do Boga o zaniechanie przez nich co bardziej szatańskich działań (patrz Biblia: 5:44-5 "Mateusz", 6:27-29 "Łukasz", 12:14 "List do Rzymian" - szczególnie zaś modlić się za tych co łamią 10 przykazań Boga) - tak aby w przyszłości chociaż niektórzy z grona UFOnautów też mogli doświadczyć dobrodziejstw zbawienia. Wszakże są oni potomkami i krewniakami naszych przodków, a wiec naszą daleką rodziną, niestety która zabłądziła, stąd też zmierza ku nieuniknionej samozagladzie - jaką spotyka wszelkie zło. Jeśli zaś NIE masz nawyku modlenia się i przychodzi ci z trudnością ułożenie w swych myślach lub na piśmie słów właściwej modlitwy, wówczas użyj istniejące ku temu wzory. Oprócz Biblii, sporo tych wzorów jest już dostępnych w intenecie. Możesz więc albo z intencją ich wypełnienia się uważnie ich tam wysłuchać, albo osobiście je przeczytać, albo też ułożyć własną modlitwę na ich wzór. Przykładowo piękną angielskojęzyczną modlitwę (z napisami "cc") o tytule "If this prayer found you it’s not a coincidence…" znajdziesz w YouTube pod adresem . Z kolei polskojęzyczene modlitwy jakie ja opracowałem znajdziesz spisane w: punkcie #W3 z bloga totalizmu nr #333 oraz z mojej strony o nazwie humanity_pl.htm (gdzie przytoczyłem "modlitwę budzenia się" do widzenia przyczyn zła z obecnych czasów i do reform je eliminujących, które to reformy ja też wypracowałem i które opisuję w blogach totalizmu i w publikacjach z jakich blogi owe są adaptowane - np. patrz blogi #366, #365, #363, #362, #339, #335, #324, #320, itp.); w punkcie #I3 z bloga #362 oraz z mojej strony o nazwie bandits_pl.htm (gdzie podaję "modlitwę o ochronę i obronę przed atakami mocy zła"); a także w punkcie #Y1 ze strony o nazwie 2020zycie.htm (gdzie podaję "modlitwę o pokierowanie nas na wiodącą do wieczystego życia ciasną bramę i wąską drogę").
       W wyniku badań UFOnautów jakie kiedyś prowadziłem przez wiele lat, sporo z tych ich metod działania zdołałem już poznać. Przykładowo, wiem już iż typowy UFOnauta chociaż z góry wie iż będzie działał "przeciwko" temu co my czynimy lub zamierzamy w celu zreformowania wypaczonego złem systemu lub wprowadzenia czegoś co działa w kierunku dobra, jednak niemal nigdy na naszą prośbę o pomoc w czynieniu dobra czy na propozycję współpracy dla dobra NIE odpowiada słowem "NIE", a używa słów jakie my możemy uważać za "TAK" - jednak jakie w praktyce okażą się właśnie znaczyć "NIE". Ponadto, w cetrum niemal każdej istotnej dla ludzkości sprawy, będzie ukrycie działał właśnie UFOnauta wyglądający jak typowy człowiek. To bowiem pozwoli mu skrycie sabotażować ową sprawę "od wewnątrz". Przykładowo, aby zwalczać efektywność dowolnej religii, UFOnauci będą w jej rządzących kręgach, zaś wiele z grupy pogańskich religii (jeśli NIE wszystkie) postwarzali sami UFOnauci, aby w ten sposób móc skrycie wypaczać oraz wyniszczać prowadzącą do dobra religię absolutnej prawdy zaprojektowaną i przekazaną ludzkości z Ziemi przez samego Boga w zgodności ze stwierdzeniem Biblii "ostatni będą pierwszymi a pirwsi ostatnimi" (patrz Mateusz 19:30, Marek 10:31, Łukasz 13:30). Itd., itp.

#G7. Let us respect the sanctity of marriage between a man as a husband and a woman as a wife (or with women as wives) by solving the biggest problem of marriage breakdown nowadays when wives disapprove, do NOT respect and deprive their husbands of intimacy and sex:

Motto: Ogień oczyszcza nawet złoto (patrz Biblia, 1:7 z "1 św. Piota", 3:17-19 z"Apokalipsy św. Jana"), zaś rózga umoralnia rozwydrzonych synów (patrz Biblia, 22:15, 23:13, 29:17 z "Księgi Przysłów", 30:1 z "Mądrość Syracha czyli Eklezjastyk", 13:24 z "Księgi Przysłów"). (Powyższe to przykłady zakodowanych w wersety Biblii a także nieustająco stwarzanych przez Boga tzw. "kontrastów" wskazujących pozytywne następstwa a opisywanych w #D1 ze strony wtc_pl.htm oraz ze wpisu #366 do blogów totalizmu, które to "kontrasty" dzięki dostarczaniu ludziom wskazujących prawdę balansów dla wypaczającego ludzką przyszłość telepatycznego i hipnotycznego programowania przez tzw. "kurierów czasowych" wdrażających w życie działania pasożytniczych "mocy zła" od tysiącleci skrycie okupujących i eksploatujących ludzkość zaś dla wyciągnia niskich korzyści nieustająco wypaczających przyszłe następstwa obecnych postępowań ludzi, oddają w ludzkie ręce tzw. "metodę kontrastu" jaka osobom nastawionym na czynienie dobra umożliwia wypracowywanie przyszłych posunięć i zasad działania jakie uchronią ich i bliźnich od doświadczania propagowania zła.)

       W przypadku szybko narastającego wypaczania się dzisiejszych kobiet pozwalajacych telepatycznie i hipnotycznie programować się przez "moce zła", wskazówki jak naprawiać te wypaczenia udziela chińskie przysłowie stwierdzające "źli mężowie zawsze mają dobre żony, a dobrzy mężowie zawsze mają złe żony". Przysłowie to szerzej omawiam w punkcie #B2 swej strony antichrist_pl.htm, który bardzo krótko streściłem we wpisie #211 do blogów totalizmu. Chodzi bowiem o to iż mając dusze o odejmującej naturze, tak jak wyjaśniam to w blogu #366 oraz w #D1 do #D1a ze strony wtc_pl.htm praktycznie każde kobieta już niemal zaraz po tzw. "miodowym miesiącu" zaczyna wyszukiwać wady w swoim mężu, jakie obniżają jest zachowanie szacunku do męża. A żony mają pamięć jak przysłowiowe "słonie" - tj. bez zająknięcia potrafią wyrecytować wszystkie uchybienia jakie ich mężowie popełnili od chwili wzajemnego poznania się. W rezultacie, po tym jak najpóźniej w 7 lat od dnia ślubu, program miłości przestaje działać w duszy danej żony, zaczyna się poważny kryzys małżeński, jaki w dzisiejszych czasach albo kończy się rozwodem, albo też spędzeniem przez męża reszty życia jako mizerny niewolnik swej żyny. Od tego mizernego losu, automatycznie ratują się tylko tzw. "źli mężowie". Utrzymują oni bowiem swe żony w nieustającej dyscyplinie, uniemożliwiając im zmianę swego postępowania po dotarciu do tego punktu kryzysowego. Jednocześnie ponieważ postępowanie owych "złych mężów" wychowuje żony, z upływem czasu żony te stają się "dobrymi żonami" - to dlatego owo chińskie przysłowie stwierdza iż "źli mężowie zawsze mają dobre żony, dobrzy mężowie zawsze mają złe żony". Z kolei przykład jaki owe "dobre żony" dają swym mężom, dzięki działaniu tzw. "Prawa Bumerangu" oraz karmy powodują iż mężowie z upływem czasu też uczą się właściwego postępowania i coraz lepiej traktują swe żony. Poznajmy więc na przykładach jak dobrzy mężowie powinni najpierw zapobiegać, a jeśli NIE zdołają zapobiec to chociaż ratować małżeństwo i sytuację już po nadejściu owego kryzysu u swych żon, aby NIE musieć potem spędzać reszty życia jako mizerni niewolnicy swych żon.
       Istnieją aż trzy sytuacje upadku małżeństwa, ratowanie z jakich wymaga zupełnie odmiennych podejść i metod. Najłatwiejsze ratowanie małżeństwa z omawianego powyżej "kryzysu" spowodowanego zanikiem u żony poważania do swego męża i zagładzania jego potrzeby intymności i seksu, jest (#G7a) kiedy żona należy do kategorii osób silnie wierzących w chrześcijańskiego Boga i w zalecenia Biblii, a na dodatek ma dobry nawyk aby komunikować się z mężem. Wystarczy wówczas aby mąż jej wytłumaczył to co tutaj opisję, oraz ją namówił aby spróbowali zmienić zasady swego życia na rekomendowane przez Biblię "dawanie" zamiast praktykowanego uprzednio "brania". (W Biblii owe zasady życia bazujące na "dawaniu" zamiast na "braniu" opisywane są także pod hasłami "służyć zamiast być usługiwanym" - patrz Biblia, wersety Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45, John 13:13–15, Acts 20:32-35.) Jak tego typu ratowanie upadającego małżeństwa działa najlepiej wyjaśnia to około 9-minutowe wideo o tytule "The Thing I Did to Turn My Marriage Around" i adresie
       Nieco trudniejszym do ratowania małżeństwa jest przypadek kiedy (#G7b) kobieta NIE jest praktykującą chrześcijanką, stąd NIE wierzy w rewolucyjne idee Jezusa co do zasad prowadzenia rodzinnego życia jakie eliminuje trapiące je zło, ale na szczęście jest na tyle mądra iż komunikuje się z mężem i jest gotowa eksperymentować w sprawie ratowania swego małżeństwa właśnie dotkniętego kryzysem. Ratowanie z taką żoną też trzeba rozpocząć od wyjaśnienia tego co tutaj opisuję. Potem zaś zaproponować kilka usprawńień zasad swego małżeńskiego życia. (c.d.n)
       Trzecim i najtrudniejszym do ratowania przypadkiem jest (#G7c) kiedy żona jest albo zupełną ateistką albo jedynie pozoruje swoją wiarę w Boga, a jednocześnie jest ona osobą opisywaną albo nazwą uszkodzone dobro" (po angielsku: damaged goods) (np. "bez ojca chowaną") albo też nazwą kobiety narcyza. W tym bowiem przypadku żona nigdy NIE komunikuje się z mężem, nieustająco gderze i krytykuje męża bez względu co by on nie czynił i jak bardzo by się starał - bowiem w ukryty sposób już go nienawidzi, oraz zamienia dom w śmietnik bowiem NIE jest nawykła do porządku i systematyczności. W tym przypadku jeśli mąż zdecyduje się na próbę ratowania małżeństwa od upadku, wówczas 99% potrzebnego do tego wysiłk musi on włożyć samemu, pozostawiając woli Boga i zdolności żony do opamiętania się pod naciskiem prawdy i faktów, czy owo ratowanie mu się uda. Ideą jaka powinna wówczas go prowadzić przez owo ratowanie swego małżeństwa jest wyżej wymienione Chińskie przysłowie iż "źli mężowie zawsze mają dobre żony, a dobrzy mężowie zawsze mają złe żony".
       Warto tutaj podkreślić, że wszelkie powyższe problemy małżeńskie są powodowane atakiem "mocy zła" na ludzkie małżeństwa, a ściślej wdrożeniem przez te moce na Ziemi praw jakie zabraniają legalne posiadanie więcej niż jednej żony. Owo bowiem legalne ograniczenie mężczyzn do tylko jednej żony oddaje w ręce żon tzw. "monopol małżeński" jaki opisalem dokładniej w #J2.2.2 swej strony morals_pl.htm oraz we wpisie #203 do blogów totalizmu. Legalnie więc wszelkie obecne problemy małżeńskie łatwo możnaby dziś wyeliminować poprzez zwykłe ustanowienie praw iż każdy mężczyzna może poślubić tyle kobiet ile zechce (a kobieta tylu mężów ilu zechce). Wszakże w dzisiejszych czasach kiedy kobiety pracują zawodowo i wiele z nich finansowo radzi sobie lepiej od mężczyzn, te prastare prawa ograniczające ilość żon do jednej wymaga zreformowania. Wyeliminowanie bowiem tych ograniczeń do jednej żony prowadziłoby do korzyści jakie staram się podsumować pod hasłem "Nie pożądaj żony bliźniego swego" z punktu #L1 strony 2020zycie.htm oraz ze wpisu #342 do blogów totalizmu.

Part #?: ... (These parts of the web page are reserved for future use) ...


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Part #Z: Summary, and the final information of this web page:


#Z1. Summary of this web page:

       It appears that from time to time our planet is challenged, to instigate the faster development of humanity. I personally believe that the current revival of "fashion" on the "Zhang Heng seismograph" is not just a coincidence, but actually one of such challenges for humanity to rebuild this unique device and to open new horizons through finding out how it really works.

#Z2. Emails and contact details to the author of this web page:

       Current email addresses to the author of this web page, i.e. officially to Dr Eng. Jan Pajak while courteously to Prof. Dr Eng. Jan Pajak, at which readers can post possible comments, inquiries, or replies to questions which I ask on my web pages, are provided on the web page about me (Dr Eng. Jan Pajak). That page also provides other commonly used contact details to the author.
       The author's right for the use of courteous title of "Professor" stems from the custom that "with professors is like with generals", namely when someone is once a professor, than he or she courteously remains a professor forever. In turn the author of this web page was a professor at 4 different universities, i.e. at 3 of them, from 1 September 1992 untill 31 October 1998, as an "Associate Professor" from English-based educational system, while on one university as a (Full) "Professor" (since 1 March 2007 till 31 December 2007 - means at the last place of employment in his professional life).
       However, please notice that because of my rather chronic lack of time, I reluctantly reply to emails which contain JUST time consuming requests, while simultaneously they document a complete ignorance of their author in the topic area which I am researching. Therefore, if the reader sends a request to me, I suggest to let me know somehow that he or she actually went through the trouble of reading my web pages and learning what these pages try to say.

#Z3. How with the web page named "skorowidz_links.htm" one can find totaliztic descriptions of topics in which he is interested:

       A whole array of topics equally interesting as these from the above web page, is also discussed from the angle that is unique to the philosophy of totalizm. All these related topics can be found and identified with the use of content index prepared especially to make easier finding these web pages and topics. The name "index" means a list of "key words" usually provided at the end of textbooks, which allows to find fast the description or the topic in which we are interested. My web pages also has such a content "index" - only that it is additionally supplied in green links which after "clicking" at them with a mouse immediately open the web page with the topic that interest the reader. This content "index" is provided on the web page named skorowidz_links.htm. It can be called from the "organising" part of "Menu 1" of every totaliztic web page. I would recommend to look at it and to begin using it systematically - after all it brings closer hundreds of totaliztic topics which can be of interest to everyone.

#Z4. Blogs of totalizm:

       It is worth to know, that almost each new topic that I finished researching with "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science" and then published on my web pages, including the topic of this web page, is subjected to public discussions at all mirror "blogs of totalizm" still in existence. In past there used to be as many as 5 such blogs. At the moment only two blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new "totaliztic science" and enemies of the moral philosophy named "totalizm". These can be viewed at following internet addresses: ("Small Print" 12 pt: posts from #89 = i.e. since 2006/11/11) ("Large Print" 20 pt: posts from #293 = i.e. since 2018/2/23) ("Large Print" 20 pt: posts from #293 = i.e. since 2018/3/16)
       All posts to blogs of totalizm (half of which is in English) are also available in my publication [13] disseminated free of charge through the Polish web page tekst_13.htm.

#Z5. A copy of this web page is also disseminated as a brochure from series [11] in the safe format "PDF":

       This web page is also available in the form of a brochure marked [11], which is prepared in "PDF" ("Portable Document Format") - currently considered to be the most safe amongst all internet formats, as normally viruses cannot cling to PDF. This clear brochure is ready both, for printing, as well as for reading from a computer screen. It also has all its green links still active. Thus, if it is read from the computer screen connected to internet, then after clicking onto these green links, the linked web pages and illustrations will open. Unfortunately, because the volume of it is around a double of the volume of web page which this brochure publishes, the memory limitations on a significant number of free servers which I use, do NOT allow to offer it from them (so if it does NOT download from this address, because it is NOT available on this server, then you should click onto any other address from Menu 3, and then check whether in there it is available). In order to open this brochure (and/or download it to own computer), it suffices to either click on the following green link or to open from any totaliztic web site the PDF file named as in the above green link.
       If the reader wishes to check, whether some other totaliztic web page which he or she just is studying, is also available in the form of such PDF brochure, then should check whether it is listed amongst links from "part #B" of the web page named text_11.htm. This is because links from there indicate all totaliztic web pages, which are already published as such brochures from series [11] in PDF format. I wish you a fruitful reading!

#Z6. Copyrights © 2024 by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak:

       Copyrights © 2024 by Dr Eng. Jan Pajak. All rights reserved. This web page is a report from outcomes of research of the author - only that is written in a popular language (so that it can be understood by readers with non-scientific orientation). Ideas presented on this web page (and also in other publications by the author) are unique for the author’s research, and thus from the same angle these ideas were NOT presented by any other researcher. As such, this web page presents ideas which are the intellectual property of the author. Therefore, the content of this web page is the subject to the same laws of intellectual ownership as every other scientific publication. Especially the author reserves for himself the credit-rights for the scientific discoveries and inventions described on this web page. Therefore, the author reserves that during repeating any idea presented on this web page (i.e. any theory, principle, deduction, interpretation, device, evidence, proof, etc.), the repeating person gives a full credit to the author of this web page, through clearly explaining that the author of a given idea is Dr Jan Pajak, through indicating the internet address of this web page under which this idea was published, and through mentioning the date of most recent update of this web page (i.e. the date indicated below).
       Text of explanations from entire this web page, plus "Figure #B1", "Figure #C2" and "Figure #E1", represent excerpts from my monograph [1/4] entitled "Advanced Magnetic Devices". Therefore for them the copyright statement listed in monograph [1/4] applies. Also mine copyrights are extended onto "Figure #B2", "Figure #C3", and "Figure #D1". In turn copyrights for remaining "Figures #B3" to "Figure #B4" and "Figure #C1" belong to Mr Tan Kee Wee (email:
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